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A Very Elaborate Prank – Review – Comedy Central

Hey, Forrest, how come
you’ve never reviewed being hit by a car? It’s weird. Anyway, what’s it
like to be pranked? Oh, see that?
Look at that. You were so afraid. That’s a great one. It looks like April Fools’ has
come a bit early this year. What do you think of that? Nothin’? Ah, well, here
I go to get pranked. This should be a fun one, right? Forrest: At first,
being pranked appeared to be just the assignment
I needed after the emotionally exhausting
experience of vetoing
my ex-wife’s request. But then I realized that
since I can’t prank myself, this had the potential
to be uniquely challenging. Hi. Hello, Grant. Well, I should talk
to you about something. This is very difficult
in light of recent events, but I’m just gonna
cut to the chase and tell you
what I just learned. What is it? “Review” has, uh,
been canceled. What? Did you just tell me
that “Review” has been canceled? Afraid so. No. That can’t be true.
No, Grant, Grant. [ Scoffs ] No. I know. They can’t do that.
Nobody can do that. You can’t do —
You don’t do that. You can’t do that, Grant! Hey, listen to me. What you are saying
now cannot happen. [Bleep] no!
Are you [bleep] kidding me? I wish I were. I just [bleep] vetoed that thing from Suzanne
trying to get me out of there because you [bleep]
told me to! [Bleep] no!
Get back on the [bleep] phone, and you tell them, “No. If you do this, the host
will [bleep] kill himself. We’re doing more of this.
Absolutely not.” I’m in the middle
of a review right now. I mean, we’re in the middle
of doing this. [ Laughing ] We’re in
the middle of doing it. Oh. Grant’s prank was a true
masterpiece of the form. Grant, that was…
Hmm! That was a little too good. Oh. The most impressive thing
about it was that it took me, a man who was waiting
to be pranked, completely by surprise. Okay.
I know that you’re doing a segment
on being pranked right now. But this is
actually real. Why would they cancel “Review”?
I feel like an idiot. Well, it’s the ratings.
They’re really bad. Haven’t you noticed how few
questions we’ve been getting? You’re still doing it? Your ex-wife
asked a question. That’s how few submissions
we’re getting. [ Laughing ] I want you to know that I did
not take this lying down. Okay. Even though they’re
bumping me upstairs to be a vice-president
of the network, I fought for you. I guess people just didn’t care
for the show as much as we did. You really thought
it through, too. My God.
Thank you. Okay. [ Laughs ] This is a very nice touch.
Oh, my God. The best pranks
involve multiple people bolstering one another’s
ridiculous deceptions. Hello. Tina: Hi. And this was
a truly great prank. Oh, boy.
We’re really sorry. About what? About the show
getting canceled. Ah, yes.
Poor “Review” getting canceled. What will become
of the two of you? Well, A.J. got a new show. Ah. It’s a travel show. Oh. Yeah. So she’s gonna
actually take us with her and take us
around the world. And she’s going to pay us. Yes, got it. It’s kind of amazing. Yes, that is.
That is. I don’t want to go
around the world. I don’t want to get paid. I just want to work
for Mr. MacNeil. It’s — Forrest: Josh endured what must
have been excruciating pain for the purpose of this joke. And for that,
I salute him. What are you doing? I think he’s trying to hug you. Oh.
As you would in the case of a cancellation
of the show, yes. I love you more
than my dad. Okay, best male
intern in a drama. [ Sobbing ] [ Laughing ] Forrest: My staff had impressed
me in innumerable ways. But their dedication
to helping me with my review of being pranked
was unprecedented… Here we go. and totally wonderful. Have you got a farewell speech
for me, Lucy? Um… Thank you. This is actually
the easiest job I’ve ever had. Is that right? Yeah. I’ve written three
erotic novels under the name
Beverly LaFontaine if you want
to check ’em out. Thank you for
letting me know that. We’ll have to find more
for you to do in the future. Oh, you’re in denial.
Okay. This should make this
go smoother. I am not
a very sentimental person, but, um… I’m glad you got out
of this dumb show alive. Mmm, yes. She’s really leaving.
[ Laughs ] Three days
into this prank, I began to wonder just
how far this conspiracy of silliness extended. Had my ex-wife and son been
roped into the fun, as well? But there was no way of knowing, because when I stopped
by their house, no one was home. As the week came to a close,
this prank revealed itself to be fantastically elaborate. Uh. Oh, God.
[ Laughs ] This just goes on
and on and on. [ Fart ] Oh! “Now you can review
what it’s like to be pranked. Love, Josh and Tina.” That’s a bit of
a hat on a hat. But Josh and Tina were right. I could certainly review
what it was like to be pranked. And it keeps getting better
because look who’s not here — A.J. Gibbs.
She’s also playing along, off to do her
travel show, I guess. Ah, it is a total delight to see everyone
in my world working together to improvise
a kind of a comic play. Though I did feel
a bit foolish at first, I mostly feel very fortunate
to be surrounded by people who care enough
about me and my work to go to such great lengths. Now, if I have one criticism,
it’s that this prank was really not
all that believable, because what kind of a universe would be cruel enough
to allow “Review” to be canceled right
after I chose it over my family? Come on. [ Laughs ] But all in all, I give being pranked
five really fun stars. That’s all the time
we have for “Review.” See you next time.

