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9 thoughts on “A Whole New World :One Line Multi 1992/2019 Mix

  1. Note: Video was blocked so I had to remove Japanese audio and then the automatic system decided to remove some parts of other soundtrack versions. Nothing I can do about it now. Hopefully it will allow all of them at a later date :/

  2. when you make "Speechless" multi I hope you'd use the last part of Shila Amzah's full version! That part is AWESOME!

  3. Omg watching this make me chill xD It look so special, the new version was so amazing tbh xD And I just cant imagine what if Vietnam dub the animated movie xD It gonna be fantastic xD Just cant wait for the animated dub xD

  4. Good multi but the sound cuts off and even completely disappears at times, even for countries whose dubs/soundtracks have been released.

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