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A Japanese Comedy, MANZAI

Hi, it’s Nobita. This time, I’m going to do Manzai
I scripted first time with a Japanese comedian
I’ve interviewed before. I never dreamed of doing Manzai with
a ‘professional comedian’. Wow I am very honored by that.
It’s like my dream came true. I included a lot of Japanese things
in the Manzai so I’m worried non-Japanese audience
may not find it funny. But I hope you have
a good time by watching this. Hello world! Hello everyone! Thank you so much for
watching! Bye! Come on, we just started now! Everyone, nice to meet you.
My name is Nobita Everyone, nice to meet you.
My name is.. Kilara Are you kidding me? You don’t
even remember your own name? Anyway, this video is going to be
watched by non-Japanese So let’s talk about something
Japanese, shall we? OK, how about this? Something about this size I think it has variety of colors It’s famous outside
of Japan as well In English, Shi? SU SHI? It’s sushi, isn’t it? Why do you beat around
the bush like that? Of course, you know it
since you’re Japanese. But yeah, Sushi is one of the most
famous Japanese cuisine. Oh, here is a new
sushi restaurant I’m hungry now, so
let’s go check it out Welcome home master! This is not a maid cafe! This is a sushi
restaurant! Welcome our restaurant, sir.
How many people today? One. Just me OK, one person.
– Stop it! I’m a customer, right? Just one person
and you are- single? How rude! None
of your business Sorry, it’s so obvious.
This guy must be single. I’m a customer! What kind
of waiter are you? Oh, don’t worry I won’t tell anyone
you came here. This is not
a brothel! This is a sushi restaurant.
When do you realize that? By the way, this restaurant is a sushi-go-round.
Would that be OK? But I don’t see any
conveyor belt Sushi actually
doesn’t go round But when you’re finished and
see the price, your head is going around. Such a high price!? Just let me eat
normal sushi OK, please have this seat Oh my god!! I’m very sorry! This is a reserved seat.
I am so sorry! Gosh, such a too big mistake.. I am terribly sorry!! OK, please take my finger
as a token of my apology Enough! How long do you keep apologizing
for such a small thing? Because I’m
Japanese We don’t go that further.
Over-exaggerating This seat is OK? Just sit down Watch your language!
I’m a customer Here’s your menu And you don’t apologize?
Much bigger mistake Can I have a hand towel (Oshibori)?
– Nishikori? Not Kei Nishikori,
a Japanese tennis player “Oshibori” Oh, “Oshibori”? Got it This is
2,000 yen It costs money!?
Why? Because our Oshibori is top-notch What do you mean?
“Oshibori is top-notch” We soaked the towels in a
premium quality serum I’m not gonna wipe
the face by that! Would you like to
drink coffee? Of course, not.
This is a sushi restaurant Give me green tea This is 5,000 yen. It costs too much
for green tea! Why is that? Because we use a
premium quality herb tea Still too expensive A premium quality herb tea.
Which means synthetic cannabis. It’s illegal in Japan..
Please don’t use that here Hold on, Oshibori is 2,000 yen,
green tea is 5,000 yen Then how much
is sushi? All sushi are 10 yen Why main dish is way much
cheaper than side one! Sir, where
shall you start? Let me see What do you
recommend? Well, as far as in Tokyo, I’d recommend you
Meguro area. I’m not looking for an apartment!
This is not a real estate What ‘sushi’
do you recommend? I guarantee you
everything tastes excellent. OK, then I start with tuna Tuna!
Got your order! I will go fishing now That’s the start!?
Don’t even have fish yet? Not so far.
Just going to Choshi Choshi is very far
away from here! No worries,
it’s just 7-hour drive Who can wait
that long! Sorry, we’re out
of tuna today What!? A sushi restaurant that
doesn’t even have tuna? Sorry, I’ve just shared it with my
neighbors this morning Neighbors come first
over customers!? OK, then Salmon, please Come on! “Salmon” You’re trying to
use English, right? We all call it Salmon! For the non-Japanese
audience, right? All Japanese call
it Salmon! OK, OK! “Salmon”
I got you. So annoying Hello, I’d like sushi
delivered here Oh, you want pizza
instead? That’s not my point! This is a sushi restaurant!
You make my sushi (Nigire) here! What is this!? Not shaking hands (Nigire)!
I meant making sushi (Nigire)! Sorry, we’re out
of Salmon too What!? Salmon too!? OK,
egg please Got you.
“Egg”! You’re the one trying
to use English unnaturally Oh, wait Without wasabi, please. Got it Hey! I said “Without wasabi ” This is mustard It’s NOT a hot dog! Here you are.
– No thank you! It doesn’t match! And you eat that This is actually
so good though Come on!
Just let me eat sushi Ikura (salmon roe) please NOT Ikura-chan, an anime
character in Sazae-san! Oh, you wanna see
Tara-chan instead? Doesn’t matter! Is this a mimicking
restaurant!? OK, enough I haven’t eaten anything yet
so far, right? Sir, we’ve just started
set menus recently Set menus? Yes. It’s a better deal OK, I’ll try it I’d recommend you
“Surprise Set Menu” What is it? It’s actually
Tempura Not even sushi!
Totally different type of food Surprise, right? I don’t want
that surprise Stop imitating Naomi Osaka when she was asked her favorite food at a press conference No more mimicking! I can’t take it anymore.
I’ll leave! Thank you for
coming today! How could you say that! You made
a customer mad and leave Sir, about the bill.. You charge
me money!? I haven’t eaten
anything! Everything costs money, right? All right..
Check, please. Your total will be
63,000 yen, sir That’s a ripoff! How can that
be so high? Oh, I’m sorry This is a wrong bill Obviously Your total is actually
6,300 yen. Still too high But all right..I’ll pay. Here you are.
6,300 yen Then here is your
change, 300 yen. So it’s actually 6,000 yen.
Why you took 300 yen more? Sir, here is a discount coupon
we’re giving all customers. How much
cheaper is it? It’s 30,000 yen How stupid..
Absolutely no profit But there’s just one thing
you need to keep in mind. What is it? This coupon
doesn’t apply to Oshibori and green tea. Those are the most
unnecessary items! Cut it out!
Thank you for watching

