Laughter is the Best Medicine


Hi! Do you guys know how police often gets
bad reputation? You know, many people are quite skeptical about policeforces. Well,
let`s not judge anybody and remember that we are all human and as we very well know,
people are different and it doesn`t really matter if you`re a policeman or a doctor,
a lawyer or whatever. There`s one thing that`s important and it`s that you shouldalways be
kind and honest to people around you. Alright so today you guys will see that many
police officerscan actually be very nice and funny!
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and now on with the video. 1.So this dude wanted to let his parents know
that his first day in college went super great and so mister policeman suggested they make
this funny photograph. Hope his parent`s got the joke.
2.A lot of people will probably think that pink handcuffs look kind of funny and they
may be right. But I guess it won’t be that funny when they put those things on your wrists.
3. That mark sort of remind you that you should always fasten your belt. And also use less
makeup. 4. Wow! That`s impressive! Some people might
think it`s redundant and a waste of taxpayers money but guess what? Apparently, this thing
was confiscated from some local drug dealer. So maybe it`s all for the best.
5. This is the ultimate cop trap. Oh yeah, pennywise knows what those guys like more
than anything in the world. 6. How would you like your local police department
officers wear these types of fancy pants? What you see is perhaps one of the cutest
labor strikes in the world. Montreal police didn`t have the right for an actual strike
so they thought of a witty way of showing their disagreement.
7. When parents of that little driver fellow were asked if their kiddo had anything to
drink that day, they said “just a couple of baby bottles”.
8. And this is NSW Police Force joke online. – Hello, I`d like to report a missing owner.
– How long have they been missing, sir? – 12 seconds
9. Somebody called the cops to stop illegal fun activity. But when they saw what was happening
they decided to join the culprits! 10. Some fella reported a missing lizard and
a few hours later he was asked to come pick it up from the detention cell.
11. Check this out: this pigeon was offered an entire car to let it plant some eggs that
were just about to start hatching. 12. Hey Rashad Coleman you dropped your phone
running from me, come pick it up at 26th California. That`s funny.
13. What a lovely picture, eh? BREAKING NEWS: “4 year old boy holds up local police”
14. There Was A Big Drug Problem At My Friend’s School So They Hired A Police Officer To Supervise
Students But Now He’s Playing Magic The Gathering With The Video Game Club
15. It`s so good when your partner has great sense of humor!
16.SwedishPolice riding neighbor kid’s sled. Beware criminals!
17. Thad’s a breakneck speed chase right there.
18. Oh no, this fella didn`t do anything wrong. Hewasjustcrossingaverybusyhighway.And so mister
policeman decided to help the little fellow and took it to the safe place. The donkey
was so happy and grateful, he left a big pile of poop on the back seat.
19. Yeah, some guys just don`t care if they mess with the police.
20. UK police shared this story on Facebook. They showed how their colleagues from Netherlands
found and arrested marijuana growers. As you can see, a big part of the roof doesn`t have
any snow on it. So when police decided to have a looksee they found tons of weed growing
under heat lamps. 21. Hmm… I wonder what’s that little fellow’s
main duties? 22.Budgetvehicles. Desperatetimes -desperatemeasures.
23. New York police officer and his buddy celebrating St. Patrick`s day.
24. Police officers don`t care if you`re a batman. Next time this guy will be more careful.
25.Looks like somebody is a huge fan of Pixar`s “Cars”.
26. Wonder what`s up with these guys. Thought they were supposed to be friends with police
forces. 27.And how do you like these partners? I think
they look perfect together. 28. Wow, you don`t wanna mess with this officer.
Imagine this banana going right at your gut! Ugh!
29. Police officers from Portland are always busy, you can tell!
30. Just because you`re on the force doesn`t mean you have outstanding short term memory.
31.Wondering what`s that all about? It`s called New York patrol pig. Maybe soon they`ll get
a whole bunch of farm animals to bring law in order to the streets of the Big Apple.
32. Ah, told you! There`s another one of them! 33. And this is something truly special. Some
people heard these old timers cry. They are 94 and 84 year old husband and wife and they
were very frustrated and disappointed because of endless violence and hatred they saw on
TV. It really got to them. They couldn`t help it and fell into hysterics. And so two police
officers dedicated the whole evening to calm down the old-timers and even made them dinner.
That is so sweet, isn`t it? 34. Minneapolis Police Department set quite
a few traps all around town. I wonder who they were planning to catch.
35. And this fully grown man and respected police officer couldn`t resist his tender
desire to make a snow angel. 36. Students from Montreal went on a strike
almost completely naked. This is a photo of policemen showing their solidarity with the
students. 37.You should obey the law. Doesn`t matter
if you`re anImperial Stormtrooper. 38.Check it out you guys, it`s the Night King
himself! He was arrested in Norway. Looks like this guy damaged some wall or something.
It`s a good thing the Night Watch people were there at the right time. Now people of Westeros
are safe and sound. All thanks to Norwegian police service.
39. Don`t just stand there, Batman! Help these guys for God`s sake!
40.Anotherdonuttrap! Comeonguys, justlayoffthatpastry. You don`t wanna be as fat as a house.
41. Somebody said this pic was taken at a police wedding. Which of course it wasn`t,
it`s just that police and donuts are two things that somehow always go together.
42.Oops! That wasn`t supposed to happen! 43.News flash! Pikachu left his master and
now works forNorwegian police. And the horse looks like it`s fed up with those idiots.
44. Seriously, slow down! That`s a very bold and honest statement.
45. Some measures had to be taken after a heavy snowstorm.
46. Nice one. If I had a skateboard I would definitely swap it for a motorcycle!
47. Canada`s police forces at work! 48. That blue sign is there just in case somebody
doesn`t know what police officers look like. 49.Aha! Someexcircusperformersnowpretendtobecops.
50. And here is one very kind gesture on the part of Albanian police. As a part of International
Children’s Day some police officers dressed up as superheroes came to visit some kids
at the hospital to help them celebrate. Every kid received a badge that said “you are
our hero”. 51. How on earth did it happened? By the way,
this photo was taken 5 minutes before the crash.
52. Yep, that`s a real Jack Sparrow. I mean it`s Johnny Depp with some of his friends
from the police in Queensland. 53. Oh yeah, gotta be fit for the national
donut day! 54. When I saw this, I thought these guys
were attacked by some Indian tribe. But those are actually bullet holes and those sticks
are there to show bullet`s trajectory. Luckily, the guys weren`t hurt and nobody died.
55. And this is what Reykjavik state police Instagram page looks like. Seems like these
fellas really enjoy their work. Alright guys, that`s all for now. Remember
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