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– Hello, I’m Tan France
and this is Dressing Funny. Each episode I’m dressing some of the funniest people on the planet. – Uh oh, uh oh, hey! – I’m gonna push their style game so hard. Wanna watch? – Hello, I’m Tan France. Shit. – Your line is, I’m John Mulaney. – Hi, I’m John Mulaney. Hello, Tan France. – Hello, John Mulaney. – How are you? – Good, thanks, no. – Okay. (upbeat music) – [Tan] Hello, John. – [John] Hello, Tan. – Thank you so much
for joining me on this. – It’s my absolute pleasure. – You dress wonderfully. – Thank you. – Well, I think you can do even better. So, I know that you probably think that we’re here for me to take you shopping, and I will get to that
point at some point. However, I do want to
start by watching you shop. So, we’re gonna take 10 to 15 minutes, you’re gonna go and do
whatever you want to do. – You’re literally gonna
watch me touch clothes? – I’m literally gonna watch you. It’s like shopping porn. Should we do this, 15 minutes? – 15 minutes. – I don’t know if it’s just people my age are now styling things,
but I’ve probably owned both of these from like
OshKosh B’gosh when I was six. First grade, picture day. – So you go for clothes that
remind you of something. – Yes, I think I’m chasing something. – What is that, youth? – Yes, definitely. (both laugh) – How old are you, John? – I’m 36. – You’re literally my age. – You’re 36? – Yeah. We dress slightly
at a different age. – In a different age how? – I’d assumed you were slightly older. – Oh, wow. Hmm. You know there was a time when people always thought
I was younger than I was. People would say, H”ow old are you?” and I would say, “I’m 25.” And they would go, “What, you look 21!” And I was thinking to
myself as I told him my age that he was about to say, “What, You look so muchyounger than that.” To find out that he thought
that I was older is, it’s devastating. – You have a very young face. – I know that. – But, with your dresses, especially on stage I assumed
you were a little older. – It’s just gonna work its way into the back of my brain. – I should’ve established
before we got going whether you can handle harsh
realities of Tan France. – Oh, I love harsh realities. – Okay, great! (camera shudders) Do you see yourself in a full track suit? – Yes.
– Yes. – Do you know why I like it? – I don’t. – This is what I’m
wearing, yeah, fuck you. – I like that attitude. – You know, I switched
clothes with Pete Davidson one night on stage. – You did? – And it was one of the few times that I haven’t worn a suit on stage, but I wore SpongeBob pants and a large– – I know exactly which ones you mean. (John laughs) I know his wardrobe quite well. – He’s the only one who owns them. – Yes, he sure is. – The most flammable SpongeBob pants in the Americas. And I thought to myself on stage, this person gives a fuck
about what you think as much as someone in a very nice suit. (camera shudders) – Are you trying to be a different version of the 30-something-year-old? – Absolutely. – The hipper version? Can we say hipper or younger? – Authoritative. – Ah! – Now let me say this,
when I’m not in a suit I feel like I have no authority. I don’t know how to
dress as a 36-year-old, or as you would say maybe a 52-year-old, when I’m not wearing a suit and tie. I just want to point out how
much this doesn’t work for me. – I actually think you’re wrong. – What? – Yeah. – This? – Do you want me to show
you how wrong you are? – Yeah. – Okay, let’s take it.
– Let’s take it. (camera shudders) – Here we are.
– Here we are. – Okay, can we talk first
about performer John Mulaney. You have, from what I’ve
seen, two Netflix specials? – Yes. – On the two that I have seen, you were wearing a suit. Where did that guy come from? – I was doing a show and I was wearing a flannel
button-down and jeans, and everyone in the audience was wearing a flannel button-down and jeans. And I thought there’s no reason– – You thought, I’m better than them! – Absolutely, absolutely, but you are. And in that moment you are their superior because you are the entertainer and you are at their service, right? Because they paid. I do believe we pay to see people who are better than us. I don’t like when rock
stars jump into the crowd. I want them to stay on
stage and be rock stars. – I like that you like a boundary. – Well, I always wanted
to be an entertainer in the fifties, roughly. So I was never quite, I said why did this feel
like how I wanted it. And then I started
wearing a suit on stage, and I said this is exactly
the way I want it to be. – But I think the tides are turning. I don’t think that just because you’re 36 you have to dress older. How do I say it? We still want to be fuckable. – Oh, yeah, right. – You’re a respectable man.
