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AI-Generated Inspirational Quotes (The Second One)

M: “Bullets are sexy” W: Hey- Hey guys.
Do you remember when we did that video on the uh- AI inspirational quotes?
Well basically it was an AI that generated inspirational quotes. After we did it, a bunch of people on Twitter™ sent us some inspirational quotes. So we’re gonna be reading out those and we’re also gonna be looking at some of the other ones we’ve made [Croak] D: Wait, you’re telling me there’s more? D: “If there’s a way to drug him, there’s a way to find him.” G: “Man milk. You’ve earned it.” W: Put the work in. M: “Please try selling illegal substances.” C: “Giving birth backwards can be the mistake of a lifetime.” [Laughing] C: Is that through the mouth? D: It’s a beautiful baby boy… Actually, I want him back in for a bit. [Laughing] G: “Canada? Sheer coincidence?” D: “Tomorrow begins today. Get a divorce.” M: “Bronies are ridiculous.” D: “Jump and die.” G: “Keep undressing. You are being greased up.” [Giggles in British] C: “The two things you need in order to get addicted to heroin is success and something beautiful.” G: “A fidget spin doesn’t last forever.” D: “Don’t be jealous of your brother’s death, just play ball.” [Laughing] C: “Murder is the fuel of everything.” M: “Don’t be a savage. Thiefify your hermit.” C: What’s thiefify? D: It’s a verb apparently. D: “Wake up. Die.” D: “Listen, It’s never too late to get smallpox.” C: “Dolphins are actually original.” C: “You are important.”
[Loud and muffled] “You are arousing.” [Laughing] D: “Soon everything will make perfect sense.” D: “So It’s okay to play with yourself” [Laughing] M: “If you are in control of the orgy, you do not need the orgy.” G: “Die and give up.” G: “The moment you understand how to say her, you understand how to hit her.” C: “Eat. Pant.” [Forced] Hahahahahahaha D: “Try shouting.” M: “First comes other people’s well being,
then comes the infection.” G: “First comes the mediocrity.” G: [Whispering] “Then comes the sex.” D: Mmm
“Self-control is to forget your parachute.” W: “If you pimp out your lover, contexualize.” G: “A special person can be a gangster.” G: “But the gangster can also be a special person.” W: “Don’t you get tired of vomiting?” G: “Someday…” [Giggling] [Inhale]
[Laughing] D: “You can not have moral without screaming.” M: “You must outlive fun.” M: “Ask for the attacks.” [Blows] [Someone somehow makes the sound of a chair being pushed] M: Ask for the potassium based attacks. D: George, what’s your favourite robot? G: Eh– … My pringles can. [Laughing] [Gasp] Guys, squirrel wHOA I’m- I’m fucking after him. [Giggles in british] C: Dude I find squirrels scary. Jack go say hi to it. J: I like squirrels Run- Run after it.
Oh, look It’s taunting you dude. J: He can’t even see me!

100 thoughts on “AI-Generated Inspirational Quotes (The Second One)

  1. "Try not to think of is as brainwashing
    Think of it as a passion"
    [accompanied by a picture of a hand holding several pills]

  2. I got:
    "Sexualized intoxication ascends sexualizedy"
    "Respect a whore"
    "Education is hard for scientists"
    "Spread misinformation about the economy"
    "After the moment, comes the son"
    " If you are having second thoughts about the comment section, you are underestimating the comment section"
    " Only by the weponizing of the spanking is an individual able to harness true the sadomasochism of self-sacrifice"
    "Existence is bad for you"
    "You pig"
    "Lizards suppress sabotage"

  3. "Open your mind and be the first person to repeat what rational people deem unrepeatable." K then. I'm off to recreate the holocaust.

  4. I actually looked up and used this program, and ended up with a heck ton of weird stuff. Sadly the browser got closed before I could save the images but I got some hilarious crap. One of the quotes had something about cooking a**holes. Had me and my bro in tears laughing.

  5. "If you're the hottest woman in the theatre, you do not belong in a theater" with a pic of an old guy jumping in the pool

  6. Each day is another chance to be passive-aggressively motivated. Don't forget to HAVE FUN!
    Do not survive the hounds. No means no.
    No consumerism, no obesity.
    A drug dealer is a "professional author"
    If we give up our power to write books about our Pokemon, we also give up our power to lie about friendships.

  7. A good man is the husband who knows very(yes, it said "very") corner of his power,
    but a better man is the husband who knows very corner of his nut.

  8. I went on the website and the first two ones I got were: “Here comes the jerks!” And “old people are jerks”

    Edit: I got one that said: “Once a comedian, Always a comedian”

    Edit 2: “If you want to get rich you have to destroy an athlete”

    Edit 3: Wtf I got one that said:
    “Finding a spouse is not a question of «How much?» but rather, «Whaddup bitches».”

  9. I have a few lol
    "Jump on him"
    "Mannequins will vitalize your body"
    "Get ready for bad karma!" (There was a smiley face background)
    "No spanking, no incorporation"
    "Be who you always wanted to be and play dead"
    "Make every single day of your life stupendously horny"
    "Every creature is disturbingly pleasurable. Behave entertaining"
    "Why don't you quit exercising?"
    "The experience of being human is a lot similar to being burned at the steak"

  10. These quotes are very inspirational! Like the 'Please try selling illegal substances' I did that, now the cops want me! 😉

  11. I got this:
    "Vegetarian" is just another term for "underpaid bureaucrat".

    Edit – some more:
    If we want social capital we need to accept hell.

    Trust the attention. Remember the bitching.

    You can be an unhealthy thing. That's not normal.

    Some people define sadness as cutting off a limb and loving it.

    Why don't you stop worrying and love table salt?

    You must say hello to a severe punishment.

    The end: addressing the snake in the garden is what's causing it to happen.

    Literature is a lie.

    History: the most disappointing trip.

    Participate in the larger conversation on kittens.

    Have at least some respect for the police.

    An opportunity is fun for poor people.

    Reflect the death.

    Most of all people are abusive.

    A chicken will always be a chicken. A dildo will always be a dildo.

    Screams are addictive.

    Grow up, and some day your bitch will be your imaginary girlfriend.

    The periodic table is how nature says I'm ovulating.

    The fact that you are evolved from a fish, doesn't mean you're not sad.

    A color is anything but cool.

    Cakes are designed to eliminate your potency.

    The solution to consciousness is spontaneous combustion.

    Hug her.

    I'll add some more soon, it's late and I'm bored.

  12. I got: " being a mother can be a lot like being part of an experiment… It sounds kinda cool, till you realize the joke is on you" lol XD

  13. I literally bought this on a shirt:

    If you do not make the elite fall down a flight of stairs someone else will.

  14. I got “if you’re worried about extra-marital incompetence, then you don’t know what extra-marital incompetence means.”

  15. I got "Teaching a wife how to torture an asshole is obviously just as profound an experience for the asshole as it is to the wife"

  16. Well it's wrong about it never being too late to get smallpox. If the disease is completely eradicated and every sample in a lab destroyed, then it's too late to get smallpox. Also it's too late to get smallpox if you die of something else.

  17. I tried that website about 40 times and the best one I got was "some people become people because of <<them>>", set to the picture seen in this video at 1:55 of the Earth seen from space.

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