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A LOUD & NOSEY CUSTOMER – Funny New Prank Video!

– How you doing? How are ya? – I was fine ’till you
hollered in my ear, man, damn. – How are ya? – Hi.
– Hi there. You getting gas, huh? – Yeah.
– Yeah. Gotta get it when ya need it. – Yeah.
– Yeah. – You’re gonna run out. – Oh, man. – Thank you. – You signed the receipt there. – Yes.
– Yeah. – Have a good day. – All right, you too. – Okay. – Hi there. – Hey, how you doing? – Good, how you doing? – All right. – All right. Getting gas? – Yes sir.
– Yeah. – Not me.
– Yeah, ha. – Jerky, yeah.
– All right. – Uh oh, careful. Getting gas? – Yes – Yeah? – Yeah.
– Yeah. It’s a beautiful day huh? Yeah. – Thank you. – See you later. – Oh thanks, sorry I didn’t
know you were talking to me. – Hey that’s fine, okay no prob… – It is a beautiful day though. – Hey, I agree! – Hello there. Hi
– Hello. – How are ya? – Great, yourself? – Good. – That’s good. – How you guys doing? Little Budweiser. – Have a good day. – Whole case of it.
– You got it man. – Hey, you got a banana too – Oh yes. – We both goth bananas. Good stuff. Course I got toilet paper and lighter fluid. Hey that stuff is good. – Course. I never had it till my son said, – Oh! – You’re gonna sleep at the
wheel and then I tried it and it’s so good. – Oh it’s delicious! – One or two? – So good! – One – It wakes you up. – Without giving you the jitters either. – Right and it gives you more energy as the day goes on. – Well, I didn’t know that. – Yeah, yeah. She’s gonna want a bag. – Thank you. I can’t hear anything. – Huh? What is it? – She said why are you yelling? I said because you probably can’t hear anything. – Oh no, great, perfect. Cigar? Cigar? – Yeah
– Yeah. None for me thank you. Yeah You getting gas? Yeah. – No.
– Oh. Nah, me neither. – Can I get a pack of
white out white grape? The other one. – The other one there. – Next over.
– Next over there. – You’re such a great help. (laughs) – Thanks. – No really though. – Gotta talk so she can hear ya. Yeah. – Thank you, see you later. – Bye bye now. – Thank you.
– Thank you. – You’re welcome. – Well, okay then,
– Alright. Hey, you have a nice day. – You too.
– Alright. – But don’t shout if I can’t hear you. – I can’t huh? I got a banana and some orange gloves. – Can I get a wrap, you guys do wraps up in here? – A what now? – I’m not talking to you – What? – [Attendant] Two for two? – Two for two. – Just get them, I’m
gonna buy them for him. Just get them, it’s not a prob… Can I get them for you? – What flavor? – Let me buy them. – [Attendant] What flavor? – Take it. – Blueberry. – Any time! (man on left laughs) – [Attendant] You want them
quarters or just dollars? – Yeah! – Thank you.
– Hey, you take care buddy. – I will.
– Alright, have a good day too – Alright you too.
– Alright man. Hey. Lemonade huh? – Uh yeah.
– Yeah. – Why you yelling?
– Huh? – Why you yelling? – It’s yellow cos it’s lemonade. – Hey, you being funny dude. – How you ladies doing? – Very good, thank you.
– Good, good. (bricks falling) (stutters on word energy) – I was gonna say energy drinks you got there huh? – Yep. – Yeah.

100 thoughts on “A LOUD & NOSEY CUSTOMER – Funny New Prank Video!

  1. He's one of those guys who looks dumb so he took the comedic route, but is only considered funny because he looks dumb (just like Pete Davidson).

  2. Omg. Jack your response time and improv ability is so amazing. If you wanted a network show, I think you could have one easily. You are just really entertaining. Thank you for all of the laughter.

  3. be careful doing that,someone will think you're not the full quid and cart you off to the Looney bin hahaha

  4. I don't know how he hasn't been punched more than the one time that old guy popped him. I love he's willing to risk his health for me to laugh,and laugh I Do!!! Jack Vale we salute you sir

  5. 3:58 i kept rewinding that part😂😂😂
    Jack: You're welcome
    Lady: well ok then
    Jack: alright, hey you have a nice day
    Lady: you too
    Jack: alright!

  6. When you asked if people were getting gas, you should have said you already had some and then farted.
    3:13 great tits.

  7. Some of the customer's faces behind him in line when he started yelling especially the lady standing with the Samoan looking guy behind her

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