Laughter is the Best Medicine

ABC News Peter Jennings reports on Indian Laughter Clubs

yeah it is the way they live this week we have seen how some people in Greece and Japan managed to have unusually long and healthy lives because they eat well and are productive from India tonight a somewhat different take on what it takes to live a better life as Mark Twain once said against the assault of laughter nothing can stand ABC's mark Liske reports from Bombay with some of the most congested polluted lube rattling cities on the planet the people of India could tell you a thing or two about stress it's a problem taken seriously here very seriously from the land that brought us yoga and transcendental meditation now comes the left or claw absolute latest in stress reduction therapy once a week people gather in cities all over India this is Bombay for a half-hour of organized giggling and define guaranteed they say to melt away the tensions of modern life and improve one's health this exercise in giving energy to our body and once again we feel that we are young they certainly act a lot younger as well yes mark life is too serious dr. madan kataria is the one who started this craze after years of observing how his patient's immune systems always improved following bouts of laughter no matter what their ills like high disease like peptic ulcer is only a psychiatric problems depression and all laughter he says is the ultimate cost effective therapy it's free and it's easy to pass around much too easy for a serious interview what the doctor did was simply devised a laughter routine to exercise different parts of the body there's the silent let the lion whack the argument wax at the end of each session people are so pumped up they feel they can take on the world dr. alone in the college hell no doubt about it the world could certainly use a little more medicine like this market he ABC News trying to keep a straight face in Bombay India

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