Laughter is the Best Medicine

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(Door Opens) (Gun Firing) The convict, despite being a
man of law, has broken the law. He has broken the trust of
the citizens of this country. (Footsteps Receding) He has made many go bankrupt
and driven them to suicide. (Footsteps Receding) The convict is accused of
embezzling Rs.2500 crores. I request the court to remand
the accused to police custody… for at least a month
so that this scandal is exposed. And justice given to
the innocent citizens. That’s all, My Lord! Considering the case as sensitive… the court accepts the
request of the public prosecutor. And orders the accused to be under
the purview of the chief minister. (Car Approaching) (Door Opens) (Car Approaching) (Door Closes) (Door Opens) (Door Closes) Sorry sir, you cannot go beyond this. Come, sir. (Door Opens) Thank you for accepting my
call and coming to meet me. I had to come,
since you are our special guest. Why did you call me?
– We need to talk. It’s important. In private. (Door Opens) (Door Closes) You are aware that I am accused
of embezzling Rs.2500 crores. It will be very difficult to prove
whether this charge is true or not. And even if it is true,
where is all that money? It will take very long to find it. (Chuckling) We have lots of time, Mr. Shah,
don’t worry about that. Look Chief Minister, this is an
issue that involves Rs.2500 crores. HaIf of it is Rs.1250 crores. In India’s population
of 80 crores… there must not be anyone
who has that kind of money. You can have it… if you
get me out of the country. What do you say? Why think so much? Opportunity
knocks on the door only once. How did you like my reply? Natwar Shah,
you are a very weak person. When a woman becomes weak,
she begins to sell herseIf. And when a man becomes weak, he
becomes a cheat and criminal like you. You want me to break the trust of
80 crore people for Rs.1250 crores? Make the poor and hungry population of
the country more poor & more hungry? The money you have embezzled
is not your money… but is the savings
of those millions of people. I have promised myseIf that until… I take an account of every
penny of Rs.2500 crore from you… I will not let you rest in peace. (Door Closes) (Door Closes) (Footsteps Receding) Have you managed to do anything?
– It is very difficult. (Footsteps Receding) The truth is that it is impossible
to get Natwar out of jail. Why? The chief minister has made the
security around him so strict… that it is
impossible to reach him. Are you trying to say
that there is no way out? There is one way. Only two
people can make this possible. Who?
– One is the chief minister himself. And the other?
– Tejeshwar. Move! (Gun Firing) No one will move.
Get on the floor. Down on the floor! (Gun Firing) Two minutes! (Glass Shatters) (Gun Firing) One minute thirty seconds! (Glass Shatters) One minute! Thirty seconds! (Woman Screams) Let’s go. (Gun Firing) (Glass Shatters) What happened?
This is unbelievable! Did those thieves have
to loot only this shop? Are you a partner in this shop?
– No… but this shop belongs to my
dear childhood friend, Hasmukh. He’s here, Hasmukh has come. (Footsteps Receding) Here he is.
Have courage, Hasmukh. Who can avert what is destined?
But don’t let this loss worry you. My salary is very small,
but I won’t let you go hungry. I will give you haIf my salary.
A friend promises you. You will give me haIf your salary? (Laughing) He’s gone mad.
Oh God! my friend has gone mad. In fact, God has saved me
from turning mad. How?
– I had sold my shop two days ago. What…? To whom?
– To Sukhiram. (Sobbing) I didn’t want to, but he
insisted and even paid me for it. (Laughing) Congratulations! Andu Pandu, take Rs.10 and get some
sweets. This calls for a celebration. Inspector, I’m ruined
and you are calling for sweets? Respect your uniform.
At least show me false sympathy. I’m sorry, but I have called for
sweets because my friend was saved. And where your ruin is concerned,
the police will help you. And the police has inspector
Pyare Mohan in its force… who will not let
the villain live in peace. He won’t even let him drink in peace. Cheers! (Laughing) (All Laughing And Cheering) Come, shoot! Shoot! (Gun Firing) Once more.
– Shoot! Shoot! (All Laughing And Cheering) (Gun Firing) Great! Your aim is very.. Who is that? It’s our man from the police. (Laughing) Tejeshwar, this is Pravinbhai.
– I know, I know everything about him His job will be done. How are you? How much money will you pay us? If you succeed in getting my
brother out of the country… your next 70 generations
will not have to work ever again. Here’s the advance money. Wow! What sexy money! Can you expect
yourself to do this job? Hope? (Laughing) Not just expect, we are
confident we can do it. Maybe you are not aware
of the plan we have made. (Laughing) (Door Opens) (Footsteps Receding) What do you want? Have your fun, but remember… that the crime
you are committing… will one day boomerang on you. You ass, we need
your help for this crime. We’ve kidnapped you and will commit
this crime in the presence of law. The law cannot harm us. But that will be possible
only if we help you. Kill us if you like… but we will not
betray our country. (Glass Shatters) Enough of this! (Laughing) Hey you distinguished doctors!
He is the respected Chief Minister. He is obsessed about doing good
and we are obsessed about doing bad. Your life and death
is not in my hands now. It is in your own hands. The sooner you do our job, the sooner
you will go back to your family. So do what we are saying. This will be fun. We will rule
with the approval of the government. We will put a stop
to everything else… and do only one thing now.
– What? We will keep a constant
watch on the chief minister. You stupid ass!
I’ll wring your neck and kill you. You either dip my finger in hot
tea or pour cold water on me. What are you punishing
me for, you dog! Oh, so you get annoyed
if I call you a dog. That moment was inauspicious when
my sons brought you home… and seeing your innocent
face, I accepted you in. But I didn’t expect you to terrorise
your own master. I’m telling you! Don’t come near me,
I’m not talking to you. You came and sat in
my lap to appease me. Listen to me. Reform yourself. As it is, I am
harassed by my good-for-nothing sons. If you reform yourself,
half my problems will be solved. You will reform, won’t you? He wet my clothes! Forget it, mother! It’s 10:30 already, but your useless
grandsons must still be in bed. Have a heart!
You are always after them. They have already left for college.
– They have?! They will get their results today. Your grandsons are amazing. They are good at being naughty
and good at studies too. Sir, there is a call for
you from the boys college. Hello… Yes, speaking. But… All right. The principal had come home
for breakfast two days ago. He has called me to the college,
that too the first time. This time, our grandsons must
have secured even better marks. More than 95% …? (Car Approaching) (Door Opens) (Birds Chirping) (Footsteps Receding) (Door Closes) Excuse me. The principal’s office…?
– First floor. But what is the matter?
I’m the principal. You…? How can you be the principal? What do you mean? Some other principal has been coming
to my house for the last few years. Who are you?
– I’m Hasmukh Rai… father of Bunnu and Munnu.
– You are Bunnu and Munnu’s father? Yes. Any doubts? The man who they have been
bringing to college as their dad… since the last three
years, is someone else. Fraud…?
– And I have called you here… to inform you that I have
rusticated them from college. Because they have been failing
their exams since the last 3 years. But they have been getting
90- 95 % marks and you say… Actually, your sons have never
scored more than 9 % marks. What?! Ashok! Vijay! Come here! Look at them, they are our
college’s best students. They scored 98 % marks this year. Your sons beat them up and
snatched their marksheets. They even stole the best
student shield from my office. Now I know where they get the
marksheets and the shield from. Bunnu! Munnu! Grandma!
– Son! Both my sons have come. Look, we have got the
best student shield. Hip, hip, hurray! Hip, hip, hurray! We will even get scholarship now. Hug us, daddy! You know what
wonderful marks we’ve got this time? 98 %! And here’s the marksheet.
– Bless you, son! Only one answer went wrong,
or if we had scored 100 %… we would’ve broken the world record.
– A lot is going to break today. Really?
– Look, the principal is here, too. I think he wants to congratulate us.
– Congratulations, Mr. Rai! Thank you very much! What wonderful sons you have!
They are invaluable. They are the honour of your
house and the glory of our college. You are overdoing it.
– Let him, I’m enjoying it. When I tell people I am the
principal of Xavier’s college,… do you know what they say?
– What? The same college
in which Bunnu and Munnu are? (Laughing) Did you see their mark sheet? 98 %!
We must celebrate with sweets. I’m desperate to celebrate since
morning. Come upstairs. Will you only give him sweets?
– Won’t you give us? He is elder to you, let me give him
sweets first, then I’ll give you. Congratulations!
– Come upstairs with me. I know you were a boxer, but why
are you wearing those gloves now? Because I know you were a thief. You’ve been going to my sons college
as their father since three years. And you come here
as their principal. After today’s beatings
you’ll never play a father. You’ll be even ashamed
to have fathered sons! Help! What is happening, dad?
– Dad! Dad!
– Don’t beat him dad. He is our principal, dad!
– Yes dad. You beat the principal?!
– It’s now the turn of his students. No! What are you doing?
– Beating them black and blue! Hasmukh. They snatched my laughter
the day they were born. Do you know that these two have been
failing exams since the last 3 years? What?! That shield is not theirs,
they have stolen it. Even the marksheet is not theirs, they
have snatched it from a bright student. They stole?
– Yes. Let me show you their real marksheet. He has scored 9, and he’s scored 10.
– I have scored one more than you! Don’t beat him. He is right. (Horn Honking) Munnu, he’s got the gun. Run! Bye, grandma. (Gun Firing) Are you hit? (Car Accelerator Sound) Hey, wait! let us get
in the car at least. Catch! Catch! Catch! Yes, Catch! Stop! (Car Brakes Squeaking) Are you headed straight? Since we got into a soup going
wayward, we’ve decided to go straight Straight!
