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6 Minutes to Start Your Day Right! – MORNING MOTIVATION | Motivational Video for Success

What would be your perfect day? I mean, your ideal day. A day that you went to be that night and you just thought “That was the most incredible day”. “That’s how I want most of my days and my life to be, just like that.” What would that perfect day be like for you? I’m the one that controls whether or not I’m gonna have a good day. All of us, we are the ones that define if negative impacts are gonna have a good or a bad impact on your life. It’s your mentality, your mind is a battleground. Nobody can affect whether or not you’re gonna have a good day, but yourself and your own mind. You must come up with a morning routine that you do every single morning or at least more mornings than not. That puts you in control of yourself and in control of your day. This is what I do and I cannot explain the power that I get.>From starting my day off and being bigger than my excuses and being in control. First and foremost, wake up on time. When that alarm goes off, get your butt out of bed. 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 Go Why is that important for persistence? The reason why is because the first decision that you’re making of the day is to actually get up and get moving. That means you are persistently bigger than your excuses. You are persistently bigger than feeling lazy. And you are persistently beating the feelings that typically stop you. You no longer need to be a victim to the past. You no longer have to be a victim to a future in which you are projecting negativity. You no longer have to be a victim to anything that anyone has ever said about you. You no longer have to be a victim to the things that you said about yourself. You no longer have to be a victim to anything. Affirm your vision every day. And don’t affirm it as: “I’m trying”, “I wish”, “I want to”. “I AM!” Every single day “I am” as the creative force of the universe. Whatever you attach “I am” to, you will become. You say “I am” you know, “tired”, “I am frustrated”, “I am lonely”. I think you’re inviting more of that in that. So the principle is to turn it around, invite what you want into your life. Three questions you wanna ask yourself on a regular basis. You wanna ask: “How can I grow?” “What can I give?” And “What can I celebrate?” Those are three questions you want to live with. Because you are evolving unique being. You want to ask every day: “How can I grow?” So at the end of that day you’re not the same person that got out of bed. You’ve had an insight. You’ve had a revelation. You’ve practiced something new. You’ve tried something new. So that you have become more of yourself. “How can I grow today?” “I don’t wanna be the same person 365 days from today.” “I wanna evolve.” “I wanna become more of myself.” “I wanna express myself better.” The second thing that I want you to do. Before you look at your e-mail, Before you answer your phone, Before you start surfing Vox and Vice and BuzzFeed and you know, team stream And checking out the sales on Zappos and looking at your Facebook newsfeed, Before you pick up the damn phone, please, please, please, Figure out your two priorities for the day. These are the things that matter to you. Whether it’s saving money and making sure you’re focused on that Or showing up at work and being a contributor. Or whether it’s changing how you treat your spouse or your kids or the person that you’re with Or getting in the gym because you said you would. Whatever it is that your two priorities are, put them in your head before you pick up the phone. Why? The reason why is because of persistence. The reason why is because I want you to have a good day. Living in the moment. Live for today. Be excited with where you’re at. Make the most of it and enjoy every moment. Live every day like it’s your last. Cause one of these days you’re gonna be right. Enjoy the ride. Success is a journey, not a destination. So live in the moment and enjoy the moment. I still have to overcome negativity. I still have to get out of bed. I still am stressed some days. And there are some days I question myself. Some days I make bad decisions. And it’s just how you get over them, how you handle it and how you go forward. You know what makes for a bad day? What makes for a bad day is snoozing, starting your day off late, starting your day off tired, starting your day off by mainlining everybody else’s newsfeed on social media And looking at everybody else’s life and saying to yourself: “Oh my god, they’re on vacation!” or “Gosh, they look so great”, Or “Their friends are so fancy” or “My gosh they’ve got some money”. You start off your day looking at that shit, you’re never gonna have a good day. You gotta start off your day by getting up on time, Figuring out your priorities and then getting to work on them. Do not pick up your phone until you have done those two things. I think the single biggest reason why people have bad days Is because they start them off by looking around at everybody else And seeing what they’re doing instead of having the focus and the discipline To actually start your day off with you in control. And with your priorities front and center. Subtitles by the community

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  1. I live in a country that we don't have the right to dream or to do whatever you want I'm 19 years old and I'm thinking about my future how it's going to be in this country we don't have future if I studied or not I won't be able to find a job I'm really confused and hopeless m trying to fight every day but I'm fighting for nothing

  2. Hello To the administor of this channel.
    With all respect, I wanna say some thing to You.
    I would like to translate your videos to an other language.
    If u agree, or disagree, please let me know your opinion.
    You are making nice motivitional videos.

