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Ali-A REACTS to his FIRST EVER Fortnite game! (FUNNY)

Get ready because we’re, about to react to me playing fortnite for the very for the very first time Welcome everyone, my, name’s ali-a and today, we have something that i’m sure it’s gonna Be hilarious i’m going, back to my Very first ever Fortnite battle royale video and i reacting to me being the biggest big noob you have Ever seen in the game but i see guys that don’t know When i first started playing fortnite it was my first ever battle royale game and i need she recorded My first ever experience of it looking at the difference of me playing then to me playing now it’s just absolutely hilarious and i actually really excited for this, as i’m sure you, guys know Every video i link to a fortnite playlist in the description you can, see it on screen here it’s now gotten over four million, views has over a hundred of videos but Because the very first video right at the bottom of this playlist, we go all the way down is called My first time playing for tonight lows of you guys, and when i say loads you guys? We have a look here over 2 million of you have, gone back, and watched it and the comments are basically just filled with How much of a big noob i am and low, do you guys have, both tweeted, me and left comments Saying if you’re, hilarious to see me react to this and see how, much i’ve changed Let’s make, myself feel a little bit better i thought it’d be funny as, well if you guys shared Some of your biggest noob moments down below in the comment section what are some of the stupidest things you ever Did whilst playing for tonight for the very first time, we about c9 And trust me it is infuriating is annoying but it is also funny i cannot wait for this if you Want to check out that playlist as i said it’s in the description of all of my videos to go and check it out this Video them, about to watch is the very first video in that playlist give it a Thumbs up if you’re excited and it is always to see, what, my future for nepalese, well not big noob trust Me hit that subscribe button turn on notifications, may be able to see all my videos the second they go lie so guys About pharaoh, don’t brace yourselves get ready because we’re About to react to me pay for tonight for the very first time so guys first things first how You can, look at the map back then so this video is from october the 8th, which it doesn’t even seem that long Ago, but the game has changed so much since then look at This, map not only is 2000 and without not on it salty springs isn’t named dusty Depot isn’t named tamar to town isn’t named this Oh, gee fortnight right here this, is what we’re, about to watch at least i knew the different color rarities of everything When i started playing this game that, was used for one thing i didn’t know, was? Where any purchased locations were so There’s a chest in this roof i probably didn’t even Realize there’s a chest in this roof and i had no idea if you broke the floor Underneath the chest that would make it break as, well so let’s just keep ourselves alive Not try and engage it and you weren’t quite yet I am literally hearing gunshots and i’m running away if i ever hear shots now i Sprint at them and i make sure i take that i was genuinely so nervous playing this i did not Want to get seen or killed by anyone Okay, here i can hear a chest i don’t know, where it is i? Just left the chest apparently but at least i knew that has a better shotgun a Blue sniper shotgun green assault rifle now i never ordered any of my weapons, ok? This i’m so sorry for you, about to watch Also whenever i break anything i never aim for the circle and i genuinely thought there? Was no point in doing it i thought was a waste of time? Ok, at least i dropped an, smg for medicaid. That was a smart move your, boy, fanny underground chess world an alley good job People left at zero kills zero girls, oh much first gunshots in the entire game How do i react this i let you head back in the building and i stopped moving Ok, so i see someone and Look, at this look at this i line up a snipe What even was that? That would have been an easy kill, oh my, gosh or i would have been so upset if i missed that now Oh i start getting shot up here now notice how In the bottom right, eye still have two shields i’ve had i’ve had a shield literally since the beginning of the game Back then it was a great rarity but i did not understand how Any of the items works i think apart, from the bandages and made kits Which i kind of knew one took you up to full warning you took you up to 75 The shield i didn’t understand and i have no clue, how They, worked so i thought you’d be smart to keep them for a moment when i need them not knowing That this line, above, my health, was the shield line i did not know that i literally haven’t left that house And i’ve made it to top 13 and the rim is still on? me Okay, this is my first first ever potential let’s go My first ever qm4, type battle royale a solid snipe this i Did not know how, to snipe i then know, but i’m really snipe very much even now But back then i was just like, bam bam bam trani is someone with it How is it going a million miles an hour on e you have one kill you barely see anyone i’m probably Gonna, be forced out of his house, oh no ally? You’re, gonna have to move out of that house at least i was smart enough to realize, that people could Still cut Be coming in from the storm can, we just stop for second your, boy, is top six in his first Ever game of four night, not that i’m playing it impressive, where you Gotta give me a little bit of credit for that that is not too bad at all i wanna, live this i’ve Gotta make a play right now that’s where things get serious Show us are going down Yeah get a little bit a little bit aggressive i see this guy, look at it’s because Another short and a, miss i think he’s got a scar this moment look at. That crush 22 out, oh my gosh I still haven’t used my chute by the way 22 l still use my shields, my god i’m literally, gonna