– Can you give me a lift? My car broke down. (Car Accelerator Sound) (Horn Honking) Does your driver drive well? He even pilots a plane.
But why are you so afraid? My life is very precious. I have
not done anything in my life yet. I’m going to see a girl for myself. Which girl are you
going to be cruel to? What?
– He means… where are you going to see this girl?
– There is a small hill station… nearby, Sangampur. I’m going there.
– How does the girl look? (Chuckling) I haven’t seen her yet.
– You haven’t seen the girl yet? Even she hasn’t seen me. And the girl’s family?
– Even they haven’t. Our elders had finalised this
proposal. Arranged marriage, you see. What’s your name?
– Gullu. Give your school name, stupid.
– He means, give your full name. Gulshan Kapoor!
– Gulshan Kapoor! Note it. What is your father’s name?
– Heerachand Kapoor. Note it.
– He’s from Delhi, note that too. Where do you live?
– In Bombay. Note it. Is this girl from Sangampur?
– No, she is from Bombay… but she has come to her farm
house here. They are very rich people. Noted it down!
– Why are you noting down all this? (Laughing) (Laughing) Why are you laughing?
– Wonder why when we see you… we get the feeling that
you are buried neck deep. You rogues! I’ve made the biggest mistake of
my life by taking a lift from you. Exactly.
– You dogs! Right!
– Rogues! Right!
– At least tell me what you want. Just some rest of 10-15 days. Father has chucked us out.
– So we will go to see the girl. He will be Gulshan,
and I will be his friend Ranjit. I cannot remove my hands out,
but believe me… I am begging you
to have mercy on me. I was going to find my
life’s first happiness. That has nothing to do
with our sorrow. Besides, we are not that bad. We
have arranged for your food and drink. Here’s your juice and milk.
– Do your other jobs underground only Bye! See you!
– Bye, Gullu. See you, Gullu! Give me my clothes!
How will I come out in the nude? (Horn Honking) (Car Approaching) Bajrangi, you drive
very roughly nowadays. You are scaring us? This house is good.
– I hope the food is good too. (Door Opens) Hi! If you think you can
fool me, you are mistaken. Because I have recognised you. What?!
– Yes. Now… yes, you are Gulshan! And he must be your friend.
– You are amazing! I am his friend Ranjit.
And he is our friend Shakti. So cute! This woman looks elderly.
– Very elderly. As if you have to marry her.
– Did you say something? Why haven’t you married yet? (Laughing) Actually, I never met a man
like you until now, son. Son…?
– Laxmi, is baby ready? She is the relative of the girl,
the girl is getting dressed upstairs. You look so beautiful that the boy
will swoon the moment he sees you… and immediately
accept your proposal. Who is the girl among them?
– Both are girls, stupid! Which one is mine?
– The girl besides my girl is yours. But who is baby?
– Whoever! But the one in green is my girl. Thank God! It is the first time
our tastes haven’t matched. I don’t know who has come to see
you, but both the guys are good. They are okay.
– Who is more okay? The one standing besides aunt. Good. I hope he is the one
who has come to see you. Because I find his
friend more than okay. Baby, why are you
standing there, come here. Hello! Baby, this is Gulshan. Aunty, he is Gulshan,
I am his friend Ranjit. But you just said outside that he…
– Sorry aunt… but you said with so much confidence
that you recognise us. Besides, we don’t argue with elders. (Laughing) Madam, it is their dad’s call.
– Daddy! He must be wanting to know
if I have reached safely. Excuse me please. I’ll talk to him.
– Sure. Thank you! Hello! Gulshan my son, my darling,
did you reach safely? Yes.
– What’s wrong with your voice? I had split milk tea on my way here.
I’ll gargle with salt water. All right, come back tomorrow.
– Yes. Okay! Fine! Bye! What? You are going
to Kanpur tomorrow? Then I’ll stay back
here for 2-3 days. Aunty is very nice,
even the girl is very nice. Priya!
– Yes! I find these guys to be over smart.
– Even I think so. Let’s begin with sitting up tall
and your legs opened up to the side. As wide as you can
without straining. Your back is straight and go up
on your hips, flex your knees.. ..on the floor, point your toes
and spread your hands.. ..on the floor in front of you. And then rock your hips forward. Feel your pelvis push forward. Even we’ll get up early from
tomorrow. Exercise is a good thing. Our exercise will be
watching them exercising. What are you’ll doing here? We’re watching
how well you exercise. We know what you are watching. Ritu, these guys
are cunning and over smart. Don’t say that sister-in-law,
I’m her to-be husband. You are nobody,
I don’t want to marry you. Neither me.
– Hey, listen! Munnu!
– Yes! What is my girl’s name?
– I don’t even know my girl’s name. How stupid we are! We are here since yesterday and we
haven’t yet asked them their name. Let’s go and ask them. (Music Playing) (Singing) “Oh the one with
the red veil, tell me your name!” “Oh the one with the black dress,
tell me your name!” “Tell us your name! Tell us your
name! Tell us your name!” “Oh you crazy for name
tell me what work do you have?” “Oh you crazy for name
tell me what work do you have?” “Tell what work do you have?
What work do you have?” “Oh the one with the red veil,
tell me your name!” “Oh the one with the black dress,
tell me your name!” “The moment I cast my eyes on you,
I fell in love with you.” “You started residing in
my heart and in my eyes.” “The moment I cast my eyes on you,
I fell in love with you.” “You started residing in
my heart and in my eyes.” “A girl never speaks her mind
in the first meeting.” “A girl will never entertain
any stranger.” “Never entertains any stranger! “Never entertains any stranger! “Tell your heart to send some
message to my heart.” “Tell me what will be the
fate of your beloved?” “Oh the one with the red veil,
tell me your name!” “Oh the one with the black dress,
tell me your name!” “Oh you crazy for name tell
me what work do you have?” “Oh you crazy for name tell
me what work do you have?” Where to…? Stand in queue.
– I’m not here to buy cinema tickets. I have come to collect
money I gave Bunnu and Munnu. Sonofagun! You ruin my sons’ lives
by giving them loans… and then dare to
talk loudly with me? And what are you all standing
in queue for like beggars? I won’t give any of you
a single penny. Get out! This man is worst than his sons.
– Want a kick? Bloody beggar! You call us beggars?
– Your father’s a beggar, too! This man is shameless. We’ll recover our money from
Bunnu and Munnu. Let’s go. Hasmukhlal be damned! Did you hear that? My sons
disgrace me like this everyday. These petty people come to
my house, curse me and leave. There is not a single shop left from
where they haven’t taken credit. They blow Rs.800 on cigarettes alone.
– Pity you, but have courage. You reap as you sow.
– What have I sowed to reap this? You have only one daughter. You are
lucky. Even if I had two daughters… I would’ve been a happier man.
– Sure you would have. You should have had daughters
just like your sons are. They would disgrace you and
you’d have to commit suicide. They would paint the town red…
– Do you have any shame? You just talk anything! Sonofagun!
– Sorry. Tell me, what brought you here?
– I had come for some work. I forgot. Why am I here?
– Get yourself treated. Why are you giving
the police a bad name? How is your daughter?
– Oh yes! I had come for her only. (Laughing) He’s laughing! Priya has gone to Sangampur
with her friend. She had said she will return in two
days, but hasn’t, so I’m going there. I want your big car. One minute! The big car?
– Yes. Are you going to bring back
your daughter or meet your lover? Don’t you feel ashamed to
keep a lover at your age? You haven’t seen her.
– I’m don’t even want to. When you see her, you’ll know
what a simmering beauty she is. Like a ruined star?
– She’s devastating! Shall I tell you something? Even
you will go wild when you see her. Me? I am not like you,
I’m a principled man. I have never looked at a woman.
– How can you? You will look at women
only if your sons let you. (Laughing) Shall I tell you something?
However naughty my sons may be… but without them,
this house seems lonely. It is seven days since they
have gone. I feel depressed. Wonder where they will be.
– Come on! You horrible monkey! Did you have
to put out your cigarette on my butt? It is said that dogs are most loyal,
but you are more loyal than anybody. You’re standing guard since six
days and won’t let me enter. I’m going to marry that girl. I wonder what your master
must be doing with her. Priya, you haven’t
slept in your room today? Anyway, it’s good,
we can have a chat. Say something, Ritu. Why are
you turned the other way? Turn on my side. I’m thinking of telling aunt that… I am ready to marry Gulshan.
What d’you say? They are nice men. And I think
they even love us. What say you? That is why, though they’re here since
a week, they don’t want to leave. I think, until we stay annoyed
with them, they will not leave. No way. Priya, shall I tell you the truth?
– Yes. For the first time I’ve felt something
stir in my heart on seeing someone. Same here. I don’t know why I feel that
he should always be around me and… What happened to your hands? (Woman Screams) What happened? Nothing, aunt. A fat rat had sneaked
into my room. I drove it out. Okay. It’s very late. Switch off
the lights and go to sleep. What are you doing here?
– I’ve come to find out how you feel. Go from here, please! I’ll go, but at least give me a kiss. All right… only one. (Car Approaching) (Door Opens) (Door Closes) Priya, where are you? “I wanna date you” “I wanna date you” What are you staring at? What makes you stare at me? I have come to take Priya.