  3. this was the better things that i watched today…

    ps: sorry to something wrong in my writing. i'm brazilian and i'm learning english

    have a good night ♡

  4. I gotta start here, having 3 consecutive lowest grade in school. Im so low, empty, sad and depressed. I'll be back here after a months I hope I make changes

  5. i want to delete my fb but my family is strict and wont let me go outside so im stick with social medias I WANNA LIVE MY LIFE SB

  6. It actually says a lot , but the human nature , it remains in head just for few hours or mins & back to normal conjugated life! ☺️ Though it's been a good time watching this!

  7. This channel made a huge difference in my growth and lifestyle. Now, I wake early, i do exercise, meditation nad living a billionaire life being nothing. 😊 This feeling is really awesome. <3

  8. This is made for the NF. I am a SJ. I have done this since 1960, when I went to work as a 4 year old in Cincinnati. NF’s need The 4 Disciples of Execution and understanding one must prepare for today and tomorrow. Learn from the past!

  9. A good day … the day the people of the world stand together pay no rent, no Bill's, no fines, no tax overpower corrupt evil government and start fresh. A good day. But people just look down and put their asses higher for them to go deeper. Happy good day cunts!

  10. Hi please pray for me for my exam. I deleted my facebook 4 mths. ago. I'm preparing this exam so badly. It is a life changing exam and I have to pass it. Because my parents and relatives have the high expectation for me to pass. The exam will be on September 29, 2019. I'm over pressure now.

    PS: I wish I have a greatest gift to receive before Christmas.
    Love from Philippines❤❤❤

  11. Can someone read a teks ?? It"s hard to understand speech. There"s teks, i will translate.
    Because i want to understand and learn english language . Thank you..

  12. I try to keep myself inspired.
    But you know what?
    It sucks when a same teacher take classes whole day.
    It sucks when your girlfriend eats you brain everytime.
    It sucks when you are financially weak.
    It suck when you parents abandons you.
    It sucks when you feel complete frustated depressed.
    Sometimes you have to choose the bad life like I am doin right now in this fucking country full of sarcastic society and pathetic Govt.
    Anyway thankyou for the video❤️

  13. This book of the law shall not depart out of thy mouth; but thou shalt meditate therein day and night, that thou mayest observe to do according to all that is written therein: for then thou shalt make thy way prosperous, and then thou shalt have good success.” Joshua 1:8

  14. Summary(in Samuel Jackson's voice): Give up all the motherfuckin toxicities of life. Give up the mothafuckin Facebook, give up the mothafuckin Instagram, give up the mothafuckin Twitter, give up all the mothafuckin un necessary addictions.
    N.b:- Yeah, Ezekeil 23;17, give up the mothafuckin Youtube too.

  15. A good day or beautiful day you have,if You disclose every morning remind Who we 're and what to do in this World, When we're over ,we Will end about Our life, won't we, So you have to Gratitude to The only Almighty Godالله. سبحان وتعالى. The Creator of this World,this Universe and the Human being, Our God serve this World for Us, to lead ,to maintain,to use as good as possible, if You realize this you wiil live happy and This World and next in the hereafter,this World will be ruined by Alloh Swt, there will be the Next life ,every body who has commonsense and believe unto God الله will be served the better live ,whether in this World or In the Next life after you got the Death.Don't you think the of your World,your life just the Death, No atall, It' S just starting to disclose the real life, some groups will be better for ever and some groups will be bad for ever, life in this World just a Short time, minutes to minutes….Think about this ok

  16. Love from Armenia 🇦🇲🇦🇲🇦🇲🇦🇲🇦🇲🇦🇲🇦🇲❤️💛❤️💛 have a nice day💪🥇🎉

  17. Living like its last day is not best idea. Live like first day, like a baby who need to learn all around and about the world

  18. It tough if u are the voiceless….bcos are always been undermined and made use of ..and even if i open my mouth just to say my plan…no one listen or believe…in fact….they move on to their plan even if it sound stupid is their plan that was executed….and guess what .. not much result but it was celebrated greatly and being echoed really getting into my head sometime…..and begining to believe that im useless and shld poof in thin air …just wait when they ask for u….done…and pls go…that all

  19. Yeah so you get to decide if you have a good day or not,so if someone gets hit by a car or beaten up by a stranger or robbed at gunpoint,don't worry it's all in your mind and you decide whether to have a good day or not,yeah right.Shit happens in life to many people which not only ruins a perfect day but your life as well,cause life is unpredictable. Certain things you can control but others you have no choice as to what happens to make your life a living hell.

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