finish on me look how. Close this is Finally everyone everyone say finally are you finally you your shield Congratulations but the annoying thing is i only use one of them i only use one of them, oh? damn it sally i’m gonna get off from the trip i would have been better off without that sniper i Would be better off without that? Maíam talk three Okay, so that killed, by the way doesn’t chris cut. Quite quickly Doesn’t give you doesn’t really give you the idea of actually how, it went down because i was running in this direction and He was behind me i heard he’s got his feet and i spat around and genuinely? That was a solid cue berry like Forgetting the fact is my second kill in the whole game i am top two in my first ever game Top, two with two kills i’m aware that this is an open area but Just watch, what i do just watch, what i do? i love the man Who pops a shield Standing still in the middle of the map top two If only i built i mean i don’t know, if we’re never gonna win it the mission way gets a bit Weird though i just needed some extra shoot i stood warned sniper but, we came second place geez look, at me i’m i’m dying i Only got two kills it’s an intense game to be fair doesn’t matter however many months the plays game it still gets to me Look at this the game showed the enemies having a hundred seventy two shield and a hundred eight spore health Still still i’m sure thousand, akka, what do you guys rack him, okay so after a second-place finish My first game i jumped into another one at least i had an idea of at least, how Some of the weapons worked and how to apply a shield this time, we land at one of my favorite spots salty Factory and i actually find an enemy and actually managed to hunt down with my ears now bearing in mind i wasn’t great but Everyone else, was pretty much just as bad look at. This guy, he has nothing okay, i had a shield and i’ve just fired i’ve made a racket if i shotgun, this guy, goes again, suggest there’s no i Everyone is just as bad as me i promise you back then imagine if you took me now, and applied me back then Beautiful beautiful lobbies i would definitely get my. 20 kill, game me do i actually apply it apply to shoot Okay, i find another chest am i gonna, break i’m gonna switch out And grab this two kills to our name already guys good Job all right i’m gonna i’m excited i have two kills But i don’t put the freaking shield on a spear i take it back i’d learn nothing i was the slowest builder The world had ever saw, what does different? That’s completely changed Look, at that it’s not like that at all anymore it’s a completely flat Like covered area it just is so finally going back and seeing the differences between everything Okay, so i was debating keeping A pistol over and i saw rifle just because it was a blue pistol that was how Close i was better do if they’re? Blue pissed, away, bad be never gonna keep it over an assault rifle that Question still applies now how, do you have a Win in fortnight back to roy out there any of you out. There, still hunting that win oh the target Jeez, the guns were accurate back then so back then assault rifles and the bloom is actually a lot More accurate and your weapons actually hit a lot more for never missed And here’s me navigating the double doors which to be fair even now I struggle to navigate okay so at this point here i’m still Chilling i’m not very confident in leaving wherever i’ve land basically i have been very lucky in finding snipers and i find a Guy, hiding in the most random place in the world Like just the way everyone played, back then including myself, was just so funny none of us knew what We were doing the first time a big battle where our game would come to consult you know What i mean and i wanted to get this guy damn Just as i did started getting lit up in the back what can i do about this though i Generally caught remember what happened to it honest with, you i’ve spied out other guy, you had a mushroom running Man the accuracy for guns back then, was insane there was a chest despite a chest let me show. You You, see that i’m pretty sure with something lit, up there i had no idea back then Okay, okay? Okay, fair enough okay, so back then, when i first i played the game i loved the burst of snow Rifle i’m not sure fast because of the accuracy being so much better back then but i would pick a burst over an auto Every single day to be fair the blue burst, isn’t something you find every, day and boy Fair enough ping over the gray Assault rifle back then Didn’t matter if i even had a scar i’m pretty sure sometimes i pick up the birth that was how much i loved it now You, never see me use it i remember when i died it genuinely thinking i shouldn’t have died i aim better than him No i know, he had it yeah actually please freak wait, how many, pushes to have them, do they, ever put the poisons on okay i Did put my potions on fair enough i take that back isis at the third and final game i played with in this video and I have a second-place finish a twenty first place finish and now an order to think i i can’t remember the last time i landed Here but actually a neat little place to not get too much action off the bat At least i’m putting the armor as i called it on now as soon as i get thank you ally? You’re, learning quick your, boy, ally looting from dead bodies kills the only, way, oh look, at that look At that do any of you guys, not recognize that that is is it gonna come up on the mini-map it’s gonna? Oh, they, go a ceiling trap now this isn’t too old it’s not like it was years and years, ago but back then You’re, despite traps zapping traps sealing traps wall traps now it’s only, spike traps but back then Those feelings a pers member the first wave got killed by Well lethal put them on the wall put them on a ceiling if you, walked into me ghost got zapped to death listen to this just somewhere Oh i can hear chess somewhere this soon became one of my favorite places to land fun facts And the little caravans behind, me i was so slow. A building it is painful i’ve been eventually