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6 Ways To Crack The Hidden Job Market

If you’re struggling to find enough job opportunities on online job boards & Company websites you’ll definitely want to watch this video because in this video I’m going to cover the six places to locate job opportunities that aren’t on job boards hi I’m Ian Jenkins founder of job hunting secrets dot-com where we equip jobseekers like yourself to find new opportunities in less time now the most competitive part of the job market is found on online job boards company websites and LinkedIn why well it’s the easiest job market to tap into from the comfort of your sofa however there are a lot more job opportunities in the offline job market then appear on the online job market so in this video I’m going to share with you six places where you can find new job opportunities without facing the competition that you get online are you ready all right the first step is to identify the target company or companies where you want to work in easy too many of us are job hunting by convenience and we focus on only what’s available and what we can win on job boards but not anymore what we’re going to do is proactively identify where it is that we want to work and use that as our ground 0 now after you have a short list of target companies expand the number of opportunities by looking at the very first place to find hidden jobs you see the first place to consider once you’ve got your target list finished is the suppliers for your target companies see many times a relationship between companies is so tight that it’s hard to tell the difference between the supplier and the target company so suppliers make an exciting option especially if their clients are growing because then they’ll be growing as well the second place to look is that accompanies partners is looking at your target companies do they have any strategic joint ventures or alliances that are prospering as a result of working together so for instance if you look at the online music streaming services like Spotify itunes they’ve been formed using new strategic licensing agreements and with music production companies and these new partnerships come with new needs and opportunities which create jobs alright let’s move on to the third place third place to find hidden jobs at distributors you see distributor cell and communicate your target companies value out to the market so for instance us take Kellogg’s Kellogg’s uses marketing agencies and grocery stores to help deliver the brand message of its products now if Kellogg’s products are doing well then what are the chances that their distributor or channel partners have had a hand in that success pretty big right so a growing company is a hiring company and that’s what makes distributors an exciting place to look for hidden jobs alright let’s move on to the fourth place the fourth place is competitors now although we might really cringe at the idea of working with someone who is competing against your target company it might also be a source of an exciting job opportunity is it maybe you have a strategy for how this competitor can grow and become the industry leader or how you can help its customers and it’s a customer experience now although it might be difficult to open our minds to this source of jobs competitors deserve attention when it comes to looking for hidden jobs now let’s move on to the fifth place the fifth place that often gets overlooked especially if it’s been awhile since we’ve graduated school is our alumni network you see most schools maintain a form of an online alumni directory and when you search alumni you can often do it my company industry or location now this alumni directory makes a very handy extension to linkedin because the big advantage of this source of jobs is that you share a common connection a common bond with everyone in that database and that makes it a whole lot easier for you to get in touch with them all right let’s move on to the final and last place the six place to look for hidden jobs is the SMB market and SMB stands for small and medium-sized business market now SMB is our companies with less than 500 employees in the account for ninety-nine percent of the jobs in the u.s. job market that many of these companies don’t have the time money or capacity to be posting jobs online and so my favorite way to search for jobs in this market is to use google and search fastest-growing companies and then put the city that you live in or a region where you live in now what you’ll quickly find using this technique are the fastest-growing companies who often be hiring in order to maintain and keep up with the growth and the needs of their customers so if you send a proposal on how you can help that company manage its growth you’ll likely land an interview and find a job before it’s even been posted online so now you’ve got an idea of the places where you can find hidden jobs that aren’t on online job boards but based on your experience where have been the best places to find jobs we love to hear from you by sharing your experiences in the comments below and i hope you found this video valuable if you’d like to know how I help jobseekers get six interviews a week then click on the link below in the description and if you want to stay up-to-date on more helpful video tips like this they make sure to subscribe if you’ve got any suggestions for future videos they let me know in the comments area i’ll talk to you soon

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