Laughter is the Best Medicine

a jerma compilation with his best friends - laughter edition

how do you love this you for I pressed down on the just want to drive my quad [Laughter] ruin your eyes plain so close to the TV big boss was the boss uh-uh no the boss was the boss and then Big Boss big boss man took over because he had to kill her because the third game into the fifth game of the fourth game in the worst and second sorry Morrie I'm not a gymnast I'm going back home I need to get in touch with my roots figure out who I am see you around more all right boys hey where's my drink it's just a bug don't worry nobody freak out nobody freaked out oh that was a giant fucking snake who's a giant snake and I was about to fucking scream no it's just a dryer vent it's okay guys just a dryer vent multiverse remote huh I did hold on tell me what the hell is going on here sorry hang on one sec you remember the multiverse theory I don't think he'll stay alive I don't think he's gonna die from this I really think he's gonna live forever oh nothing not for long here comes like the other team oh all right well we have to wingsuit over here hope everything works Oh Bravo boss all right that defector II oh right here I don't want our lobby or anything here but there's no plane to get it it's supposed to be right right here really enter Nick's plane I don't you know flame I am you're on a plane I will fine okay I look like I'm doing you are jumping up and down go ahead and just take the plane out of the hangar for all of us to see nice okay go for a test drive man okay this is this is more complicated than be the helicopter I'm just saying mm-hmm you're too far from your partner hang on let me fix that oh my god okay do it do it do it you're so many people coming pretty funny here yeah we'll watch the intro oh I know that's you okay you know this boss I know this boss you have to put you have to pull like the gate down like before she falls I saw some differently yeah you have to like you could roll past those Cuddy thingies mm-hmm but there's also like safe points yeah well let's just go okay I'm in okay wrong way are you fucking for real I know this boss I know this but I don't need you don't I know this boss like I was trying to be so quiet because I didn't want me to think that happen no but we're doing it again like dude I know I'm really sorry and what a DDT double DDT by gave New Orleans the crowd is getting really riled up right now what's happening someone's coming out of the arena that's Gordon Freeman Gordon Freeman was watching backstage no doubt got sick and tired of watching this – v1 sonic and pac-man beating up on his boss he's gonna come in and even the odds for sure here and he slides in the ring looking for some blood and it looks like no no no deep he punches gabe newell in the face he punched gabe newell right in the face and here comes the spy sprinting down the arena he's not gonna waste any time he sees his bosses in dire need it's his favorite class the spy Gordon Freeman gets out and goes right for him and it seems like the spy just picked up a sledgehammer from underneath the ring the spy took a sledgehammer from underneath it is smashing Gordon Freeman with it this is getting insane I can't believe what I'm seeing right here in all the wild gabe newell with a fantastic double DDT yeah that was so cool this is like so [Laughter] [Laughter] [Laughter] bunny bunny bunny bunny bunny which further down okay yeah I see it I see their house now this is for sale how much is this house you're going to show me okay jeez it's a tough drive to come down what kind of house is this let you guys know this is getting real real intense right now yeah I want you to take deep breaths breathe in and breathe out breathe in I don't want you to breathe out 1 2 3 [Laughter] there's so much yeah whatever it was a joke I did I was a fucking joke headshot fuck it's Jay it's Jay Jay's the culprits come on come on [Laughter] [Laughter] and it works out pretty good stuck you got a little bear on your tyre front-row seat front-row seat for the fight so who which one of the using we they're like on the side I'm just like a dickhead in the bush Oh who would look at they doing over there dude oh wait is there another spy is that another spy I'm so confused right now well let me I gotta go look yeah that's fine yeah wait there's a cloak spy behind you but I forgot like the German factory this is kind of cool he's sitting down no he's not easy they're walking away they're all walking away by the way I'm holding down G I have to let go of this and throw this at some point I have to let go of G to open the door with ease so I'm going to flashbang myself open the door point two fucking seconds ready for this face each other ready you jump the gun lower your guns guard this just wanna give you the wrist guard well movie o purchasing italics a new switch controller got a camera look at it overnight so let's go back to the cabinet let's watch that God you run like such a dickhead it's truly truly remarkable it's like fire it's like wait wait one two three four five six it's seven mini guns there is just seven mini guns coming out of random places on your body can I shoot them does that kill you yeah absolutely no shoot like the fence down for me you're something useful I'm awake again [Laughter] you called that guy to help protect you that's that guy just see this gave his life to save yours you bet what happened you better hold on what the fuck do – what was that that was a huge deal he gets picked up by milkman milkman I kind of floated his way out here somehow but they're now they're over here okay all right all right go away thank you very much milkman milkman are you all right he's not responding he's gonna walk over to you right now oh fuck he's looking at me oh why is he coming over here he's hearing me telex you gotta move now telex now talax now right now tallix right now he's gonna see me in two seconds right now it tells you to come over right now now now now now now right now right now gone I can't see anything I'm blind what mr. polo the HDMI oh boy oh boy my mom mom fuck where's a gun no what tell you I have what I don't know I can't tell I can't see you are you're like cell okay I'm Goku and they're like I need a new keyboard for this but I need some more memory because man I am running out I gotta learn how to laugh without being a disgusting human being are you just laughing right there just what's our horse doing what do you say ran over my head okay you ready for this one [Laughter] [Laughter] but when you get out of the way all right star's gonna bowl cereal when is somebody going to pull out the remote control turn on stereo and wake up everybody else that's sleeping those we're still missing King beer because he might have you might have like passed out on the way back there it is there it is anybody did it stupid asshole no one will ever sleep in this house because somebody always goes I don't want to dance I would like to dance now please wait after like happen so you know they look at they they got denied okay okay you know what yeah after the Capet because then the wall sort