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60 Seconds Reatomized - Shelter Managment Humor Sim

what's up guys gals welcome back to the nerd castle today in the world of indie games sixty Seconds got a new I was wondering why there's no music in the background there's no music right now where is the music like I was trying to fight what does this do well apparently I can click on things well this is gone in 60 second in 60 seconds that's a movie we're not gonna talk about gone in 60 seconds okay this is 60 seconds re atomized which is basically a redux of the original 60 seconds from the developers of 60 seconds 60 parsecs all those kinds of games where really it's a resource management game with light visual novel elements where you kind of just like do stuff and hope for the best I've never really locked down a concrete strategy for this game because so many things could go wrong like so mate what does that do well that takes you to the options hold on I want to click stuff on the menu give me a second oh that's a new game right there oh there's sewer in the credits okay oh there's like a little trophy on top of the house what does this do that makes me kill the power got you so anyways the goal of the game is to get into your basement shelter and survive the nuclear apocalypse for as long as possible that starving to death are being eaten by giant radioactive roaches who are actually much more amicable than you think they are they're actually pretty friendly but they are kind of deadly too so like it's kind of like I'm in a little bit of this a little bit of that type situation let's play a new game we will play select the type of a top a one-of-a-kind post surviving your fallout shelter with randomly selected supplies get the full atomic so experience let's do it let's do it select your character Ted or Delores well put it on fat man I guess let's go we're playing as Ted so at the beginning of the game we've got a run around our house and grab as many supplies as we possibly can I don't remember what any of the supplies do except for soup so hopefully we survive this thing I'm on it there's a gun back there yeah I want the gun I think we definitely need the gun the gun is important all right so we got the gun we got a soup can we got a soup can and we've got oh that's all that we've got right now because the gun takes two slots okay so put that stuff in there we've got a Borg or a Boy Scout manual we've got a map okay I'm gonna come back and we're gonna drop this off over here that's inside of there we got some food and some water inside of here I'm gonna grab some supplies let's do it there we go we're about halfway there right now I think now would be a good time to grab the axe and then also how much does a wife way a wife weighs – all right I'm stuck I'm stuck I don't want to be stuck anymore well throw the wife in there all the daughter is big okay I didn't expect her to be big like that all right well throw the daughter in there and unfortunately Timmy's not gonna make it I wish Timmy made it but Timmy it sucks to be you man it sucks to be you good bye Timmy it's a horrible apocalyptic world that we live in and Timmy got left behind listen Timmy kind of likes to lick the windows and draw on the walls with crayons anyways he's not gonna be that helpful we'll just leave him behind I feel like we did okay right there I feel like we did a solid job could we have done better sure absolutely we could have done better but we did get a lot of good stuff we've got a gun got some soups got some waters Boy Scout stuff some checkers I feel like it's gonna be okay well we got to the shelter just in time good thing Mary Jane didn't bring her too but the fan noise here is bad enough but wait a second where's Timmy we vaguely remembered stashing some things in the shelter because there was no room for him upstairs turns out being messy can really work in your favor we got a chessboard our shelves are full of cans we'll eat from cans will sleep on cans leave and talk to the cans some of us already do there's just barely enough water for everybody we should probably ration it strictly this is the best stocked shelter we've ever seen we've never seen another one but we're sure this is a good amount of supplies it's time to ration supplies so if I give water to everybody we're okay I'm just not gonna feed anybody for right now it's not easy to be calm in these circumstances but hopefully we can keep our peace or else we might need to act like wolves survival of the fittest and all there's a fly fluttering around right now I don't know how I feel about that but it's easy to feel a bit down when living underground like this there's no sunshine no sky we need to get rid of that pessimism and try bringing some cheerfulness into our lives there isn't much going on with Ted no trouble nothing new Jane isn't worried or at least she's not saying it out loud and today has been relatively calm for Dolores time to ration supplies I'm sure they'll be okay looks like the area is still irradiated going to the wasteland right now is unsafe unless you don't mind getting sick Ted is vigorous enough to withstand the hazards of the wasteland Dolores is confident she'll survive outside and then Mary Jane is more than