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7 Signs He’s Secretly Attracted to You (#3 Makes NO Sense)

now men are usually an open book when it comes to attraction if we want you then we’re usually not very good at hiding it hi but the reason why this happens is because attraction for men is actually very different than it is for women when it comes to initial attraction what we first noticed there’s an old saying that men are attracted to women through their eyes whereas women are tried to men through their ears and I tend to believe that that is the case but even still some guys can be pretty good at hiding it whether is because they’re embarrassed or they’re hiding it because they shouldn’t be attracted to you because you work together so in this video I’m gonna give you some signs that he’s attracted to even if he’s trying to keep it a secret keep watching [Music] hey there Adam little chick from sexy confidence calm where I help you create your love story and part 1 of this video are the seven signs that he’s secretly attracted to you this is the video that you’re watching right now and I actually have a part two of this video that’s only available to sexy confidence club members which is the three ways that you can show interest in a guy so that he knows that you’re also interested in him in him is well that’s again only for sex and confidence club members if you want to watch the full video go ahead and join the membership it is in the link in the description or you can click right up there and one of those cars to be able to access it so let’s just jump right into those seven signs that he’s secretly attracted to you number one is that he’s just nervous when he’s talking to you now before I started sexy confidence I was a dating coach for women I actually used to coach men on how to go out and meet you sexy single ladies out there and I remember when guys would show up for our coaching sessions and yes I would take them out we’d go out to a bar or a park and I’d coach them on how to confidently meet women and one of the first things I noticed is just how nervous they were even if they were trying to hide it they were still they would they would shake they wouldn’t be able to make create eye contact and I think one thing women don’t realize is how insanely difficult it is for men to overcome a sphere to go up and approach you women so if you’re finding that he’s really kind of fidgeting around you or he’s even shaking a little bit or he’s having trouble making eye contact just realize it’s probably because he he’s attracted to number two is that he smiles and he opens up his body language to you now when we’re attracted to someone smiling is just a natural thing that happens science agrees think about it this way let’s say a guy who likes you sees you for the first time in a week this means that neuronal signals travel from the cortex of the brain to the brain stem which is the oldest part of our brains and from there the cranial muscle carries the signal further down to the smiling muscles in your face he literally can’t help but smile and yet that’s only where it starts once the smiling muscles in our face contract there’s actually a positive feedback loop that goes back into the brain and reinforces our smiling of joy and essentially once we start smiling it makes us want to smile even more smiling makes us happy in short when a guy sees you and he’s smiled he’s gonna keep smiling even more because the smiling makes him smile even more and all of this basis signals to you that he’s into you number three which is insane it doesn’t make any sense is that he’s a mean to you or teases you there are some guys out there who have what I call middle school game they think that the way to get a girl to like that more women to like them is to be really mean to them and I called middle school game because that’s what of course we used to do in middle school we would like tease a girl or trippers a girl and chances are for doing that is because we have a crush on them you know skip for twenty thirty years there’s some guys out there who are so bad at talking to women they implement the same strategy to women in their 20s 30s and beyond so if you’re finding that a guy’s unnecessarily mean to you or it teases you there’s a definite possibility he likes you if there’s ever happened to you I’d love to hear you in the comments below number four is you just get the feeling that he’s into you be sure to listen to that gut when you get that gut feeling that he’s into you don’t allow that brain to override it because chances are your gut is correct number five he goes out of his way to be very well-groomed when he’s around you did he have a new spray of fresh Cologne when he sees you chances are he’s probably into you number six is he goes out of his way to help you in any way men are natural providers and when we’re attracted to a woman and we want to be with her it’s just a net I can definitely relate to this you just want to do anything to help her out whether it’s pick her up somewhere or maybe help her in some way even at work or just do anything that makes her life easy I think this goes back to the caveman days where it’s like caveman must go hunt in order to provide for a woman and number seven is that you he’s constantly fixing himself for almost grooming himself when he’s around you one of my worst habits back when I was single and Jessica said that I did this when I first met her but because I was really nervous even though I was trying to not look like I was nervous I would always kind of like do one of these when I would meet her not a very sexy thing to do but it was almost to something I would do naturally and if you find that a man is grooming himself for it kind of touching his face or doing what he can it’s a sign that he’s probably attracted to you so I look to hear from you do you ever have any of these signs when you are attracted to a man leave a comment right there below and also if you want part two of this video which is only available to my sites of confidence club members make sure you join the club you can click the link right there below in the description or right up there where I’m going to be talking about how does that you can show interest in him so that he knows that hey you’re interested thank you so much for watching if you enjoyed this video please give it a like on YouTube and don’t forget to subscribe on YouTube for more videos just like this every single week thank you so much for watching I’ll speak to you next week you sexy single lady bye

