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Afili Aşk | HUMOR | Best of KEREM & AYŞE YİGİTER Pt.2

*enough with that romance* Ladies and Gentlemen, let me present you the real AyKer What the hell? *What are you doing here?* *Saving your ass* Just look at this body I’m like a football player after vacation *wanna die?* *Ayse’s glass* Now I know that I’m married to a shameless bear! Bear! C’mon, Ayse! Wake up! Get Up, Girl!!! Here I am Kerem, listen. You should concentrate on your work Be positive and smile more *kerem being a mood* People who tried to put pressure on me were regretting afterwards, Ayse Don’t play with me What’s the matter? Are you worried? *playfull AyKer* So why are you hiding if you’re not scared of a gunshot? You hid and I decided to make you a company What are you doing? What are you doing? Girl, what are you doing? Searching for my phone Forgive her. She’s in a bad mood again I wish I could slam your head instead but… I love you so much, Asye! What is he doing? Crazy! I mean what the hell is he doing? Tell me honestly. Your heart is pounding because I’m sitting so close *act natural* You look so tense. You’re trembling. Yeah, I’m trembling *mischief managed* Hey, mister Let’s get to know each over Take my phone number OK, enough of that. You’ve had your little joke Stay back! Look at this jackal Write down my number too! *went overboard* *playfull AyKer* *stop being so cute, AyKer* *jealous* x3 Your favorite song is playing, did you noticed? No, I didn’t I made a list of math teachers Women are not allowed to teach mathematics? Sorry? There’s only men’s names. Kerem, are you ok? I wil be ok if you stop pressing me This pose looks good. Let’s do it again This one? Are you crying? I’m not So you’re crying when you’re nervous When you’re nervous you’re kissing me. And I’m not even allowed to cry? I’ll choose Muammer teacher How young can teacher named Muammer be? *Muammer* Listen. Why are you smiling like that? How? You never smile at me that way Usually you never smile at me at all Teacher Muarrem Muallim Mujait Murtaza Muzafer Mahmood Mukhtedir It’s Muammer, not Muarrem Same thing What’s wrong again? Kerem, please, get dressed I don’t hear you Kerem, I’m begging you! Don’t do this! I am not listening to you. I have to concentrate Go ahead! Go! Jump! Ayse, girl, you should’ve warned me! Instead of this empty words Warned you? I told you to stop numerous times! But you refused to listen аnd continued waving your arms! You have no fever What the hell are you doing here? It that your relaxed state? My love! Aria is my sister You’re right, father “You’re right, father” Are you ok? Ok-ok, just bumped a little You should be careful. Volkan! Now hug and kiss and apologize to each over. C’mon. Sorry, hubby Sorry, wifey Believe it or not, for better or for worse, but this girl swept you off your feet That’s not true Kerem, what are you doing? Wake them up. You will lose your ring again and start crying And I’ll have to search it like Frodo Here, take it. And if you miss me just look at it and cry I sprayed perfume in here, so you could sense my smell Wait for me, boys! Noooo Where are you going? Get back! Dad, it’s the first time when I’m not guilty I just wanted to enjoy this moment from afar What do you think you’re doing? What are you planning to do with him? Volkan, we’re grown men. Fights and fuss don’t suit us. THANKS FOR WATCHING And sorry for any mistakes!

2 thoughts on “Afili Aşk | HUMOR | Best of KEREM & AYŞE YİGİTER Pt.2

  1. Вот как после таких выходок не любить этих дорков♥️ И с каждым эпизодом становятся все безумнее😂
    А какие ваши любимые моменты с АйКер?

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