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Airplane Travel | Zoltan Kaszas | Cat Jokes | Dry Bar Comedy

I flew out here. I flew out here on United because they’re givin’ those tickets away (Laughter) That guy’s a hero we need to put him on a stamp everyone’s summer vacations a little bit cheaper (Laughter) Thanks to him I flew with, uh, last time up before this I flew to Boise I flew with a buddy of mine I don’t know if you’ve ever flown with someone like this we were flying from San Diego to Boise and Before the plane took off he crossed himself up You know he gave em the Father, the Son, and the ghost of Christmas past. He hit all the corners But we had a connection in Oakland we had to get on another plane in Oakland and as we’re taking off. He hits it again And I looked at him and I go that doesn’t transfer from the first one (Laughter) You gotta hit it every time like if I was doing it I would do one big one in the morning I’d be like hey for everything (Laughter) Whatever may come up (claps) And he goesNo you got to do it every time I’m like all right cool, then do it I’m like when you’re doing it. Are you praying for everybody? He goes of course. I’m like you better be ‘Cause that’d be weird. Wouldn’t it? This plane goes down. Everyone’s dead and on fire in a cornfield except for you just sitting there just (Laughter) Oh, I should have prayed for everybody I made a giant mistake there’s gonna be a lot of questions when the authorities arrive (Laughter) I’m still scared of turbulence when I fly I fly all the time, but I’ve never gotten used to that I’m still the guy just going (eeek) like I’m that guy I’m terrified I hate it when I sit next to someone that won’t acknowledge the turbulence I was on this one flight I had the window seat the guy in the middle He was reading a book, but it was too turbulent to be reading, but he wouldn’t let it go He’s just sitting there like this (Laughter) And I’m over here terrified And he’s-and we. There was one of those big drops. You know every once in a while There’s a big drop and his book went down. He just popped it back up and went right back to reading and I was like will you please acknowledged that our butts just dropped a thousand feet Just give me a wink and a nod. Like yes. This is terrifying Just something I do this you can try this too I’ve done this to cope with the being afraid of the turbulence I do this reverse psychology thing so now when I’m in a plane and it gets choppy in my head I go yeah, take it down Let’s do it. Let’s put it in the ground. Let’s see what you got And then when it doesn’t crash I go that’s what I thought (Laughter) That way I felt like I was in charge (Laughter) I kept that plane in the air

79 thoughts on “Airplane Travel | Zoltan Kaszas | Cat Jokes | Dry Bar Comedy

  1. Hahhh I do that to when I'm flying. "Yeah let's take it down!" blahaha. You know I didn't even notice he doesn't curse, you don't have to, to be funny.

  2. I hope that your channel blows up so that the really talented comedians come into the limelight. Clean comedy takes effort, everybody can make sexual jokes.

  3. Funny I thought I was the only one that uses reverse psychology while on freaky turbulent plane. I say the same thing lol!

  4. i once was on a plane where a baby cried the whole flight except for this really bad 15 minutes of turbulence where the plane dropped a lot everyone was silent out of fear except for this baby… every time the plane dropped lower the baby had this evil laugh it was terrifying lol

  5. I'm a Christian and that prayer thing got me good hahah. I hope you prayed for everyone on that plane, you better! xD

  6. Yeah, I've got a big issue with turbulence too. I loved my short term mission to Ireland back in late 2012, but I sure didn't love the flight out there nor the flight back! And it was on United Airlines! The plane was bigger flying from Norfolk back to Dallas than that dinky little 1 aisle plane flying out to Ireland and back. Please tell me there are airlines that can fly from the East Coast to Ireland without that much turbulence!!!

  7. ๐Ÿ˜‚ this guy is good ! .. I imagine an evil creature and only I saw and could see, messing with the eng on the wing…I only flew once.. I never made it back I think, now living in the matrix/ the twilight zone ever since…

  8. This guys awesome. Love the clean humour finally I can watch and laugh without feeling guilty. His delivery and timing is awesome.

  9. I was on a Jet Blue flight back in the day when TVs in the seats meant something & while we're all sitting there waiting to take off, the dude next to me turns on the History Channel and starts watching a show about airplane crashes. Closest I've ever come to committing murder…

  10. That last joke "Do it! Let's crash" is actually a Stoic practice. Imagine the very worst and anything else that happens is great! And if the worst does happen, You're mentally prepared for it.

  11. My parents were on a plane with my uncle before I was born. There was a storm and it was terrifying. The masks came down and it was just… awful. The kicker though was that there were about a half dozen nuns on the plane, and they all began praying and chanting. Basically everyone thought they were going to be in a horrific crash.

    Isnโ€™t it interesting how peril circumvented has the makings for great comedy? That rush of giddiness when you realize, โ€œI could have died, I almost died! But I didnโ€™t!โ€ Humanity is so weird.

  12. Do that joke but for muslims. Let me know how that goes for you. He's got a platform but is going way to safe. Where I work muslims sniff a carpet 6 times a day under a stairwell. Isn't once enough?

  13. I don't really know how a plane stays airborne, so I figure as long as at least ONE person is praying, the darned thing will stay up when it should, and come down okay at landing. Has worked so far ๐Ÿ™‚ If anyone has ever seen how rough it can get for planes landing and taking off in Auckland, New Zealand (youtube it) I've taken a flight from there; very windy (cross winds). Watched planes coming in sideways for 30 minutes. Got on our plane, and guy across from me is white knuckling his seat, and we haven't even taken off yet. I lean across and whisper "It's going to be okay, I know I'm not going to die in an air crash" and he relaxes, because I sound so certain. What I DIDN'T add is "but I don't know about you"…

  14. He would definitely hate sitting next to me then because I LOVE turbulence. I always have a gleeful grin like I'm on a roller coaster ride. I guess I'm weird that way. ๐Ÿ˜‹

  15. I don't know if it's me missing Loui too much but this dude reminds me of him somehow… so imma go a watch everything he's got now

  16. You know, I canโ€™t ever sleep in a car but I sleep soundly on a plane especially in rough turbulence. Rocks me to sleep I guess

  17. Zoltan for future reference
    All that crossing of himself means absolutely nothing
    If itโ€™s not in your mind heart and life of who it represents
    The True and Living God in Jesus Christ Holy name God manifested in the flesh
    Dude be careful for what ever references u make of the Holy Spirit
    Speaking against the Holy Spirit is the only sin u can take pass death
    No joke
    The unforgivable sin

  18. Once my dad had a flight with his friends and apparently the plane wasn't new so it had a lot of turbulence. When the turbulences were happening my dad started praying and his friend next to him was terrified to death. He aaw my dad praying and he calmed down, relieved to see that my dad was praying. And he assumed that he was praying for safe flight. But he still asked my dad what my dad what he was praying about anyway.
    My dad said, "Well I was praying to God, thanking him that he had given such a long life to me to live and that he was ready to go to heaven if the plain crashed." Lol, my dad's friend looked horrified and said, "Brother why would you pray something like that?! I'm only in my 30's! Not everyone is ready to die right now, some would appreciate time for repentaning!"

    ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ that became their inside joke after that flight.

  19. I love turbulence. But I'm a hobby pilot so it's kinda fun. Except when it's really harsh… That's a but scary.

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