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  2. Wow okay, no wondering left now. But he is my boss and married so… But good to know, he always seemed to like me (even said so once, by mistake or meant to say like working with me probably) and smiles a lot, yet he avoids me constantly which has kept me wondering if he in fact is unhappy with my work. And he wont look me in the eyes except for a moment then away, we are having a meeting, this is hard and I wonder if I am boring him. Or if he is just lazy in regards to this project we are running. But the beard thing, he does EXACTLY that, also looks down smiles.

  3. I mean light teasing maybe but idk. Donโ€™t Freaken trip me in the club. I kinda tease back crushes but itโ€™s quite subtle. I also fidget quite a bit and eye contact is hard for me. I might twist my hair or straiten my posture.

  4. OMG 2:40 last year I saw the guy walking (we hadn't talked since the last school year though and I didn't speak to him then either) and a smile just appeared on my face without me consciously doing it… *chuckles* I'm in danger

  5. #3 my friend who I have a huge crush on always teases me in mostly affectionate way.
    I freaking see these signs in him whenever we hang out but he has a girlfriend ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ

  6. hahahaha watching this makes me remember the past week I went to a store and the guy there saw me smiled turn the volume of the music up (and the song was like "that woman is killing me~" ) and started to take off his jacket even tho it was cold to stay in a t-shirt ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ it was hilarious

  7. My prince is really silly. He spams me with pictures trying to look ugly but all I see is a cutie. XD He makes my day everyday and it has been an amazing feeling to have him around.

  8. Wow! Yes. The man I'm involved with now… it's a long distance relationship… we've not met in person yet…and are now planning for my trip to meet him and his family. I've noticed lately, he's been teasing me a lot๐Ÿ˜‰.

  9. Iโ€™ve watched this video a couple of times and love the material but the opening with you wearing a wig cracks me up so much Iโ€™ve watched that part like 20 xs. Hilarious!!

  10. He does them all I really love him hopefully he loves me but there is a problem his sister is my bff ๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’—๐Ÿ’Ÿ๐Ÿ’“โค๏ธโ™ฅ๏ธ

  11. All 7 signs applied on me, most of all smile, he even tell one of our co-worker when she asked him why he laughs or smile every time he sees me, he respond he can't help it. After all, he said me and him do not chemistry! I just left him, we weren't together and I don't think we will be either.

  12. The fuck.. I am a girl and why does the sign that is supposedly for a man matches to me whenever I have a feelings towards someone..

  13. It is funny how married men act when their wife is around and when they are not around they act more in their element. Something I have noticed when I go on my morning walks. They feel more at ease to be themselves. I would sometimes strike up a conversation. I am quite talkative and easy to be around with. I am not interested in them where I want to date them. but I do understand the feeling of wanting to be seen for who you are. Sometimes it can be tough to be yourself when you are around your wife.