– Sure. – But I want you to be a fuckable man. – Ah, okay. I’d love to reshoot those two specials. (Tan laughs) And we will call it Fuckable to the extent that Neflix will allow
that to be the title. – Maybe there’s some asterisk you can use and we can get away with it. – No, I want the full word. – John Mulaney, Finally Fuckable! – Finally Fuckable. (camera shudders) – A couple of things
you said you can’t do. You can’t wear pink and you also mentioned
linen wrinkled suits. However, I kind of want
you to give this a go. But instead of using a button up shirt, which is your go-to, and a tie, I want to make it a little more youthful so I want to put a Henley underneath. What do you wear on the red carpet? – I go for a bigger look
than I normally wear. – Okay, and you’re go-to pose please, sir. You have a camera? John, John, John! – Okay, you want to
see what I actually do? – Yes! – So there’s always a person who seems upset directing the red carpet. – [Tan] Always. – Always, and this is overworked person. It’s not always a blonde
woman, but yes it is. – And her name’s always Brittany. (John laughs) Always. – First move is false humility
which is look at the mark as if I’ve never been
on a red carpet before. (Tan laughs) – Yes!
– So I go. – No, you do every time? – This is just my first time. I’m just happy to be here.
– Yeah, oh my gosh. I’m so innocent. Yeah. – So a lot of photos going… (Tan laughs) There’s only a few places hands can go. – [Tan] Not where they are right now. – This looks natural? – Yes. – With these fucking long swinging? – Yeah. When you’re doing this, I don’t know if it’s John
Mulaney or John Mulaney Senior. Hello, sir, I’ve come
to be on a red carpet and I would like my photo taken. Will you be my photographer?
– Absolutely. – I step on the red carpet. – Tan, Tan! Hold on, let me put on a big, weird lens. Tan! Down here there’s always one person. – Okay, you just move your
feet from side to side. You’re dong a lean.
– All right. – Do your lean again. No! When I say lean, I’m not saying do this. – [John] Okay, fair. Do we bend the knee? – No, (laughs) no we don’t bend the knee. And I’m just dropping my hip. So much better. John, you look so much more powerful. Okay, so we’re gonna go one more time. – Brittany’s put me on my mark. – Oh, John, give us your best shot. (Tan laughs) – John! Maybe if you felt really good
in what you were wearing, maybe it’s gonna give you
a more commanding stance. – Yeah, absolutely. – John, are you ready? – [John] Coming. – Are we joyous? You know how I said my goal
is to make you fuckable? And I just need to, you look hot! – This works? – Works for me. And if it works for this gay it’s probably gonna work with women too. It still feels very much
John but 36-year-old John. I think that with this top underneath it makes you feel cool instead of daddy. – Uh huh. – And I think that was my biggest concern with your suits before. You looked very classic
but you look liked a dad. – Really? – You know what I will say is that the reason I think it looks younger it that it looks more streetwear. You can take off this jacket. You look super stylish. You look European. Who doesn’t want to look European? – Oh, that’s key, yeah. – We’re gonna do a quick
step and repeat moment. John, please step on the red carpet, thank you so much, John, John, John, yeah. Here’s our fuckable John. Everyone, everyone, everyone,
here’s our fuckable John. You look great! – Thank you, Tan. – I’d do ya. (camera shudders) Okay, is there anything on
here you might want to try? No, okay, great. Well, let’s go for this. I want to see you in something Pete Davidson. – Ah, okay. This feels a little– – On the nose Pete, yeah. – Sex and the City 2, yeah. (Tan laughs) – I was hoping you might appreciate these. – Oh, these are absurd, that’s great. These like clip into skis.
