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7 Funny Ways to PRANK Your Babysitter GONE TOO FAR!

– Oops, sorry! – Are you kidding me? You
guys did not just do that! – Did we go too far?
– Nah, she’s fine – I don’t really… Like you… Anymore. – Emily, why are you doing that? I just said to put a
poop emoji, not break up. Don’t get it on her teeth! – I can not begin to explain to you- – [Man] Why? What Happened? – The madness
– Madness? – that your kids created in this house… (upbeat music) – [Man] Emmy! Emmy, whatcha doing? You’re on the computer, you’re reading, I like the reading part. Listen, I’m ready, I’m
taking your mom out. It’s date night. But don’t worry! I got you GiGi and she’s gonna be taking care of you! – Gigi again? Seriously? – [Man] Gigi’s great! She brings donuts, she’s super fun. – Yeah, she brings donuts
and then eats them herself. – [Man] I don’t believe that. – Yeah, but you’re not here
when she’s babysitting. – [Man] Stop being drama, drama, drama, enjoy yourself, enjoy GiGi, and we’ll be back later, bye! – Bye, have fun, on your date night. – Ugh, gross, date night. (knock on door) – [Man] Gigi! How’s it going? – Good! Everything’s good! – [Man] Ooh, you brought donuts! – Yes!
– [Man] So kind of you. Listen, we gotta rush, I would stop and have one with you but we’ve got dinner reservations. – No worries, have a great time. – [Man] All right, take it easy! Have fun!
– See you later! – [Man] Bye! – [Mother] Bye, Gigi!
– Bye-bye! – I can hear Gigi is here I wonder if she brought her donuts. – Yeah, her donuts for herself! Hey, I have an idea! Remember the video when I
pranked you the whole entire day? – Yeah, I can’t erase that outta my head. – Let’s do the same thing to Gigi! – Yeah we’re gonna give her
a taste of her own donuts. – Okay, let’s go! – Evelyn, Evelyn, come here, come here. Gigi’s gonna have to use the
bathroom sooner or later so just take the toilet paper and hide it. Hi Gigi! – How are you! – Oh, hi girls. – Oh, you brought donuts? – Oh yeah, yeah, but
we’ll have them later. – Yeah, sure we will. – How’s everything, Gigi? – Oh yeah, no, everything’s fine. You guys go ahead and play. I’ll be here. – Typical, she’s on her phone again. – Nothing’s changed. – Yeah, who she’s texting, her boyfriend? What about we show her
our new magic trick? – Yeah, magic! Let’s go get a water bottle!
– Okay. Gigi, we wanna show you a
new magic trick we learned! – Yeah, yeah, yeah,
maybe later, I’m just… I gotta be on my phone right now. – No, no, no, Gigi! Please come and see! Please! It’s really important
you’re gonna be amazed, please come! – Oh, yeah, yeah, guys, later, like when I say later I mean later. – I think I’m gonna call Daddy
and say that we’re bored! – All right, let’s see this magic trick. – We’ve been working really hard on it so please pay attention Gigi! – Yeah, yeah, whatcha got, whatcha got, let me see it.
