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77 thoughts on “5 funny English words and their interesting meanings!

  1. Last Monday I saw a kerfuffle in front of my house. Some klutz must have been very flummoxed since he was canoodling himself! But I don't want to blab about it 🙂

  2. Do not forget scruffy, to me it is so funny, I know the meaning but when I was learning english I saw that word and all of my classmates told me that it is funny to pronounce😂

  3. "We were canoodling last night in a dark alley but didn't even get to the good part coz he was such a klutz! He slipped at a banana peel and tried to get up but dragged me instead while trying to kiss me again. Like what? I was flummoxed. Then today he blabbed about it to my friends but twisted the story saying I was the klutz. Guess what? I caused a kerfuffle when I punched him in the face and dragged him by the ear."

  4. Klutz and clumsy are related?

    Which one is it? Park or gardens? Haha

    Loved it, I never or just very little did hear this words before

  5. I was flummoxed by the way he started blabing about us canoodling last night!, we had a big kurkuffle at home afterwards, he got so upset he spilled most of our supper, such a klutz he is when he gets nervous.

  6. Last night I was at a theatre with my best friend, blabbing about her wife and her friends, when we suddenly saw her canoodling with that klutz of a barista. We were both flummoxed and my friends couldn't help from starting kerfuffling with him!!

  7. please can you make a lesson about football ..we watch premier league and we found it difficult to understand commentary..
    i'm waiting your video

  8. I was canoodling with my gf and stuck it in the wrong hole! I'm such a klutz. I asked her to not tell anyone, but she blabbed! That obviously led into a kerfuffle, but she was completely flummoxed when I walked up to her angrily.

  9. Ralph Bigelow, the sole survivor of the Bowling Green Kerfuffle, was absolutely flummoxed to discover that his girlfriend Mandy (whom he had been meeting every Thursday afternoon for a brief canoodle session until one of his colleagues discovered them and blabbed about it in the office) was somewhat of a klutz.

  10. I never blab to you about how I was flummoxed yesterday by seeing Papa in the Kensington Park while he was canoodling with my friend that she is a klutz, what a kerfuffle!😂😂😂 I'm only joking sorry Aly❤

  11. I had an awful job interview yesterday. Actually, it was a disaster.
    When I came to the office some kind of klutz spilt his coffee on me, my shirt was just ruined. Then I found chief's office and empty secretary's work place. I just knocked in the door and quickly went inside, so I caused a kerfuffle. Chief and secretary were in a kind of canoodling process. I was flummoxed as they were, too. But they should've known about this appointment! Then he asked me not to blab anyone about his lover and that job would be mine, but I refused. I don't want to work in company like that.
    P.S. It was real challenge)

  12. While I was walking through Kensington park, I saw a bald guy, who was speaking with no-one, I thought he was slightly mad, but when I was passing beside him I noticed and heard that he was talking at phone blabbing about a girl, he was so involved in his conversation that he stumbled on a couple that was cannodling, he was definitely a klutz I thought, there was a ridicules situation and there was a kerfuffle among everyone. At the end the bald guy tried to explain himself but he was so nervous that the couple was flummoxed about what he was saying.

  13. I've told my friend that I've never been canoodling with any Girl and the he Blabbed it out to my mates I totally Kerfuffled with him but I was flummoxed about it becuase he was my best friend, But anyway we Klutz our friendship, LOL this sound like a fucked up story hahahaha

  14. Yesterday my friend and her boyfriend were canoodling in a pub. As we later found out that actually he wasn't her boyfriend. So when the real flummoxed boyfriend appeared, I got an opportunity watch a kerfuffle. Suddenly, I poured a beer onto my friend. I'm such a klutz! Today at university it was hard for me not to blab everything what happened.

  15. Not trying to be rude or anything but your personal charm and the way of teaching is beyond everyone else's. Lucy is not even close… (and I am straight~!!). To be honest, I don't think there will be a better teachER, so do not quit like EVA~R~!!

  16. Nice one! And That's brought me good memories from the time I lived in London nearby this sightseeing…by the way, now I know what I did in public once….I canoodled in a pub…Sorry…kkkk…😎

  17. I such a klutz. I blabbed about seeing my friend's fiancé canoodling with another. He was kinda flummox when I told him. So I ended up causing a big kurfufle between them.

  18. Last week, I was asleep in my room , suddenly I heard a kerfuffle which made me awoken. I got out of my home to see what was going on. At the beginning I was flummoxed.Then I saw two girls were blabbing, I asked them. They told me that a couple of lovers were canoodling in the middle of the street which made a traffic jam. What a klutz !

