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Fill in the blank raging what hoe Are you going through Your other answer the other day all men are dogs Now we Tommy did a little ragin ho How is ragin home the first thing that come to anybody Point values are double top six answers on the board. Here we go fill in the blank never ever have I what? Slept with an elephant Yeah, I laid up there but I bet that’s true their Slap elephant Went to jail went to jail How about been drunk good drunk Sure went skydiving Guys here we go point values are triple. We got the top 4 answers on the board fill in the blank boob blank Job boob job James fill-in-the-blank boob blank booby-trap This double fill-in-the-blank boob blank boob Bob All right, we got two strikes y’all gotta button it up pull it together If it’s not there the Miller family can steal and play sudden death boo B’s Katrina strikes fill-in-the-blank boob blank boobalicious Here we go fill in the blank boob Number two Chico fill-in-the-blank bouncing what I won’t say, baby Bouncing betty At the circus you have a bouncing Acrobat Here we have two strikes if is not there the horner family can steal and win bouncing but On a family fill-in-the-blank bouncing what bouncing off the walls Bouncing off the walls I love All right, got you Kevin you got two strikes three family can steal Give me a stage name for a stripper good stage name for a stripper would be blank The only thing I can think of is sticky I know it’s not favorable. But you know what happens, right? Where you going Just say you’re honest I didn’t ask you what do you mean by I was just gonna let the audience right there. Well, you know what happens to? Sticky bugs It’s our fill in the blank to end a bad date early, I’ll tell a woman I have what chickenpox You just start digging Chickenpox Omar we gotta be careful. We got two strikes the Jones family can steal I Have to pee once I start it takes two days Nothing Like lo said, I’m a former Satan for the South Carolina Gamecocks But I also study engineering so I’m a silver engineer my design highways throughout the state of Georgia Alright, let’s go man at the beach a woman might ask a man. Is that a blink in your speedo? I’m gonna say hamster All right, no see God be careful got two strikes brand-new family can steal at a beach of one we might ask a man Is that a blank in your speedo? We gonna go with socks – Yes, sir – stripes Bradley family Christie at the beach a woman might ask a man Is that a blank in your speedo or is that a bottle of suntan lotion? I don’t go to the beach. I’m sorry. I know y’all are going to every time you tell by your ass Ain’t no beaches in the left and ain’t no hamsters ain’t nobody draw, but that ain’t stopped you from saying Some damn ocean You

100 thoughts on “8 FUNNIEST FILL IN THE BLANK ANSWERS On Family Feud | Bonus Round

  1. On a bmt I think some of these people on this show are actually retards, how do they say some stupids Answer then clap like it’s 100% gonna be up there

  2. Am I crazy, or can you hear Steve whispering "boob tube" before it flips over, like it's the most obvious thing ever?

  3. Question: obviously looking for a dirty answer

    Guest: says something dirty

    Harvey: Shocked pikachu face

  4. "good answer", "It's up there Steve" and clapping at ones stupidity in unison, and laugh stupid with looks that says they have no idea what's so funny, that pretty much sums up Family Feud contestants communicating between answers.

    I'm dutch, I don't get that. Steve plays dumb as only comedians can, and truth be told, I've been watching clips for hours at a time. US tv makers know how to numb brains by lightyears..

  5. Steve Harvey: Fill in the blank: Why is there a ___ in your Speedo?
    Contestant: Not sure if this is appropriate…

  6. Remember when this was a clean show you could watch with your family? Please bring back a clean version of the show! I can guarantee that it would be a hit!!!

  7. Someone: says the stupidest answer ever

    Teammates: …Good answer claps enthusiastically It’s up there Steve

    Steve: …

  8. Am I the only one who immediately said Cancer, when it was the question what would you say to end a bad date what would u say u have? That was my answer

  9. Bouncing Betty makes sense tbh
    It's the nickname for the S-Mine which was used in WW2.
    I only say that cuz Steve had no idea what it was lmao

  10. "Fill in the blank Raging what"
    Me: " Cajun"
    "How is raging ho the first thing to come to anybody mind ?"
    Me: " it comes to my mind when I think about my ex"

  11. Honestly the first thing that came to mine was raging erection. And that second quests was way too hard. There’s so many options.

  12. Well… To be fair to the first lady the first thing that came to my mind was a "raging bitch" so 🤷🏼‍♀️

  13. At what age do they teach Americans to applaud themselves even when they say something ridiculous? Is it taught at school or when they reach adulthood?

  14. i have never seen black people at the beach. only when i was in the marines when we had a picnic days and the whole company was sent to the beach for a cookout.

  15. Steve: Fill in the blank: "Never ever have I what?"

    Contestant: ..Slept with….an elephant

    Steve: *Stares into the deep, dark void of time and space*

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