– Okay. So I have a penny and a water bottle, I’m gonna put the penny
under the water bottle then I’m gonna cover the water bottle. Abracadabra! Okay! (water bottle lid clicking open) Now look inside, the penny
is inside the water bottle! – There’s no way there’s
a penny inside there. Oh wait, I see– (both laughing) – Oops, sorry! – Are you kidding me? You guys did not just do that! – Don’t worry, your boyfriend
will still like you! – I can’t believe these kids I’m soaked! (door clicking shut) – This was hilarious! – I know, since she’s drying off let’s make her some mayo donuts. – I’ll go get the mayo. – Uh, Evelyn, we have a problem. – Oh, good, we’re all good, I got the mayo! – These are jelly donuts, if we put mayo inside she’s gonna see it! – Uh-oh, we need something red. – Uh, ketchup? – No, no, we’re talking about Gigi, remember how many times
she brought these donuts and never shared them with us? Hot sauce! – Ooh, spicy! – Here you go, Emily, hot sauce. – Thanks. This smells familiar. This is gonna be perfect. – Yeah, do all six because we don’t know which one she’s gonna eat first. – Gotta hide the evidence. Could be coming out any time now! – She’ll never know. – You guys better not pull that again. – Oh, good for you Gigi, you dried off! Maybe you should have a donut, it’ll make you feel better. – Oh, that’s a good idea. Don’t mind if I do. Oh, I need a napkin. Oh, so what’re you guys playing? – Roblox. How’s that donut? – Oh my god, what are in these donuts? (Gigi coughing) – Did she take a good bite? – Yeah, I can’t believe
she ate the hot sauce! (Gigi coughing) – [Gigi] Oh my god, what did I just eat? So gross. – Did we go too far? – Nah, she’s fine. – Be right back, I’m gonna check on her. Um, Gigi, are you okay? – [Gigi] Yeah, I just
need to use the restroom. – Okay… – [Gigi] Oh, uh, there’s no toilet paper, do you mind bringing me some? – Yeah, but one problem, we don’t actually have any
toilet paper in the house. – [Gigi] Okay… Well, just bring whatever you got. – Okay… Evelyn, she’s asking for toilet paper what do we do? – (laughs) I got something for her. – What, don’t give her the paper towel. – No, don’t worry, something much better! – Uh, sanding paper? – You’ll see! – [Gigi] Hello, did you
find anything for me? – Yeah we’re working
on it, one second Gigi! – I think this will do! – Oh my gosh are you serious? – Uh huh, uh huh! – Okay, whatever. She’s gonna love this. Okay, we got something! Okay, let me just try to shove it in. – [Gigi] Oh, what the heck is that?! – It’s a little itchy at first, but you’ll get used to it. (Evelyn laughs) – [Gigi] Seriously, what’s
wrong with you two?! I do not get paid enough for this! – Emily, come here, Emily! – Yeah? – Her phone is here
and somebody’s texting. – Ooh, let me handle this! – [Gigi] Did I just hear my phone? – Oh, no, no, no, no, no,
Evelyn’s watching T.V.! Oh, let’s see here. Let’s see who she’s been texting. – I bet it’s her boyfriend. – Looks like it, it says “Brian” and then a giant heart next to it. – Let’s read the texts. – Okay, it says, “hi, I miss you” and she said, “I miss you so much, what are you doing,
missing you like crazy!” “Are you babysitting?” “Yeah, I’m so sick of them already!” How rude! And then she said, “they’re so annoying.” And then he said, “ah,
kids, more like brats, ugh!” – Did she just call us brats? – Yeah, rude much! Then he says, “poor you,
I have to go back to work smiley face. Good luck with the brats.” – Send back a poop emoji! – Are you serious, should we text him?
– Yes! – But just saying I don’t
think he’s that good of a boyfriend if he puts
a bunch of happy faces while she’s babysitting “the brats”. But it’s fine, let’s send him… Let’s see… A poop… Let’s say “poop” and then
let’s put a poop emoji. So, where’s the poops? Oh right here. Poop! (Evelyn laughs) Just saying, I don’t really like you anymore. I have a new guy. – Emily what are you doing, I just said to put a poop emoji, not break up! – Ugh, we’re breaking up. Then he said “huh?” Yeah, I said it. I have a new guy. I have a new guy! He’s much better than you! He said “what do you
mean, I love you so much.” I don’t love you. You’re ugly poop– (both laughing) Your ugly poop… Head… He said “what’s his name?” Or like, what’s his (laughs) name? What do we say? What’s his name? – Uh, Dude. (both laughing) – His name is Sir… Dude. Mr. Dude. That’s his name. He’s better… – I wanna do something!
– …Than you. (Evelyn shushes)
– Because… Because… Because… Because he’s… Hairy. How do you spell, oh, hairy. And you’re a bit stinky. – Emily, you’re taking it too far! – No I’m not, this is funny. You should… Should… Use some Old Spice… Spice, you. – Spice? – Spice, you… Poop… He’s calling! I’m gonna say… I don’t want to call right now. You are bald and… Bald and… Oh that’s a ‘i’, are bald, How do you… – I wanna type something! – You are bald. Bald. And… Look like Mr. Clean. Me Clean? I said Mr. Clean! – I wanna type something. – What? – And your farts (Emily laughing) really stink. Dot, dot, dot… – Thanks. I should do a barf emoji. – Once I had to barf. – Okay, now call me. Me, you nerd. Now call me you nerd! – Wait, wait, I wanna say something else. – Oh!
