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5 Tips to Crack NMAT by NMIMS Alumni ( NMAT 99%iler)

hi guys this is anisha here presenting 5 tips to crack nmat im sure you guys must have seen the previous video which talks about the strategy and the schedule plan which you should follow to prepare for NMAT keeping 2 months in mind, now let us understand 5 very basic but very important tips which will help you to do well in the nmat exam before i move ahead to tell you the tips let us first try and fix in place the entire structure of the nmat exam because the minute you hear nmat this entire table should come into your mind and you should be able to visualise how your exams going to look like so very important is the number of questions and the time the paper primarily consists of 3 sections, quantitative ability and DI where we have 48 questions 60 minutes where DI is going to be the most tricky part as compared to quants then you have logical reasoning 40 questions 38 minutes language skills which is your verbal ability where you have 32 questions 22 minutes these 2 questions you have to be very particular with your time management strategy because you have to make sure you do not spend too much time on any particular question very important to keep in mind is along with the overall cut off of 208-211 you also have each individual sectional cut offs so quants the cut off is usually in the range of 70-75 verbal 50-55 and logical reasoning 65-70 if you follow the strategies give adequate amount of practice mock tests, trust me this is very easy score to aim. your target should be to aim 230 and above best part is there is no negative marking so you got to make sure youre attempting all the questions and giving yourself a chance to even get fluke marks the first and the most important tip is going to be for your is to keep your concepts very clear make sure your fundas are very clear just like how we say your fundas of life should be clear, your concepts here also should be clear in each of the sections of the exam not just for one or two areas but for everything trust me you get very simple questions like direct formula questions of volume of sphere volume of cylinder, and at the end of the day when you see it in the exam you’re confused whether i was supposed to put it as 1/3 pi r^2 h or was it 1/4 so make sure you do not lose out simple marks because of such stupid mistakes, so make sure your formulas are very very clear , infact make an important formula sheet which you revise even just before your exam like how you do it before your school exams, do that here so quants be very clear with your formulae data interpretation get used to the fact of not using a calculator its all about calculations so your mental calculations you should be very good you do not have the time to spend too much onto the calculations part of it and infact you do not even have a calculator in the NMAT exam talking about the verbal ability section make sure youre doing your vocabulary thoughourly well from norman lewis and the nmat official guide it also has a word list these two are good enough for you guys to do it well apart from that we have consolidated one important word list which will also be helpful to you, that has a set of 50-60 words which will make sure you’re doing pretty well onto it last section which is there is your logical reasoning very important, this is a very high scoring area, as long as you have done all the topics problem is CAT focuses only on analytical puzzles nmat has all the topics right from coding decoding analogy to the complex input output all of them so make sure you’re not leaving any topic in option do all the topics thoroughly well. the best way to get your concepts clear is pick up your basic books, the orange CATKing books and make sure you’re going through each and every chapter 5 examples do 5 examples of all of them your concepts will be thoroughly clear once you’re done with your concepts and its very much clear now its time to become friends with the timer why do i say you need to become friends with the timer? because the basic problem which happens is your stress levels during the exam goes high because on the screen what you see is time left then you see that its 2 mins left i still have 8 questions unanswered , panic moment so save yourself from getting into such sort of situations get used to the timer right from the begining im sure all of you guys have a smart phone with a stopwatch into it make use of the phones for good now keep the timer and stopwatch right next to you while you’re giving the exam and let that mind get used to the fact of seeing time left so that during the day of the exam your focus does not shift from the questions to the timer because trust me guys many people end up messing it up because their focus was on the time left alright this will really help you to boost your mock scores also by atleast 5-10 marks now that we’re talking about the mocks and how do you practice you also need to become a smart decision maker like if you know NMAT is not an aptitude test its basically a strategic test which is what managers are looking forward to futher ahead, your time management like we discussed earlier second is your decision making skills which starts right from selecting the order of your sections in the exam. so be smart here start with your best foot forward whichever is your strength area , whether its quants , LR di, you identify your strength start with that section, then do the section you’re okay at and at last dp the section which you’re