ready to go out and scavenge I don't have a gas mask though yeah go scavenge what's the worst that can happen I mean I'm sure things will be okay you won't die of horrible radioactive nonsense yesterday during charades we learned that Mary Jane doesn't know how to spell antidisestablishmentarianism it's left Delores sorely disappointed she insists on home or rather shelter schooling Mary Jane a little all right go for it do your thing become smarter Mary Jane I don't know how smart you are right now but let's move up a couple points in the intelligence bracket Delores doesn't really mess around what started as a spelling exercise is quickly found its way to a math revision followed by a short physics course and ending on tinkering with random objects in the shelter Mary Jane looks pretty exhausted but we can't the night the state of our shelter has improved all Ted wishes for is some water so everybody wants water all right well water everybody up for right now some of us are keener to go outside than others either way it's time to choose the most able and responsible person for the quest to gather more supplies uh let's send oh she died I guess Delores can go outside and she should bring yes bring a battle ax a battle ax will keep you safe Oh somebody's knocking on the shelter door Dolores is on her way to the surface let's hope she makes it back safe and sound Ted is no longer thirsty and Mary Jane is no longer thirsty I think we'll be all right we had the most curious visitors today one of them was making the sound of a galloping horse using a pair of rocks and hitting them against one another while his companion was pretending to ride the horse they claimed to be on a very important quest to seek out a magical cup but they lost their way in the wasteland they asked permission to have a look at our map and determine their whereabouts you're obviously crazy people so he'll know you cannot have my map absolutely not we couldn't contain our laughter and our gifts to the fans they ran out shouting that our ancestors were rodents and they smelled like forest fruits it's kind of rude there's nothing going on but said nothing new anyways time to ration out supply we're just gonna hold on to it what's that trickling sound and why is the wall so wet are we about to get flooded we don't have life preservers or a boat a boat wouldn't even fit inside the shelter Oh God we need to do something save the supplies and we'll save the map well that was lucky the shelter filled with water pretty rapidly we have were certain we were gonna drown but with our heads barely above the water we weren't even able to open the hatch and escape before we could start considering the worst the water level started to drop we're okay now say for the mess we had to deal with Ted needs some water and water is what Mary Jane needs right now you think that we'd be able to refill our water a little bit just based on the fact that we just flooded out we're not alone there's a huge hairy bunny beast that seems to be hiding in the pipes it's been poking its head out eyeing our measly food stash we can't let it get to it we can't let it be in here when we sleep shoot it with a gun oh we got a bad achievement you guys won't see a pop up but we got it ah you guys broke the gun you idiots our cans are saved too bad for the hairy mutant I guess we're on top of the food chain but the gun blew up when we tried to shoot it Ted isn't thirsty anymore but his stomach is rumbling all right so we'll go ahead and throw some food on people where did the green puddle come from oh man the pipe is leaking green goo and that's not good it's not good at all we need to act now and nobody packed a mop what do we do Scout Handbook it'll teach us whoa telephone problem solved no leak no mess and back to our tidy little shelter Ted isn't hungry and neither is Mary Jane is our wife ever coming back like is that a possibility are we gonna have a wife like I'm not trying to be negative right now but we had a wife and now we don't have a wife anymore it's time to ration supplies how we're good we had thought phone calls we're a thing of the past after the atomic bomb obliterated everything in our little town ever a phone booth on the street survive and it's ringing right now should somebody go answer it yeah Ted go answer it why not it'd be rude not to I mean after three rings you know like when we answered the phone we could clearly hear a gasp of relief from the caller they introduced themselves of the survivors from a nearby town of Hill Valley we had started exchanging information when the call was cut short something went wrong on their end we hope they get back to us Ted should probably drink and Mary Jane needs to drink too well there you go if there's anyone who can rescue us from this hellish situation it's our government you can badmouth them all you want but that probably means you're either a naysayer or a commie we're good citizens out here we've been paying our taxes regularly so we're sure Uncle Sam is coming to get us well except that one time when we nevermind the government people are coming all right and we should keep our ears and eyes open for any sign from them there's one thing we need to do it's to use the radio on a regular basis to catch