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Adverbs: Should You ELIMINATE All Of Them?

Oh my god, my voice sounds so weird for some reason Should you eliminate all adverbs? If you are a new writer starting out, the chances are you might have heard this advice where you should eliminate all adverbs I have also heard this advice before from a more experienced writer I sent her my prologue and my first chapter of my novel to get some advice And her advice is that I should eliminate all adverbs because it makes me sound “lazy” And when I heard this advice, I was so devastated because I freaking LOVE using adverbs So I did a little bit of research to see if I really should eliminate all my adverbs especially one very famous author, Stephen King Stephen King says, and I quote: “I believe the road to hell is paved with adverbs” Which is quite a strong statement Which is quite a strong statement his actual quote is a lot longer But then I digged a little bit more, and I realized that But basically it’s very obvious that he dislikes adverbs but then I digged [omg it’s dug idiot -.-”’] a little bit more and I realized that nowadays, a lot of writers are actually disagreeing with this advice And because I love adverbs I’m gonna agree with those who disagree with this advice So there are arguments saying that you should not delete all adverbs because it is a part of our language Adverbs are part of our grammar and you have to use them if you want to speak the English language or like any language You can’t just delete a part of our language In fact, if you use an adverb and you hear this advice and you try very very hard to somehow change it and delete it, that will make it even more natural Trust me, I’ve tried that, and it doesn’t really work So my advice for you, instead of eliminating all adverbs, eliminate all WEAK adverbs What are weak and strong adverbs? So basically if you use an adverb that describes a verb and they’re basically meaning the same thing, that’s a weak adverb For example, “he screams loudly” Screaming already means that it’s loud, you don’t have to add an adverb saying that it’s loud That would be an example of a weak adverb However, I’m sure many of you have heard the famous title, ‘Killing Me Softly’ Now that is good adverb, because ‘killing’ suggests that it might be violent, it might be painful and just overall very negative But if you add the adverb, ‘softly’ it changes the entire meaning and maybe it becomes something gentle So the next time when you write, don’t eliminate all your adverbs If you can, make them into a strong verb For example, if you say “ran quickly,” just say “you dashed” or instead of saying that “he ate something hungrily” you say that “he devoured his meal” It also depends on your personal writing style If you use adverbs meaningfully and strategically, then of course you don’t have to eliminate all of them But if you use them like every two words then yes, there is a problem and you should delete the majority of them If you really don’t know if you should or should not delete some You should go find an editor or a beta reader or a more experienced person to kind of help you But overall just look at these things: does the adverb make the sentence stronger, or is it kind of repetitive? Does it make the verb stronger or does it just mean the exact same thing? So the next time you hear this advice, “eliminate all adverbs,” agree that you should eliminate SOME but don’t delete all You should know what to delete and what to keep because adverbs are part of our language, you cannot delete all of them if you do, it might sound very weird, unless you are super super skilled in not doing it And even Stephen King, who dislikes adverbs, uses them in his books So take it with a grain of salt and just make sure what your own style is and make sure that you sound natural and not forced That’s all I have today, I hope you like this writing advice video If you would like this video please give it a big thumbs up and subscribe to my channel because I update every Friday Thank you so much for watching, guys, and I’ll see you next week. Bye!

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