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A Midsummer Night’s Dream (Shakespeare) – Thug Notes Summary & Analysis

Sup G? This week we squeezin dat love joose
with A Midsummer Nights Dream by William Shakespeare. It’s only fo’ days til’ Theseus gonna
marry his baby-dip Hippolyta. While they gettin they shit togetha, some homeboy named Egeus
roll up with his daughter Hermia and two Atheninan bruthas named Demetrius and Lysander who BOTH
tryna holla at dat ass. Egeus tell Hermia “you gonna marry Demetrius or I’ll have
you put DOWN. Das the law, girl. Straight up.” Theseus like “Psh. Yeah or you can
go become a nun.” Thing is, Hermia jonezin’ fo’ summodat Lysander- lovin’, so she
and her boytoy are all like “Fu*k this. Let’s peace out to da woods and get hitched
on the DL.” Jus’ as they breakin down the plan, Homegirl
Helena drop in. This girl so hot for Demetrius’s D that he snitch on Hermia jus’ to score
some favor wit D-money. Fool don’t give a fuck bout Helena tho, and decide to go take
a dump on their plan. Meanwhile there be a group o’ po-ass scrubs
who bout to put on a play called Pyramus and Thisbe. A homie wit da stoopid name of Bottom
gets cast as Pyramus and they decide to hit da woods to get they rehearse on. Up in da woods where dere be a bunch of freeky
deeky faeries n’ shit we meet da Fairy King Oberon, his biddy Titania, and some punk-
ass joker named Puck. 
Oberon beefin wit his wife bout a lil Indian boy they adopted. Oberon like “Bitch gimme
my lil Indian boy” but girl ain’t backin down. Oberon wanna put Titania’s ass in
check fo’ talkin back, so Oberon hit up Puck and axe him to get some flower joose
that makes people fall in love with da first person they see, cuz he wanna make Titania
look like a fool. Oberon peep Demetrius actin’ like a real
dick to Helena, so he tell Puck to help a sistah out and po up some of dat potion in
the Athenian’s eyes, cuz he want Demetrius to start lovin’ Helena instead of hatin’.
Then Oberon squeeze summodat love joose on Titania’s FACE hopin’ she’ll fall in
love with a pig o’ somethin. When Puck see an Athenian, he get the drop on him and po’
one out- problem is, Puck dumped dat shit on LYSANDER’S face. When dat brutha wake
up, he immediately fall balls deep in love with Helena and stops givin two shits bout
Hermia. Helena think he actin’ like an dick jus’ cuz she ain’t as fine as Hemia, so
she bounces. Later, Puck drop in to watch Bottom and da
crew rehearse da play. Bottom trippin so hard at da acting game dat Puck gives him an ass-
head… cuz if he gonna act like an ass, might as well look like one. Then Bottom roll past
Titania, and she immediately falls in love with his ugly-ass self. Puck realize he mighta boned up wit Demetrius,
so he squirts love sauce on D-Money’s face and guess who he fall in love with? Helena! Now Lysander AND Demetrius got it bad fo Helena,
even tho back then they didn’t want her. When Lysander and Demetrius bout to throw
down, Puck like “Alright I gotta fix this mega fuck up.” So Puck busts out a fog to
make em all lost, lifts da spell from Lysander, and makes em think all dat crazy shit was
just a dream. After Oberon gets his Indian boy back, Puck makes Titania and Bottom normal
again. When Theseus and Hippolyta drop in, and get
word dat all da lovers lovin’ right, Thesus tell Egeus to jus’ chill. Plus, Thesus gonna
have errybody get married togetha! So da marriage goes down and da scrubs put on da play- which
SUCKS so bad erryone yuckin’ it up. Then errybody leaves, cept Puck, who say “Look.
If you ain’t feelin what you just saw, then don’t trip, cuz it coulda all been a dream.” Open up dem eyes, son, cuz here comes da love
JOOSE!! Da play dem scrubs tryna put on, Pyramus and Thisbe, is pretty damn similar to Shakespeare’s
Romeo and Juliet. Both plays bout forbidden love cuz of family beef, fatal fuck-ups, and
double lova suicide. So when Egeus’s bitch-ass say he gonna ice his own daughter if she marry
da wrong man, what da audience hearin is basically: “Hold up y’all! Shit’s bout to get tragic
up in here!” Cept it don’t end up dat way. Instead, all da characters keep boning shit
up- like Puck po’in up da love potion in da wrong peoples eyes.
 Man, at da end, dem band o bustahs even try
to give a tragic performance of Pyramus and Thisbe, but jack it up so bad it’s like
they straight clownin’; and then errybody gets married. So instead of a tragedy, we
get a comedy with a happy ending. Naw mean? Dis play always talkin big game bout love.
But this ain’t no “love is forever” Hallmark bullshit. Naw. In fact, Midsummer
usually preachin’ da opposite: love is fickle and can make you act like a damn fool. I mean
jus’ look at da shit that go down in dis play- a queen fall in love with a donkey-
head brutha, and a girl go from bein a nasty hood rat to bein’ da da mos’ tappable
ass in town. In short, love is some crazy ass shit. So
crazy dat if you try to make sense of it.. Ain’t gonna happen yo –
“Methinks, mistress, you should have little reason for that. And yet, to say the truth,
reason and love keep little company together nowadays On da real, reason ain’t got nothin to do
with love. If you just tryna slang reason at errything that come yo way, you ain’t
gonna be able to experience da power of love, the subtlety of art, and what it means to
live and dream, playa. Like Bottom say after his head get normal
and he pull his dick outta da fairy queen: “I have had a dream, / past
the wit of man to say what dream it was. Man is but an ass if he go about to expound this
dream. Methougth I was – there is / no man can tell what.” Love, life, and dreams can take us
to places we never thought possible and show us experiences that are so sweet dat we can’t
even describe em. Yo thanks for checkin me out, homies. And
be sure to hit me up next time. Peace.