– The kids have gone out. They’ll be back soon.
– You mean there is no one home? Why…? Well, I’m home. This is your chance. Miss it,
and you’ll miss it forever. (Chuckling) Anu, did Ritu like the boy
who had come to see her? Yes. I think we’ll
have the marriage soon. That’s nice, but you will become
very lonely after she gets married. It can’t be helped. Even I will become lonely after
my daughter Priya gets married. A desolate house will depress me. That is why…
– You are planning to marry again? I’m busy all day. I must have
a reason to return home at nights. Shall I tell you something?
“No life without wife.” (Laughing) Have you seen a girl for yourself?
– Yes, since two years. 50% of the relationship is finalised.
– 50 % …? Yes, from my side. The other
50 % approval has to come from her. Then why don’t you ask her?
– I’m afraid she may get angry. That is the drawback men have.
They unnecessarily get worried. That is what I was going to… (Horn Honking) The kids. Bad timing! You’re back!
Priya, your daddy is here. What?
– Yes. Daddy! (Laughing) When did you come?
– Just now. Greetings, uncle!
– Greetings, my dear! Greetings! How are you? Wastrels! What are you
two doing here? Do you know them?
– Only too well. The scoundrels! They were missing since a week. Do you know how worried
your father is about you? Why is he worried?
We had informed him. The world is so small.
Take them for example. You know Gulshan and Ranjit
and their father Heerachand too. Heerachand? Who is Heerachand?
– How forgetful you are! You met daddy yesterday?
– Yes. And you still ask who Heerachand is? But how is Heerachand
connected with your daddy, Bunnu? Bunnu…? Who is Bunnu?
– He. What’s all this about, Munnu?
– Munnu? Look aunty, he is calling
me too by a wrong name. My name is not Munnu, I’m Ranjit.
– Ranjit! (Horn Honking) Is that Bajrangi or someone else? He is Bajrangi and he has
kept the ignition on. Why?
– Because it’s now time to escape. Okay bye, Priya.
– Where are you’ll going? Anu, you have been cheated.
– Cheated? Yes. They are the sons
of my old friend Hasmukh. Gulshan and…
I mean, Bunnu and Munnu. Daddy!
– You’re back again? Beat me if you like, but save Bunnu
first. He has met with an accident. What?!
– And he has lost his memory. Look. “A pair of beautiful eyes!” “The beautiful damsels
of the village.” “She knows the feelings
of my heart.” Bunnu! (Laughing) Bunnu, what happened to you? Wait a minute, mother. What kind
of an accident was that? I don’t see any injury.
– This is an internal injury. The car ran over his brain.
And he went mad. I’m not mad.
– See! The world goes on the moon,
I will go on the sun. But the sun is very hot,
there is only fire there. That’s exactly why I have preferred
to enter it in the night. (Laughing) Happy now?
Beat him more! I’m not their enemy, I beat them
so that they don’t go wayward. Now go and call the doctor.
– I’ll call him right away. Bunnu, what happened to you?
– Sun.. (Car Approaching) Where’s your master? Are you Mr. Hasmukh? “For the first time I see love
in the eyes of my beloved” Are you Mr. Hasmukh? Yes… tell… me. I’ve come to you with a complaint.
– But I don’t even know you. Have I done something wrong?
– It is your sons who have wronged. Do you know what they have done? They had been fooling me
and my nieces since a week. (Laughing) All that’s fine, but what if
acting mad, I actually go mad? Whether you go mad or not,
dad will surely go mad. Do you remember anything?
This is daddy. Daddy? What is daddy?
– He is like me. He is one foolish fellow who
takes the burden of his kids. That reminds him of something?
– No, daddy. I’m trying since long… but he cannot remember anything.
– You must be tired. Come downstairs son,
you’ll remember everything. Son brings me up. Father takes
me down. All right let’s go. I’m not afraid of anybody.
– Come. Do you see them? Easy, easy. Remember anything?
– No. Then why the shocked expression?
– Just like that, daddy. Daddy? You have regained half your memory.
I’ll help you regain the other half. Don’t! Don’t beat a patient.
– Patient? I’ll make you both patients. Aunty, please forgive
us for our mistake. Daddy is very hot,
please cool him. What?!
– It was tough getting into the house Please do something or he’ll
throw us out of the house again. That is your punishment, that you
are thrown out of your house forever. You deserve to go
hungry on the streets. We are not so useless.
We can work hard and earn a living. Henceforth, you will have
to work and earn a living. You are saying that?
– Just earn two bucks and show me. You are challenging us?
– Yes! I know how useless you are. Didn’t you feel ashamed to do such
a lowly act with this decent family? Ashamed? What for? We love them.
What’s your problem, dad? If you cannot find
the words, forget it. What did you say?
Get out! We are not garbage that you throw
us out of the house again and again. Those who don’t follow my orders
are thrown out. This is my house. Your house?
– Yes! We assumed this to be
our house until now. But you have opened our eyes today. We will become
something and show you. Then even if you beg us,
we will not come back. Stick to your words!
– I was only joking. Get out!
– Okay! Aunty, thanks for creating a rift
between a father and his sons. Let’s go, Bajrangi. See, even a monkey understands,
but you don’t. Friends, well wishers… those who cheat and loot… and those who kill for money… better than those is my monkey
who earns money for his masters… and leads a quiet life.
So please applaud my monkey! (Crowd Applauding) (Music Playing) (Singing)
“The monkey is very useful!” “The monkey is very useful!” “He beats like Dharmender!” “He dances like Jeetender!” “He cries like Rajender!” “Observe carefully he has the
talents of all the heroes in him.” “May God bless the ones who give
and also the ones who don’t give.” “May God bless the ones who give
and also the ones who don’t give.” “May God bless the ones who give
and also the ones who don’t give.” “May God bless the ones who give
and also the ones who don’t give.” “The monkey is very useful!” “The monkey is very useful!” “He beats like Dharmender!” “He dances like Jeetender!” “He cries like Rajender!” “Observe carefully he has the talents
of all the heroes in him.” “Talisam! The talism made out
of the monkey’s seven hair.” “One hair from the head,
one from the eyebrow.. from the moustache, one
from the beard, one from the chest.. from the stomach, one from the tail
and the rest from here and there.” “But Bunnu!
– Munnu!” “The public has a question
in their mind.” “Hey! What is that?” “What is the use of this Talisam?”
– I will tell you right now.” “The one who is shy of a girl,
and fears marriage.” “The one who bows his
head the moment.. ..his wife is in front of him.” “After wearing my Talisam
he becomes a brave man.” “This increases you hunger
and your sleep.” “This stops your pain and gives
you success in your work.” “Gives you a job and wins
a lottery for you.” “A child passes with good marks.” “It has so many benefits and
costs only one rupee.” “That too because of the inflation.. ..otherwise it was for fifty
paise, isn’t it Munnu?” “Yes, Bunnu.” “May God bless the ones who give
and also the ones who don’t give.” “May God bless the ones who give
and also the ones who don’t give.” “May God bless the ones who give
and also the ones who don’t give.” “May God bless the ones who give
and also the ones who don’t give.” “The monkey is very useful!” “The monkey is very useful!” “He beats like Dharmender!” “He dances like Jeetender!” “He cries like Rajender!” “Observe carefully he has the talents
of all the heroes in him.” “Bunnu!
– Munnu!” “We gave the Talisam to the world.
– Yes, we gave!” “But what has the monkey
done for us?” “What has he done?” “Our father threw us out of the house.
– Threw us out! “Has locked our fate?
– Locked!” “Snatched our morsel away?
– Snatched the morsel.” “Like a father, the monkey
looked after us.” “Looked after us!” “Tell me dear child who is better,
father or the monkey? “Monkey!” “My dear, please come back home!” “My dear, please come back home!” “Please accept my request.” “You are the light of my eyes.” “You are the support of my life.” “Please try and understand
my feelings, my dear.” “My dear, please come back home!” “My dear, please come back home!” “The windows of the house
are calling out to you.” “The walls of the house
are searching for you.” “Where has the happiness
gone from the house?” “Do not dishonor me.” “My dear, please come back home!” “My dear, please come back home!” “We have not broken any locks,
we have not looted anyone.” “We have not done any theft,
but we have earned it with hard work.” “We have just started this business and
with difficulty we have earned a little.” “We have just learnt to live.” “We have learnt!” “Munnu, just find out which
was the musical note?” “Yes!” “God bless the one who takes
and also the ones who do not take.” “God bless the one who takes
and also the ones who do not take.” “Father we are overwhelmed
at your love.” “God bless the one who takes
and also the ones who do not take.” “Good that you listened
to me otherwise.. ..I would have slashed your throat.” “Good that you listened
to me otherwise.. ..I would have slashed your throat.” “I wanna date you” (Laughing) What is he doing here? It is not their fault. Kids tend to go wayward if they lose
their mother so early in life. I tried my best to give them
both, a father and mother’s love. But today I realise that no
one can take a mother’s place. You realise that now? Were your
senses asleep since so many years? Pardon me, but you should
have got married long ago… if not for yourself,
then at least for your sons. Why didn’t you?
– I used to love my wife very much. I haven’t found anyone
like her until today. Until today?
– No, until a few days back. But now I think my sons
will very soon get a mother. Indeed! By the way, what is
your programme for today? Nothing important.
– Then shall we go out for a coffee? It will be an outing and…
– Not a bad idea. Let’s go. Great!
