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18 thoughts on “Aladdin (2019) | A Whole New World | One-Line Multilanguage

  1. I have the flemish songs but in bad quality
    we dont have soundtracks of the movie
    also they sing and speak the part Jelle and Maja

  2. Yes!!! I needed this today!!!! The way you combined all the languages is super well done!!! I am super excited for this movie and you totally earned a new subscriber ;).

  3. Italian:
    È un mondo che appartiene a noi (It'sa world that belongs to us)
    Soltanto a noi (To us only)
    Soltanto a noi(To us only)
    Per te e per me (For you and me)
    Per te e per me (For you and me)
    Se vuoi, lo avrai (If you want, you'll have it)
    È nostro, ormai (It's ours now)
    Per te e per me (For you and me)

  4. This is so good. All version are so amazing xD I still cant find my favourite yet as they all dound amazing to me xD Nice multi as always !

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