  19. Even google refuse to translate (canoodle) to the arab i wondering about meaning of this word in arabic if somone knows please tell me kindly

  20. I'm so flummoxed 😶 right this moment because I just got my own degree in psychology and it's 15 out of 25 not good right..? God I'm so restless so flabbergasted teacher what should I do.. it's the first semester do you think I will amend it in the next exam
    Please tell me 😔

  21. Also I would love to say thank-you really for those words
    They will definitely make me sound like a native English speaker
    My best regards to you and your family
    Mustafa from Iraq 🇮🇶

  22. She is blabing about the couple canoodled openly at school and the boy was a klutz .We feel so flummox because she said it loudly and everyone can hear it.Then,a kerfuffle occurs since the couple overhear our conversation.

  23. Last night I was canoodling at home and I saw me brother kerfuffell as his friends were blabbing to his gf, I was flummox because they were not making any sense he broke everything he's such a klutz

  24. the guy must be a clutz since he blabbed to the anonymous that I have no one to connoodle with. what a kerfuffle

  25. Hi Aly, here's my homework: The secret party for invited only was getting high. Beautiful young people were canoodeling on the sofas, in the dark corners of the club, even right at the bar under the spotlights. John the Looser couldn’t take it any longer. He quickly stood up to leave, but being a klatz, he spilled the remainder of his pint onto the nearest couple. Flummoxed at first, they stopped kissing…and then the real kerfuffle started. Poor John the Looser got knocked out and fell under the barstool. What he had noticed before he passed out was two oversized bouncers dragging him out of the club and an enormous crowd of people trying to get in, because somebody blabbed there was a secret party there.

  26. Hello good to learn the language of the speaker like you . I want to learn the language, so I embarked books but need help from a teacher Can you show me the site displays those books or explain those lessons Onlineunk ck .reading&writing skills 1Thank you

  27. Last night I had a dream that my beloved was canoodling with my sister. Then he turned to me and said: "I can't date with a klutz like you. You are blabbing my secrets to all your friends and don't clean your room. Maybe we should be friends instead." I was totally flammoxed by his words. I was even ready for a great kefuffle with my sister. But suddenly I remembered that I don't have a sister.

  28. My neighbour is a blabbing klutz, better don't canoodle when she's around or you will get flummoxed by her barking quackery on morals and involved in a kerfuffle.

  29. you know that cute klutz, Aly? well yesterday he was canoodling in the park with his Gf and he ended up in a kerfuffle with an old lady who didn't approve of pdas. would you believe it? she beat the crap out of him with her umbrella! ooops I wasn't supposed to blab it to anybody. …

  30. Hi 👋 I'm Taishi 😃 Thanks for teaching us 😃Could you please make a video which is all about the vocabulary that can be used at banks?

  31. i was walking down the road and i saw two people arguing, so i said to myself pfff what a kerfuffle !!
    but it was serious so i asked what is wrong, didn't know exactly but one guy was blabbing about another person that was canoodling with his teacher and i was flummoxed cause such things don't happen in my country…

  32. thank you so much for these videos. These are really so valuable documents for us trying to learn English. but I have to say that I wish there are english subtitles on these videos.

  33. There was a bog Kerfuffle because he decided to blab about his exploits in her bed. He was an absolute Klutz who burst three condoms, and that was going to Flummox Jenny
    but it was all right after they had a Canoodle, she got up the duff and he ran away with a gay soldier.

  34. After Jake blabbed about the couples' under wraps, things start to change for good; Jake losses his trustworthy and incept a major flummox among the family. The couples also get involved in kerfuffle for no account and cease to canoodle each other as they used to for the love between them simply fade away by a mistake of a klutz man.

  35. Last evening something happened. I was stunned when i saw an wonderful girl with radiant smile and dazzling eyes possessing splendid body with well-formed landscape of plains, tight-hills and breathtaking ass like an onion. The moment she looked back at me i was paralyzed with brain loosing its sense. Immediately i was taken to my mind palace where i found myself canoodling with her admiring the magnificent creation of God. That moment the kerfuffle started between my conscious and subconscious mind. After few seconds I came back to my sense of rational thinking and I noticed that she seemed flummoxed with my unusual stare. Now i am wondering where she'd be blabbing that incident to her friends. what a klutz I am.

  36. I couldn't stop blab klutz things to others, that making me flummox cuz i've made a lot of kerfuffles betwen people till they canoodling each other 😑

  37. last summer I got a girlfriend in the beach. We were really happy together and in love. However that changed last Saturday when I was in a party. I was really really drunk so I started blabbing to everyone about our canoodles. Sadly there was a friend of her with us and she heard everything I was saying so she decided to tell my girlfriend about it. five minutes later she was in front of the door of the disco with a really angry face. we started kerfuffling hence why she left me. The next morning I woke up with hungover and felt flummoxed when my friends told me about what had happened. now I know what I did and I recognise that i am very klutz. I will never return to drink 🙂

    we always watch your videos in English class,
    Regards from Spain

  38. My brothers are always cerfuffleing,adout my mom and dad Canoodiling on the couch, and my sister always blabs about me being a klutz, and I'm so flummoxed because of all the commotion.

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