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Abraham Hicks FUNNY Moments Compilation (New) Will Put You Right in the Vortex!

Abraham Hicks Funny Moment Compilation New 2016 your knowing what you are wanting are
you enjoying the expansion of your personal desires are you enjoying the
sound of her cell phone I have a lot of questions my biggest
questions about family they’re overrated yeah what that makes things a lot easier next have you ever had a thought about
someone that was negative in nature that did not result in their immediate
beheading my husband’s ex-wife she survived she’s still there law of attraction is
not a secret that’s like calling gravity a secret like if you don’t explain it to
somebody they’ll throw something up and it won’t come down I want that all . that all like I’m
girlfriend back I’ll stop coloring on no way that’ll
help she’s the new ones the beach just like
the other one was which is interesting but I can’t use you have said there is
you cannot give up on the desire you can only give up on the resistance and a lot
of energy so you cannot you you should look for someone to love not
to love you back could I get my old girlfriend yeah I
wanted but yeah we don’t blame her she was a good one Abraham hicks funny moments compilation new 2016 she was I’ve got a million more questions now let’s talk about someone trying to cheer
you up and you’re not having any of it and they think they’re really really
funny but they’re not funny to you I’ve been on the other side of that so
well that’s really why we’re telling you this see now you got me going to pick now
that’s funny the first thing is I want to go pee and
there’s no bathrooms here so I’m just putting that vibration out there that
I’d like a bathroom there are bathrooms that the women have
taken them all because women are more powerful yes more people I don’t really believe in an afterlife
heaven or hell I’d really don’t believe in reincarnation I think those things
are a cop out for a mediocre life abraham hicks funny moments compilation new 2016 then how do you explain that unfortunately that’s the point that
we’re making if you’re not including us in your all
that is we are happy that there are other all the businesses because you
just extinguished us from being honest if you need us to haunt you anytime we are available and until October thirty-first we are
under great the man but after that our calendar is blue I my follow-up question has to do with a
little bit more esoteric but the relationship between order to be more
esoteric and there’s this for Jackson creation and everything everything you
want is in there and you have to find some are creating the vibrational
atmosphere so that what you there can flow over here you’re a group of entities are we r
group of entities yes we are all infinite intelligence we are just more
intelligent so three years ago I started studying
your material and it was mainly em to cure myself of mental illness which
pretty much has been done and now i have to like get a job Abraham hicks funny moments compilation new 2016 yeah why did the chicken cross the road now let’s talk about humor I I again I don’t know if that makes any
sense but it makes perfect sense to crazy people like those who have assembled here while
horses could not keep me from it it doesn’t matter what you say about it
every time I don’t even care if you tell me she’s the devil I want her yeah I’ll give her a ring to naught I’ve got about another question if
that’s why she’s so angry at the end because she was not a vibrational match
to the vortex version of the two of you created that took that the two of us
created and the terms & Chang creating a vibrational escrow with other people as
well Abraham hicks funny moments compilation new 2016 none of your business don’t not a bar
business and let it go I’ll get that yeah you want it and don’t have it and we
don’t care because if we cared about what you want
and don’t have no one would be holding the line about what you want someone’s got to keep the faith and it’s yeah yeah so when you want it and don’t have it we
still party we talked about how it was a close call
on that one and how you almost you almost had it we talked about how you were walking
down the street he was walking down the street you were in a bad mood and you
turned the wrong way abraham hicks funny moments compilation new 2016 we talked about that we talked about the
veritable fortune that you’ve amassed and how you deprive yourself of it and
we don’t laugh at you but we think it’s funny there are a lot of people who would
disagree with us but they would be wrong now that’s funny Abraham Hicks funny moments compilation new 2016

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  1. Love your videos! : ) Can I get some more information about you? … I LOVE to know more people that support these teachings! I personally think that if more people knew about Abraham specifically that would literally change the world : )

  2. 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣😘
    Heartiest appreciation thx dearest 💐
    Stay Blissful Eternally ❣️🙏🏽🕉

  3. I just had my vibration raised higher than I’ve felt yet! I so needed to see this driving loop, so bad! Thank you for the joy I appreciate it! Made me so happy! I subscribed.

  4. This filled my Vortex up to the brim…I am so grateful. Thanks, you've made my day.
    PS: As someone before me mentioned, I too would love to learn more about you. A soul who shares such delightful teachings with others must be a ray of light itself. Plus, you seriously have changed my life to the better a lot. So tons of love, love, love and more love. Namaste 💞

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