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  1. Thank you! I love the creativity. Brilliant idea that legitimately gives people an understanding of the play. Great stuff! I wish I could show it to my 9th grade English class. Instead, I might have to encourage them to search on their own and hope they come across this!

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  3. Your insane lack of class and dignity is revolting. Why don't you mock your own African tales and stories? Oh maybe because you've never heard any and don't bother to find them. You are a degenerate in every sense of the word.

  4. Love is subjective and its nothing more then a lie, don't preach about love because the way I see it love can't exist in a cold dark and gloomy world.

  5. Lol I wish you were my lecturer. Learning would be so much fun and much easier to understand with the way you explain it.

  6. my teacher: well i can’t show y’all this in class… but if you think it’ll help you then i’m not gonna stop you from getting out a laptop and watching it on your own…

  7. back in the day , when me and my siblings were children mommy and daddy use to warn us about staying out after dark . they told us the donkey man gonna get us . that imagery scared the shit out of us

  8. Thank you so much 😂 I’m designing lights for a production of Midsummer Night’s Dream and i’m trying to figure out the story

  9. Shakespeare was known for copying other people's stuff. Romeo and Juliet could have been Pyramus and Thisbe, or even the Spanish play, Los Amantes de Teruel. Taming of the Shrew was taken from Juan Manuel's El Mancebo que Casó con Mujer Brava. And all like that.

  10. great concept , some great lines, typical Shakespeare too wordy boring, take teats of an alligator, after he grows some. '' pucks'' soliloquy , beautiful epitaph for all mortal sentient beings.

  11. My teacher put this on on front of the class… it was… an experiance… never thought I would see the day a bunch of grade 9s go wild over a video. Great job tho

  12. Oberon is the one who puts the love potion on Demetrius's face after Oberon realized Puck put the love potion on the wrong person. Act III, Scene II, Line 102.

  13. This summary is so up beat that I almost forgot A Midsummer Night’s Dream always breaks my heart because of Dead Poet’s Society 🙁

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