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A Dads Guide to Having Children | Tyler Boeh | Dry Bar Comedy

very excited to start our family but I was really nervous too because as a guy like I didn't have a lot of baby experience I didn't I didn't have a lot of experience with the infant so I was nervous about a lot of things add some real genuine fears one of my real fears was that I was gonna drop him and I don't know why you're laughing at that that's serious business yeah babies are squirmy right we've probably all held a baby that doesn't really want to be held they got that back arch out of nowhere all right it's strong too I'm like where did that what are you doing Crossfit where do I have so much core strength but I think we can all agree is like a roomful of people the last thing you probably ever want to do is drop a baby which begs the question ladies what's with the baby oil yeah why would you grease up a baby I'm already nervous about dropping them you're gonna hand me an oily baby No thank you tell them off give me a give me a good chance here no it's nervous about that a lot of things though the nesting phase I found out about that the nesting phase that's a very real thing right there's like this intense desire to prepare my wife comes home one day she's like we got to get all new sheets towels linens blankets us like let's do it she had a plan too she's like we got to go to Macy's and I was like why she said they have the hotel collection that's like their high-end line with the 500 thread count sheets Egyptian cotton it's nice stuff it was kind of pricey I was like listen baby we can do that if you want to but here's the thing I travel all the time for comedy I was like you you want hotel sheets I can get us hotel sheets [Applause] yeah I was like it might be a little Mixy matchy but we can make it happen it's fun too people come over to the house they're like how come the monogrammed towels say Marriott I'm like it's her maiden name never mind just enjoy the towels yeah take a few I did that's crazy I love having kids oh it takes you back you know I'm playing blocks I'm playing trains I was reading the ABC book the other day with my kid and I and I can't stress this enough just to ABC book I know there's a lot of books out there with fun pictures and themes and creativity this was like just a b/c I got to the end of the book and they had listened in an author ya know that struck me as odd as well like I said I know there's a lot of like fun books out there this was like a B C and then a dude was like I wrote that yeah Wow exactly I don't know anything about literature and publishing rights but that's got to be plagiarism I'm pretty sure you can't claim you wrote the alphabet the audacity of this guy he's walking around telling people he's an author you didn't author anything yet you picked a font this guy what do you say what do you do for a living Doug oh I'm an author oh really what do you write you read children's books yeah would I be familiar with your work yeah possibly the alphabet have you read it or just maybe something the song I don't know I think the books better just weird it's funny I was thinking the other day about like the family dynamic you know as if you have like a growing family is it so it's like a lot like sports you know you have like one kid you have your first kid it's like as parents you know you can give him a lot of attention it's like it's like you can double-team him you know what I mean you can you can trade off or take turns or you can where you can tag-team double-team give him a lot of tension then you have two kids it feels like a handful but you still you can still play man on man you know one on one it's good you can switch or whatever but then you have three kids it's like we're gonna switch to zone right yeah exactly you got to switch to zone D on that it's just really the best option you have four kids you're still on the field but you're not a player at this point forget defense now you're the ref exactly you can't really play defense now what your job is to just make sure everyone plays by the rules and no one gets hurt if you have five or more kids you're not even on the field you might as well good popcorn and a drink cuz you're up in the stands at this point you're a spectator yeah all you can do at that point is just watch and root for your team subscribe to drive our comedy for even more of the world's largest collection of clean comedy

41 thoughts on “A Dads Guide to Having Children | Tyler Boeh | Dry Bar Comedy

  1. I'm female, I also have that fear of dropping baby. So, when some one offer/told me to hold a new born baby, I always refuse it. Im scared of breaking their bone too lol.

  2. It's scary how strong and fast babies/toddlers can be. My nephew almost ran into traffic once (two times actually but the second time I caught him fast) cause my brother and I couldn't catch up to him going full speed. And he had just learned how to walk a couple months before then! And from the moment he was born I swear he was stronger than me. He would grip my hand so hard it hurt sometimes. My niece is really starting to nail those back arches too. You gotta watch out cause she'll start flailing all about with no warning whatsoever.

  3. I have one kid and it was fun raising him,albeit my husband and I had to busied ourdelves with work so we can pay for the expenses to raise him.

  4. I hate when babies do that backarch! That thins is super strong. They always do it at the worst time. You’re in front of people , public place. It’s so embarrassing…

  5. The trick is. If falling with child, elder. Patient. From prof

    Is to fall down with. Baby on top, elder. As protected as possible

    Never. Fear

    Fall horses. Look up. Nadia 10,10,10.gymnsstic or. 10 m. Drop in pool plus 500 kg bag

  6. well that is IF the 3 or 4 children don't have that much different in age, me and my sister are one and a half year apart but with my other 2 sister i am 9 and 15 years apart so…. basically we were the sitter of them when they were little hahaha

  7. Its so wonderful to listen to CLEAN comedy. That is such a rare thing in this day and age. So thank you!!

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