Just a minute. This flower was waiting to
adorn your hair. If… Please.
– My pleasure. Come off it. You are my
childhood friend, aren’t you? Childhood friend? If you knew
the real meaning of friendship… you wouldn’t
back stab your friend. When did I back stab you?
What nonsense are you talking? Am I? Hadn’t you gone to
Anuradha’s house yesterday? Anuradha…? Yes, but what has that
got to do with back stabbing? The way you talk like
as if you know nothing. She is the lover of
your childhood friend. Who?… Anu…
What are you saying! Honestly, I didn’t know you love her.
I’m sorry, I didn’t know. You liar, you know
that woman is my life. I used to take your car and
go to Sangampur. For what? You had told me but
I didn’t remember. I forgot. It is I who tends to forget,
how did you forget? Shall I tell you the truth? You
didn’t forget, your intention was bad. Before looking at her, you
should have given a thought… to the fact that you are
eying your sister-in-law. It was she who looked at me first.
– Really? And she fell in love
with me at first sight. She loves me. We are having an
affair since the last two years. You are mistaken, she loves me. We’ll confirm that in the evening.
– On her birthday party? You know even that?
Doesn’t matter. You can check in the evening who
she is paying more attention to. Whether you or me.
– Fine. The evening will decide whose wife
she will be and whose sister-in-law. Done. Mr. Pyare! Miss Anu! Many happy
returns of the day. Thank you very much! I.. I..
– Oh sure! Sure! Thank you! Mr. Hasmukh! Happy.. happy birthday to you. Thank you very much! (Laughing) Thank you! Excuse me,
I’ll be right back. Excuse me! It is all right!
– It is not all right! Hi!
– Hello, how are you? Yellow and red.
They look beautiful! Woman is such a wonderful
creation of God. You like her even when she’s angry.
– Yes. Mr. Pyare, is everything
all right with you? Yes, everything is fine. (Laughing) Excuse me! I will just come.
– Oh yes! Sure! Sure! Mr. Hasmukh!
– Yes! Yes! Is everything all right?
– By your grace, it is. (Laughing) Excuse me.
– Okay. Hasmukh, she is paying equal
attention to both of us. I think she loves both of us. So one of us will have
to sacrifice our love. But who will make that sacrifice? We have been to school
and college together. We have shared our joys and sorrows. You want our friendship of
years to break for one woman? No. That’s why I’m saying that
one of us will have to sacrifice. That is what I’m asking you,
who will make that sacrifice? Who will make the sacrifice?
You will! I will not make any sacrifice. You will have to sacrifice! Are you asking for a sacrifice
or a refund of credit? Get lost!
Stupid fellow! Mr. Hasmukh!
– Get lost! You pushed me? Me?
– Yes! For a love two days old, you
beat an old friend of yours? I will not spare you!
– Then get into the ring! Sure! If you are a boxer,
then I am a champion in karate. Hey, what is happening? Hey, what are you doing? Hold me, or I will break his head. Please uncle! Control yourself!
Why are you two fighting? On the issue of marriage. But whose marriage?
I forgot. Hasmukh, what were we fighting over? Yes. Why this fight for the first
time among old friends? Whose marriage were you talking about?
– Munnu’s marriage! I told him that since Munnu
loves his daughter… we will now become relatives.
But he got angry on me. I’m bound to get angry.
I have only one daughter. Getting her married to your
son would be sending her to hell. You’re insulting my brother
in public! Enough of your nonsense! Bunnu, wait. Uncle, before giving your
decision, ask how your daughter feels. She loves me very much. No, daddy.
Love? With you? Ritu and I hate you both. Hey, listen! (Music Playing) (Singing) “We will give up our lives
at your doorstep.” “We will give up our lives
at your doorstep.” “You will remember us
when we won’t be here.” “We will give up our lives
at your doorstep.” “If you want to die then do it
quickly, we will come to shed tears.” “If you want to die then do it
quickly, we will come to shed tears.” “We will bring our neighboring
friends also to shed tears.” “If you want to die then do it
quickly, we will come to shed tears.” “All that I say is lies but
one thing is the truth.” “You are so nice that I
cannot live without you.” “All that I say is lies but
one thing is the truth.” “You are so nice that I
cannot live without you.” “Deceit is in his nature,
how can you be loyal?” “Those who have deceived us
earlier, will later too deceive us.” “My dear, even deceit
is allowed in love.” “Everything is fair
in love and war.” “I agree that there are many
cheaters in this world.” “But deceit is not good in love.” “I agree that there are many
cheaters in this world.” “But deceit is not good in love.” “If you refuse then where
else will we go?” “If you refuse then where
else will we go?” “We will die and hearing this news
the people at home too will die.” “We will give up our lives
at your doorstep.” “You will remember us
when we won’t be here.” “We will give up our lives
at your doorstep.” “If I attain your love before I die.” “I would be the groom and
you would be the bride.. would be so much fun.” “If I attain your love before I die.” “I would be the groom and
you would be the bride.. would be so much fun.” “Those people are cowards
who commit suicide.” “The brave ones snatch their
love from the world.” “I just have a first
and a last wish.” “I just want to be your groom.” “My wish is the same as your wish.” “From today we are for each other!” “My wish is the same as your wish.” “From today we are for each other!” “Now that you love me,
I will not need anything else.” “Now that you love me,
I will not need anything else.” “I will die and again become
alive in your love.” “At your doorstep I will bring
the marriage procession.” “At your doorstep I will bring
the marriage procession.” “I will come on a horse
and take you away.” “At your doorstep I will bring
the marriage procession.” That’s your car, isn’t it?
Who are they? Acquaintances. Stay here,
we’ll be right back. You wait here; we will
shout at them and come. Hello! What brings you’ll here? We are taking your car.
Repay our loans within two days… or we will sell this
car and recover our money. Don’t threaten us. We will throw
your money on your face tomorrow. He means to say that we will
return your money. But today, don’t take…
– Look, if we speak loudly… you’ll lose face. So quietly
allow us to take the car. Get that? These girls are here or… Drive carefully! Munnu, it’s
good you gave them the car. One mustn’t break a poor man’s heart.
– But who were these poor men? They live in the shanties
behind our bungalow. There’s a wedding
in their family tomorrow. They thought of taking
the wedding procession in a car. So I gave them my car.
– I wasn’t ready to give them the car But it was only after meeting you
that I realized what marriage is. So I agreed to give them the car. Now what do we do?
– Steal. Thief!
– What are you doing! Mr. Rai, I have come to steal
here at their insistence. You dare to lie!
You dare to fool daddy! The lowliest of man will not steal
in his own house. Isn’t it, dad? Mr. Rai, I swear…
Mr. Rai! Before wearing your gloves,
listen to this. What! In your own house? Yes. Our old man will
not simply give us money. If father’s wealth is not used by
his sons, it will rot in the vaults. If we steal in someone else’s
house, we will go to jail. But if we get caught in our own
house, we’ll say we were joking. I knew I could not trust you. That is why I taped this to
protect myself. Look. Look at it. Mr. Rai, it is not my fault.
It was on their insistence… If they ask you to jump
in a well, will you? Locked…?
– Try fleeing. A lock here too? Bunnu, all routes to
our escape are locked. Who locked all doors?
– I have. So that before throwing you out of
the house, I give you a good thrashing You have been very evil today.
– How true! You robbed your own house?
– Sorry dad. You’ll go for a bigger heist next.
– Oh come on, dad. Then you’ll have me murdered.
– No, you’re our father after all. Only until now. From now on, neither
am I your father, nor are you my sons. You’ll have to keep one relationship,
either of the father, or the sons. What did you say?
– Or you will regret it. Or we will do what you
have never even dreamt of. Hasmukh! Why are you beating
my grandsons? Grandma, save us! You think yourself
to be a great boxer! Give one glove each to my
grandsons, then you’ll know. Stop! Take the gloves and fulfill
the desire of your grandma. No daddy, how can we fight with you? Come on! Let’s take the back-door out! (Car Approaching) Where were you taking the car? This is not your uncle’s car,
neither is it of those two monkeys. They must have jumped
the back wall and escaped. Now your punishment is that
you will stay here with me. Give me the key… and come
inside or I’ll thrash you. Can’t you see! What are you doing?
You should take care of the child. Do you know whose child this is?
– Whosoever’s! A child is a child. He is the chief minister’s son.
– So what?… What!! I don’t know how to thank you. You put your lives at stake
and saved my son. I can never repay this favour. If I can ever be of any help to
you, I’ll be very happy to oblige. Thank you! Thank you! It is we who are pleased that
we could meet you on this pretext. We never imagined even in our dreams
that we would have tea with you. Not just tea, you must even
have dinner with us today. Of course.
– That wasn’t necessary. It is not just me, but
even Chirag who wants that. You must join us
for the party tonight. You have given great
joy to a mother today. Today is Chirag’s birthday.
– What?! Happy birthday, kid.
– May you live long. If you don’t come for the party,
I will not cut the cake. We will surely come. You are so sweet! He has already
become friends with you. Excuse me sir, the party workers
are waiting for you. Even the press is going to arrive.
– Did they have to come now? What is the matter, sir?
– You must be reading in the papers… that bank robberies and
kidnapping cases are on the rise. The government is answerable. It is
important, else I’d have sat with you. (Car Approaching) (Gun Firing) What happened?