  14. #2 ##3,#4 what if he used to give me a hug from shoulder to waist a couple of years ago but now he is not coming right now donโ€™t know when he will come back again

  15. There's this guy ,we're low-key 'friends' we get along and all that .
    1)we used to like never greet each other by hugging but then that changed when he initiated a hug in a way to stall (he took my phone and didn't give it back until later-I was practically chasing him)
    2)he has a tendency to take my belongings and not give them back to me until after youth/church or after me begging for it for about 30 mins
    3)he randomly tickles me
    4)some days he is distant and others he isn't. So I'm getting mixed signals .
    (Btw we don't go to the same school and only see each other twice a week)

    Soooo idk

  16. So my crush MIGHT like me! And my bully may like me Ew ๐Ÿคข๐Ÿคฎ lmao thanks for the help*

  17. I hit 1-5 but I doubt 6&7. 6 because it is his job to help me. 7 because he's naturally very neat and always smells heavenly.

  18. It depends on my mood. Constant staring directly in his eyes or just at him but not able to say a word. Overly shy or quiet while in close proximity which may display ignoring or an illusion of disinterest. Overly giving. Finding ways to become close friends. Telling someone else what you think of that person hoping they will be bold enough to introduce the two of you in a relaxed organic way.

  19. I'm not mean.. but I love teasing a guy I'm interested in, because they usually smile or laugh as well. I also think it mean you know each other well. If I don't know a guy well, its harder to tease because you don't know enough about them and you don't know how they will react. So i only do it when I'm comfortable with them. I just love to make them smile ๐Ÿ˜›

  20. an officemate is so fucking mean to me and is always teasing me and he would go to my work station and he would start poking me in the waist he would sometimes pinch my waist. Like wth?! he's 29 and i'm 24

  21. The list is pretty accurate. Although my body language might be a little different if she seems nervous as well. Dont want to make anyone feel uncomfortable or cornered, so Ive noticed sometimes I sortof back away and point my feet towards an exit if she seems flustered.

    A little more… women arent the only ones that doubt themselves sometimes. If theyre a shy/introverted guy like me, they might avoid you sometimes because theyre afraid of being too obvious or annoying you. Theres a girl I see at work everyday that Im completely infatuated with, but my brain usually shuts down when I try to talk to her. So sometimes I just politely small talk to the women around her to show that Im open and a good guy… its so awkward lol. I constantly worry that I might make her feel ignored, but I also worry about creeping her out by trying too hard. Just something to keep in mind if you think someone ignores you.

    The biggest thing for me is assuming anyone remotely attractive is already in a relationship. How the hell do people get past this? outright asking kindof lets the cat out of the bag that youre interested, but not showing interest insures it will never progress. Women being open about availability would really help goofy guys like me out lol.

  22. Ohhh! You didnโ€™t talk about when men stare at women and does nothing else but just stare. What does that mean? And if those men who stare at women are already with someone, then why do they stare at women deep into her eyes ๐Ÿ‘€?

  23. I went on a date yesterday and we went to a bar the we went to a park and climbed up a hill to see the London skyline. I took snacks and a picnic blanket too. It was such a good date. While we were still in the bar he showed signs of attraction. Brushed my hand, stared at my face, commented on my "cute" habits (moving my hair out of my face, asking lots of questions, sipping my drink slowly). Went up the hill sat down and we started talking. He said he felt like hes known me for ages to which I agreed. It felt like we knew each other. He held my hands and became obsessed with the softness. We talked more and just chilled. Then we cuddled cuz its hella cold and we kissed. I told him it wont go belong it for now. He said thsts okay. He admitted he liked me already. He was so happy when walking me to the bus stop, and was skipping along me. He went home and sent me a pic of his dinner, a dish that I said is my fave… next day I messaged him….he shut me down and told me he went on another date…what the hell happened?

