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80’s TV Show Parody: Saved by the Joke

♪♪ ♪♪ So that’s why Mrs. Bradshaw
was acting so weird- the janitor poisoned
her food. Whoa. Did you have to rewrite
that paper for her class? Nope, but I still got an A. Oh Tommy, you always get out
of things so easy. No fair! Hey, I’m gonna need that A if I’m gonna get into
the same college as you. [cheesy 80’s soft rock] You’re gonna
go to college? I’ll go wherever
you go. [audience: Awww] I’m going to Yale. I’ll work in the cafeteria
wherever you go. [audience laughs] As long as we
can be together. [audience: Awww] Wa, wa, wa, wa. [armpit noises] Another successful Rex
and Scooter shenanigan. Both: Wha, wha, wha! [handslap]
Both: Unh! Oh, you guys. [all laugh] [theme music] ♪♪ [school bell rings] Wait, weren’t we just
in a classroom? Talking about college? I don’t know what you’re
talking about, babe, but you’re real cute. [audience laughs] No, she’s right. I just had a sandwich in
my hand and now it’s gone. Oh, I’m Karen and I like to
eat sandwiches like a cow. Fat-shaming
isn’t a thing yet! Wa, wa, wa, wa, waa. Rex and Scooter
strike again! Both: Wha, wha, wha, unh! Those two kill me. [laughtrack] [theme music] ♪♪ [gasp] Okay! Now do you guys see
what I’m talking about? Both times, Rex and Scooter
made a joke, and then… We’re all wearing
different clothes. How many days just went by
during that freezeframe? Come on, guys. You don’t honestly think
we’re losing time. [all gasp] Dude! When did you get
your ear pierced? What? Ah! Did Tommy just say something
or am I “earring” things? Wait! No! No jokes! Guys! No! Rex and Scooter
at it again! [theme music] ♪♪ [screams] Oh! How long have I
been paralyzed? Dude! We keep getting frozen
and then stuff gets real. Scooter: Guys! Look at my funny hat. [humming] Scooter, stop! Your jokes are
causing this. [chicken noises] No! [theme music] ♪♪ [all scream] Oh man! Karen is dead, y’all! What is happening? Guys, I just realized I don’t
even think I have parents. Like I just get in trouble
with you guys at school, and then learn life lessons
from Mrs. Bradshaw. No one cares, Tommy. Guys, guys! Calm down. You know what always helps
when things get really dark? [tearfully]
What? Laughter! [whoopee cushion noise] [all scream] [theme music] ♪♪ All: Oh! Heather: Scooter’s dead too! What? How? You’re under arrest for
kicking Scooter in the throat until he died. What? How would I even do that? I’m paralyzed. G-guys, help! No, no, no, no! Someone crack a joke! Quick! [sobbing and screaming] [theme music] All: Oh! Man, this is just
getting worse! Hey! [all scream] I was just faking my death. Uh, yeah,
they’re dead for real. [dream noise] [gasp] Whoa, I just dozed off and
had a really crazy dream. Yep, everything’s normal. ♪ [Bleu McAuley and Joshua
Kaufman, “Song of the Whales”] ♪ ♪ [Bleu McAuley and Joshua
Kaufman, “Song of the Whales”] ♪ Hey, guys! Thanks for watching
that 80’s sketch. Yeah! Make sure you like,
subscribe, and comment below your
favorite 80’s song! Yeah. Isn’t Zach, like,
so dreamy? He’s a dreamboat. Yeah. And I also
like Screech. Not Screech. And, um, I like
the Principal too. Mr. Feeny too.

100 thoughts on “80’s TV Show Parody: Saved by the Joke

  1. This is the best Studio C video I've seen. You guys should definitely make more like these. Reference the 80's more often, I loved those costumes.

  2. Mmm, I'd have to say Livin' on a Prayer, The Final Countdown, and Don't Stop Believing are tied for first place as my favorite 80's song.

  3. Lol this is great!! Rex and Scooter keep destroying the lives of everyone via wonder twin esc powers

  4. is any one from lake ridge getting day-va-voo because at lake ridge our music teacher is named Mr.Bradshaw

  5. 0:44 Karen, accepting that she's single and will forever be the third wheel for all her friends. Poor Karen. I knew she was gonna die alone!

  6. 80s throw back generally makes me think throw it back in the trash until you guys or stranger things do it

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