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A Proper Torch, Medical Humor | Dr. Terry Buhl

hey you’re watching dr. Terry bowl again shame on you you can’t help yourself I
understand all right this week we’re going to address a few
more messages to dr. mark one from image enhancing in and all of its Imogene
emergen emergency sounds like an over-the-counter drug I no image
enhancing he said he has yr docks using an iphone as their torch do they not
have proper medical tools that lineup well of course we do we have proper
torches take a look at this as you can see it’s a proper torch but
it might upset some patients so we tend to go with the iphone sometimes you know
I’m saying next GMD sons he says loving his acronyms I would KMS if i would have
to get a job like that KMS I’m a bright guy I can figure it out
first I’m thinking is it die not me silly is it keep moving south is it kiss
mysterious strangers now I figured it out he’s meaning i would no more stuff if I
had to get a job like of course you would have to know more stuff doctors go
to school for years and years this goes without saying Henson dough asks they check your
Johnson these are high school athletes denson some of them may be participating
and track and field you know high jumpers and hurdlers there are dangers
inherent in those particular spot and they got to make sure things will not
get in the way I am kidding you denson seriously are you male you have never
been for physical does the phrase turn your head and cost me anything the check in for hernia right get a life men finally we have one from
mick jiggly bits like jiggly bits simply wants to know do you like my name
materially bits were doctors all we do all day long is look at jiggly bits we
get tired of it actually so now i don’t particularly like the
name if you’re working in a potato chip factory you get pretty tired of potato
chips you follow me all right we’ll catch you next time that’s terrible

4 thoughts on “A Proper Torch, Medical Humor | Dr. Terry Buhl

  1. Mc jigglebits sounds like a special from the Golden Arches lol ๐Ÿ˜ not something I would want to sample either! The only things I get from that god awful place is a milkshake or mcflurry X Claire X

  2. Okay, so the jiggly bits talk has given me yet another fantastic idea for some quality Auburn Medical Group swag. (Last week we discussed the possibility of some T-shirts hopefully on the horizon?) My next idea is a Medical Men calendar. We can toss around ideas for what to call it, but come on. You can't tell me a naughty docs calendar wouldn't bring in the bucks. ๐Ÿ˜€

  3. I notice a few stop/start edits. Is this where you have to stop because you are giggling ? If so, please, lets see the outtakes ! And I still love you we just need to keep it quiet – right ? ;)

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