– Yes. – Oh, wow. – It’s what the kids are doing. – Are they really? Are they really, truly
weighing themselves down? I’m gonna put all of these
clothes on right now? – All of them. Yes, please. Are we feeling hip? Are we feeling cool? – We’re feeling hype and strong. – Bring it on, let’s see it. ♪ I tell the girls say they like me ♪ ♪ Wanna get up with my clique ♪ ♪ Wanna get up with my clique ♪ ♪ Get up with my clique ♪ – Hey, Tan. – It’s not working because it’s not– – [John] What’s not working? – You’re not getting
enough shape across there so this is gonna help. I want to know what you think. – This is like a narc. A narc is an adult who pretends
to be a teen using drugs. None of it works, does it? – Shall we strip off a couple of layers and see if that helps. – Absolutely, do whatever you need to. – Okay, great, so let’s take– – These are about $800
shirts and so forth, so can the youth really afford this? – Well it’s a certain subsection
(laughs) of the youth. It’s slightly better. – Yeah. – There’s no saving it. – No, you don’t like it at all. – No, I’m really angry. – [John] Okay. – I have never want to hit you more. – I don’t love this person. – Try that. All joking aside– – Who’s selling ectasy? I’m part of your squad. (Tan laughs) – Light jean, should we try it? – I think we should try to do what we can to salvage this moment. – Yeah, thank you so much. I will bring you shoes. All right, John. Did that help? (intense music) That helped! Do I think it’s you still? No. – Of course not. – But it helped. – Will this ever be in
my life, this sweatshirt? – I don’t think so. – Okay, interesting. – And I think that is a really good thing. – Okay, great. – Should we find a look that is finally like the version of John
that I think should be? – That’s all I’ve ever wanted. – Great. Okay, you said you don’t think
you could ever wear this. I disagree, I think
it’s really nice, basic. But what do you think of that? – I’d like it to work. – John Mulaney. – Yeah? – Well, come and show yourself. You look hot! If you walked into the house after a long day’s work looking like that, I’d be like bitch, take your clothes off. You look great. Can I see your bum? – Sure. – You’ve got a good bum! – That’s nice of you to say. – You got really red all of a sudden, but let me tell you you’ve
got a really good bum! Look at it! You just need to wear
jeans like this more often. You said they were too
tight, but they’re actually– – They’re snug. Thank you, Tan, I really like this. – You do, you’ve actually got
a legit smile on your face. That makes me really happy. – Yeah, it’s great. – You look cool without trying too hard, sophisticated so you look age appropriate but like a cool 36. – Like you. – Like me, you look like Tan France. – I think we went through
a bit of a DSQUARED valley. We were lost. – Yeah, we were lost for a moment. I wasn’t happy where we were. – No, you weren’t. – But I feel like we’ve found ourselves in the most beautiful spot. – Between blush and this, I think it’s really been a revealing day– – I know. – In terms of what pink I can wear. – I wanna do something
called quick change. – Okay. – So you want to change out of the things that you’ve won all day, but
you don’t have that much time. You’ve got two minutes, quick change. – That’s normally the situation. – Good. (camera shudders) I want to give you a neutral base layer so we can play with a few options. – Did you every shoplift
when you were younger? – No, I wish I did. I feel like I missed on on
the cool, young experience. – Yeah, me too, everyone else did it. – And then it gets a little
bit colder in the evening. Oh, no, I better put a jacket on. Well, you’ve got the perfect one here. It’s a beautiful coat. What do you think? Do we like the outfit? – I like it a lot. – Nice and simple? – Nice and simple. That’s a two-minute change. That’s all you need. – I know, that’s what I’ve
been saying all along. Next day you’re throwing
your clothes on the floor, you’re still gonna wear the same shirt. – Do you throw your clothes on the floor? – No, absolutely not. I assume you do which is why I said that. – I do sometimes. – Straight men. And this is the jacket
that you said you liked and you would purchase. – But I was curious about
it, just for the record. – I would like to give it a go. – Yeah, that jacket works. – It works! Did we nail it? And I’m not even kidding when I ask this. – I’m very happy to say
we nailed a new genre of off stage John. – All right, it was a success. John Mulaney, fuckable again. (camera shudders) (upbeat music) I hope you enjoyed this
episode of Dressing Funny. It’s simple, tell me which
of these outfits you loved. Comment below, subscribe, and also I wanna know who you want me to have on the show next. (upbeat music) – Hi, I’m Tan France and
this is Dressing Funny. Each episode, I’m dressing some of the funniest people on the planet. – Uh oh, uh oh, hey. – I’m going to be pushing
their style game, just watch. Hello, Nick and Andrew. – Hi, how do we look? – You look like you’re ready to shop. – What’d you do with the barista? – Well, here’s the thing. Nick, he was dressed terribly,
so we got rid of him. Ready to do this?
