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11 thoughts on “50s TRIBUTE MAX MILLER – GREAT JOKES

  1. That is my Uncle John Ripley,doesn't he look younger in this clip!!,John you should have told the joke about Toad in the Hole,or one of my favorites the one about This is your Life re the German and the hand grenade

  2. Tom Johnson is now thinking of becoming Max Miller,Tom has just bought a new sticker for his cars windscreen,on Tom's side is says Tom and on the other side is says Hitler!!

  3. Hi, Scott. Great to hear from you. We worked with John on this show in 2002 at the Grosvenor House Hotel. He was terrific. Is John still doing his Max Miller shows?


  4. Yes he is,we was watching this last night,John did say he would love to have the DVD of this show,is there any chance you can obtain this for him?

    Kind regards


  5. That would be great David as it is John's birthday 2nd June and it can be part of his Birthday present,Thank you very much if you can do this for me.

    How much would this cost David?

  6. I dunno about that suit, do you lady? 'E looks like a pair of curtains… 'e should pull 'imself together! Now then!

    I told my wife I was going to be on youtube. She said "now listen Miller, it's just as well – that's the only way you're gonna get your thumbs up…" Now listen!

    Lovely to see Max recreated in such a convincing way.

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