  24. I would not say the guy I think he likes me is mean but sometimes I cannot read him because suddenly he ignores me completely like if I don't exist but there are many other times he gets involved in my conversations when no one was talking to him and he could talk like 30 mins or more

    He is a coworker and he has 3 years of experience in the field so I have seen he does anything but anything on his power to help me out that to me is attractive

    But is confusing because even though he has shown some light interest on me is not for sure sometimes he ignores me…the other day he said got a new number and we were 3 girls in the chilling room at work so he said if u guys want to call me let me give u my nymber I did not ask for it then he said ok I thought someone was gonna ask me for my number so I did and the rest of the girls but he just gave it to my friend not to me. So its confusing there are some signs but then he tells me things like hey I am single or hey if u don't have a boyfriend when u have the time we can watch this tv show together I can cook for u also because he was a chef….but dude why he has not come and ask me my number or ever have seriously invited me to dinner or anything i mean seriously. Don't know what to do

  25. When i look at this one guy.. He stares into my eyes for about 3 seconds and then looks away or looks down and keeps smiling, then puts his head in his shirt still smiling. When i ask him why.. He says he just cant take me serious. I dont understand at all… Helpppppp!!!

  26. One guy was really mean to me on social media but said he was attracted to me…. I just thought he was just trying to play with me. Tho it wasn't just teasing but straight up bullying.

  27. My crush deeply stares at me (Its like he can see through me lol kinda creepy) but doesn't say anything or smile at me and break away the eye contact it doesn't makes sense

    Or is there somthin on mah face omg?

  28. all my crush has ever said to me is what grade r u in then he nodded his head he always looks at me tho and when I LOOK AT HIME HE LOOKS AWAYYYYYYY

  29. I'm watching this because a guy is doing it to me he touchs my thigh and idk what that means and he toches my back

  30. well for number 3. This one boy punched me in the back… and left me a bruise in class…. and he calls me terrible names… and he steals my stuff… weLp I need new friends ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ

  31. There is a boy in my class and my friends say he likes me a lot and has a huge crush on me. These are the sighs:
    -he always sits as near me as he can,
    -he is always looking at my,
    -he raises his eyebrows up,
    -his eye pulpits are huge when he looks at me,
    -he leans closer to me when I'm talking to him,
    But… He is so different around me he is so nervous next to me but when he is talking to another girls he is less nervous

  32. Us Ladies we all are different. I learned to just to let things happen the way its meant to. I have trouble knowing if a guy likes me though. I try not to analyze things. However, I just cannot seem to not do so. The video was helpful though.

  33. I dated an Irishman who was sarcastic to me a lot. I think it was an Irish thing. Yeah he acted like a 14 year old sometimes and he was over 50. Two weeks after I met him he told me he was in love with me.

  34. Aha Story Time:
    So it was April Fools, and there's this guy I like and he sits in front of me during Algebra. After class, he asks me, " Hey you wanna date?" USUALLY he's like really rude to me and so I'm a little shook he asked me that, I said "Whaaaa-" Like I didnt even finish my "what" and then he said "APRIL FOOLS IT WAS JUST A DARE" And then he walked away out of class. Like……WHAT TF WAS THAT LMAO

  35. Number 3: it happened to me. I am a musician, and I am often in a studio. I am a heavy metal singer, which is rare for a woman in Brazil so I am surrounded by men. I treat everyone kindly and I am free to speak my mind, so everyone there likes me. One guy was mean to me 3 times, The third time he did it, for absolutely NO REASON, I started crying and even had my friends (guys) mad at him. It happened twice that everytime I was talking to guys, he would show up and invade the conversation in an arrogant way just to show he is there. He even showed up in the neighbour bakery once when I was with two of my best guy friends. So when the third mean thing happened, one of my male friends told me "I think he is in love with you". I was like "what??? This makes no sense! He HATES me!"


  37. He tells me i am old sometimes he says grandma …. he says whatever u do you will look old .. but always hes smiling … and he is always there for me he helps whether i ask for it or not

  38. I have a friend who do allllll those signs when we are together but there is one problem … my best friend is in love with him

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