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7 Rude Jokes We Didn't Get Until Much Later: Commenter Edition

recently we talked about some of the jokes and references in videogames that we didn't get until much much later because we were too young too stupid or too busy exploding aliens to notice that most video games are saucier than a Heinz bottling plant it turns out it's not just us who realized later on that plenty of jokes have been sailing over our heads you did too and told us about it in the comments of that video so here are your suggestions for times jokes flew right over your head like some kind of rude hang glider enjoy and watch out for adults humor wordplay and possibly mimes ahead someone who dresses as a clown spends 90% of their time laughing and is literally called the Joker Batman villain the Joker has a terrible sense of humor come on Joker that gag was old when Groucho Marx made in 1933 haven't got anything more up-to-date not jokes at least we've reached the 1990s far better at telling jokes is Joker's right hand woman Harley Quinn who makes up in gags what she lacks in the combat Department I mean a plus for effort Hartley's got a decent sense of humor anyway although she does tend to work blue as noted by comment as civil Caine who says Batman Arkham City when you first meet Harley Quinn she says that Batman can't see the Joker because he wasn't feeling himself alluding to his illness she then corrects herself saying that he was earlier but that wasn't what she meant look how the Joker chooses to spend his free time is none of our business although could really have done without that mental image thanks Harley still you've got to feel sorry for her there's hard audiences for comedy and then there's Batman look at that reaction well actually he was all right let me try hey Batman what's the difference between a Danish married couple and your parents one are Wed Danes the other a dead Wayne's funny geez tough crowd Space Quest 4 is confusing at the best of times not least because you never actually play Space Quest 4 in it instead it starts with you being dumped straight into Space Quest 12 along with the changes induced by an armed conflict the city looks different more modern with a heavy – of post-disaster seasoning casually glancing at the status line you happen to notice that you're in Space Quest 12 those guys were real optimistic about the longevity of the Space Quest series sorry but the crowd completely cleaned out my stock of ceará software the only thing that's left is boring home and business applications software along with a few inferior games but feel free to look around anyway the fact that you never actually see the events of space quest for playout is probably why the space quest for his book that you pick up in the bargain bin of an in-game videogame store is so fantastically useless the two guys from Andromeda's latest sci-fi comedy space quest poor will give you hours of frustration unless you have this hint book and when I say in game I mean in Space Quest 10 latex babes of Astros obviously having dug through the space quest for hint book as a nipper though common to think fast Chris also found a joke that when sailing completely over his infant noggin what about the joke in Space Quest 4 where you're reading the space quest for hint book cue my computer has a 5.25 inch drive and this game comes in 3.5 inch only how can I get a bigger disc eh so far there are no good methods don't fall for ads depicting miracle methods such as bumps hormone pills or injections your best bet is to tell yourself that it's not the size that counts oh wait did you say disc this is clearly a reference to how someone might miss hear the word disc and assumed it was referring to something entirely different and a bit rude for people too young to remember the early 90s who are entirely confused right now floppy disks were a way to store and transfer data before we can wirelessly beam it through the air like magic they used to come in two sizes the more recognizable 3.5 inch which remains the standard save icon and the larger but smaller Basti 5.25 inch disks yes previously children didn't get it because it was a roof joke now they don't get it because they don't understand the concept of physical media let's just be thankful the game didn't get into the difference between a floppy disk and a hard disk maybe in Space Quest 13 it is an honor for you to meet me and you me to meet you miss gears hi to the casual observer the Ratchet and Clank games are clearly aimed at kids there's the fuzzy anthropomorphic hero his cute robot sidekick and at least in Japan a series of commercials where the two of them detonate some kids homework pay attention however and you'll notice that the games are full of sly references for the adults as well as noted by comma tapu Rd who says Ratchet and Clank three the mayor so my daughter says you're a man who's good with his hands ratchet ratchet sir I swear I've never my daughter tells me you're a man who's good with his hands ratchet sir I swear I know she implying the ratchet has been fondling the mayor's daughter well I never had a monocle it'd be popping out right now because honestly who could have possibly seen this coming adult humour in a Ratchet and Clank game I mean except anyone who paid attention to the game's titles as pointed out by commenters Skynet Oh 9 1 2 87 who says I feel really dumb now I didn't even get the true meaning of the title's for these second and third Ratchet & Clank games going commando and up your arsenal we also have quest for booty size matters full frontal assault and secret agent Clank Clank is totally naked the whole time oh yeah that was terrific yeah great revelations as to the professionalism of the attack struck police hours afterward when identification of the missing felons were further hampered by an attack by computer hackers on police headquarter databases since grand theft auto 3 the GTA series has been known for its biting satire and by biting satire I mean jokes about butts when you go downtown make sure you enjoy rusty Browns ring dogs really it's just holding a mirror up to society societies but naturally with gta3 being a game designed for adults some of the jokes are a little bit more edgy than that though and commenters shadley was impressed by one sneaky bit of wordplay in particular in GTA 3 in the shipyard parking area you could see a business van parked there occasionally the business is named