– I think we have a flat tyre. Oh God! (Door Closes) (Door Opens) (Door Opens) (Gun Firing) (Car Brakes Squeaking) (Car Accelerator Sound) (Door Opens) Yes! We’re from the press. We got an
appointment with the chief minister. Just a minute. Hello…
Some press persons are here. They say they have an
appointment with the CM. Let them in.
– Okay. (Door Opens) (Door Closes) (Gun Firing) No! (Glass Shatters) Chirag! Chirag! Scoundrels! (Car Brakes Squeaking) Are you all right sir? (Car Brakes Squeaking) (Door Opens) (Door Closes) (Footsteps Receding) (Fighting Sound) Bunnu! Bunnu, what’s going on here?
– Hush. The chief minister…?
But he is… Who says there are no
good doctors in India? Hey Tinu! Buddy, great! Something terrible is going on here.
– That’s true. Exactly like the chief minister. Great job done, doctors!
Not just the world,… even if the CM himself sees this,
he will be shocked. Well done, doctors!
You have made our dreams come true. You must be rewarded
for the great job done. (Gun Firing) The CM must have got admitted
to the hospital by now. That is the only place from
where he can be kidnapped and… Sarang put in his place. (Gun Firing) Munnu, run away! (Gun Firing) Bunnu! Bunnu! I said go!
– I will not leave you. Don’t be stupid. It is
very necessary to expose them. Or the secret we know
will remain a secret. Come what may, I will not
leave you alone to face death. We will live together
and die together. Try to understand.
If you escape… until I don’t tell them about you,
they cannot kill me. No, Bunnu.
– If they catch both of us… they will kill us. (Gun Firing) Munnu go, for my sake, go! No, Bunnu.
– I said go! Go and inform the police and daddy. And don’t worry about me,
I’ll come to no harm. (Gun Firing) (Bike Engine Sound) (Water Sloshing) I don’t think he is from the police. Whether he is from the police or
not, but he has become a risk for us. What you and your friend know was
the result of our month long effort. After knowing this secret,
you cannot get out of here alive. That is for sure. But your death can become easier
if you tell us your friend’s name. And where he has gone from here. Tell us, or you will
die an agonising death. Do what you like, but I will not
let a rogue like you become the CM. I will die, but not reveal my
friend’s whereabouts to you. (Screaming) Tell us, darling.
Tell us, please! I cannot bear to see you in pain. Tell us. Daddy! Daddy! Munnu! You’re back? Where is Bunnu?
– He is in trouble. The whole world is in trouble because
of you, how can you be in trouble? Last time you said he lost his memory.
What are you going to say now? Believe me, daddy. Some dangerous
gangsters have held Bunnu captive. They plan to kidnap
the chief minister. The chief minister?
– Yes. Couldn’t you tell a bigger lie? Plan to kidnap the prime minister,
the president! You liar! I’m telling the truth.
– Shut-up, you swine! Grandma, please tell him. Until when will you trouble
your father with your pranks? You are saying this, grandma?
– Yes! It is not right to
always lie like that. Then even when you are telling the
truth, people will not believe you. Why don’t you understand this? True, grandma. My truth is being
treated as a lie today. But Bunnu’s life
is really in danger. (Footsteps Receding) We beat him mercilessly, but
he refuses to reveal anything. Then kill him.
Take this. (Gun Firing) (Gun Firing) (Explosion) (Explosion) (Car Accelerator Sound) (Door Closes) (Gun Firing) (Water Sloshing) Uncle! Uncle!
– What is the matter? Daddy, leave immediately with
Munnu, he needs your help. Why do you’ll look so perturbed?
– Only you can help me now. No one is believing me. Daddy and
Grandma think I am joking like always But this time,
I’m neither joking, nor lying. Tell me in short what has happened. I am an eye witness
to the attack on the CM. What?
– Yes, and I know those criminals. I have seen all of them.
I even know where they are. They have made a dangerous plan.
– Plan…? They want to kidnap the CM and
put his lookalike in his place. Look a like?
– He isn’t really his look a like but… Stop your nonsense, Munnu.
This is not your house… but the police station. Do you know
what it means to play pranks here? What is the matter?
Why aren’t you believing this man? Because I know him
since he was small. Since their childhood, they
have never said anything but lies. They have always troubled their
father, but now this is too much! Maybe he is lying, but what if
he says is even one percent true… then who will be responsible? Sir, believe me, I’m telling
the truth. Please help me. My brother is in their custody. Sir,
do something or he may lose his life. Don’t worry, the law is
meant to protect people. Besides, this involves
the chief minister. Truth or lies, we’ll
have to go with you. (Door Opens) Come, sir. (Door Closes) How is this possible?
Priya, everything has changed here. Everything has changed here.
Neither those gangsters… nor my brother is here.
This place has totally changed. Sometimes you say
the CM will change,… sometimes you say the place has
changed. You are fooling the law. Sir, I’d warned you that coming
with him would be waste of time. He’s a liar!
– I’m not lying. I’m myself surprised
about the change in this place. How can so much change
occur in one night? You! You brought the
police here yourself? Sir, arrest him.
He killed his brother yesterday. He was putting the body
in the car and escaping… when I tried to catch him. He managed to escape,
but I got hold of his coat. She is lying! She is an
accomplice of those goons. Believe me, this is
a conspiracy against me. Hold on! Old woman, how did you know
that the deceased was his brother? Because before dying,
he was saying,… “Why are you killing me,
I am your brother after all.” You witch, I will not spare you! Where is my brother, tell me! Leave her.
– Tell me, or I will kill you! Arrest him! You are making a grave mistake, sir.
Believe me, my brother is alive. He is in their custody. What are you doing, sir? He is
Munnu, my friend’s son, I know him. He can tell a thousand lies
but he cannot kill his brother. Only this old woman has said this,
we have no other proof. Inspector Pyare, I have no personal
enmity with your friend’s son. But this woman says that she
has seen him kill his brother. And until his brother is found,
Munnu will remain in police custody. (Laughing) The body is totally decomposed, sir.
It is very difficult to identify. Don’t worry, we will know from the
chain and watch found on his body. It was difficult for the police
to identify the body found… but we have found Bunnu’s
watch and chain on the body. Inspector, this is a
elaborate prank they are playing. Prank?
– Yes. When they left home,
they had threatened me… that they will do something which
I must never have even dreamt of. And this is what they have done. One put his chain and
watch on some dead body… and the other went in jail so
that their father becomes frantic. But this time I
won’t be fooled by them. To hell with them! Mother!
-Yes! I hope what he is saying is true. But to say it in short,
the police has found a body. Oh God! If Bunnu does not present
himself in 2-3 days… then he hasn’t realised what
big trouble Munnu will fall into. Oh God, please let Bunnu
be safe wherever he is. God, save me! (Dogs Barking) Damn you, Gauri Shanker! This is my twelfth pot you have
broken this month. Scoundrel! Hey! Where are you coming
in the middle? Run Yadav,
my honour is at stake! This dog is after me! Run! Run! Hey brother, what have you done? First I broke the pot, then I hung
in the air, and now I’m thrown here. I am stunned! Hey, what is this! No! No! Hail Lord Bajrangbali! Save me, God. Gauri Shanker.
– What happened? Come out, Moti has gone. He has? The naughty dog!
He acts too smart. (Dogs Barking) (Laughing) Wasn’t as nice thing to do. (Woman Screams) O my God! Gauri Shanker!
You! O God, pardon me, I
have made a grave mistake. You are great! I suffered a loss, my roof broke,
you saw me in this state… and you seek pardon from God? I’m sorry Chandramukhi, but
this happened because of your dog. That is why I fell here by mistake. Why didn’t you commit
this mistake before, Gauri? I’m so helpless.
Look Chanda… don’t try to get
close to me, stay away! Don’t act smart with me. I’ll shout
and collect the whole village here. Shameless man, you enter a single
woman’s house through the roof. Moreover, you threaten her. You will have to pay
for this mistake of yours. Take what you want
and just leave me alone. Give me a kiss. O my God, such helplessness! Kiss… I didn’t know you were so ardent. I hadn’t expected you to be so
happy at the mention of a kiss. Wow! Is my touch so electrifying? O my God! Chandramukhi! Oh my God!
– Gauri! Uncle, Gauri Shanker
broke my pot again today. Good God! I am fed up of
putting sense into him. It is not difficult
to put sense into him. If you allow me, I
can do it in a minute. Do what? Will you knock sense into me?
– He misbehaved, and now he threatens Why are you talking
to father, talk to me. I know everything. You instigate
these people and bring them here. Stop this act of yours or if
I get angry, you’ll regret it. What can you do to
us if you get angry? What can you do?
– Nothing, I’ll just break your jaw! Leave him, or I’ll kill myself. What are you doing, father?
– Don’t touch me! You will ruin me one day.
I am sick of your antics! Therefore, I close my doors on you. No room for you in my house. Get out!
– Going. Then go.
– I’m going! What do you think, that if you
throw me out, I’ll go hungry? There are many who will feed me.
– Get lost! You don’t need to lecture me
before the villagers. – Gauri Shanker! What Gauri Shanker? He throws me
out of the house on every pretext. Always telling me to get out,
get lost! As if I had no respect. I knew beforehand that I’m going
to be thrown out. I’m going. Did you find Gauri? No uncle, we looked around the
whole village, but couldn’t find him. You eat your dinner, uncle.
