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Behold an angel of vengeance you look like Elsa got frostbite line up nice and pretty for me for me… It’s like “Line up NIIICEEE ANDD PRETTY” for me UGH! That’s such a weird shape. Garrison looks so fat! oh ok yeah look at the other
one big fat monster YOU CAN’T STOP ME instruction: STAND behind shield oh I love the camera angles good job devs
Target impalement imminent I love that Target impalement imminent. Stab and Spin Cycle: Online no WAIT. Dale we need to see the other
characters Time to fight. Nah, too full of himself. Change is a smoking gun. Ok see some of her taunts.
when you least expect it… Buh-Bye. Oh just full of surprises Wait go back, you see her awkward eye movement? bite the bullet. ok there’s the hottest one.
Oh I think you’re going to be blown away OK SHUT UP. She’s pretty cringy. She’s like
a bad pickup line person wrong Rock & Roll. let’s see let’s give these guys a
chance. They’re losers but BOMBING RUN BOMBING RUN BOMBING RUN god help us. I’m gonna kill em all dang what did he say no one is safe He got a selfie stick. Dang, He’s short dark and handsome just like ya boy *awkward* I’ve been saving this
bullet just for you You’re my eyes and ears. 360
noscope…It’s too good that they can’t show Hey there’s something for you to fix game devs why is the front of her pants open. I would run if I were you Are you sure you wanna stand there? She sounds like an annoying sister you know “later suckers” sounds like MPPPPPP. Um, Devs you
might want to make this a little more family-friendly Jordan why don’t you
make yourself more friendly family helio! SMASH o clock Ok these are getting worse and worse Ready for eels? Watch out for the undertow… it’s a DOOZY HA! that’s a reference to Finding Dory! iit’s a DOOZY. You’re in for a shock. Pathetic. Pop Goes My Bubble!
UGH! The Sturgeon is in. this is the cheesiest most watery guy I’ve seen This’ll wet your whistle! UGH! All these subtle innapropriate jokes in his. Jordan why do you always look for watch me wap or get
this isn’t working for me Reminds me of a powerpuff girl. If it tingles, its working, if it burns its working I’m a miniature reactor! tryna be too cute get out! Ya little anime
googly eyes aren’t doing anything for me enjoy your new cell walk into my lair! well that wasn’t suggestive… Say goodnight. gotta
run He’s caught the scent. Get him. I’ll stick you like a pig. I hope that works out for you. Let’s see garrison
Ready to Rock. He’s got a big hip Got a delivery for you buggers! Don’t worry i brought enough for everyone!
Time to make an impression open wide MATE! Open Wide M8!
Gonna rearrange your face! The other gir’s like: I’m gonna rearrange your atoms! He’s like: Imma rearrange your face! What was that? He’s like… OPEN WIDE MATE It is time. Steel yourself, or I’ll do it for you. Face me Cowards! So sharp, you won’t feel it… YET. I’ll take the fight to you! I’ll take the fight to you! Might be the scariest guy I’ve seen on this game. No he’s disgusting. I will rip you to pieces! Ey I like it! He’s like Bane! YES this dude is Bane, hispanic and My body rebuilds! I cannot be stopped I love how his jowls go into the camera Unleash the beast! Ugh! Not bane not bane! I’m feelin luck! Oh are you feeling lucky about tonight cuz… Not so safe now are you! Uh, never mind, you one of those crazies Light’s out. But still pretty cute… Don’t you just love the chase? No. I’ve got asecret. *suggestive* Watch ouy. I get HANDSY. I get pansy? You’re a PANSY! give up this fight oh yeah that’s so scary! I decide who lives and dies. Ugh get that outta the camera The sting of entropy BANG bark what was that?! DANG! How many? 2? More 3? More? 4? OK! these guys do sketch comey Bombing Run! Bombing Run! Bombing Run! Bombing Run! Whoopsee. Mind the mines! Behold, an angel of vengeance!
look like Elsa got frostbite haha I mean hypothermia. touch me and
bleed. I don’t like this person She’s too grimacey. Stand and face me! Judgement comes for you! killing machine activated! miniature
black hole! Wall of Pain! okay all he does is say what the thing is. Shield on the field. Yeah he’s such a loser. Echo Hammer Hammer Hammer! HAHA! The Biggest Loser! Wait NO! NO Don’t Play as him!! oh my god at least that one girl had the decency
and tried. What was that joke? It was like frozen like some kind of corny joke?
shocking! yeah yeah shocking! and this guys is
saying the name echo echo… Echo HAMMER HAMMER HAMMER Who we gonna play as? Oh we gotta do the Bane guy, he’s so freakin sweet! I like this guy ok let’s rock paper scissors for it. 2/3 AGH! Dale gets 1. Dale gets 2 MORE!!!! where is it? fire is slowly rising to my butt OKAY!

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