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Alien Invasion Hidden Camera Practical Joke

[MUSIC PLAYING] -Ahhh! -Ahhhh! -You’re not going
to like our leader. Have a good day. -Who is this? -Oh shit, my God. -Choke you? -Yeah, choke me. [LAUGHING] -Where’s your phone? -Oh -Mine’s not– Ahhh! -Ahhhhh! [MUSIC PLAYING] -Big sexy, what’s up, buddy? Yeah! -You scare me. -Whoa! -That’s [BLEEP] up, man. -Ahhhh! [SCREAMING] -What the– -Ah! -You want a dollar? -Obama. -Obama? -Take me to Obama. -Take you to Obama? I don’t think
we’ll get very far. -Ah! [LAUGHING] Oh my God,
that’s the best ever. Made my [BLEEP] day. I swear to God.

100 thoughts on “Alien Invasion Hidden Camera Practical Joke

  1. When a real alien comes,
    Alien: I'm an alien, take me to your leader
    People pranked by fake alien: oh right, you can't fool me now

  2. Instagram made me look for this 😂 they showed part of the last guy before got scared with the Caption…."ALIEN PRANK GOES VERY WRONG" follow the page Adjjeobdk to see the full video …..I was like Bitch ain't following no page I'm gonna look it up on youtube

  3. 2:36 make me laugh so hard,at the beginning the target was looks relax and then when the alien touch the target,the target shock at the moment and then ran 😂

  4. Alien : take me to your leader
    Leader to people: we are going to build a wall around earth
    Leader to alien: don't cross wall

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