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like and subscribe oh you will stop your to tonight actually committed to drop secretions how far back he's playing from the monitor hey are you a gamer if yes Elite duels the world's first skill based daily fantasy sports platform is just for you make your fantasy eSport team cheer your favorite professional gamer earn fantasy points and win real cash simply enter a contest for games like fortnight csgo rocket League and Rainbow six siege select five players one from each tier to make your fantasy team and start cheering visit triple w dot elite duels comm today these players are dropping right here right now bonkers with two months we saw in the field against Jordan Jones and Alexia reso oh man vodka close by I mean they're facing off against ali-a this guy is a fortnight oh he's a savage look how far back he's playing from the monitor look how far back he as soon as monitors yeah he's chilling make sure not over she definitely giving very important information hey this is where I'm at this is what I see this is what I can do my materials my ammo I need to cover here I had this angle do you have this angle things like that super big fan of this guy if I could choose my celebrity who would it be I mean I would for the sake of like for the sake of poly is just terrorizing lonely Lodge bro so we need to make a montage I wanna play was ready Jackson again me and him played super awesome terrorizing Callie look at I'll turn the corner to try and get out of Dodge if possible it looks like he might have quite the trek still to make egg salads just up above in front of him there dude look how far away he has to go he's down by lonely Raider Hunter the finals for getting me my most likes on a tweet yes which tweet was yours brah I still don't know which one it was yours you said I replied to your tweet but I replied today ali-a the Slayer oh yeah the King the legend the king get in get in get in Ollie so what's up sure boy you have ten million subscribers on YouTube and until he goes down to the king the legend Ollie hey and then sacrifices himself to the storm oh yay burst the sifu to giant tick take on each other let's go the two big competitors clinical people versus all the a I don't think people actually has two campfires I feel like you would have used them you see that player flipping away from on out of there doing all the flippy stuff now she loved it as well he sent NAB in because NAB has the materials bro ali-a nearly killed Tipu look how weak novelty who are after facing off against ollie a yo oh my god I'm watching those guys about a psycho you want to watch too or I'm sick what sick you didn't hit that somebody call a doctor I'm sick you can do that oh my god that flick was disgusting oh my godness shoot I'm the best player yes I've done my scream please only have one more shot oh my god what are your links someone close that I washed ashore what I was singing humming a song it was that one song that was playing I need to burlier yeah boys for wolf thank you for the prime sub buddy I really appreciate it is that real check you can heal ballers with national campfires what bro that's got to be a bug there's no way that's intentional sick well back full who shot you know morning 1hp this guy don't even know what's about what I like to call the season 9 tactic I'll be moving since I can feel no pain I'm so exhausted I'm so exhausted

49 thoughts on “Ali-A Shows *MAX SPEED* Builds & *SHOCKS EVERYONE* (CRACKED On 0 PING!) World Cup PRO AM!

  1. His builds weren’t even that good. He’s still just as bad as he’s always been I could destroy him in a 1v1 you’re all acting like he hit a forty bomb though

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