– He’s calling! Gigi your phone is ringing! Your phone is ringing! – [Gigi] Oh, thank you. – Oh my god, we (hand drowns out speech) – She’s gonna kill us! – You did it too, you’re
the one who started it by making me send a poop emoji! – Babe, can you calm down? You have no idea the day
that I’ve had right now, I needed toilet paper
’cause I was in the bathroom and you know what these
rotten kids bring me? They bring me hay, like
I’m some sort of horse. Oh my gosh, and then I see my phone and they’ve been talking to you and just ruining our relationship! – She’s talking to him! – [Gigi] I don’t know what I’m gonna do! All right I’m gonna call you back later I’ve gotta deal with these two kids. Emily and Evelyn, get
your butts over here! – Uh-oh, see I told you that
we would get in trouble! Thanks Emily! – It’s fine. Yes? – What is wrong with you guys? You guys calling my boyfriend
‘poop head’ and ‘Mr. Clean’? What’s wrong with you two? You don’t touch adults’ phones like that and do whatever you want! – It was just a joke! – Yeah, and you deserve it
because you call us brats! – Oh my god, you read my texts? That’s private! That’s my property! What are you guys doing? – You should really put
a password on your phone, I mean it’s 2019, who doesn’t have a
password on their phone? – Ugh, just, leave my sight. – Ugh, she’s getting
back on her phone again. – Yeah, and texting with
(sings) 1-800-Mr-Clean! She’s so mean to us! – Yeah, I think we should
just keep the pranks going. – I’ve got an idea, let me go and get it! (sneezes) – Oh my god, you did not just
get your snot all over me! – Sorry Gigi, I think I’m getting a cold! – Ugh, that is so gross,
I am never having kids! Oh, you know what? I think it’s your bed time, I think it’s time for you
guys to go to bed, actually. – Okay, we’ll go to bed but remember you have to read us a story before bed. – All right, get your book and we’ll go from there. – You can read one of our books on Rivet. – You have books? – Yeah, it’s a app called Rivet and the books are based on our videos! – Evelyn and Emily are busy playing, they are talking about all the things they’d wish for as they play. “We need a plan, Emily, let’s make a list of ways to get parents to do whatever kids ask. We must be able to trick them.” “Evelyn, this is a great list! (yawning) I’m so excited to
try these out on our parents!” “Should we act it all
out first?” Emily asks. “Yes, let’s pretend to be mom, that way we’ll be ready for whatever…” – It sounds like you’re
falling asleep, Gigi, do you want me to read? – Sure, I think that’s a great idea. – Okay. “Rule number one is that
timing is everything. If we ask at the wrong time then mom will say no,” Emily says. The girls pretend to yell
and fight with each other then they act out what their mom would say and says, “girls, what on
earth are you doing here!” “Want to go to the mall today…” – Emily! Gigi’s asleep! – Is she? – Emily! One last prank! – She looks so peaceful! I think I’m gonna go get my markers! Gigi’s about to be very pretty! – [Evelyn] Don’t get it on her teeth! Give her a mole, like a witch! (both laughing) – She’s not even waking up! Okay, I think I’m done. (Gigi groans) Evelyn stop laughing,
you’re gonna wake her up. I think our work is done, I’m gonna go, you can get
in trouble, that’s fine. – [Man] That was a fun night. The kids are probably in bed. Let’s pay Gigi ’cause
she needs to go home. Kinda quiet, I think Gigi’s fallen asleep. Gigi? Gigi? How’s it going? – Oh, hi. Oh my god, I cannot begin to explain to you– – [Man] Why, what happened? – The madness that– – [Man] Madness? – That your kids created in this house– – [Man] My kids? – I will never have children– – [Man] My kids are great! – –in my entire life! You don’t know the meaning of great! Sweet! These girls are the complete opposite– – [Man] What are you talking about? – I have had it. Lose my number, don’t ever call me again. I will never step foot in this house– – [Man] Oh, Gigi, one thing, honestly, don’t leave on bad
terms, you know, honestly. Before you leave Gigi, here’s your money, you gotta get paid! And by the way, thank you
so much for everything. And, oh, one last thing, your makeup is on point! – Thanks, I know. – [Man] Emily, Evelyn,
you guys are still up? Gigi was asleep when I came in. – Yeah. – [Man] And now she left. And I think you got rid
of another babysitter. – Must’ve been the donuts. – Or the toilet paper. – [Man] Huh?! – Um, long story, Daddy.

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