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Agents o SHIELD | Humor [6×03]

I’m requesting permission to come aboard for your welcoming inspection that won’t be necessary not your right plans we will be visiting your planet but thank you it’s lovely what you were in the system you are I [Music] must admit that this journey together from the moment our ship was attacked until now barring perhaps that one incident with the mast ads has been quite stimulating and informative are you seriously trying to tell me that you’re having fun it would seem that yes I’m having a facsimile of what you would call fun do you guys need anything else those they’re all yours you look really good oh my god so good take some food hello fellow Brigantine I look forward to playing this game with chance with you research and if it’s not here you better beat it about to death in an applause but there are other ways to earn money the brothels of Kitson we are both healthy and not unattractive specimens and I am well-versed in over 130 OP perhaps a game that doesn’t require bluffing but has a strategy based entirely on mathematical odds why wouldn’t you start with that game because the stakes are very high how high [Music] you earned a very good price but what if you lose you will be sold in this way welcome to the house of games please check your [Music] violators will be removed and executed attending a poker face I’m afraid this is the only face I have a very good Hey what is wrong with you [Laughter] Jay Z Simmons [Music] do not move do not move I’m gonna try and reach them stay [Music] we made it [Applause] no no it there yeah we call it the apartment but I feel such a strong connection to you like we’re both different parts of the same cosmically do you feel it you ship your mind propositioning me at the bar [Music] little British friend was missing everyone around me it smelled like gee don’t worry everybody I got it

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