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100 thoughts on “Admiral Ackbar – “It’s A Trap!”

  1. Rest in Peace, Admiral. You did well, but I'm afraid even the Power of the Force is insignificant next to the stupidity of Disney's writers.

  2. Obi-wan: I sense a trap
    Anakin: next move?
    Obi-wan:Spring the trap
    trap is sprung
    Ackbar: It's a trap!
    Obi-wan: How did this happen? We're smarter than this!

  3. … minecraft: mine strait down
    Ttt: someone shoot at a point of a map
    Murder: fakegun
    EA: removed micro transactions
    Hello neighbor: filling the milk with sleep pills
    My butt: needs to fart near my date
    Csgo: teamm8 flashed my we’re enemy’s rush or defend
    Tf2: bunch of engis and pyros Wile playing as a spah
    Random test: about what you learn yesterday
    Toilets at streets: (no words)
    A real trap
    Someone gives ya at the cinema by endgame or… idk your favourite movie a coke: need to piss
    Everyone and thing: A TRAP

  4. "as the ships entered the seemingly empty void, they suddenly find themselves sorrounded by hundreds of enemy fighters closing in! The Fish Admiral exclaims, "It's a Trap!" Which is what it is. It's a trap."

    insert captain america reference gif

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