You have gone hungry all day. My hunger has left with Gauri. Then why did you have to
throw me out of the house? – Gauri! First you throw me out of the
house, then you cry over me. Why simply create a scene?
– All right, now that you are back… have mercy on us.
Come inside and eat. I don’t want to eat! My stomach
is full after hearing his abuses. All right, pardon him,
he will never scold you again. Look, uncle is full of remorse. Uncle…
– That is what I don’t like about you I haven’t eaten, but you haven’t
even ensured that my father has eaten. I am a young man,
I can bear hunger. You should at least have served my
father. See how sullen he looks. Let us go and eat, father. I will tie the cow and come. Uncle!
-Yes! I haven’t seen this
kind of love anywhere. I have no one but Gauri. I was small when I got separated
from my mother and twin brother. And then one day,
even Gauri’s mother died. Now there is just me and Gauri. And so that our love isn’t jinxed,
I put a black spot on Gauri’s cheek. Uncle, don’t worry. I have managed to woo him a little.
I’ll take care of the rest. (Music Playing) (Singing) “Your father is in
the courtyard and mother at the door.” “Your father is in the courtyard
and mother at the door.” “Oh my beloved how can I
come into your house?” “Your father is in the courtyard
and mother at the door.” “Your father is in the courtyard
and mother at the door.” “Oh my beloved how can I
come into your house?” “Oh my beloved how can I
come into your house?” “My father has gone to the fields
and mother has gone to the market.” “My father has gone to the fields
and mother has gone to the market.” “Oh my beloved, you come in
I am alone in the house.” “Oh my beloved, you come in
I am alone in the house.” “What will you feed me if
I come to your house?” “What will you feed me if
I come to your house?” “What will you feed me if
I come to your house?” “I will cook for you hot porridge
and fried pancakes.” “I will feed you with
my soft hands.” “I will feed you with
my soft hands.” “Your father is in the courtyard
and mother at the door.” “Your father is in the courtyard
and mother at the door.” “Oh my beloved how can I
come into your house?” “Oh my beloved how can I
come into your house?” “If I eat porridge and fries pancakes
then I will feel sleepy.” “If I eat porridge and fries pancakes
then I will feel sleepy.” “If I eat porridge and fries pancakes
then I will feel sleepy.” “I will spread my veil
on the bed for you.” “Oh my beloved come and
make the bed sacred!” “Oh my beloved come and
make the bed sacred!” “My father has gone to the fields
and mother has gone to the market.” “My father has gone to the fields
and mother has gone to the market.” “Oh my beloved, you come in
I am alone in the house.” “Oh my beloved, you come in
I am alone in the house.” “What will happen if your mother
comes from the market?” “What will happen if your mother
comes from the market?” “What will happen if your mother
comes from the market?” “I will tell my mother that
this is your son-in-law.” “Oh beloved, come and ask
for my hand in marriage.” “Oh beloved, come and ask
for my hand in marriage.” “Your father is in the courtyard
and mother at the door.” “Your father is in the courtyard
and mother at the door.” “Your father is in the courtyard
and mother at the door.” “Oh my beloved how can I
come into your house?” “My father has gone to the fields
and mother has gone to the market.” “My father has gone to the fields
and mother has gone to the market.” “Oh my beloved, you come in
I am alone in the house.” “Oh my beloved, you come in
I am alone in the house.” (Car Accelerator Sound) (Car Brakes Squeaking) (Explosion) (Footsteps Receding) (Screaming) (Door Opens) (Footsteps Receding) Bravo! I love you, Bajrangi. (Phone Ringing) I think the job has been done. Just see! Hello! Sir, Munnu has escaped
from the lock up. What! That means you helped the man
who is accused of murder escape? My God! Oh my God! I am sorry, sir!
I am really very sorry. Inspector Pyare Mohan,
you have been bribed. Have I…?
– But remember, if he’s not caught… you will spend
all your life in jail. Jail! Stay there, I’m coming.
– I understand, sir. You are coming here
and I’m running away. Hello…
The swine! You have become useless, DCP! You could not kill an ordinary guy? He has managed to
escape from your custody! You have corrupt men
like you in the police. He is not corrupt, only foolish. I kept him on duty so
that our work becomes easier. You should have killed him
then itself, but you… You planned to get him
killed in the lock up… so that no one suspects you. The scoundrel has escaped. Find
him! He is too dangerous for us. Our planning of several
years can come to naught. Who is it? Pyare! Where did you come from? Through the window? You sneak into my house in the middle
of the night like thieves? What for? Your son has shut all doors for me,
so I had to come through the window. I cannot even go home, the
police is standing guard even there. Your son has ruined me completely. But what has my grandson done? I forgot again.
– You were talking about my son. Oh yes! He escaped from the lock up. What!
– Yes. I informed the DCP. Now the DCP is accusing
me of accepting a bribe. Sir, the Deputy Commissioner is here.
– The DCP! I’ve had it. Hush! Control yourself.
I’ll take care of him. What’s going on? Why is the
police parading in my house? Because your son has
escaped from the lock up. But how? Because of the foolish inspector
Pyare, who is also your friend. Now even he is an offender, and we’re
looking for him along with your son. Coffee, sir!
– No, thank you! What happened?
– I’m drowsy, my eyes ache. Have coffee, sir.
– This ass will be caught! Who is an ass?
– Who did you call an ass? My friend. He acts so foolish,
he will be caught one day. What are you doing here?
We don’t want coffee, leave! Unnecessarily, I do not
like coffee at all! I’m telling you, I’m alone at home.
– Sir, there is no one here. I told you.
Sir, can you come aside please? My son has not done anything,
he plays such pranks to trouble me. Do something to stop the police
from chasing him. I’ll pay you the price you name.
– What nonsense? I don’t take bribes.
– You don’t? Surprising. Your face
makes one assume you do. What?
– Forget that. Sir, my son is innocent…
– Your son is not innocent. He is a very big offender of law. It is better that he surrenders
himself to the police soonest… or he will regret it. Listen! You two will keep a round
the clock watch on this house. He will surely come to
meet his father one day. And as soon as he comes, inform me. Good night! Come! (Footsteps Receding) Have patience, Munnu. God willing,
everything will be all right. Nothing will be all right. The goons
who can trap me in a murder case… those who can barge into the
police station and try to kill me… wonder what those cruel men
must have done to my brother. I don’t even know if
Bunnu is alive or… Munnu! I don’t know what to do. Where
do I look for those criminals? How do I find out how Bunnu is? There is one place
where we can catch them. You said they are going to put an
impostor in CM’s place in hospital. If we go there, we can catch them.
We can even save the CM. He is doctor Goyal from Delhi!
– Okay. He has come to examine the
CM on our personal request. I see. Pradhan, take him along.
– Come, sir. (Footsteps Receding) Doctor! (Door Opens) Doctor Goyal from Delhi! Excuse me, sir! (Car Brakes Squeaking) (Door Opens) Thank you! Hello, sir!
– Hello! Please. (Door Opens) Pradhan, there is a call for you.
– Thank you, sir! What are you saying, Munnu?
– Believe me, Mr. Vinod. They are going to plant an impostor
in place of the CM in the hospital. Some of the hospital
staff is also involved. Hurry! Let him in. (Footsteps Receding) Sir!
– Yes. Something terrible has
been planned in this hospital. You all please go out. You tell him, I’ll close the door. Do you recognise me, sir?
I’m Munnu. I know who killed your wife and son. They are very dangerous. Even my
brother Bunnu is in their custody. And the most important
thing is that… using plastic surgery they’ve made one
of their men to look just like you They want to substitute you. Munnu, you were a
bit late in coming here. The CM has already been changed. (Gun Firing) (Fighting Sound) (Glass Shatters) (Gun Firing) Sir, you can arrest me
if you like… but please believe me,
that rogue is the fake CM. I know that the CM is fake. (Car Accelerator Sound) (Gun Firing) Scoundrel! You scoundrels!
Why have you’ll brought me here? What do you want? You’ll be told everything when
the time comes. Take him away! Tinu, make the security more tight,
no one should manage to come here. (Car Brakes Squeaking) You? I’d told you
not to try to meet me. That I will contact you myself when
the time comes. Didn’t I tell you? When will the time come? After
my brother dies behind the bars? He is being tortured
more and more every day. He is not being
allowed to sleep all night. His condition is terrible. I don’t understand what you
all are doing since so many days. It is not child’s play to get your
brother out of jail. it’ll take time. Half our job has been done.
The CM is in our custody… and our man Sarang
put in his place. Very soon, Sarang will get
discharged from hospital… and take the CM’s charge. Your brother will then be a free man.
We’ll have no problem. There is one problem.
That boy. He has escaped your hands twice. He may become the reason
for your death the third time. No one can cause my death! Until now, he was after us,
but now, we will go after him. The moment we have him, we will
send him where we sent his brother. Go now. Mother, don’t worry. I am sure
Bunnu will come to no harm. Even I think so.
– Nothing untoward will happen. I have an idea which will bring
Bunnu back from wherever he is. Have a look, uncle. We will
publish this matter in the newspaper. “Dear Bunnu, your grandma
is very worried about you.” “Your father has also taken ill.”
– God forbid! That’s written only for effect. “Wherever you are, please come back.
No questions will be asked.” I will even thrash him! “One who brings this man on
the address given below,…” “will be given a
reward of 50,000.” He will come back
only if he is alive! Munnu! My brother! Laxmi, he has regained consciousness.
– Really? Are you all right now?
