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Alfred Kroner – Quote mined scientist denounces Quran miracle claims

the time now is 1825 and nine seconds now okay thank you very much for joining me would you mind stating your name and occupation please my name is Alfred Corona I’m at the University of Mainz in West Germany and I’m a professor a retired professor of geology on the UK law I must inform you that this communication is being recorded do I have your permission to make these contents public sure thank you very much um now I’m just gonna ask you a few short questions and the first one I’d like to ask you you were the Alfred kroner that featured in a video commenting on the Koran this was back in the late eighties that late seventies or early eighties can I ask what circumstances led to you attending this conference well they’re no special circumstances this was a professional conference where many foreigners and Arab people were meeting because it was the first time that a major research project had been undertaken in Saudi Arabia in the university of Jeddah that means King Abdulaziz University actually conducted this conference because many of the lecturers and senior students of that university it actually graduated from Britain or other Western European countries and therefore wanted to show off their results okay so was he was it specifically a conference about the Quran and religion or was a conference about something else had nothing to do whatsoever with religion it was purely a professional conference on geology not a single word was talked about your religion or Quran or anything okay what were the circumstances which led you to being presented with religious texts and then being asked to comment on it well during the conference there was an interview in Saudi TV organized by the then vice president of that particular University and there were about five or six at and remember sir well professors from where is European and North American universities that attended this TV interview and it was there for the first time that we were confronted with these questions to what extent the Quran was compatible with present-day thinking in earth sciences okay your comments were later used to suggest that you thought the Quran contained information which could not have been known by humans at the time without divine revelation do you think that this accurately reflects your opinion at the time well that was not at all the purpose and the discussion that we had that discussion was they were reading as certain verses from the Quran and then they would say is this compatible with present-day scientific knowledge in some cases we said yes because always is in almost every religion is always something that is compatible and in other cases we say no so there was never the question whether there was any divine circumstances or anything in this interview and did you ever try out these videos removed from the web no um actually there’s something that I discovered more recently someone gave me a Quran as a gift and there’s a turn to the back of the Quran you’re actually in my Quran I think if you know that book you’re a book I have seen as I have but also I have a copy of this at home I read it many many many years ago but it had nothing to do with that particular meeting have you looked into the subject any further since this event has your opinion changed since the event well you see this conference was I think in 79 and nothing happened and you know this whole thing with the internet actually came only came up about maybe four years ago or something I can’t even remember and then somebody sent me a message on the internet and I replied and said oh I’m very surprised but this is not how it was and so on and then continuously more messages came and then I talked to people in my department we have a Geography Department where they are certain to people are really speed in arabic and their Arabists as you would call them and they really know the Arab world extremely away and I told them about this and I said look there’s nothing you can do you just have to live with this leave it alone because we can’t advise you to do anything it will not help and finally my I asked did you become a Muslim as a result of this event no I’ve never been a Muslim before I’ve never been in was lame afterwards okay and finally to wrap up could you confirm are the opinions that you’ve stated in this video interview your own this one that we are talking about right now we have in rise to this moment sure this is my own opinion okay and have I offered you any reward for this financial or otherwise no not yet yeah I won’t be offering you anything okay well thank you very much Alfred for agreeing to do this interview and I will try to make sure that as many people mirror this video as possible your time now he’s 18 30 and 39 seconds now

37 thoughts on “Alfred Kroner – Quote mined scientist denounces Quran miracle claims

  1. Can you do the same video but with Dr. Gary Miller, the man who was a Christian preacher in the beginning, trying to convince people to convert and specially Muslims but after that he by himself convinced to convert to Islam.
    If you want to know why he converted, you can find his opinion by google it.

    Dr. Gary before:

    and after:

    but I am sure you are not going to make a video, because he converted.

  2. If you want to prove that this is the same man then I would love to see evidence of him license or passport to prove who he is. I believe peopel would believe this video alot more if there was evidence presented to them.

  3. The muslim miracle claim rests entirely on the statements of these scientists. So, if you are claiming that Alfred Kroner is a liar, then you have just shot yourself in the foot.

    how silly

  4. nobody will do a video with Gary Miller because nobody gives a shit about the opinion of Christian preachers to begin with. This video series is about scientists and the Muslim lies made in their name

  5. This is bullshit.Proof of denouncement? He just admitted that some of the "claims" made in the Quran were corroborated, yet not all. Pathetic attempt.

  6. proof denouncement? you think this guy is something special? the fact that you somehow need his approval shows how desperate muslims are. the Koran is wrong, it doesn't even talk about the universe etc. I can answer that simple. Muslims also try to believe in science (big bang, evolution) at the same time in creation. talk about contradicting yourself. and your name describes most of the desperate muslims seeking approval from science.

  7. Muslims argue that when the universe was smoke it was the beggining of the universe. and argue that a quote in the Koran talks about this, it says god turned to heaven when it was smoke, which according to muslims is the begginning of the universe, but before this sentence there was 2 other sentences which say God created earth and the placed the mountains and then turned to heaven when it was smoke, so how could the earth of existed before the universe or existed at that the beggining of univer

  8. the universe is billions of years older than earth. when the quran says heavens or heaven it doesn't talk about any universe… muslims just substitute the word heaven with universe… in some verses quran is describing 7 heavens and how they are built over eachother. it's simply describing another world that doesn't exist

  9. and this guy obviously denies it now. at that time he probably wanted to asslick muslims and not hurt their feelings because they were the ones who asked him to comment on it. he would of also probably of been persecuted if he had said something else

  10. I'm telling you allot of famous people just pretend to agree with Islam just to asslick muslims or because they are scared they are gonna riot or hunt them down. I'm a former muslim and any scientist who agrees with religious books is just pretending to make them feel better. If this guy was serious he knows religious books are wrong about the earth and universe.. and not scientific at all.