group-sex brilliant and shad Lee's right this is probably one of the smarter more subtle references in the GTA games the group-sex security firm is a reference to a real-life s– UK security firm named group 4 which is most famous for accidentally miss placing some of the prisoners it was transporting goods ex believe it or not is actual German for group 6 but also as you might have worked out sounds a lot like the English for a rude activity for consenting adults by GTA standards this piece of innuendo is pretty much the dream GAC think about it it's a clever reference to a real world organization turned into a rout joke by some extremely smart bilingual wordplay shame they had to go and ruin it by calling the local sports team the Liberty City Cox you know how on the books they say that GTA is a mature game I think they might want to take another look it's time to kick ass and chew bubblegum and I'm all at a gum given that it hits shop shelves over 20 years ago I think we were all too young to be playing Duke Nukem 3d when it first came out possibly still too young now that I think about it as such the game is full of rude references sight gags and swipes at pop culture that seem utterly baffling when you're looking at them in space year 2018 remember the OJ Simpson car thing man I don't know there was one particular gag however that stuck with commenter Kristen Sadler they say what about in Duke Nukem 3d if you walk up to one of the Duke Nukem arcades and interact with it he says hmm I don't have time to play with myself lmao that one went completely over my head for years yes do you can come across an arcade adaptation of his previous adventures in the game's first level in a nice moment that Duke manages to ruin with one of his trademark gross sex jokes and we'll get the feeling the Duke and the Joker would get on pretty well similarly highbrow was the name of the pinball table in the same area balls of steel a name at Apogee retained for an actual pinball game the following year and yes there was a Duke Nukem pinball table in balls of steel which was surprisingly fun and well thought out now I have time to play with myself well more fun and well thought out than do unique and forever anyway Mass Effect 2 is serious business your crew are on a suicide mission the fate of all sentient life in the galaxy is at stake and Commander Shepard is dead for a bit how bad were my injuries I'm no doctor but it was bad when I first saw you you were nothing but meat and tubes whatever insurance he's on I want it all this galaxy scale seriousness though doesn't mean the developers can't sneak a rude joke in there it just means they have to be smart about it as common to moogle a man that discovered after several playthroughs in Mass Effect 2 during Tally's loyalty mission if you talk to chorus you find out about his ship quip quip a funny name but it is nothing compared to his suggestions for new ship names while ectomy or deferens themselves are not funny with the quarians naming convention at Avast between given name and ship name it becomes legendary yes just as tally is tallies or Avast Normandy because she's Tarly szura of the ship the Normandy and Ra's al chorus would be Czar chorus vas deferens or vasectomy if it bothers you maybe you should find another ship I've occasionally entertained the idea of requesting a transfer something with a nice respectable name like the deferens or the egg to me and as the urologists in our audience hey guys will know the vas deferens is a tube that performs an important function in the male reproductive system and a vasectomy is the operation where those tubes are cut this is the biology lesson you really weren't looking for when you click this video about video games huh you have a ship named quip clip the thing is the line is so throw away and is delivered so casually by the voice actor it's extremely easy to miss add that to the fact that the words themselves aren't so much rude as they are biologically descriptive and it's probably the easiest joke to miss in this entire list so yes you might get the joke first time around but probably only if you have some fairly in depth medical knowledge otherwise you're gonna feel pretty stupid like we did well joke's on you Mass Effect because web crib is what I call mine [Applause] driving games have changed a lot since 1997 today we have the fort sir series which gives you incredible visuals painstakingly model cars and real-world locations to drive them in in 1997 Carmageddon gave you a bright red car with a knife on the roof and let you drift it sideways through an American football team to put it another way it was a game that wasn't afraid of offending people both morally and aesthetically in addition to winning races the usual way you could also trash all the other participants cars or kill every single possessed Rhian on the map pedestrians who included elderly ladies who would yell about having been in the war before you ran them down with all this over-the-top chaos going on it can be a little hard to keep track of everything that we were too young to be looking at someone else in the same boat as us was commented GE x – 3 364 who says the original Carmageddon cunning stunt bonus not to be mispronounced as a stunning you get the idea I was way too young at the time to be playing their game and was too easily entertained by the blatant swearing violence and gore to notice these slightly subtle wordplay in that particular bonus to be fair that's about as subtle as well being driven into at 150 miles per hour by a bright red car with a knife on the roof Carmageddon was actually banned by the British Board of Film classification in 1997 although it was the fact that the pedestrians exploded into showers of red blood that caused them concern rather than any of the language on display the publisher changed the blood to green announced that everyone was a zombie now and things were apparently fine which makes me think that maybe all this stuff went over the BBFC s head as well no one tell them okay thank you so much for watching this video please do like and subscribe and hit the bell icon if you enjoyed it we've got a couple more videos for you here up here is the original video that inspired this if you missed it and down here speaking of things that would need to be painstakingly explained to people here are the video game tattoos that we would like to get over on outside extra thank you so much for watching see you next time

