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5 Strategies for Cracking the Code on Social Media

Eric Worre here and I have a little bit
of a confession to make. I come from the old school of network marketing. I
started off in this profession in 1988 and earned millions of dollars over the
course of my career in this profession built around the world and I’m a big
believer in the old-school. Face to face. Belly to belly.
So, when social media first came out I was very resistant. I would use it to be
able to stay in touch with people. I would use it but I saw so many people
thinking that they could walk away from old-school principles. Never have to meet
anybody. Never have to get face to face, belly to belly, and they could just click
buttons and sit in their house and never leave and just click buttons and they
were going to build a business. So I was really resistant to social media and I
saw these mistakes. I saw people spamming messages out there. You see them today.
They’re people still doing that. People putting out their product. People being
boorish. People posting stuff on walls. People messaging strangers. People
poaching different organizations. People doing all kinds of nonsense on social
media. Now here’s what I know. There are concepts that are permanent inside of
network marketing. The concepts are permanent. Techniques come and go.
Concepts will stay here for the next thousand years. Techniques will change
year by year, decade by decade, and the one thing I do know is over the course
of the last 9 years or so, I’ve been working with Network Marketing Pro. I
have always asked the question. People say well social media, social media, that’s
the answer, that’s the answer. I said yes, that’s a technique, but tell me this. Do
you know anyone who’s made over seven figures a year consistently utilizing
social media as their primary tool? And the answer was always no up until
recently. In the last two, three years, there’s been a group of people who have
cracked the code. They figured out how to blend social media as a tool. As a
technique with the permanent concepts of network marketing that are never going
to change. How to blend the high-tech and the high-touch. How to blend technology
and heart. How to use technology to get some speed, but use the old-school
techniques in order to have stability in relationships. So over the
last 18 months or so, I went on a deep dive and I not only was looking for
people making seven figures and above because that’s really the benchmark to
me is if it’s it’s real. A lot of people can make six figures for a short period
of time. But if you’re making seven figures that’s for real inside of
network marketing. And not only that, but who’s using these principles not just
have their personal success, but who’s using it to duplicate success within
their organization. Because the other worry that I had about social
media being taught was that one person could maybe use it, but it wasn’t going
to duplicate downline within the organization because it was too high of
a skill set. So I went on the search over the last 18 months and I came out of
this search excited because I found some answers. I found a group of people that
have recruited enormous amounts of people on social media, number one. Number
two, they’re able to teach to other people. Number three, it’s actually
duplicating within their organization and number four, they’re not
throwing out old school principals with new school techniques. They’re blending
the two with high-tech and high-touch. So, in this search, I’ve come out of it
with a mission and the mission is to educate you on what I’ve learned. The
mission is to give you the strategies that I’ve identified. To tell you the
best practices. Also, to please, well to help you to please stop making
all the mistakes. There’s so many mistakes being made out there by
good-hearted people because they just don’t know what not to do. And in my
research I learned what not to do. So all of that, it leads me to kind of a mission
to clean up the network marketing profession. Help them utilize new school
technologies like social media with old school strategies that are going to work
for the next thousand years. Blend those two together and accelerate the growth
number one. To create duplication number two, but also to help clean up the brand,
number three. If we can get the mistakes taken outside of the social media
marketplace, we can clean up the brand of network marketing of people who are
tarnishing it because they simply don’t know what to do. So here’s the first step.
The most important step in starting this mission of educating the world when it
comes to how to use social media responsibly and effectively is I’m going
to hold a special one-hour webinar called 5 Strategies for Cracking The
Code in Social Media for Network Marketing. 5 Strategies for Cracking
The Code, okay. A one-hour webinar absolutely free. Zero cost. All you have
to do is attend and pick up these 5 strategies that I promise you when
you’re done internalizing these 5 strategies, you’re going to leave this
webinar equipped to not only avoid making the mistakes and avoid
embarrassing yourself in network marketing, but how to get results. How to
recruit more people than you ever have using social media. How to reach out and
expand your team. How to help your team duplicate these concepts. That sound
interesting to you. I will tell you, after my 18 months of research it’s very
interesting to me and I can’t wait to share with you. So here’s what I want you
to do. I want you to click on the link and get yourself registered for this
free one-hour webinar. We have it over a series of several days, of different days
that you can pick and different times of the day that you can schedule. You do
need to schedule it though. We did that so people who have got other events can
make sure that they find the time that works.
And all the time zones around the world, were watched in 180 countries around the
world. All the time zones will be able to pick a time zone that works for them.
Okay? So one, I want you to click on the link and get yourself registered. Two, I
want you to share this with the world. Like, tag, comment, share this post, but
also any way that you could possibly reach out to your team or anybody that
you care about inside of network marketing profession, do that. Let them
know about this special event. It’s absolutely free. The person with the most
people on their team, on this free webinar, is going to win when it comes to
social media. Okay? So get yourself registered. I can’t wait to see you there.
Click on the link and I’ll talk to you soon. Take care. Bye-bye.

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  1. Yesss!!!! Thanks for your work its so helpful. God bless you. well done Boss man.💪💪💪💪💪👌👌👌👌👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  2. I would love to attend but I live in another corner of the world. Isn't there a possibility to share these strategies here? I would be very grateful

  3. can someone explain were to watch it after registering on the webinar? is it a live video or something?

  4. Excellent presentation las night!! but we can have the registration? for wach it time to time…with the team?

  5. Ive never heard so many of these people who make there living off of network marketers talk so much and say nothing .They talk in circles"duplication" blah blah blah. belly to belly and on and on. People today have been bombarded with people selling them stuff that they become hard wired not to buy, even if the product is a great one.

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  8. Well done. Your video is currently ranking #9 for the keyword: 'online marketing recruitment'. If you want more details, let me know?

  9. Mi inglés no es muy bueno. Parece un entrenamiento demasiado importante ya que tiene muchas vistas. Si alguien lo tiene subtitulado me lo pasa por favor.
    Gracias, adoro a ese hombre ❤

  10. How would you know how it crack the code on social media if you never built a down line on social media ? Cmon Eric… be authentic bro

  11. I just started a network marketing business in a company.please where do I start cause am actually new in this business.and I don't know where to start.started on 14 march 2019.

  12. Interesting that network marketing “gurus” often lead by talking about how much money they’ve made in their “profession”
    In other professions, the focus is more on accomplishments and professional development.
    Perhaps it shows that so much of network marketing is about manipulative sales techniques

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