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5 Most Inappropriate Jokes In Kids Shows...

whoa what's going on guys nothing here protects it you're walking twin coconut music hi coconuts is instant coconuts hair and today we are doing five most inappropriate junk and kit shows now no no okay anchored shows but for example I've watched spongebob like so many times and what every episode over like three times yeah and when I even now I watch him now when I watch him and I've watched the same episode again I'll notice the appropriate Oaks and you never notice them in the can you never know love everybody Kristi Krabs is in the middle of bikini bottom after nice coincidence version that's not going to the Oscars I'm it's not going to ask win think about it think about it say they put them in their fantasy you older people so if you're a kid for little so if you're a kid you put them so if you're a kid you probably don't know what about so if you're a kid you probably don't know what that means it pretty much means you have nits on your pubes just a pretty bluntly right for now we look captain so we have actually noted these inappropriate jokes of them noticed as noted that we are actually no boobies now we watch a lot of cartoons so we notice a lot of these inappropriate jokes in the ones we've watched that we didn't notice when we was younger but not too bad though no not that I'm not Bobby my pal unknown and I'm the my of bad ones in there and then we're very surprised that so this is the five most inappropriate jokes car in TV shows should be good kids TV shows if you want see more videos like this go through your thumbs up and we'll definitely do ding-dang oh thank you the original video is in the description box below but leftover do take a look terrified you really we're doing so many times not sexually number five the Kama Sutra in happy feet I've never seen her to have food now I think I'm out of that so I got up in the trailer in the animated cartoon happy feet there's a disturbing scene that shows two penguins in different sexual positions when Gloria and mumble slide down the ice they fall into several expositions the first position is to 69 in which the two penguins are lying on a lot either in a reverse position now the next position is the doggy style where the male penguin is standing behind the female I didn't he that that pressed against him the next position shows the male penguins head in between the female penguins legs as if that wasn't enough sexual innuendo the soundtrack that accompanies the scene is straight out of a porn film and makes it very uncomfortable to watch with your kids it's mystery how the sensors failed to spot the kamasutra and happy feet and such a scene with the accompanying soundtrack shouldn't be in kids shows I want to say I though I felt my boys little number for a boner in spongebob squarepants spongebob squarepants is one of those cartoons in which dirty jokes and sexual innuendo is the order of the day in one scene spongebob where's underwear on its head this seems innocent enough and might be funny right wrong the problem with this scene is explain I'll rise we hover around it so that when he wears the underwear on his head it looks like an erect penis and that's something you don't want very good you wouldn't notice as usual got any quizzes in another scene spongebob gives Gary the snail some soap and then tells him don't drop the soap this is in rent and that waitress a joke about dropping your soap in the shower also consider Krusty Krab the diner in that cartoon whose location in Bikini Bottom sounds really filthy that's old yeah I thought I think everything a lot of equivalents number three sex ed fail and the Powerpuff Girls when the Powerpuff Girls invite a friend over to their house the professor invites them in the group thought I'd to introduce their friend to the professor he says to the little girl nice to meet you Robin I'm the professor then one of the Powerpuff Girls replies yeah he made us in his laboratory by accident to which the little girl replies it's okay professor I was an accident too the professor is looking face and with good reason even though the Powerpuff Girls were created in a laboratory by mistake little girl take her parents made when they didn't use contraceptive or what they used had failed them everything in the passage it might make some children feel unwanted and kids might start asking what it means to be an accident number two prison rape and Bugs Bunny Wow in the 1995 episode carrot Blanca Bugs Bunny tricks Yosemite Sam into locking himself into prison but when Sam discovers his mistake he finds himself locked up in a dungeon with a large man wearing pink slippers and a wide grin on his face yosemite cellmate is so happy and goes ahead to point at the fact there's only one bed in the cell it seems that Yosemite has been sentenced to a horrible time in prison with the very reality gang raped by a very beefy man it's not stable taking this into too much detail and they're using it to me so maybe it's some kind of ransom his air water and Sun mix it together count on this white stuff is all gooey and sticky curtain ping what that disgustin your turn sniffles radda radda radda radda radda oh I'm sure it's perfectly fine to tell around small children go on go on Radda Radda Radda Radda Radda Radda Radda Radda Radda Radda Radda Radda you're naughty you late what you know that's okay he did say when you're old when you're over again show me again will see me Shrek no nami penis goes oh really sure watch shoulder and then what it'll sound nipples that way watch now notice that that way oh my god number one no identify genes and Edie and an alibi doesn't matter even though ed ed and Andy don't talk about sex it seems that the subject is always on their mind in one scene the three boys decide to take refuge under Eddie's bed claiming that the other kids will forget about them in no time underneath Eddie's bed is a collection of items including magazines one magazine is called chicks and another one is called jiggy-jiggy as if the naughty titles were not enough Eddie keeps a box of tissues close by and to make matters worse the scene also shows a lot of used tissues lying around this is highly inappropriate for a kids show and it seems to suggest they're allowed to do that if the scene shifts to another one the boys are arguing about a can opener however the scene pans to an overhead view of Eddie's bed we're then shown Eddie's bed rocking from the chaotic scene underneath it this is a very disturbing scene and can be construed in so many ways and it's not a job oh that's just people trying to find things a dead no they are the best it was the best of the best remember Joe Oliver what was our top three TV shows I can tell you now I bet you I'm right ready spongebob first one not for the first first yeah you mean one two three I think the first one spongebob no we love sponge magnetic I think we're dead nanny always from today I don't know let me say it spongebob I don't know no I'm not I'm just saying spongebob edited Eddie and Xiaolin Showdown Charlie show that was pretty good oh my god we leave a little gallon showdown I'm talking about like Simpsons as I wanted now that was a normal honorable mention Foster's Home for Imaginary kids aww sadly our parents fell apart look good in as well scooby-doo Ben 10 Ben 10 would be only teenage ones those kids are so nice into a teenager you go to an older base do you know I mean shut the fuck up yeah sure person doesn't show up so let's take it out let us know which one you thought was the most inappropriate attention of it in that kid show what did you say ours would be another Marie no taken way out of context I think I honestly think on the Shrek one where you going to see any goes up like that I may be inappropriate but at same time shrek is like based on poor old Runyon gaudium is a nice the kids wanted maybe not if the kid with adult humor there is a lot of sexual references in them Shrek a lot anyway calculus is that the end of that video remember if you like you laughing look bitches come make sure to show your presidency remember one will appear on healthy does I do yoga mistake

44 thoughts on “5 Most Inappropriate Jokes In Kids Shows…

  1. Shrek is full of dirty jokes but despite the fact that it's full of dirty jokes it's still a good film; )

  2. In SpongeBob SquarePants the Texas Sandy thing episode, SpongeBob said "your genius is showing" to Patrick and Patrick covered the spot where his private area was…guess he thought spongey pants said something else…lol

  3. you have to have a dirty mind to understand a dirty joke. you have to have a filthy mind to find the easter eggs in anything hidden. you have to be in denial of your perversion to make a video like that guy did to see while also condemning. I watched the same shows and movies. I see half of what he said as a reach and the other half as funny to both parent and child. as long as the mind is innocent than the joke is missed completely. to catch some of these and complain is the easter egg of that man's true personality.

  4. i want to do what they did in the beginning

  5. SpongeBob- Garry, don't drop the soap….
    Garry- drops soap Meeeeooowww
    Me watching- XD GREAT GOIN GARRY
    This was useless to post…

  6. "There's only one bed in the cell" there is literally a bed behind Sam while he looks at his cell mate who is on a bed.

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