100 thoughts on “A Very Elaborate Prank – Review – Comedy Central

  1. Just in case you didn't know. The guy asking for the review – Phil – is actually Phil Lloyd, who played Myles Barlow in the original Australian version of the show, Review With Myles Barlow. Nice little cameo there.

  2. I love how Viacom is canceling all of the good shows and leaving the trash ones to stay, keep up the great work!

  3. Just discovered this. best shit ever, just cancelled going to cinema to watch every 2min Review clip I can find

  4. What happened to comedy central they used to have such ground breaking shows like south park, crank yankers, and the man show (Adam and Jimmy only) even tho I love Joe and Stanhope their version couldn't hang

  5. I just realised the person who asks what it’s like to be pranked is the same guy who did the original review show in Australia that this show is based on

  6. This is an absolute perfect ending to the weird genre fusion that is tragicomedy. Choosing the show after his family, this is the only way it could of ended. Every character gets a happy ending, except for Forest of course.

  7. I watched this show on comedy Central all the time. I never knew this was how it ended. Managed to be funny, tragic, and an emotional episode all in one. I give this series. 5 stars

  8. This show is genius. It didn't last because A) who the hell still watches Comedy Central? And B) I literally just heard about it recently, which means they were shit at advertising, and that kinda loops back to point A.

    5 stars

  9. The show was fucking funny as hell. I hate that they ended the best show that comedy central has ever made. At least they ended it perfectly, and not just leaving it on a cliffhanger.

  10. I just found out about this show today and in the first video i saw a comment saying “Please don’t stop doing these they’re amazing!” So i started binging on the videos and was excited to find a funny and good show to watch…then this episode came up…i feel disappointed

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  12. So this is the first "episode" of review i'm watching, I watched it til the end and only realized the show actually got cancelled after reading people's comments hahaha

  13. I almost cried when josh said “i I don't wanna travel the world. I just wanna work for mr mcneal.” #loyalty

  14. I just binged all 3 seasons and i can truly say. I am glad it is over. I just watched a man in a perfect life go thru a delusional and maniac obsession about being a good show host. It made me feel so uncomfortable at some parts that it made it look real. This was a roller coaster that I don't ever want to experience again. 1 2 3 4 5 6!

  15. i only now realized that the guy in that video is the Actor who did the original Australian version of Review

  16. This so mean and fun to watch, get my boy Forrest dirty. I was really hoping on him reuniting with his wife in the end. Dis show doesn't give a fuck about fan service

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