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36 thoughts on “Aladdin -"Do You Trust Me?"- One Line Multilanguage

  1. The names of the Greek voice-actors are completely wrong at the description…
    Aladdin; Χρήστος Στασινόπουλος (Hrístos Stasinópulos)
    Jasmine; Κατερίνα Γιαμαλή (Katerína Yiamalí)

  2. Jasmine's speaking voice is pretty good in Hungarian. Very sweet and nice! ❤ But i like whole new world the best in Croatian. 😃

  3. I love the fact that Finnish has only one word 'luotathan?', but if you wanna translate that to English so that it means the same thing, it would be something like 'you trust me, don't you?' 😀

  4. The Turkish voice actor of Aladdin is Arda Aydin.
    There were two Jasmines – one only for the Bluray (Berrak Kuş) and one voice actress for all the other movies, Figen Sumeli – but I think this one is Figen Sumeli (because it sounds more like her)

  5. (Aladdin reaches Jasmine's hand as he stands on the magic carpet)
    Aladdin: Do you trust me?
    Jasmine: Yes?

  6. Japanese artist is Kenji Haga(羽賀研二) and Kaori Aso(麻生かほ里) in 1992, but in 2008, Aladdin's Voice is changed to Shinichiro Miki(三木眞一郎).
    I think this Aladdin voice is Shinichiro Miki…..
    Korean Artist is Kang Soo-Jin(강수진) and Hong Yeong-ran(홍영란).
    About Japanese, You need not question mark. (?)
    Japanese lyrics:
    Aladdin:僕を信じろ。/boku o shinjiro.
    Trans:trust me.
    Bulgarian artist are Александър Воронов(A) and Петя Абаджиева(J)

    Greek artist are Σκοτ Γουέινγκερ(A) and Λίντα Λάρκιν(J)

    Hebrew artist are אלון אופיר (A) and רמה מסינגר (J)

    Russian artist are Скотт Уэйнджер(A) and Линда Ларкин(J)

    Spanish Artist are Ángel de Gracia(A) and Marta Barbará(J)

  7. I… can't stop laughing X'DDDD seeing this poor guy with his big grin on his face saying this line over and over again as if he wanted to show off to Jasmin that he learned every language in the world just to ask her out…

  8. The english is definately the most suitable voice! I'm norwegian, and our voice actor make Aladdin sound way older than he's suppose to be.

  9. excuse me but in greek it is : me empistévese?nai(με εμπιστευεσε? ναι.)
    beautiful multilang.though:D

  10. There's a slight mistake in the Hindi line,
    it's मुझपे (this is mujhpe) and not मुझको (this is pronounced as mujhko).

    BTW, Jasmine's voice is provided by Suchitra Krishnamoorthy.

  11. @prilla111 Mnie też się podoba i to chyba jedyna wersja którą lubię (jeśli chodzi o Alladyna) Zdaje mi się, że Tucholskiemu ta postać wyszła troszkę lepiej niż Simba. 🙂

  12. I'm sure about the latin spanish one, they aren't the real voices of the characters, I've heard them all my life and I noticed they aren't real. Where do you get them?

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