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5 Most Inspirational Claire Wineland Quotes

Claire Weinland passed away at age 21 on September 2nd 2018 from cystic fibrosis but despite spending over a quarter of her life in hospitals Claire was able to affect millions of people through her YouTube channel and TED Talks Clare’s YouTube channel featured her vlogs about living in the hospital including a room makeover and deep honest q A’s What it’s like to live life knowing the end is near YouTube premium has just released a documentary on Claire and her perspective on life That is empowering everyone to live life to the fullest. So I’m dying Faster than everyone else number five you can live a beautiful life and Have incredible challenges Claire was only 15 years old when she gave a TED talk where she talked about her perspective on living through hardships and people tend to get discouraged when they have Problems or thing to overcome? When really that’s the part to cherish life the most, you know That’s when you get to like get the most out of every second of your life. I’m not stuck in this belief That challenges are given to us to hold us back I’m lifted up by the belief that challenges are here to help us move forwards and that is the difference that is the only difference between people who are living a Passionate proud life and people who feel sad or people who get older and feel like they don’t know what they’re doing anymore at Number four making their life beautiful is just one decision away during a talk at clique News New York Claire shared how important it is to make an environment around you that brings you joy. I Have lived the kind of life that all of you spend your entire lives Running from I’ve been sick and dying my entire life and yet I am so proud of my life at number three death is not the scary thing living a life without Passion is the scary thing Claire knew from a young age that she would die from her disease and this made her see every day as a gift She said no matter how spiritually enlightened you are or how many times you’ve thought about death and think you’re okay with it You will grieve the life you could have lived when you’re dying You’re losing the person you could have become the things you could have done The things you could have made with your life You’re losing that and there’s no way to get around that and number two if I only live to get better Then what was I actually contributing to the world throughout her stays in hospitals clear noticed a pattern She said there were these patients who did not give any And just never did their treatments or completely uncomfy n’t would hide under their covers and not talk to any of the doctors and then there were the patients who were overly compliant that were perfect with their treatments that were perfect with their healthcare and Wanted so desperately to be a good patient and I saw both of these extremes bail so clear decided the answer was in the balance of the two in an interview at the conference worlds in Los Angeles Claire said And so if I’ve learned anything from living and dying and from being sick so we all have something really incredible to share and It may be for once we should stop Trying to get over our problems trying to get rid of our problems trying to jump through hoops to evade our problems But we should start using them What’s your favorite quote from Claire? And how is she inspired? You let us know in the comments below you can follow us on Instagram at which trending We’re also on Roku Amazon fire and Apple TV. Just search. What’s trending?

14 thoughts on “5 Most Inspirational Claire Wineland Quotes

  1. Shes given me so much hope while I deal with 3 chronic conditions I myself have. The day she passed away I cried for hours. The best of people are the ones taken too soon.

  2. No thanks. I’ll die in this slow, boring , unfulfilled life of regrets and missed opportunities than swap my fate her. At least I’m healthy.

  3. This kind of optimism is simply false. Don't try to justify this sick cruel mistake called life: it is nothing but meaningless suffering. Don't glorify it.

  4. One of my favorite quotes from Claire, "I think that what people do relate to is playing it safe. I think people do relate to the fact that it's easier to say that we're not doing incredible things because of situations in our lives. It's easy to do that. It's hard to say, maybe the reason I'm not the person that I want to be, is because I'm not really giving anything of value of myself to the world right now. Like maybe the reason why I'm not the person I want to be is because right now, in this moment, I'm not doing what I should be doing."

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