– How did I come here? I brought you here. You were
floating unconscious in the sea. The bullet just grazed your arm.
I have bandaged it. Why did you get shot?
– Why did you get shot? Shot…? (Gun Firing) What will you do with an expensive
chain and watch after death? You want to wear my watch
and chain? Wear my shirt too. Wear it.
I said wear it! Wear it or I’ll pump all
the six bullets into you. Now run! Run! (Door Closes) You are very lucky.
You have got a new lease of life. And this happened
only because of you. I will never forget this favour. I’ll be going now.
– Eat something and go. No thanks. I wonder what state my
family is in with no news on me. I have to reach Bombay
as soon as possible. (Train Horn Sounding) You look so pleased… like as if we were going to Bombay
not for Birju’s marriage, but ours. Then…
You sleep, brother. Birju is my only childhood friend.
Won’t I be pleased? Besides, I’m going to Bombay
for the first time. That’s all right, but the station
is nearing and we are hungry. I will go and get something.
– Yes! Look! How much for a samosa?
– One buck. Pack ten of them. Look.
– The face is exactly the same. But he’s not the man.
– This man looks like a village guy. He is a village guy. We’ll only cut his pigtail and
collect the reward of Rs.50,000. What do you think?
– It’s a great idea. Hello! Which village are you from?
– Hello! Me? I’m from Handiya.
– That is why you look so handsome. You are carrying ten samosas,
that too, each costing five! Each cost only one buck. You must be joking.
He gives us one for five bucks. Oh really?… You do look foolish,
that is why he cheated you. Why don’t you give
us one for 2:50? Sure! That means I’ll make
a profit of 1:50 on each samosa. Give me all of them and calculate
how much I should pay you. 2:50 for one,
that makes 5 for two. 7:50 for three,
and for four, it’s… (Train Horn Sounding) What happened?
– My train has left! Someone stop the train!
– Gauri is left behind at the station. Do something!
– Gauri! Oh Chandramukhi! Oh Chandramukhi! Why are you crying?
We will take you to Bombay. What will I do in Bombay?
I don’t even have Birju’s address. There is an ascetic
here who can help you. Don’t worry, I will give
you your friend’s address. Close your eyes for ten minutes
and you’ll see your friend’s face. What say?
– Very nice! Very nice! Why are you touching my hair?
– Don’t talk. If you break your concentration,
you won’t find your friend. What say?
– All right. Close your eyes. Now open your eyes
and tell me what you see. Who is this?
– The younger brother! What say? (Laughing) You did this to me? How about this? And this? Where are you going?
How did you like it? I lost everything in this city. My father, my moustache,
my pigtail, everything. And my… Chandramukhi! Chandramukhi! Now where do I go, what do I do?
Where do I get Birju’s address from? Hey, watch out.
– Bunnu! Oh! (Laughing) Bunnu! Who are you?
– Where had you gone, Bunnu? I’m not Bunnu. Why are you
forcing yourself on me? Stop your pranks! Do you know how
worried your family is about you? I am worried. Why should they be?
But how do you know my family? He’s acting again. Look Bunnu…
– Who Bunnu? My name is Gauri Shanker I’m looking for my
friend Birju’s house. Birju’s house?
We’ll take you there. You should’ve told us that before.
– You know where he lives? Yes.
– Really? Yes. Get in the car.
– Birju, I’m coming! Who is this Birju?
Why are you’ll bothering me? I’m telling you since so long,
but you refuse to listen. Please make him understand, he is my
fiancé but he refuses to come with us. She is your fiancée,
go with her! But…
– Go on. Go in!
– Be a little soft, lady. Have you brought me to my
friend’s house or to some jail? O my my! Such a big house.
Whose house is this? It is your father’s house.
– Oh come on. My hut in Handiya is no
comparison to this palace. I think Birju has become a
thief after coming to the city. Because such a big house can only
be made with that kind of money. Birju! Where are you?
Come here. Bunnu! You’re back, son! Father! Father, where did you go away?
– What are you doing! Do you know how much I’ve suffered
after being separated from you? Sons like you who want to punish
their father should suffer such fate. I sometimes feel like
breaking your head. But then… Now why are you going around me? Father, what happened to you
after coming to this city? – What? Your style of talking, your clothes,
everything about you has changed. (Laughing) Did someone chop your pigtail off?
Look, even mine was chopped off. Who cut it?
– Pigtail…? Yes, who cut it?
– What is he talking? He has been troubling us
like that all the way here. At least he recognised you,
but he refused even to recognise us. What nonsense are you talking?
How will I not recognise my father? Bunnu…
– Bunnu? Who is this Bunnu, father? I’m Bunnu.
– Then why are they troubling me? Tell them I’m Gauri Shanker.
– Gauri Shanker? Yes.
– Look, Gauri Shanker… stop your act or I’ll beat you
to pulp. Is that clear? Yes it is.
I know now. You are not my father.
You are someone else. I’m not your father?
– No! I am someone else who looks like him?
– Yes! Did you hear that, mother?
– My dear grandson! My Bunnu! I’m not Bunnu,
my name is Gauri Shanker. Everyone in this house
calls me Bunnu and hugs me. Oh yes! I have heard that people in
the city hug you and pick your pocket Old woman, did you pick
my pocket? Show me your hand. How dare you call
your grandma a thief! You know it is his
habit to pull pranks. Tell us, where were you until now? In Handiya.
– What were you doing there, you ass? Shut up!
– You keep abusing and beating me. You better behave nicely with me. I see. Just get my boxing gloves.
I want to behave nicely with him. Don’t you dare beat him near me. Until I don’t beat him,
he doesn’t behave himself. Old man, I thought you were my
father and took your beatings. But now if you annoy me,
I will beat you to pulp. Really?
– Yes. What will you do?
– That.. I.. You’ll beat me?
– Yes. You have angered me! No, Bunnu.
– Will you stab your father? Leave my hand,
let me eat the apple. I’m hungry since morning. Moreover,
these women brought me here. No one even offered
me a glass of water. Then he started beating me,
so I got angry. Or can I ever beat a man
who looks like my father? Bunnu, you have gone mad. (Crying) Hasmukh, I think someone has
cast an evil spell on our child. He has gone mad,
or maybe he has lost his memory. (Phone Ringing) (Phone Ringing) Hello! Sir, this is Jaichand.
We have a problem. The boy we had killed is alive.
– What! He’s alive? Yes, sir. But he has lost his memory.
If you say, we will kill him. No, until he recovers his memory,
he will not pose a danger to us. But keep a constant watch on him.
On hearing that Bunnu is alive… his brother will surely come to
meet him. Thereafter, kill them both. Why are you doing this? Murderers! What will you get by killing people?
What are you trying to achieve? Since we have brought you here,
you are asking us this question. I’ll tell you today what we want,
because we will achieve it tomorrow. The Natwar Shah you have
kept under tight security… will be rescued at sharp 11 . Then, at 11:45, he will
leave the country forever. Shocked, aren’t you? The man who is sitting in
your chair as the CM… will do this very easily. And then, you will have to answer
to the citizens of the country… about what you did with Natwar.
– You rogue! Traitor!
– Go in! (Door Closes) Hello!
– Hello sir! Hello! Hello! Sir, you have been fatally
attacked twice. Can you tell us who is
responsible for these attacks? Terrorism is on the
rise in the country. And then you are aware that
I am infamous for my integrity. I think a terrorist group is
responsible for these attacks. It is also possible that
Natwar Shah is behind this. It is possible. But I’m not the one
to compromise out of fear for my life The Natwar Shah issue
will be tackled soon. Sir, you lost your wife
and son in that attack. Can you tell us…
– Please no further question. Excuse me, sir! We need some loan from the
government for an orphanage. If you sign this form,
our task will become easier. I had no choice but to come, Sarang. I didn’t phone because it is
possible that your phone is tapped. We have made all the arrangements. Tejeshwar has said that you
free Natwar at sharp 11 … and reach the same place. If you are also ready
with the arrangements,… put your fake
signature on this. Tell me where my brother is! Where’s my brother? Stop! No!… Leave me! (Car Brakes Squeaking) Uncle, let me go. That woman…
– I will not hear anything you say. Or you will take advantage of my
forgetfulness and escape again. Take me where you like,
but read this first. I will not read anything.
First come to the police station. Please read it uncle, please! You made all my efforts go waste
or I would know today where Bunnu is. Really?
– Yes. Don’t worry, inspector
Pyare Mohan is with you. How many times do I say that
I’m not Bunnu, I’m not your son. I beg of you, just once
say that you are my son… so that the warrant
against Munnu gets cancelled. No.
– Stop being angry. It was a heated moment when your
father said that you are not his son. I promise you he will never
throw you out of the house again. That is what I want.
Throw me out of the house. – No. And ask him to be angry, because
he speaks the truth when he’s angry. I am not his son!
– I will not take his nonsense! I will thrash him!
– You go from here. Why will you beat me?
I haven’t robbed anything. Calm down, don’t get annoyed.
– All right, I’m calm now. Bunnu! Why are you behaving like this? Why
are you punishing us for your father? What have we done?
Why are you punishing us? Do you know how we feel? How we
spent each day since you left? Do you realise that? You don’t care about
anyone’s sorrow, anyone’s pain. You only care about yourself. You don’t care about
anyone else, do you? I care about anyone
who is in trouble… but since I am myself in
trouble, how can I help you? Please don’t cry. If you cry,
even I will start crying. Seeing you cry,
I am reminded of Chandramukhi. She must be so worried about me.