34 thoughts on “7 Rude Jokes We Didn't Get Until Much Later: Commenter Edition

  1. What about Grabbed by the Ghoulies? Literally anything said by the gardener is questionable and even the title is wordplay as "ghoulies" is another word for 'balls'.

  2. What about Super Mario? It's two Italian guys, surrounded by men with mushroom heads, jumping on turtles' backs and "going "into pipes". We all know what that means. 😉

  3. Grouppe Sechs is a reference to a "rude activity"? Nay, nay, I say! On the contrary, it is a reference to the pinnacle of caring and sharing, the ultimate team sport. Matter of fact, where as EA been on this one? Tell me you wouldn't be playing Grouppe Sechs '18 right now, had it existed (Sure, Grouppe Sechs '20 would probably be out by now, but you wouldn't be able to afford it, on account of your inability to leave the house the last two years.).

  4. Gta vice city, the ice cream van company called cherry popper's.. and it wasn't ice cream you were selling lol

  5. Spoilers Ahead for Final Fantasy XV

    After Chapter 7 if I remember it correctly, Aranea Highwind could occasionally joing your party at night and help you fight off hordes of daemons. She has a move called "Dragoon lance" which allows her to jump high with her lance for an AOE attack. If you perform it, Gladio can occasionally say "You sure know how work up a lance", after which Aranea gets visibly disgusted. Initialy, I didn't know what was that supposed to mean because I was more focused on fighting Daemons. Only when that line played second time I actually realized why she got disgusted.

  6. what is with the enemy from links awakening who shocks you when you attack him with a sword. When you use the magic powder you can talk with him ….

  7. gotta give it up to ratchet and clank, they even had jokes that were right in your face. i remember laughing my ass off at the evil clank line when they're giving Quark his funeral and Clank just goes, "What a load of bull shi-"

  8. I want to think there is a chance that in SQIV, "Leather Babes of Estros" that "Estros" may have been a take on the word "estrus"

  9. I dont know whats funnier.. the actual content of the video or the way the hosts say the things not to get demonetized

  10. 6:12 Missed my personal favorite: "Tools of destruction". Also "A crack in time" was originally supposed to be called "Clockblockers" (No, I'm not joking).

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