  11. For example the Koran states the earth was created FIRST and then the heaven/s .. muslims claim the Quran is refering to the universe when using the word heaven, it's actually not the universe, because the universe existed before earth. Also the Quran refers to and describes several times a flat earth. and the fact that it says that the sun settles down in a spring of murky water… since when did the sun settle down? and on the earth?

  12. the thing about the quran is that u can never be completely certain about the translation because the Arabic used is old Bedouin one which because of the hostile environment where they lived used words to get many different meanings as if to express their feelings in the least amount of words. Unfortunately in order to completely understand The quran one has to learn this old arabic. English translations cannot translate the same meaning as old arabic

  13. so if u think u kno wat the Quran talks about by reading its translation, think again. Anyways there is a challenge in the Quran if anyone can fulfill the challenge. The challenge is that no one can create even a verse like the Quran. People say they did it but all of them are not in arabic but in other languages. The Quran however states that verse has to be in arabic but no one has yet done that

  14. Religion is a need because no one actually knows what happens when we die. Sure athiests say there is no life after death just silence the end but no one knows for sure. No one actually came back from death to tell us what he/she experienced. Medical science is still unable to tell us for sure that the only living thing is our physical self and that there is no such thing as our spiritual self but how do we kno there is no spiritual self and wat about spirits and ghosts.

  15. why is that we are so afraid of death since when did this trend started of fear of death. As atheists one should embrace it as certainty of life like driving but why not embrace this certainty and treat every day as the last day. Why is there law and social restrictions stopping us from enjoying life as we want it. After all we never kno when we will die. Death doesnt come knocking on the door to inform that it is coming. You can even die tomorrow from an accident which was not even ur fault.

  16. why do we care about society why care about your off-springs let them live at their own and learn the reality of life. Why care about laws that only restrict us from what we love for example hunting animals. We can die anytime why not just enjoy the last moments the last days

  17. I think you missed the point.  I do not say there is no scientific facts in there, everything in there is 100% fact including any verse confirming a scientific fact.  Things like the origin of the universe, iron being sent down etc are examples of the Quran confirming scientific facts ASSUMING THAT IS WHAT GOD IS TALKING ABOUT IN THESE VERSES. The question is does anybody know what God is saying in every description and instance?  The problem is that some Muslims are saying certain verses refer to scientific facts when they have no expertise in Arabic, Quran or science, so how can they interpret the Quran to be in line with science when they have no expertise in any of the required field?  How do they know for sure what God means by creating man from clay?  It is their unqualified and illegal interpretation.  Even the followers of the prophet were scared to make comments on parts of the Quran which they had no clear understanding, but some Muslims(like Athiests) think they can make comments on the Qurans content without any expertise in Quranic language, context etc.  Some Muslims are guilty of this stupidity but so are Athiests and other opponents who think they can comment on the Quran(by using translations, dictionaries, no context etc) and without having the necessary qualifications to comment on the Quran.  You have just refuted yourself and most of your followers who are also guilty of this behaviour. 

  18. Yes this may have been an example of quote mine after which many people falsely accepted it.  However your very channel is guilty of the same deceptions is it not?  Like your inimitability video where you quoted somebody who said they produced chapters like the Quran even though the rest of humanity(including the vast majority of Non Muslims scholars) say it has been inimitable throughout the ages and in the present day.  Yet based on your one quote your gullible audience just repeat your deception..

  19. I love your videos, keep up the good work. Your leaving Islam story was really heart wrenching. Sorry about your kid.
    I have 2 questions for you.
    1)Can you please get Maurice Buccaille and Keith Moore to make submissions as these other scientists you presented have? Because both moore and buccaille are the most cited people.
    2) How do you mirror a video? Sorry but couldn't understand the Google search results.

    You don't have to answer the 2nd question, if you don't have an overtly simple answer.


  20. no one in islamic articles claim that he reverted into islam dude. eventhough he was falsely claimed, the point is still that the hadith shahuh about the arab jazeerah is true (that they were once full of trees). that is what muslims are trying to find out, not claim. wtf do you say bad thins about islam that doesnt even need to be proven so goddam hardly? and he wasnt quote in the quran nor of for the quran. read first before you mock.

  21. It would be useful to reference a source or quote how Professor Knoner's statements were used in subsequent publications, as the implication is they were used out of context or editted in a way that distorted the meaning. With the original, then we could set against the published quotations this would give the scale of any dishonesty that took place and give background to video. I know people could investigate themselves but transcripes form the 1980s would be very difficult to access. If I have missed this anywhere I appologise but the "This is the truth" article alone just shows one of many creationist publications that cherry pick and dishoestly edit science and scientists.
    Thank you for the work you put in to address the dishonesty of religious appolgists.

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