Laughter is the Best Medicine

Accent challenge by Shield Stallion

Ali: cannot go back Ash: Let me help you *SUPER SAIYAN SCREAM* Ali: Cannot go
*Saiyan Intensifies* Ash: Come on push! Ash: ALRIGHT VIDEO RECORDING Ash: AUDIO SYNC *Spamming Claps* Ash: Enough Ash: It’s only twice guys Ash: Workout?
Denis: Workout.. Ash: HI GUYYYYSSSSS Ash: Today we on Ali’s Angel Ash: I am the angel of death Denis: I am the Chinese one Ash: Noooo! Ash: you are? Ash: Pakistani Angel Denis: Pakistani Denis: Pokestani Angel Ash: So guys today we’re going to do a video on? Ash: Accents Ash: We’re gonna talk in a different accent Ali: and we already have four different accent over here Ash & Denis: Yes *agreeing to ali* Denis: But we want to have 8 Ash: We have Pokestani Ash: We have Balinese Ash: We have Ali: Balinese *in his pokestani accent* Ash: Russian Vodka Ali: H and Y??? Ash: and we have the black Chinese from china town Ash: Not little india, I ate Denis: Best, Best team ever! Ash: Best team ever Ash: How this challenge is going to work is
Ali: *claps like a seal* Ash: I’m going to ask Ali to speak in one accent Ash: Ali is going to ask Denis to speak in another accent Ash: and Denis is going to ask Renne to speak in another accent Ash: And you know the chain comes back to me Denis: yeah thank you, thank you
Ali: Ask Renne to do something? Ash: Alright? Renne is sleepy? Ali: Renne is going to start first Renne: NOOOO All of us: Agreeing to Ali*
Ali: Dabbing a lot Renne: Is that the name? Renne: Scotland Accent Ash and Ali: Scotland Accent
Renne: Repeating what she asked Renne: Scottish Ash: So I’m going to speak in a Scottish accent
Renne: Please! Scottish Ash: Okay Ash: So I’m gonna speak in a Scottish accent throughout this whole conversation? Ash: So Ali? Ash: You are going to speak Ash: Chinese Accent Ali: I cannot speak in Chinese accent
*speaks in Chinese accent* Ali: Denis is going to speak in Zulu language Ash and Rene: *dies from laughter* Ash: *random click sounds*
Denis: Okay bro *The laughter enhances* Denis: Okay bro, I show you
Ash: Okay! I show you, I show you Denis: I show you bro
Ash: And Renne Ash: what accent you gonna speak Renne: I don’t know? Ali: Renne please speak in some accent Denis: How to speak? Denis: French accent, French accent Ash: French accent mademoiselle Renne: Okay I try to speak accent
*tries to be French* Ash: can you give me something beside Scottish? Ash: I can’t do Scottish? Renne: Okay? Ash: Do you want me to speak in British? Renne : Nahhhh
Ali: No Please, go die please xD Ali: Africa *then laughs hard*
Ash: *dies out of laughter again* Ash: Okay guys, today’s topic that we are going to talk about is? Ash: Food Ash: Something very simple Ash: Okay? Ash: So as a British? Ash: I would like to talk about the crumpet Renne: That’s not British *laughs* Ash: The Crumpet is the best Ali: What is the pick of the Crumpet? *laughs* Ash: That goes well with tea and coffee Ali: I only know Char Koay Teow Ash: How about you Denis? Denis: *grunts* Ash: Zulu! Zulu!
Renne: *speaks in click* Ash: Come on Denis, how about you I don’t know what you imagine Denis: Only hunt elephants and giraffes and elephants *speaks clicks* Renne: Me? Renne: I Only? Ash: *imitates Renne*
Renne: What accent? Oh French Denis: Come on come on come on Renne: *blurbs something in French (actually Balinese) Renne: Its Croissant Renne: In my home town Renne: Uh-HUUUUH Renne: Croissant
*everyone loses their calm and dies laughing* *A baby seal with asthma* Ali: Somebody call 911
*all of us continue laughing Ash: you guys fail in your accent
Renne: Croissant is really nice Renne: *blabbing gibberish again*
*continue to die in laughter* Renne: Only Croissant huh? Ash: Croissant Ash: Mademoiselle Renne: I don’t need Koay Teow Ash: Koay Teow
*laughing continues* Renne: Buy Croissant Ash: Stop Stop Stop! Ash: Okay guys the first round, the winner is me Ash: because I made the best British accent ever Ash: Thank you
Ali: You forgot about me? Ash: You SHAAAAA Ash: Alright guys, thank you so much for watching?
Renne: For watching? *mime effect* Ash: this episode
Denis: thankkkk youuuuuu Ash: Like Subscribe Share?
Ali: WOOOOOOOOOOOOO *pokestani shout*
Renne: Thank you so much for watching ahhhh Ali: Please like our page and our subscription and all the other electronical stuff that we have?? *THE END*

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