– Yeah, sure. – All right. I’ll bring the coffee. – I think he might’ve killed the barista. – Do we like tell somebody or– – No, let’s get some clothes
and then see what happens. (upbeat music) – I know that, Nick,
you dress a certain way. I know we’re mostly here for you, Andrew, the more substantial project. You’ve known each other
since you were kids. – We’ve known each
other since first grade. [Tan] That’s insane! – And we used to wear
silk boxers back then. – Yes, his mom went to Hong Kong, and would bring us back silk boxers. – Yeah, that is a really strange gift for your mom to bring back. – Well, I have a weird family.
– All right. I love that you’re still friends. I’m sure you look at him thinking, “What the fuck is going on here.” – Uh huh, uh huh. – Before we start, I want to know, what do you think of the things he wears? – This sweatshirt
particularly drives me crazy. – It’s very Ariana Grande. Is that who you’re
channeling every morning when you’re getting ready? – No, I’m channeling being a short guy and just buying stuff
that doesn’t quite fit me. – What I see is the
manifestation of depression. (laughs) Oh, oh. No.
– No, no, it’s cool. (laughs) My clothes make him sad, that’s fine. – No, no, but Andrew is,
’cause that’s the thing, in his brain, and in his work,
he’s incredibly organized. Everything is just so. – But he doesn’t dress like a boss. – I have two young kids,
and there’s a puppy, and there’s lunches, I grab
the thing that’s on top. – What does your wife
think of how you dress? – She’s glad that I’m here today. – Yay! – Then she does not like the
way you dress, wonderful. – And what do you think of how he dresses? – Nick dresses really well. I think there’s a reason
when he was asked to do this, he was like, “I think
Andrew should come along “and get some help, too.” – You’re a dick. – No, not at all. – I kind of want to see
how you dress each other. – Oh, okay. – You’ve known each other a long time. Go around, find what you
think is appropriate. Anywhere you want to go in the space. – Great.
– Let’s look around. (camera shudders) – How we doing, Andrew? – I don’t know, I got a shirt, I guess. – It’s a nice shirt. – A nice shirt for a nice boy. – It’s the most basic
thing you could’ve found. – I feel like Nick might wear this. – Maybe, sure. – You don’t need either of our approval. – Yeah, I want to know
what you would pick. – You’re going to wear this, asshole. – Andrew, I could tell
you weren’t so comfortable because as I turned
around, you were like this. – Revolving in a circle. (laughter) – This is the hardest
thing I’ve ever done. – Yes, you could’ve–
– Why? – I’m having trouble choosing for myself. (upbeat music) – I think this for Andrew
would be really nice. – Corporate guy, yeah. – Like an adult man. – More adult man, less schlumpy dad. – Uh huh.
– Okay. – There’s a world where
Andrew becomes a terrible DJ. I’m attracted to the idea of
a residency in Vegas vibe. – Yeah. – I also think there’s a
world where he goes on tour with a ska band. You’ve got to let people know that you love smoking those big old bongs. – Yeah (laughs). – Andrew?
– Yes. – Every time I turn– – I look lost?
– Yeah. – There’s a lot of, like
when I go shopping by myself, there’s a lot of, “Can I help you?” And I’m like, “No, I’m fine,
this is just how I shop.” – One last thing. You always have to have the hat that says the thing that you like. I would love one that
just says fucking donuts. I would straight up wear
a hat that says donuts. – Sure. (camera clicking) – These are the outfits that
you’ve chose for each other. Let’s see how it looks. Thank you so much. – Tan, if I want to change with the door open, can I? – I would rather you did. I’ve been married for
11 years so I’d really appreciate if you did.
– I’ll give you a show. – Thanks. – If you want, we can get right to it. We’ll get right to it. – Yes, please. – I’m very shy. I don’t want attention at all. (laughing) – Andrew, are you almost decent? – These shoes are very complex. – You don’t need to finish,
just a general idea. Oh, that’s fine, don’t
worry about doing them all. I think he’s going get the
idea of how beautiful this is. – Oh. – You look like how you might look. – You look like a sexy schoolboy. – Yeah. – That’s what I feel like. (laughs) – I feel like his wife would totally vibe on sexy schoolboy. – You have really good legs. – [Andrew] Stop it! – [Nick] There’s a nice hair to the leg. – It’s not too much,
it’s not too aggressive. – No, but there’s a manliness to it. – This is a bathing suit. – It is a bathing suit. – But do you think that I could, I could– – No!