any emergency broadcast that might be transmitted in our area see the batter it's strolling around outside waiting to get picked up the first option sounds a little bit more sane Ted isn't thirsty nobody's thirsty Mary Jane could use some food all right we'll give her a food a few more hours of coughing and we'll get used to it our ventilation fans have halted and no fresh air seems to be circulating throughout the shelter we have to fix it before we suffocate like rats trapped by a professional and very cruel rat catcher Scout Handbook Scout Handbook will always save you in this game with a door opened oh man now we're all sick weak using the handbook to research our vent maintenance seemed like a fair idea we figured if it's full of pointers on how to fix things it must have a chapter on nuclear shelter air filtration systems before we could even check we were invaded by a group of angry mutant insects which flew out of the curse at vent their stings hurt like hell and seemed to give us a fever we were glad to see Dolores come back safely from the wasteland when our scavenger trip was about to end with nothing remember there was a place where we haven't looked yet one place that is literally on one of our plea wait what one place that is literally on our doorstep trash cans in our neighborhood one of our pre blast neighbors threw out a few unopened cans of soup Hey joke's on him he's in his shelter right now he's probably full of regrets with a lawn like that who wouldn't be the passive hiss guy from around the corner threw out his rifle and it's ours now wonder if it still works the irony a paradox or maybe neither there's a gas mask lying in a pile of stinky garbage we return from the expedition but the axe didn't make it okay so Ted's hungry and sick all right so we need you to eat and you to eat sounds good the contamination of our town is still strong scavenging conditions could result in radiation sickness Jane is feeling excellent uh yeah let's go ahead and we'll prepare an expedition left Jane do it a group of people dressed in green pajamas knocking on our hatch is not something that we had really anticipated yet this is exactly what happened furthermore they insisted they are the merry men and wish to take from the rich and give to the poor we're pretty poor so maybe we can make some new friends should we let them in let's do it we're gonna die of disease anyways we might as well I'm sure we're gonna get robbed Mary folks were pretty kind they noticed we didn't ever radio and gave us one when they asked where they got it from they said the 1% all right so Ted isn't hungry anymore Ted needs water Delores can't remain thirsty for much longer okay could we spare some water Mary Jane's been asking about it all day I don't have any water left bro how many water left I'm waterless now you should go outside and you should take a gas mask with you goodbye Mary Jane Mary Jane went outside let's hope she hurries back home soon all right well Ted's thirsty so we'll like feed people now our supplies are scarce and our morale is low you can almost smell the desperation here we're pretty sure it's a small group of survivors nearby mostly old folks from the retirement home should be hard to borrow their supplies right they're old and we need them more than they do right yeah hell yeah let's go rob old people sounds good to me sometimes you got to do what you got to do man I need a pretty world out there doesn't look like we got anything and went out got what we needed and came back we're sure the group will do fine yeah probably sure they'll do great Ted looks like he's got a foot and agree yeah we don't really have anything right now there it goes again noises weird noises all the time where are they coming from the pipes the walls is it something behind the door we don't know what to do and it's driving us nuts we should sit down and relax otherwise we might get paranoid alright well let's do the checker set real fast little kids did Ted didn't make it kids did having some fun made us forget about what was again uh yeah Dolores itself doesn't improve so I'm thinking maybe we should get water next time but then again how was I supposed to know soup is mostly water I figured it would help with hydration we know very little about what's going on outside it probably be a good idea to find more a radio would help with this all right let's do it she's gonna die though I got a sneaking suspicion she's not gonna make it you find anything out we were gonna get a weak signal to tap into the government's emergency announcement service and guess what great news the fallout outside is mostly gone it should be much safer to travel on the surface now we haven't done anything about Dolores as illness Dolores will not survive without water for much longer yeah yeah yeah yeah I don't have anything we can keep sitting at our backsides here in this tiny little bunker or we can start thinking about getting away as far as possible from the radioactive wasteland who would have thought the Reds would ruin such a lovely neighborhood you could do it on our own the escaping part not the ruining part of course however there might be somebody out there who can help us let's keep our eyes and ears open oh we got a signal we might