Laughter is the Best Medicine


once upon a time, in the life of an army dislcamer: french is a wild language and this vid will content lots of insults so avoid watching if ur too sensitive yoongi’s mixtape is out you piece of shit so move your ass go listen to it on soundcloud and add some views on yt [phone trans] agust is here to ruin y’all i love this song huh i love you (this is an actual french ytber smh) i cant believe min yoongi invented alphabet omg he’s amazing the trans says i fuck and make history on this ground my dick is bigger than (other rapper’s) talent armys: i love sucking dicks idk it’s something im very good at it and btw they call me “best blow job in the world” hes just making all his roasts im too lazy check translations no one’s watching this anyway y do i bother lmao that moment tho #bless yeye fuck u 2 yoongi (or that hoe): im the one who tweets im the one who roasts and i fuck those who dont like it i cant breathe jafar but…. princess jafar im stuck!!!! from paris to new york damn im burnin dat passport dude you came here one for kcon u thot we’re ur fam lmao u better check ur speech chicken (idk how to translate this soz) agust d – the last (translation) we aint movin we aint movin theres no way we can move we aint movin HERE HERE IT’S

14 thoughts on “AGUST D ON CRACK (FR w/ ENG CC)

  1. "mec t'es venu une fois à la kcon t'as cru on était ta mif? va faloir revoir ton speech, poulet" j'ai replay 1000 fois et je ris toujours autant 😂😂😂 (j'ai redécouvert ta vidéo et j'étais bien contente de la revoir :D)

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