Laughter is the Best Medicine


the price is wrong bitch pardon my
french but you’re an asshole dude where’s my car where’s your car
dude wait let me let me explain something to
you I am NOT mr. Lebowski you’re mr. Lebowski I’m the dude can you fly this
plane and land it surely you can’t be serious
I am serious and don’t call me Shirley first take a big step back and literally
fuck your own face you look pretty what did you say I said you look shitty
good night Denise nobody fucks with the Jesus Oh have you seen my wiener you are one pathetic loser mama says
that alligators the owner because they got all them teeth but no toothbrush paging dr. faggot dr. faggot why don’t you make like a
tree and get out of here Bueller Bueller there rug really tied the room together
did it not fuckin’-a he slimed me you know I know that you’re gay wow you have
a rainbow bumper sticker on your car that says I love it when the balls are
in my face that’s gay thinking want something looks good to me
huh come on do it lay out right here do it
do it you are a smelly pirate hooker what makes you think she’s a witch
well she turn me into a newt newt got better bad guy little oh who told you
can eat my cookies you’re killing me smalls its Barry Manilow know that you
raid his wardrobe wait master it might be dangerous
you love fest you’re a big trouble though pal I eat pieces of shit like you
for breakfast you read pieces of shit for breakfast no it’s not a tumor
it’s not a tumor life moves pretty fast you don’t stop and look around once in a
while you could miss it

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