a girl up there Okay, a shield and an auto air i would take that even now it’s funny not seeing everything with a nice little colored globe everything Has in game at the moment Everything, bad day missus i mean most of it hasn’t changed it’s just funny seeing those little things you know What i mean i like it so as i talked, about the vans Found myself a chest i was really excited Look, how long it takes me to get up there, okay, we capped it out, my, boy, and my alyssa, was right We can’t show, the world how Painful it is watching, ali trying to get that chest, we got there eventually though back then if you walked into ammo and Beautiful materials it wouldn’t automatically pick up so i have to go and do it manually it took a Long, time to load build, by just everything was slow guys i was happy that i was top 35 with, no kids what-o Stocking lit up, okay i see you buddy i see you, buddy, take you in am i gonna return fire that’s the question cool Eh, you know, what i’m gonna leave them, alone i’m? not even getting involved So i bounded up mate let’s break, away into this thank you okay it’s building like i Was so so breaking into things, we have to speed up cuz. I still didn’t go for those circles, oh? Hold up hold up hold up, we both as clueless as we look, oh, my, god yeah none of us are building We both have, no idea what we’re doing right now Nice oh i threw a legendary scarf for a second there took, away, my shield, oh absolutely Melted it this point here i want to climb this, mountain i’m like, guys it’s Be the highest point in the next ring it’s the place We should get to that’s risky mate you’ve only got 20 wood and 30 freakin stone What am i doing i spotted, someone i sports someone What the heck i just lit i didn’t even change him he, was standing in the open i got back to my house Is so painful it’s funny see how, bad it was? But cheese, is painful i’m just like give me the controller ally, give it to me now Let me take over okay top seven, my third, ever game of any battle royale game That nailed him in the head, do you see that shot if this guy is so weak i should have, rushed him By then, she just ran after disease healing up right now spot here It’s inside i think, oh, my, god this point here, as i’m engaging everyone is shooting at me Someone starts shooting, me in the back so i don’t even know, what it’s an rpg, maybe that’s, what it is going down? Haha, my hand in front of me by five, again, that’s not bad for a second i think I wish i just went after him, i wish i just went after him, okay? I am gonna be in a bad situation here, because i’m gonna Be stuck at the edge of the ring i’m gonna have to move i hope i’m worked out but if you can Zoom in on the mini-map you can’t, mayor you can’t zoom in on the man on the outter That’s coming, soon guys eventually you six months later Guys, fully shooted no story shoot there i think most of it was good rpg i did not realize the power of an rpg Back then the rpg, was even stronger now. You, did like 200 damage in here or something it was ridiculously over p over p At this point here i’m worrying so much about. This guy in the heart i’m delaying me running, away It’s not much of those rocket launch isn’t sure i’m confident as many often that many rpgs Top bolt have to push, hey get the butter to go on kill top, boy, bad and go for this, little tree I’m using actually is come on trying go around it got these trees ain’t. Gonna give you, any cover alleys that’s a, bad idea? Smart you probably will have moved on, oh, no, oh? my, god Shot by an epic weapon you can, tell, by the fact it was orange i? Love, that back then i was like, oh you could Tell it was an epic weapon because it says eliminated and my name is orange it’s no true you guys it means nothing i was Ignore that i thought, oh i must be an epic weapon, we don’t actually a sledge Me that’s not epic to go that long to start off with, oh my gosh So funny alley a big new ladies and gentlemen i hope you’ve enjoyed going down a bit memory lane with myself Seen just how Bad it was but i still have to give it to myself i know i was shocking? Top, 2 and top 4 for some of my first games on iife gg alley Gg, old alley the good news is you eventually get better i understood trying to improve obviously as i said? Oh, forgive me video share your baked, nude moments down below in the comment section hope You’ve enjoyed this little throwback if you have it give it a Big fat thumbs up and said you got that for my place in description to see all my older videos i bet you get better? I eventually start getting wins and i vent should get to the point i’m at now and i load of fun guys? Thank you for watching, make, sure you, subscribe to see more videos me actually winning this time doing far better than everything, oh? Thank you for watching is big fun, and i’ll see you guys tomorrow in another video bye bye

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  1. I'm boy and they aren't normally supposed to squeal but when I first played in season 7 someone shot at me ,with a burst assault rifle I think, I squealed louder than you've ever heard a 10 year old squeal

  2. The first time I ever played Fortnite I landed Wailing Woods and all I did was break all the trees in Wailing. At least you knew what to do lol

  3. my sister's first time playing fortnite she was in solo and shot an enemy and it did damage and said it was her teammate i said that was an enemy and she said no it was not

  4. The first time I played I landed at the mountain where the durr burger is and I died from the storm and didn't know how to shoot

  5. This is as bad an idea for ali a as when i thought about reacting to my first vid when that was the only vid i had posted

  6. I'm my first game I got killed my an aimbot hacker that killed everyone in the lobby

    Like if this has happened to you by getting killed by San aimbot hacker

  7. In my first game I landed at lazy links I was on the Nintendo switch and I had no idea how to even jump 😛😐

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