No. – Sorry, you don’t need
to finish the sentence. Don’t do that.
– Yeah. – And then what do we think of his? – I think I did an okay job. – And a good jacket.
– You nailed it! Hello! I mean, yes, there are certain
points that are slightly off, but on the whole, he looks damn good! I don’t love the jacket. – I hate the jacket. I hate the jacket so much. – Okay, wait, wait, help me, help me. Why is the jacket so bad? – The shiny fabric is so bad.
– The shininess. It’s really the shininess
more than anything. I’m curious about your
take on popping a collar. – You don’t need to pop your collar. Douchebags pop their collars. – Well, what if I’m a
little bit of a douchebag? – You’re not. I’ve met you too many times
to know you’re not a dick. You don’t want to be that guy. – Take this jacket.
– It’s the worst, I know. Get rid of it. – An idiot picked that jacket. (camera clicking) – In Big Mouth, you guys
are your teenage selves. So I would like to dress you as a teen. – [Andrew] Okay. – We’re in our 40s. You guys, not me. Sorry, I said that as
if it was a collective. We are in our 40s. – Yeah, yes. – Just go back to those good years where we could do whatever
we want, no fucks given. We’re going to try you what
kids are wearing these days. They love a camo. We love a silver. Actually, no, this wasn’t
for you, this was for you. – No.
– Yeah. – Shit. – Outbreak Margaritaville
guerrilla warfare bottoms. – Yeah, yeah yeah yeah yeah. You live in L.A. now. You know what the kids are wearing. It’s become a Kardashian state. – So we’re doing Kanye. We’re getting some Kanye beige vibes. – This is what the cool kids are doing. All right, gentlemen, are we ready? We can reveal ourselves,
please, if we are. – [Tan] Gorgeous! Uh huh, oh, yeah.
– Yeah. – Does it feel like
you, it feels like you. – Yes, this feels like me. – I want to pop this collar.
– But this one you can pop. – This is appropriate? – This one I’m really impressed with. – I look so much sillier than Nick. – [Nick] No. – What gives you that idea? Should we make it work. (laughs) – Oh, now, oh! – Yeah. Should we give it a
French tuck real quick? Do you mind if I do this? – Oh, yeah.
– Uh, the dream. To be French tucked– – To get a French tuck by Tan. – I really think Colleen would like this. – Bend down for us real quick. – Yeah, yeah, yeah. – There we go. There we fucking go. – [Tan] Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. – For when Colleen pegs
you, this is perfect. You can just fucking get it. – Oh, I didn’t know your wife was a keen pegger, that’s sweet. – Well, you know, when
she sees me in this, she won’t be able to help herself. – When it gets warm in L.A., you know it gets warm all the time, It doubles as an accessory. – That on a functional
level, I don’t hate. – If you’ve got a good friend, you just– – It’s a two person outfit. – Yeah. Here, Andrew, just. It’s a friend Bjorn. – Yeah, that’s what it’s there for. – We’ll have to get a
chair for the writer’s room that goes two ways, and kind of sit on it. – I’ll just be your chair. – Oh, yeah! You did well. – Yeah, see? Multifunctional clothing. – I’m going to take you off
– And there’s still room for your wife to peg you. – Yeah! (camera clicks) – I kind of don’t mind this look. – Here’s the thing. I know you’re a massive Kardashian fan– – I’m impressed by their business acumen. I wish they weren’t
encouraging young girls to get plastic surgery. I love Kanye’s music so much. – [Tan] Yes. – And his politics even more. – [Andrew] That looks like– – It feels like it’s missing something. – Oh. – Does it feel like it’s missing a beret? – Oh my God. Everything’s always missing a beret. – Is it me, or does that
actually work on you? – I really, I do like the beret, honestly. – I’m part of the Kanye
French Resistance Army. And we are going to storm the Bastille and have an all-night concert. Where are we at with these and these? – Do you tie that?
