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Alex Muhangi Comedy Store July 2019 - Dr T

gentlemen coming to the stage lovely welcome only present one Brenda better word you know the model of mere presentable serving so borromini TV Cuyahoga lavatory if we want to agree that I was supportive of seven in shechem enough to bottom in a cage funny Thomason pretty much wanna check God for anyone any atom or canister onions in don't worry hey yo years old about guru learning or educativa para ninos right yeah sure straight on it all Maria whispering about husband Oh Monica didn't we enough for her she knows that is sexist for two minutes Boyan garaje osakawa stop there buddy – hey hey oh c'mon open a maganda okay Lou to Muslims no tearing away water no way one Dharmakara singleton is Janet over yeah but na VI was fighting a bomb yeah well Corey who syndicate about housing about in Ghana came Bob Rizzo a copy – no nobody does my the negative Adama so what that's the kind of media and I shall forever Shango Kodama Stanley piggy bank Hinata Manya gained emotional bond tricky centenary Parker oh cool application your own gain and reporting a bureaucracy choppy one [Applause] ba-ba-ba-ba-ba cuckoo Tanaka Tanaka Casilla [Applause] 20 chromic oh no I'm not dating one seven-year to Karachi new mogul Marty moose everyone carry more than me hey Shankar Baba Yaga Baba Mustafa Mustafa Akkad heave I owe me a Pilate a booty otaku me a bell Rosa same Panama maybe JV team hakuto Protea to the wait was Avenue ammonia og Margaret was seven away saying on your Hawaiian decreases what you demand to be one you are quite a question you know we all joke at the beyond now what shall you argued about Hawaii knee both our would then I'm audience swampy well by almost one person got subtle watches are a Mousavi yes sir boy okay that one was like yeah girls oh yes my sake cable up camera when I eat I oh come on eh II do g-money churchy to you as you go to elite Dakara so what well then I was havin a janab-ul mawla who gamble on Ibaka Obata buried a girl about to sit out here for the kayapo she opposes ax not over town Oh No when a user the mobizen a single mama shivaji over to loot the socket Ariana Kesava you could boda boda whenever ganda I've ever seen go moons yam Bordon mornin ain't got that hot boundary awfully wide to call a traffic warden yeah Kagamine beside yahoo and about what time when yeah yeah yeah see I tell you about navigating the cabinet a two-port Network what is our wishes he [Applause] is a messiah Magog are sitting up or down category awareness aa temporary is an Arabic acaba Bhutto know Tia did not be sitting down whoever to achieve an ebony Mingo well oh yeah Babu Babu Mohan Singh aquahama Sequoia we were metal bangle away a house in a comparable desires in a are you questionnaire you come back same Eng desires in de choclo kuba kuba kuba hadoo mingalaba know who bata bata opera business eduardo party you come back saying engine boat okay mother what will take a bite of cinnamon Bobby ah [Applause] initial vote of Italian immigrants in your area yo mana whoo yes whoo yes are you a Malayalee Bob Cousy combo Ghana Rafa Wobegon Dome Rambo Hollywood

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