of group up there and start pushing it that's sort of what happens yeah it's great I'm so sorry guys I am so I'm fucking so disoriented I'm sorry that's scared this shit stay like this for like ten minutes I didn't see it no they didn't oh god I'm so glad they didn't fucking see it okay the joke is over it's it's time to move on don't do it we're gonna play overcooked the stream i balding it fucking fuck this shit oh yeah better you like my dance moves I learned these dance moves from TV I don't ever get out never do anything go in the bathroom and make out or something gotta get in the safe hole dude you gotta get in the safe hole no.10 I think I got this a phone you follow chainsawed me um there's a gun did you just get a bomb exciting I've ever seen in my life is a fucking gun on the ground okay are you serious what is going on what what is this music no I'm just doing it good give me the gun it's running away look at him look at how much faster the Cougar is much faster why did he stop though for real do you want to explain what's going on it's out I I know about as much as you do but we found ourselves here in the middle of the forest you know we've we've been searching for we've got a healthy interest in conspiracy theories you know I don't know what to do should I get on your bike I can't go to 1,000 get us out of here I have no idea what you're saying come to believe if you want to live stop moving dude there was like 60 people shooting at us what's happening I just see your character model like turning up roughly back I've become worse thank you help me all right so let's let's go right and yes so Oh I did not expect that to happen immediately once starting this video get in quick [Laughter] you were just dragging around a magnet get the fuck off this stupid troll joke I'm dropping out we have to we have to stop us now stuck sound like a stock [Applause] my secret role joke stops now I hope I get I hope I get Nintendo Super Mario buddies free I'm not going you can't make me move no you can't fuck you I ain't working under the man you can't make me work bro are you trying to tell me that that medic that came in or didn't go tell all his friends we're in here this oh my god oh my god oh my god oh my god oh my god I got him I got him I just freaked out and killed that gunner hey so we made it the road here let's get up here help you can I help you what are you doing you can say something oh wait okay everybody even see me in here oh you're yeah I got my cameras in a perfect what do you put them yeah see one of your guys we caught the other day he was on our sand and we agreed that the virus that we had a treaty 2,000 years ago your people and our people that this bridge shall never be crossed a less for diplomatic reasons we're crossing it right now we caught one of York what are you gonna do that is an actor for that is that you back up all that is an act of God if I can hit you across the whole map don't please don't fuck around right now we have this so much at stake you fucking idiot there's so much at stake you can't do that right now don't welcome down the ladder oh my god [Laughter] [Laughter] okay here I come I want to show you by do about it's so wonderful it's got you look great really really happy to show me that Bose is so fun want to see it up close oh did I get you at my crotch hit you in the face with my crotch I'm sorry the history of Boston Common I'm interested in the history of this place let us go back hundreds of years it is the year 1775 or seven years hey and that's our cute climb aboard Rico I'm here people let's move time for Garry's Mod watch it watch it watch it why jumped oh dude I ducked and you jumped over it that was insane you'll need to turn the ones book the right way up flip the one to book over to the front cover turn the wonderbook over to the front cover the fuck you think over so you can see the front cover now turn the one book over to the front cover what the hell are you talking about so you can see the front cover that's what I'm doing this is not the front cover cover you'll need to turn the ones book the right way up you'll need to turn the ones book the right way up you'll need to turn the ones but let me get the store did you seriously just walk out that door supposed to know I was gonna warn you but now a star tells me everything I just walked out the fucking door like okay open door I'm gonna go into the door now that was this bad this is the worst game I've ever played in my entire life my whole life this is worse than this is worse than evil with it I'll be right there case eat Cheetos chicken can we find your house or such a hacker hey germ I don't got a roof you breathe like are you okay don't do anything funny for like a minute sure the compact car looks like driving a clown car ah there is all kinds of spit and saliva all over my face and all over my like body weights friendly-fire how much fucking God how get how am i stuck here now it's off I mean on call that the window washer it cleaned up Laurie wants you to finish this bottle and then three more says he'll water is garden with champagne before I let the Germans drink it yeah wah-wah you're the fucking megazord from Power Rangers – oh my god what happened I'm trying to pull it back holy shit no you gotta mad at it of trying don't don't engage what are you doing you're not supposed to engage now it's just a mess just pull back then you look what you've done you've brought everybody I thought everybody know you attacked one person into all of this it just looks like a firework exploded my game is running very slowly by the way okay you did this you should've attacked Oh even you could you wouldn't take your all your guys are coming at me why did you pull any of a bank you selected you right-click select and then Frank look at the guys come but they still tuning yet I hope you're happy well of course this crafting we need a metal tip spear what does want me to do navigate to the jawbone club with you gonna hit left over here oh sorry where are we going I don't know hold on we're gonna have to try to get on ok huggy the plan we're gonna stack these boxes what the fuck what are you dead at the am i dead there's life in them yet you don't even quote you're not even close to being over here what is he doing what is he doing I'm like hanging out with the cop means he's utterly confused right now oh my fuck well I think that I shoot you or did I shoot a sign in front of me I'm not sure [Laughter] okay that one happened in Pacific Rim mark the guy next to three I'm gonna flash him I could all that you have three mark to the time so actually you gotta be fucking kidding me now leave me the fuck alone fine you have it your way we're out of here was that okay don't do it don't do what okay oh no I fell off the side that's the voice you having you all know it you punk you're gonna get what's coming here Hey I'll be right back cut their content rights with good ones from Wendy's are you listening to me ten knives you got have ten knives don't you what wasn't Green a green blood I have green blood [Applause] [Laughter]

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