survive this good news the government made a radio broadcast about extracting survivors from our area the announcer asks everybody listening to wait a while longer to expect further communication in a couple of days we're gonna be out of here soon Dolores is gonna oh she cured of her illness really cool all right drink some water then the radio var has been silenced for the past couple hours we need more news we need music we all agree that on that and if it's refusing to cooperate we need a medal with it till it works no do not meddle with it absolutely not you leave that radio alone No well we're sure they're just experienced technical issues everything's gonna be fine we're gonna cross our lawn somebody started yelling the most obnoxious things in a gang of spear wielding foul-mouthed individuals launch themselves at us the only option we had was to run and so we did well when we had a few drops of water we could have avoided what happened lame all right well this time I know to prioritize water all right you were driven away well that's good at least they had a car you know like a car is kind of better than a shelter like I'll take that especially if it's like a sweet-ass El Camino you know what I mean right all right let's try this again this time I'm gonna do better yeah we'll play as Dolores this time begin the adventure here we see the American family gathering up soup and finding water to make sure that they don't die in a horrible nuclear explosion all right so we got lots of food and water over here we've got a radio and some bullets over there got some stuff over here all right let's grab it let's grab it let's grab and go let's grab and go Go Go Go Go Go Go Go Go Go all right we're gonna throw that in there she's close so we'll grab her and we'll throw her in there there you go I need all of this stuff right here yep get it get it get it I don't know where the Scout manual is but we kind of need that too like that it'd be nice to have what else do we have in here we got like some cards got a flashlight got some water over here yeah grab that I guess and then while we're in the Oh No yeah break break break get out of the way get out of the way oh my god I guess I'll grab the water is bug spray over there maybe I'll grab Timmy over here and grab grab grab Timmy he's helpful right everybody likes Timmy I think I have time combat mom go goodbye Ted you didn't lead us very well last time so you know like your leadership was highly in question last time so I kind of feel like we don't need you this time okay we're cutting out weak links at the moment we're eliminating them so we've got bullets we got soup we got water I think we'll be okay so here we are the three of us are safe and sound we just need to make it work from now on and we really wish it was the four of us I don't remember bringing supplies down to the shelter but I'm not really complaining we probably should have stocked it better anyways so we've got some bullets right there our shelves are full of cans we'll eat from cans will sleep on cans so on and so forth it's the best Doc's shelter we've ever seen time to ration supplies we're not gonna eat anything the first day there's so many things you can do in a tiny bunker so we thought hey why not play some games you know they're not just for kids playing some games with some cards and some games and stuff going to play some Yahtzee yes your raids we played truth or dare when it turned out we only kept asking questions and the most common was are we gonna eat anything other than tomato soup we decided that's enough games for now life is hard for all of us at the moment but Delores is not in a good mood or Delores is in a good mood today Mary Jane is fine and like the Scout that he is timmy is making the best out of the situation it seems cheerful looks like the area is still at radiated going to the Raceland right now is unsafe unless you don't mind getting sick now we'll just hang tight for a minute Mary Jane has been dropping hints that it's a special day for her today and we had to think about it really hard and after eliminating your average festivities the anniversary that great barbecue we had three years ago and international popcorn day we realized she was talking about her birthday that means we need to get her a gift give her some cards I guess Mary Jane loves cards we thought she might get herself busy with solitaire but she started doing card readings divination or not if we don't figure out why the world has gone to hell maybe she will looks like everybody wants water at the moment so we'll go ahead and line that up real quick contamination of our town is still pretty strong scavenging is a bad idea okay let's not do it then enough of this plain tasteless water Dolores is really craving a cup of coffee a real true blue American coffee the kind that you can drink five cups and still feel sleepy but where are we gonna go to find that in this wasteland Dolores his favorite diner is well used to be a few blocks away maybe somebody could go on a coffee run but who nobody should go outside it's a terrible plan we just said it's horribly irradiated outside you feel that feeling when you go outside where it's like bugs crawling all over you that's don't do that we're not gonna