100 thoughts on “A Japanese Comedy, MANZAI

  1. Haha you know this type of comedy mostly works only in japan, I laughed at several of the jokes but thats because I partly understand japanese culture… most of the people don't even know what you guys talking about (even with the subtitles) XD

  2. 私は中国人です、中国語と英語で話せます、日本語を勉強しています。もし中国語とか、英語とか、趣味があったら、連絡しよう Skype Joey.tribbiani22

  3. Off topic: could you please do a street interview about Japan’s relationship with China? Including how much common Japanese people know about WWII?

    Many Chinese or dare I say most Chinese hold the belief of Japanese people collectively denies their acts during WWII and some even glorify it. Is this true?

  4. I dig it. Great job. You 2 must have rehearsed quite a bit. For me, I don't think I could be strict enough to be tsukkomi. I'd be more comfortable being boke. Haha.

  5. I’m non japanese but your comedy is similar to the philippines, that manzai style is funny, you are a good comedian Nobita san

  6. Very good! The humour translated pretty well to me. We have comedy based around stupidity and misunderstanding words in the UK too. I guess those things are universal to all human beings 😀

  7. How can I find love in Japan I can't even find love here fuck love it's a damn waste of time and I'm too old love can kiss my ass cuz it ain't never going to happen hell with it ain't no such thing as love anyways all about money and material things like sex

  8. this describes my relation to internet trolls. i know it's all scripted, but i still cling on to my sense of rationality. it would be funny if it weren't so pathetic. no, what the heck, i'll laugh anyway.

  9. Happy to see Kilara give it her all. Wish her success and happiness for me Nobita and I wish this for you as well. Much love.

  10. This was really good actually! I'm adding it to my youtube favourite videos list! Very funny! Also, wow, Nobita, you're a natural at this! Great performance! I want more! XD

  11. actually it was pretty easy to understand as foreigner, because of all the stereotypes that you make fun of in this video :') It was really funny!

  12. I just wish someone would translate and sub these manzai sketches from the Ni no Kuni game:

    Only the first one is actually in the game. As far as I know, all the others aren't included, even in the game's casino, at least in the European version. But Level 5 has all 15 sketches posted on their channel here on youtube.

  13. To be honest, that wasn't funny at all.

    Maybe that dry comedy works for eldery people I know but I wouldn't find that type of comedy funny. Not to say that Japanese comedy in general is not funny, however if that is what the majority likes there is a huge gap between what I personally think is funny and that.

    Just a silly example of the Japanese Anime universe: most sketches of "Daily life of highschool boys" are much more funnier than this Manzai here. The comparison itself is not really good but the point stands.

  14. Great job! I'm from the US and found it very funny. I hope you do more of these videos in the future.

  15. I didn't laugh at this, maybe I don't understand the Japanese sense of humor.
    I have never seen a funny female comedian.
    I have seen plenty of funny women, none of them were comedians and they probably wouldn't want to be on camera.

  16. This was a really good routine, I can't get too much into Manzai specially since it it super Japanese so you must know a lot of information about their daily life, it isn't as universal as other types of comedy, I usually dislike the "serious" one the most.



  19. Wow that was so smooth ! I know a lot of us are wondering how long you guys practiced because that was super pro! Please More manzai skits !

  20. I would love to watch the oposite where Nobita does the idiot and Kilara calls you on it xD
    Does she have a youtube channel with subtitles?

  21. You guys were perfect even though I am at basic level Japanese but I understood most of it and I want a whole series of this and TBH I think you can do well as a comedian

  22. There's a great show on Netflix called Hibana Spark which is about 2 Manzai artists trying to go pro, I would definitely recommend it 🙂

  23. あれ、ノビタさん昔漫才されてたんですか?ツッコミめちゃくちゃ上手!M-1目指してください。

  24. This is the most unfunny poorly written sketch I've ever heard. Like really? You are copying soviet KVN of 60s and honoured?? Oh man

  25. Nobita-San, I was very impressed with your acting and delivery. You were made for this kind of medium and could easily do comedy acts like Manzai, as far as I can tell.

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