Laughter is the Best Medicine

A KEEN SENSE OF HUMOR – Andrew Carnegie

I’m sure, Mr. Carnegie, that everyone prefers
dealing with a man who is frank and honest. In the long run, people who think they are
deceiving others are only deceiving themselves. But, Mr. Carnegie, what is number twelve in
this series of desirable personality traits? Number twelve is A KEEN SENSE OF HUMOR. A well-developed sense of humor aids a man
in becoming flexible and adjustable to the varying circumstances of life. It also enables him to relax and become human
instead of remaining cool and distant. Moreover, a keen sense of humor keeps a man
from taking himself and life too seriously—a tendency toward which altogether too many
people are inclined. I always feel sorry for the man who cannot
or will not relax and laugh when it is proper for him to do so, for laughter is the finest
of mental tonics. I am not so sure but what it is also a good
physical tonic. A keen sense of humor, no matter how it is
indulged, provides relaxation. The people of America spend millions of dollars
annually for the circus and the stage and screen plays, to provide such an escape. A sense of humor even serves to give one a
better physical appearance, too, as it helps to keep the lines of the face softened. It also leads to the habit of smiling, which
is one of the important traits of attractive personality. And there is a definite relationship between
a sense of humor and mental attitude. A keen sense of humor encourages a positive
mental attitude.

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