risk our necks for this we got more important things to worry about those cracks in the walls I'm gonna count themselves we're not gonna supply anybody because the contamination is still strong we've been hearing strange noises lately it's coming from the outside or something else we should probably get be a play cards it's fine we already got that event hopefully it's nothing too terrible having some fun made us forget about was it again today's been fine for Dolores so far it's impressive how well everybody's handling the situation good looks like the area's still irradiated going to the wasteland right now is pretty unsafe unless you don't mind getting sick yesterday during charades we learned that Mary Jane doesn't know how to spell antidisestablishmentarianism and it's left Dolores disappointed she insists on home a rather shelter schooling Mary Jane a little um no we did yes last time so let's see what happens with No mary-jane made a real scene complaining that Dolores would never be happy even if both of her children became president one Nobel Prize and simultaneously became the first people on the moon Dolores beg to differ she said that it'd be at least a little content in this scenario the Loras can't stay thirsty everybody needs something to drink okay water is definitely more important seems like you should probably contaminations still strong we'll just hang tight Mary Jane's been kind of quiet today this is very unlike her should we talk to her yeah let's talk to her let's find out she can spread her thoughts around and let the world be a happier brighter and more merry place nothing solves problems better than honest conversation over a hot beverage you don't have the ladder but the talking alone did the trick everybody is hungry now so go ahead and throw out some food real quick our neighborhood is still highly radioactive all right let's not do it then we had planned to go to Niagara Falls and see those beautiful waterfalls we never expected to get a waterfall of our very own in the shelter right now it seems like all that water oh we're flooding again save the cards save the cards we need our solitaire we're all about survival in poker games so was it too surprising we went after the lucky set of cards first and the cards got wet but plenty of other supplies got submerged after a while the water level dropped but the damage it did was pretty extensive we're gonna have to deal with that Dolores hasn't eaten Mary Jane is no longer hungry okay so Dolores just needs food so we'll give her a little bit of food we're not alone there's a huge hairy bunny Beast I don't have anything for the bunny Beast so hopefully we don't die I don't I don't have any way to deal with the bunny Beast well the beast of a rodent one it stole our food can turn okay at least we have each other right we're just worried it'll come back to finish off what it started the lordís needs water everybody needs water okay that's fine we got plenty of water it might be safe inside the walls but there are other problems to consider none of us can sleep right we have to deal with this sooner we'll be falling in the sleep of falling asleep in the face of real danger like saucer men from Mars yeah that's a realistic danger for sure I'm totally in agreement with you we should definitely prepare for Martians while we're in the middle of a nuclear holocaust bravely ignoring our symptoms we tried to get an hour to asleep but no luck we're even more tired than we were and their other problems we need to face soon let's just hope that our yawning will be enough to scare Raiders away to save us from radiation let's see your Jane's hungry I so will feed her I guess we have plenty of distant relatives but none of them mean as much to us as auntie Edith she lives in the country so there's a good chance she's still configuring a cow counting machine and not worrying about nukes raining down on her hand house too bad we don't have a photo of her or do we but some photos instance of books a while ago after the giant coffee spill incident I don't have any of the items that keeps wanting me to have telephone call Moshi Moshi sweater cat de su and so we're left with no photos no news and no happy thoughts world is cruel Mary Jane isn't hungry and Timmy Azad still contaminated nobody should go outside right now while it's still contaminated we do have a gas mask but like radiation affects your entire body not just like the face let's see it's way too dangerous randomly run to a ringing phone in the middle of a radioactive ghost town we're not taking any chances it took a while before the ring stopped it's pretty annoying for all of us Delores as sanity is questionable she needs to drink he's hungry so Timmy's hungry and those two are thirsty so Timmy's hungry you too or thirsty it's been a while and we don't know what's happening on the surface but we don't have a radio so somebody's knocking on the door they say ignorance is bliss another day without any clue mites going on might not necessarily kill us Delores is unpredictable sometimes we're kind of afraid of her she needs food him he's acting weird weirder than usual anyways he's in terrible shape and he needs water okay so what was it so Delores needs food Timmy needs water got you