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6 Funny Lazy Hacks Every Lazy Person Should Know! (CC Available)

It’s just too far! I don’t want to go downstairs! ewwww Sorry, Banh Bao I’m gonna get me some cake Banh Bao, what are you doing overthere? my cake! Hi Leo Bye Leo Hey Banh Beo, want to go shopping tomorrow? Let’s go, I heard lots of stuff are on sale But we have to be early ok Hey, wait a second Hey, wait a second my shoulder hurts! great, I’ll come pick you up tomorrow Hey Banh Bao Oh my god, Banh Bao is so lazy Leo, wake up! This question is so hard! Leo, I need your help! Leo Leo, first warning! No sleeping in class Are you sleeping in class again? It is unacceptable

100 thoughts on “6 Funny Lazy Hacks Every Lazy Person Should Know! (CC Available)

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