Chandramukhi! Chandramukhi! Chandramukhi! Eat something.
– I don’t want it! I won’t die if I
remain hungry for two days. But if you keep me tied here,
a lot of people will get killed. Whether anyone dies or not, but if
you continue to behave like this… I will surely die. Why are you so angry? When I put my dog after you, you
used to run around the whole village. Dog…?
– Yes. Try and recollect. Once you had fallen through my roof.
A snake had got into your dhoti. Remember how you had laughed then?
– A snake had got into my dhoti? And I was laughing? Look, I beg of you, if I have
done something wrong, forgive me… but don’t hurt me like that. I cannot bear it anymore, Gauri.
How much more do I tolerate? It is me who is tied,
who is suffering,… and you say how much
should you tolerate? Chandramukhi… untie my hands
so that I can eat. You will eat?
– Yes. You won’t run away?
– No. But first untie my hands. Don’t bother, I will eat myself. Will you stand and stare at me?
Go and get me some water. No Gauri, I will not let you go.
– Out of my way! Gauri! (Music Playing) (Singing)
“One wish of my life!” “One wish of my life that
I should attain your love!” “I should get married to you, even
if I die on the day of my wedding!” “I should get married to you, even
if I die on the day of my wedding!” “One wish of my life!” “One wish of my life that
I should attain your love!” “I should get married to you, even
if I die on the day of my wedding!” “I should get married to you, even
if I die on the day of my wedding!” “I don’t know you; I do
not recognize you.” “Then why are you after me?” “Thinking that I am crazy
for you, you stick to me.” “I don’t know you; I do
not recognize you.” “Then why are you after me?” “Thinking that I am crazy
for you, you stick to me.” “You only had told me that I
should not live without you.” “I will remind you your promise
and your intentions!” “I should get married to you, even
if I die on the day of my wedding!” “I should get married to you, even
if I die on the day of my wedding!” “One wish of my life!” “One wish of my life that
I should attain your love!” “I should get married to you, even
if I die on the day of my wedding!” “I should get married to you, even
if I die on the day of my wedding!” “If you break my heart
then I can do this.” “You will remember me; I can give
up my life on your door step.” “If you break my heart
then I can do this.” “You will remember me; I can give
up my life on your door step.” “I remembered what I had forgotten.” “I am the same that
you had told me.” “My Chandramukhi, please
do not be sad.” “I will never leave
you and go anywhere.” “I should get married to you, even
if I die on the day of my wedding!” “I should get married to you, even
if I die on the day of my wedding!” “One wish of my life!” “One wish of my life that
I should attain your love!” “I should get married to you, even
if I die on the day of my wedding!” “I should get married to you, even
if I die on the day of my wedding!” Uncle, grandma!
Bunnu has recovered his memory! Bunnu, my son!
– Daddy! Are you all right?
– Just recovered. You have recovered?
– Yes. How much you troubled your grandma! Now please remove this dhoti.
– What are you doing? Did Bunnu roam about nude?
– Stop joking. Wear your own clothes so that
we can meet the Commissioner… and get Munnu out of trouble.
– All right. Once I get out of this house,
all problems will be over. Those who have put me in
trouble will now be in trouble. Tell me, you scoundrel! Tell me! What kind of a man is he? The skin of my hands has peeled off,
but he refuses to say anything. He will talk!
He’ll tell us everything. You were asking him until now. Now
I will ask him in my police style. Munnu!
– Yes! Tell me quickly. I have forgotten
what I have to ask you. We have to ask him
where the CM is. (Crowd Applauding) (Car Brakes Squeaking) Bunnu! Uncle, my brother is alive.
Look! Hail lord Bajrangbali! Get in! Just drive the car! Hurry, let’s go! Bunnu! Bunnu! Bunnu! Come on uncle, hurry! Follow that car. Come on, fast!
Hurry up, uncle! Faster, uncle.
– Don’t worry! No one can beat me at driving.
– Hold the steering wheel! Turn left.
– I cannot see anything. Are you blind? Bunnu!
– Munnu! Munnu, my brother!
How are you? Do you know how desperate
I have been to meet you? Why are you so perturbed?
– If you are here, who was he? Whom are you talking about?
– He was with Hasmukh… he looked just like you. I still
cannot believe he was someone else. That means he was Gauri Shanker.
– Who is he? The one because of whom
I am confined here. Where is he? They have kidnapped him
assuming him to be you. The same people
who attacked the CM. The whole family is in their custody.
– What! We have found out where
they have hid the CM. I think they must have
taken your family there only. So what’re we waiting for? Let’s go!
– Come on. Gauri! Where are you
taking my Gauri? Someone stop them! Gauri, wait! Uncle, Gauri…
– What happened? Stop them.
– Who? They kidnapped Gauri. Why did I kill him? The memory lapse again! Listen, where am I? What happened?
– What are you doing? We have come to release everybody,
and you are roaming around freely? Damn! I’d forgotten again.
– You almost killed us! (Door Opens) Sir, please leave this
place immediately. (Fighting Sound) Come on, let’s go. (Door Opens) Hello! I’m inspector Pyare Mohan.
I brought them here to release you. The scoundrels have
kidnapped our family, sir. Don’t worry. God willing,
they will come to no harm. How fast can you drive a car? Car? – Car?
– Munnu! (Car Accelerator Sound) Faster, Munnu. If my look a like
reaches there… he will escape with Natwar Shah. (Car Brakes Squeaking) Come, sir. Officer, Natwar Shah has to
be shifted to Delhi immediately. Why, sir?
– Because CBI has information… that his life is in danger. That some
of the security here has been bribed. Where did Natwar Shah go? Where can you take him Mr. Sarang? You haven’t come to release him,
but to get caught yourself. Look there. (Door Opens) Sarang, the law will
punish you for your crimes. But for the suffering you
have caused Bunnu and Munnu… they will punish you themselves. (Fighting Sound) Stop them, their family
is in our custody. They will be killed,
so better stop them. These two have done me great favours. I will save their family even if I
have to put my life at stake for it. Now I will take Natwar Shah
to your accomplices. But they will think I am Sarang. Hey, listen!
What’s going on here? Tejeshwar! Tejeshwar! Tejeshwar! Two boys got the CM
released and took him away. (Phone Ringing) Hello! Yes. Let them come. Diana, we have a problem. It is possible that the
one who is coming is Sarang. And it is also possible
that he is the real CM. (Crowd Applauding) (Door Opens) (Door Opens) (Door Closes) What are you doing, Tejeshwar? Don’t worry Natwar,
this is an old game of ours. Isn’t it, Sarang?
– Yes… yes. (Laughing) You have done a great job,
no one even suspected anything. (Laughing) Why would anyone suspect?
Don’t I look like the real CM? Since your plastic surgery,
forget the others… even we cannot recognise
whether you are Sarang or the CM. (Laughing) Since you have become the CM,
you haven’t murdered anybody. Your hands must be craving for it.
Kill them all. No! (Laughing) You will not be able
to shoot, chief minister! (Gun Firing) (Gun Firing) (Machine Gun Firing) (Explosion) I’ve got stuck between these goons. (Explosion) (Explosion) (Explosion) Sir, Inspector Pyare Mohan
reporting Sir. Uncle! What happened? You forgot again.
– What? That the DCP is their man.
– When will I get over this habit? (Machine Gun Firing) Stop! Brother, hurry!
– Coming. Brother, hurry! How long you took.
– Come on captain. Hurry up. (Airplane Engine Revving) Stop! Don’t spare him! Even I have
come here to beat him to pulp. Father!
– Gauri! (Airplane Engine Revving) Natwar! Maybe you’ve forgotten. I told you
that until you give an account… of every penny of the people’s money,
I won’t even let you die. Gauri Shanker!
– Yes, Gauri Shanker. You beat me so much. (Airplane Engine Revving) Sorry sir, but however
foolish honesty may be… it does earn recognition one day. And however smart immorality is,
it has to go behind bars one day. Come, sir. Move it! (Crowd Applauding) Thank you, sir! Thank you, sir! Mother, my fake coins
have worked wonders. They used to buy fake medals.
But today they’ve earned their medals Now you realise? Whose grandsons
are they, after all? Yours, Mother. Rascals!
– Yes? Put in a word for me too,
even I worked hard with you. Inspector Pyare Mohan, I heard that.
– Yes sir. Thank you sir. You have been promoted
as Commissioner of police. (Crowd Applauding) Uncle! Congratulations! Anuradha, I’ve been dying
to tell you something. What do you want to tell? Who will be the one
to sacrifice among us? (Singing) “Oh the one with
the red veil, tell me your name?” “Oh the one with the black dress,
tell me your name!” “Tell us your name!
Tell us your name!” “Tell us your name!” “Oh you crazy for name
tell me what work do you have?”

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    Jo is film.main Natwar Shah se pucha
    Sarda ghotala ka paisa kaha hai

  4. Khotey sikhey maa baap keliya kbhi kaam aaye zindagi me👍👍👍👍👍👨‍👦‍👦👨‍👦‍👦👨‍👦‍👦

  5. Thanks for sharing this Movie and remastering it in Very Good Quality. Unfortunately 4 Minutes are cut? One cut is at 32:25 this Song is much longer but it was cut there.

  6. अच्छा था जो मान गए वरना तो कट जाता गला very very nice

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