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92 Cats Vlog Help Us Crack The Mystery Behind Levi’s Big Ole Welp

hey guys so today is July 24th and it has been about maybe bahu ceased Wednesday Tuesday Monday Sunday Saturday about four days since I started to have this mass dices feeling symptom thing and yeah today I'm feeling better I was able to do stuff today and then yesterday I was like I did love the meat I mean if I didn't take my medicine like I'd take this the pan I don't like I told you I like a Pathan oil I would be laying there in pain and my flesh is no joke it hurts it's like you're having the flu you're like really hot one minute and then you're like really cold and with the chill senex and it happens like at nighttime when the medicine like wears off so the only way to get rid of it is to take antibiotics and if you take antibiotics you need probiotics yada yada yada anyway so finally today I feel a little bit better but when I woke up this morning I had an excruciating headache it hurts so bad so that did not help at all and on top of that like my body like aches old that well flu sometimes so it's so bad so the only way to sleep good at night is to have dawn like rub my sore muscles and stuff and that I'm able to like sleep and I wake up like extremely sweaty and hot and then I get out of it I Denver I get better and I go to delivery by the lady on the couch by myself with a fan on because I don't want them to be freezing like he I don't know wasn't wrong with him he's like a fish or something so um yeah anyways like a lot I did a lot today we had this couch furniture a poster kind of person come in cleaned our carpet and our furniture my couch has not been cleaned for like since dawn had it's like nine years so you know you can bet it was extremely dirty because the kids run all over it with her nasty little crummy hands and Pete and he vacuumed it washed it all and then we just like set it outside and let it dry out there so it looks like a spotless it's awesome and then I was like excited about that and then before he came like right before he came I was in the room putting Denver to sleep and I heard like dawn going crazy like come on because he's yelling I'm like what happened so I don't know I got out I was like what's going on I see dawn by the kitchen holding a knife and pressing a big old whelp odd Levi's head down and I didn't see what happened because I was in the room with a trillion dollars in the office and I was like watching the I usually watch the boys on the camera but I think I'm just probably not at all for a second and it happened and we didn't know what happened so we asked Carter like what happened and then he didn't really say anything but he was holding this like wooden hamburger like fake food and he was just like pounding it together and Don's like did you hit him and he said yeah and he said that they use like they like to play this game with a monster and Levi likes to be a monster he chases like Carter around the house so Carter probably like he said they took the hamburger the fake hamburger and hit Levi over the head but it's a big whelp so I'm thinking like did he hit that hard and like how did it you know I don't know maybe that area is sensitive so even if you just hit a little bit it does welp up so I don't know I mean I didn't even have energy to punish Carter or anything and he did say that he did it so I don't even know what happened with that but Levi like barely even cried he cried more when Dawn was pressing it down with a knife and ice so then I I did a lot of things I didn't cook today I cooked yesterday but I'm not gonna I didn't have time to vlog and then I did this terrain II because I had like all these cactuses that is like by the kitchen window and I am really bad at taking care of it lately so I decided to just put it all together and set up a tree and glass and then I did that so I could take care of it easier just water and once so I take care of all these orchid plants right here and it's best to leave it by the bathroom window because that sunlight hit at the right time of day and it's not too much sunlight and it's like it's just enough so it grows like if you have orchid plant that dies make sure you just keep it you cut off the dead as you put it by your backward window and it will grow just watery like once every two weeks and let's see what else did I do yeah I did a lot actually then I cleaned and then because he cleaned all the bed stuff like that all the sheets have to be back on and wash all the like sheets and on top of that take care of Denver and then tomorrow I actually hired my cousin to come Don's cousin to come and watch the boys so I can just for the next a little bit I think I'm just really strained like look at this my pimple is like bright red bigger and not going away and I yeah I couldn't talk yesterday because I was just like laying on the folder what is happening to me and I google everything that I'm feeling and like my stomach is like gassy and like hurt and aching and all that stuff and whatever that you google it says you have cancer so I'm like okay sure Google but anyways another story that's funny um we lately been having ants in the house like it's extremely hot outside in 97 degrees on like 98 whatever and there they seem to be getting into the house and anything looks like of crumb that falls on the floor they like so warm to it so dawn the smart man that he is went to get ant bait and it works so I want to show you guys what it looks like try not to touch it because is extremely sticky okay so this one that looks like it it's terrible liquids aunt taro liquid ant bait okay and what you do is you open it up and it's like a big syrup inside of it and then the ants like one or two ants or even three or four would go in there and then they would take a little bit of it and then take it back to their colony and they will all just go away or and I don't know and it worked so you know there's like just a couple left lately and earlier dawn he just doesn't like bug so he'd killed he's like pressed it like this and is he like one good he picked it up and looked at it to make sure it died and they pinched it through his fingers like this and he threw in the trash and then guess who saw him do that oh yes my smarty pants a little Carter and he told dawn that Daddy when I see him yet I'm gonna push like this and pick it up like this look at it Dornan Trish he is growing up so fast so yeah we update on the nanny situation um so yeah where we do not have a nanny and we're probably not gonna have one I'm just gonna fork it out bride it out actually because the boys are gonna start school soon and I know I just wanted to spend time with the boys anyway so we're just gonna read three think rethink this planned and a lot of you have been asking do I still sing anybody that calls me for a show I'm on it okay I'm ready to go back but yeah on the weekends Don you take your kids you know so I do have my first show coming back and it's gonna be two days in a row and it's going to be a Portland Oregon and it is going to be the end of August Labor Day weekend which is August 31st September first is going to be in Portland Oregon for the temple so those of you who live in Portland Oregon you guys want to come stay higher than me or something that we have about a month left or month and a half for that and yeah that's gonna be my first show back since Denver and he is about what three and a half months so he's gonna be about four months then know he's gonna be five months oh my goodness five months so yeah you can see me then back on the stage and I'll bring you along with me so I will share with you guys some clips of today and then that's that I didn't get much so I just want you guys to watch I thought yummy you don't want any more my Turanian that I would earn on Amazon and they're so cute is that geometric shape type and there's a hole in this and I've got all these cactuses of different colors and succulents and I have not been taking good care of it oh I really need to put it all together so that I can take care of it and then just water it one time you know yeah it's really badly Italy that's pretty bad maybe put the big one down first maybe sway a little bit this is kind of messy I'd love to do this hey I need a break don't watch this as a DIY for you haters but not for some I know what I'm doing screw up and tell me what I'm doing wrong I literally just shoved all my cactuses in here this is the yellow one the purple the blue the pink and the green it's just in there hopefully it survives if not finish it didn't suck it out I couldn't believe how big the sudden in this cute it is oh wow Lisa get rid all these planters you I gotta go pee before I be back you

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