I don't know if I should send anybody out right now yeah I guess we'll Yolo Delores out there open in the name of freedom came a shout from outside the door we don't know who's claiming to represent freedom but we get here as a group of people possibly armed anyone introduces themselves like that it's probably planning to kill someone in the name of freedom should we open hell yeah brother let's do it I love sabotaging my playthroughs with dumbass decisions it's what I specialize in you picked outside we were greeted by a group of high school students they were well equipped and looked like they could take care of themselves they questioned us about enemy combatants in the area we couldn't help them but they were happy to leave a spare axe with us in case we need to defend ourselves when asked what that why they would want to help us they replied it's what Wolverines do Wolverines the lore is still isn't full control of her mind we're not sure what monsters are inhabiting it but we wish they would go away she's not hungry anymore and Timmy's no longer thirsty all right we'll go a day without it we'll send the law with a gas mask in the shed hopefully she doesn't go nutty Loras is on her way to the surface Mary Jane could use some food and Mary Jane needs some water okay we'll double up we can keep sitting on our backsides here okay so this is for the military we don't have a radio though so we might get left behind there's a good chance all right if there's one thing we didn't do just use a regular radio on a regular basis to catch any emergency broadcast that are transmitted in our area all right Timmy needs water and he's hungry okay there you go little buddy our hideout was approached by a man we didn't know he claimed he used to be an accountant but now he survives as a traitor and a gambler he offered us a card game for a bit of two water bottles should we play hell yeah brother let's go let's roll them bones flip them cards did we win all we lost damn it he cheated we lost before we could argue about it he left with our supplies sigh well damn traitor alert Timmy Salvage comic books are mostly harmless I assure dwell however some of them don't feature the brave Astro citizen program astronauts but cosmonauts he's eating up Soviet propaganda what it is grace should we banish Timmy to the wasteland for his traitorous ways and dispose of the blasphemous comics no I want to see him turn into a little communist I want to see him get a little Janka oh I thought he'd get like a little loose zhanka and he'd be like let us seize the means family we graciously allowed to me to stay in the shelter despite his actions we believed in the power of rehabilitation and second chances also we're running out of toilet paper in the propaganda books are gonna work fine water is what Mary Jane needs last thing we expected to hear while sitting outside the shelter was a trumpet it was played by somebody was clearly not a trumpet player probably never heard a trumpet player his entire life came with a friend who knocked on the door demanded we let the merry men enter yeah let's do it we're poor maybe they'll give us something free stuff or splatter here they gave us a radio hell yeah let's see here so Jimmy needs water and Mary Jane needs food sounds good we can do this while conducting our daily supply count we noticed that a soup can was missing we're absolutely sure it was there yesterday that can only mean one thing there's a soup thief you got to figure out who it is I'm gonna give you one guess but anyways we're out of time for the day might have a splatter cat thank you for joining us here at the nerd castle for the indie games it's what I do if you enjoy sifting through the pile to find what's worthwhile my channel will streamline that process for you so you don't have to this is 60 seconds re atomized I hope you guys like it you get this for free if you already had the old 60 seconds and if you don't then you can get it very very soon I'll have a link for you down below I do I take everybody and don't forget leave a like on the video because it helps me stay a content creator why

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  1. wow cant believe this dude just straight up missed the monty python bit…… -988888888888 billion cool points.

  2. Every day that's a multiple of five and the day they come back from an expedition, that's the rule for rations unless they changed it.

    They will start complaining day two and if you give them what they want you will be letting them murder themselves.

    Oh, and no sending out folks without the gasmask before about day ten. There's some variables on that, if you have the radio you get an event that lets you know for sure.

  3. Hill Valley really? I laughed at the Monte Python joke but nobody is goning to say anything I will BACK TO THE FUTURE!

  4. Having to pick up your family is pretty stupid isn't it? They have FEET. Why go through the trouble of building an atomic bunker if your family is too stupid to get in there.

  5. no!! Timmy is one of the best character he is good for looting.Sister is horrible because she take like 5 day and return with nothing when loot,and also the same with delores.

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