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100 thoughts on “Aatrox Special Interactions

  1. She is funny, he is badass, he is FUCKING INSANE, i would love to read a book with him as protagonist.
    Obviusly it will be about him murderfucking everything in LOL lore but… that could be fun.

  2. Kills garen and screams demacia
    Then threatens to kill demacia even doe garen at this point is litteraly demacia with arms and legs

  3. Trydamere and Aatrox interactions are lore based facts…Why do I have a feeling Aatrox wants Tryndamere to kill him and take his place? Only one interaction is to kill Tynd, but the rest are like calling him to be even more angry

  4. He kinda hypes me up with that angry music and loud voice, rising with every shout and insult. It's like a constant build of tension.

  5. 14:12 looking at pantheon's rework it is kind of mind blowing that he says that. Implying that after he killed the aspect of war it is her who comes next.
    Just my take on the interaction as i think it would be interesting if that was the case.

  6. REAL AATROX: a lightning squirrel? your death will amuse me

    hashinshin aatrox: Lightning rushes forward, lightning rushes back.

  7. An angry Russian, gardening tool and 3 other man walk into a bar…
    Gardening tool asks; "what was the memo?"
    Then Aatrox kills everything, the end.

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