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A Video Conference Call in Real Life

Hey Paul! Thanks for being here on time. Paul? Hey Paul, can you hear me? I can’t hear you. I can hear you. Can you hear me? Hey guys. Hey Tayler Sorry I’m late Had a hard time connecting One second. Paul is having a sound issue. I can’t hear you Try adjusting your output settings Can you hear me? It’s the gear icon Tayler, are you on hotel WiFi? Yeah, why? Uh, never mind. I got it. I just had to change a few settings. Great (Great) aaa (aaaaa) maybe we can get started (get started) then (then) OH great (Oh great) I think you mic (mic) your speakers (speakers) My mic? Do you have headphones? (doyouHeadphones?) Do you want me to put them on? No. I want you to smell them (smellthem) No (no) I want you to put them on (puthemon) Hey Beth Hey everyone Sorry Im late I had to download a new version of the platform you should plan an extra time for the updates. There is pretty much one every time Souns like someone just joined Hey gues. It’s John. Uum I had to call in. I’m stuck in traffic Have I missed anything yet? Uum no. It would’ve been nice for you to join the rest of us, but uh we’ll just. We’ll see you when you get home Alright. Well everyone is here finally. Uuh Tayler. Do you have that financial report? Well, I spent the last few weeks updating our books, and I guess I have great news for you schedule from this point last year. We had a great Q1 We lost Tayler. I think Am I frozen? Hey Trip, I think we lost Tayler. Yeah I know I know we lost Tayler Hey guys it sounded like Tayler was cutting out. We know John. Alright. While we wait on Tayler. Why don’t we go Why don’t we go over all of the other reports Beth, are you with us? Oh yeah. Ok everyone I know some of you have to leave soon (Daddy, Daddy) but I just wanted to go over a couple of … before uoh! Ok. Ok. Excuse me. My wife is out of town this week. Daddy’s… I’m so sorry… Ok you just spilled grape juice on the carpet Daddy is in a meeting Tayler – Can you go ever the numbers one more time, please? uuh I thought Beth had an adjusment Hey Beth? Yeah. Sorry guys that’s my iTunes Hey guys. Hang on, Hang on, hang on. I’m gonna join in. Hey guys what platform are you guys on? Skype? Facetime? That’s in the invite. oh never mind I see it. it’s Right there in the invite. Ok. Now I can see everybody Let’s reschedule and let’s just do a regular old conference call, ok? Paul – Can you have David send out the nine digit pass code? I heard you He’s been here the whole time. Alright everybody. I’ll see you later.

100 thoughts on “A Video Conference Call in Real Life

  1. Sorry, Zoom, but most of the problems with every conference call I've ever been on are related to the other people on the call, not the technology. Can you help with that? No? Okay then.

  2. "Do you have headphones?"
    "Do you want me to put them on?"
    "No, I want you to smell them."

    Just soiled myself…

  3. LOVE this one! I have a request…can you clean up the auto-captions so that it's actually captioned? I'm a sign language interpreter who interprets a lot of these video meetings with both Deaf and hearing participants. I'd LOVE to share this with my collegues! But many of them are Deaf, so would rely on the CC. Thanks! (let me know if I can help with editing the caption file. I'm happy to do it.)

  4. Just when I thought you couldn't make me laugh any more, you've done it. Love the conference call IRL and email IRL. Keep them coming.

  5. This is so accurate and that's why it's so funny. I wish video conference calls didn't have to be a thing.

  6. This is why video calls are pointless. Why go through all of this inevitable stupidity just to see other people's faces while they talk?? It's such a pointless and useless a thing in the work place. I work for one of the largest companies in the world (literally) and we rarely use it. Nobody wants people looking them while they are on a conference call. Conference calls are bad enough without video.

  7. I know your videos are basically a way of promoting different products each time, and I usually don't like that type of advertising, but they are so well made and funny that I have to love them. Well done

  8. Unfortunately it crashed the first time I used it, requires the old school X server to run and isn't optimized for hidpi displays… Good try though.

  9. Well I tell you that zoom won't fix the problems you showcased at all. It's just another video calling conference application.

  10. This is on my assignment. I thought this would be boring but hell naw, it was funny

    And true af, too.

  11. Sexism and ageism on full display. The old man doesn't get it. The woman is vain and aloof. The leader, naturally, is a young hetero white guy. I know this was published three years ago but you're not doing yourself any favors in the modern age, Zoom.

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  13. I agree, zoom is the best technology to have video conferences, by the way this video show us things that happen in a real video conference

  14. This is funny, but I have a few questions for Zoom:
    1. Why are all the participants white people?
    2. Why is only one of them a woman?
    3. Why is the (only) woman portrayed as a distracted, preening princess? She's literally fussing with her face and hair while the men (while also silly) are still depicted as the ones with "real business" to discuss?
    4. Why is the only "other" woman in the video mentioned only in relation to the meeting leader's annoying child? In a pathetic attempt to explain the interruption by saying his wife is out of town, he makes the direct implication that it's her job (not his) to take care of their bratty kid.

    These are all tacit, but powerful, messages! Zoom seems like they have a great product, but they're missing the mark here. This video's premise is funny, but tone deaf. It could have been REALLY GOOD if the people in charge of its writing and production stepped back, away from their inner circle, and included more voices perspectives in their process. But it seems they did not, and, for me at least, the result is far less successful.

  15. Guys, I can’t show this to my boss to argue against moving to so-called smart working if you put an promo for video call platforms at the end. It would have killed you to have put an advert for Pepsi on this one?

  16. Yep the underwear bit at the end was very accurate. My biggest fear is that whomever is leading the call is going to make us do an icebreaker in which we have to stand.

  17. Unless Zoom is piping a fiber optic to every point of conference, it will always be as advertised above. Zoom cannot correct the weakest link, the tards that provide the ISP.

  18. I just wanna say THANK YOU For the LMAO every time I watch and share your videos!! I use them in my trainings to prep clients for hiccups with Zoom….just saying; you make this so much FUN!!! Everyone Keep up the rockstar work!

  19. The best part for me was Beth with her small head shot. Loved this, guys. Finally… Someone who gets the business world!

  20. Crypto News today from The Crypto Sight – Crypto Insight reported: Court Denied Video Conference Request, Ordered Craig Wright to Present Personally at Mediation

  21. Crypto News today from The Crypto Sight – Crypto Insight reported: Court Denied Video Conference Request, Ordered Craig Wright to Present Personally at Mediation

  22. Ffs shit like these people are the reason remote work is considered a shit idea. With a little bit of discipline and knowledge of technology, the skype can be smooth as possible.


  24. A real zoom meeting just ends in the middle of someone speaking if they don't have a paid account. They forgot to show that hoopla.

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