weak at multiple people come us with multiple strategies what you should do, how you should go about it trust me the simplest an the most effective way is to start with your strengths , when you start on a high note you’ll have more confidence that you’re able to do everything correctly as long as you are getting it so as long as its your strength you will bag in maximum marks agenda is collect as many brownies as you can to get you the highest score which is required try alternate sectional strategies in every mock you’re doing by the end of 3rd or 4th mock you should be sure of you know which is your ordering sequence which you will practice in the further mocks ahead and in your actual D-day of the exam once you’re done with this, make sure that you know your strengths and you’re analysing really well as well also im sure all of you guys have heard this line practice makes a man perfect, indeed it does you gotta make sure you have a regular schedule of giving mocks because accuracy and speed combination can come only via mock tests, not by sitting and solving from the books so give as many mocks as you can, an ideal topper of nmat who gets a 230 or a 240 240+ score, would definitely have given 6-8 mocks before each attempt so this is what i would suggest you guys to go ahead with is along with giving full mock tests give sectional tests where you are working upon your weak areas able to concentrate more on it, so start with one mock test and 1o sectional tests move on to 2 full mock tests and 8 sectional tests and last week give 3 full mock tests and 4 sectional tests im still not asking you guys to give a mock everyday which alot of people do because then they end up giving only tests and not analysing which is the biggest blunder so make sure you are not doing that yes nothings going to be easy but you got to give adequate amount of time to each and every thing. practice and make sure you’re practicing sincerely and preferably give the mock test at the time when your exam slot is for example if your exam is in the morning 9 am give mock everyday at 9 am so that you’re training your mind to the fact of getting up early and giving a test. many a times you end up giving mocks 2am, 3am half in your sleep. ofcourse youre going to get bad scores. so please dont do such things. lets give yourself the most realistic experience as you can to the actual exams last but not the least, like i mentioned its of no use giving tests and not analysing it so now lets try and master the art of analysing the mock tests. what you got to do is every mock test , make sure you’re having a SWOT chart ready for you, where you’re listing down which are your strength topics, which are your weak topics. which are your opportunity areas and what are your threats. now lets try and understand what do i mean by what are your weak areas weak areas are probably where you know the concepts but you werent able to solve. thats your weak areas. thats your weakness. you tend to make silly mistakes. opportunity areas are what you know you can do, its easy but you still have not done it. right? for example input output . you know its an opportunity area to score. so make sure you’re doing it really well. it just needs practice threats . something which you hate from the bottom of your heart. like alot of people i know just hate permutation combination. the minute they see probability the mind is shut. right so list down all of these things. so that you can work upon them. your objective should be maximise your strengths minimise the weakness and ideally have zero opportunities and threats that is what is going to make sure that yes you are bang on right track to get a 230+ make sure after every mock you’re spending atleast an hour atleast an hour analysing it. making the SWOT chart , along with that learning docket so that you can you know keep screenshot of your question and answer solutions which you can see, many a times questions where you took a longer method to solve it. make sure you note them down so that you know the shortest way to do it. so that you can save your time. i hope all of these 5 things have helped you up. to understand how to give the mocks and how to give the actual exam, but trust me the main secret till date remains, get your concepts clear and practice as many mock tests as you can, along with a good analysis heres a quick overview of a weekly study plan for all those guys who’ve just started to prepare for it and are planning to give somewhere around december or november get started, one month just slog it off, complete all your mock tests and make sure you are completely ready for guys who are still clueless how is nmat what to do what not to do, you can sign up for the nmat online course which is the nmat maximiser which will help you to understand how to study each and every concept along with making a strategy for each section and giving the mock these are some of the strategies which worked for alot of guys last year, we have 63+ guys who have made it to NMIMS across all campuses so join us soon for the next live strategy session which will be happening on wednesday and make sure you are able to get through NMIMS mumbai so quickly guys all of you guys who are like the strategies are really keen about NMIMS log on right now to the maximiser course and feel free to drop in your comments and i shall make sure i will help you guys plan up your strategies so all the best looking forwards to see most of you guys in the nmims batch of 2017 all the best !

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