Laughter is the Best Medicine

A Heist with Markiplier

( music playing )( whistling )( music continues )( Tarzan yell ) ( grunts )
All right, we’re in. You know the plan, right? What am I saying?
You practically wrote it. Everything you need is
in your bag, so let’s synchronize
our watches on three. Three! Perfect. Now, stick to the plan
and you’ll be just fine. But if you deviate from it
for even a single moment, I won’t come back for you. Okay? Good luck! ( grunts ) Hey! What do you think
you’re doing? Oh, no! Not the old steak trick. I’m not falling for that twice. Yeah, put the steak down. I’m not even gonna look
at the steak. I’m looking at you
right in the eyes. I looked at the steak. Shh. Nicely done, buddy. All according to plan. And speaking of plan, looks like we are, uh, eh, yeah. We’re moving on to phase two. Are you ready? On my go. Go!( music playing )Behind you. Behind you. ( man whistling ) He tracks the intruder, quiet as a ninja
suppressing a fart in church. ( chuckles )
There she is. Three-legged woman,
got you now. Oh, this?
It’s just my gun. You’re safe with me, ma’am. ( muttering, shouts ) I mean, who’s there? Come back! Great job, buddy.
I’ll meet you over there. All right.
We are so close to the vault. Come on.
Stay low and stay quiet. Come on, this way. We’re almost there. Checkmate. – Okay. Oh, I can
almost taste it.
– ( lock beeps ) You wanna know my favorite thing
about this vault? – Go on.
– You need two keys. – One for you, one for me.
– All right, here we go. – Ready? One, two, three.
– Both: Security! ( alarm chirps ) I love this job. Oh, crap. Oh, crap. This wasn’t in the plans. There are two keys
for this vault. We need to get them from
those guards or any guards that are moderately
less competent than those. Why don’t you go back
the way we came and why don’t I have
a little bit of a chat with that guard over there. Be back in a flash. – ( clang )
– Aah! Oh! Be back in a flash. ( clicks tongue ) ( snorting ) ( snarls )( music playing )– ( clang )
– ( screaming ) Okay. Ooh! Oh, you got a key. I got one, too. Come on. I think these are what
we need to get in that vault. Oh, boy. Oh, this is it. You ready?
Now on three. – One–
– ( buzzer ) What the hell?
Ah, whatever. ( buzzer ) After you. ( alarm chirps ) Oh, this is it. This is really it. – ( glass shatters )
– This is what we’ve
been working towards all those years. It’s finally ours. This is gonna change
our lives forever. – ( alarm blaring )
– Ah, crap. Um, it’s fine. Uh, this is why we plan. Oh! Okay, I see two ways
out of here. There just so happens
to be a sewer that runs directly
beneath this vault. I supposed we could’ve
gone in that way,
but that doesn’t matter. We could either go through
the sewer all sneaky like, or we could go out
guns blazing. Yeah, I found these bad boys in the pirate exhibit
on the way over here, but we gotta choose fast. I think they’re on the way and they’re not
gonna be friendly when we’re in here
with the box and the bomb and the gun. So, either one’s good. Sewer will probably work
all quiet like, but, you know,
I like a little action. But stealth is good, too.

100 thoughts on “A Heist with Markiplier

  1. It took so long for me to finish this. Once I completed a section I had to check through that section to make sure I finished every available option. Then sometimes I went back again because I got paranoid. And finally I had to repeat this entire process until I finished the whole thing.

  2. Fun fact:
    This has amazing grammatical sentences and vocabulary for my schools English level, I convinced my English teacher to watch this in class and it was amazing

  3. Oh my god, i love this. Ive poured hours into this now and still love it. Such an amazing series and wonderfully made. I got literally attached to most of the characters and it made me kinda sad when i finished the whole game. Amazing, and please make more like thisssss

  4. I'm surprised Mark hasn't made a Movie yet I mean we have Who killed Markiplier,A date with Markiplier and now A Heist with Markiplier and we can't forget Markiplier TV am i right

  5. There is two ways of doing this: You go Smart or go Loud and Dumb, You go the Smart way then it will pay off and be a little bit slow when dealing with the cops. Go dumb then you are gonna have to find a way to get away from the cops and the Dangers there is. Going Smart means you are a Clever guy, Go Loud and Dumb meaning you are an Idiot looking for some fun and wondering how it will go out. Whats it going to be guys?

  6. Markiplier doing cartweels
    Me: markiplier can do cartweels, I don't believe it!!
    markiplier falls repeatedly into boxes
    Me: classic markiplier

  7. All Mark Acted Characters:

    Mark-I-Plier (Your main accomplice through the entire thing)
    Illinois (The Adventurer you help put back a monkey idol and subsequently fall in love with)
    Yancy (Prisoner who killed his parents and helps you escape)
    Treasure Hungry Pirate (You and him go on an adventure to get some sweet sweet treasure)

  8. endings




    4 ZOMBIES 2


    6 PARADOX 2

    7 ZOMBIES 3


    9 2000 YO PBJ

    10 SHANKED

    11 BAD

    12 GOOD

    13 FAIRYS

    14 FAIRYS 2

    15 PARADOX

    16 DING

    17 WADE

    18 BOB

    19 BAD

    20 GOOD

    21 BAD

    22 GOOD

    23 ALIENS

    24 BAD


    26 SHARK

    27 BAD

    28 BAD

    29 BAD

    30 BAD

    31 BAD

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