– Do you tie these? Do you tuck them in? – If I’ve got two, I
tuck the bottom one in and I leave the hoodie out. – Okay, how do you imply phallus? You know what I mean? – That’s the nice thing,
because that hides it, whereas when you tuck it
in all you see in schlong. There it is, it’s lovely. – It’s gorgeous. – You can really track his
dick moving back and forth. – Have you got your silk boxers on? – No more silk boxers. – What did we graduate to, underwear-wise? – It’s a boxer brief. – Oh, a boxer brief. What do you wear, is it a boxer brief? – It’s a, yes, like a boxer. No, it’s just boxers. – It’s not a dad boxer, though, right? – Can I show you my underpants? – We would love to see. – I’ve been waiting for 30 years for this. – I mean, you’re beating around the bush. – I should’ve just
said, “Show me yo dick!” – Take off your damn pants! Like this. – It’s a dad boxer.
– Oh, no! – No, these are bad? – Would you fuck that? (laughs) – No, but for other reasons. – I’m here. – No, no, not straight gay. We have to work together,
that’s what it is. Otherwise, I’d fuck the
fucking fuck out of him. – Really, these are bad? – You’ve got to get it in check. That’s not okay.
– All right. – I mean, I’m not going to
ask about your sex life, but I can promise, you get that in check, you’ll have sex more often. Anyway, next look! (upbeat music) Final two looks for Nick and Andrew is what I think they should
be wearing going forward. Let’s see if they love it as much as I do. All right, gentlemen, can we see? I love it on you! – Ooh! – You look like a cool guy. – Like a cool guy? – You look, you look cool. You look like a guy I’d
say, “All right, he knows!” – I feel good. – [Nick] Your ass looks
great I those jeans. – [Tan] His ass looks
great in these jeans! – Oh, who’s that? – Actually, it’s fantastic. Your butt looks fantastic. – I like those jeans
and that jacket on you. And those boots, they all look great. – Thank you. – Will you come and tell
me what you think of yours? – I like the jacket. I do wear a lot of blues and stuff, so that feels about right. – And it brings out your eyes.
– Oh, I didn’t even know that. I had no idea. I think I’m following in the long line of Jews who want to be cowboys. – Oh, that’s a thing, huh? – In the Ralph Lauren, Billy
Crystal in City Slickers vibe. – You look refined this way. – Yeah, the other way, you
look like a real asshole. – I think we achieved something. – I think we’ve achieved
a tremendous amount. – You weren’t the goal. You already looked, but
I’m happy with this. And you, young man. – This is great.
– This should be the new me. – He looks so hot, I’m going to try to fuck
him in the writer’s room. – I know. That’s what I was concerned
was going to happen. – That’s my only issue with the look. – Well, if that’s the biggest
problem, I’m fine with that. – Yeah, I think most
importantly, his wife Colleen– – Is gonna want to peg him. – Yeah, exactly. – Even more than she already does. – All right, shall we get you
back into your regular looks and get out of here. – Great.
– Okay. Thank you so much, gentlemen. (camera clicking) – All right, Tan. We’re all changed back,
ready to get a bite. – This is regular? – This is how we feel
most comfortable, yes. – Okay, should we do this? – Okay, we can go have some lunch. – Yes, please, come on, all right. – Let’s go eat each other out. – Yes, don’t, that’s
a rough one to handle. If you like what you saw today, simply subscribe, like, comment. Did you like their looks? If you do, I want to know which ones. And who do you want to
see on the show next? Let us know. Shall we go?
– Yeah. Okay, let’s go. – All right, let’s go, Tan.
– All right, let’s do this. Wait, if you can just
move to the left slightly. Yep, that way. Nope. Yep, no, we good? – Here we go.
– Okay, we’re good. Yep, no, no, no, this way.
– Let’s go get a smoothie. – Yep, that way, that way. Yep, this way, yep. (hip hop music) Hi, I’m Tan France and
this is Dressing Funny. Each episode, I’m dressing some of the funniest people on the planet. – I don’t love this person. – Wanna watch me push that star game? – Hey Tan, who you talking to? Who the fuck are all these people? – They’re my crew. – I thought we were just
coming here just to be friends. – Sorry, love, I always
have a crew with me. I should have explained first. – It’s okay. – Yeah. (upbeat music) Ali Wong, isn’t it hip? – Where’s the fireplace at? Where’s the white boyfriend? Give me a fedora! I love it. – Okay, so I wanna dress you. – Yes. – For a couple of reasons. You are a mom, you are a new movie star. And so you’re gonna have
to dress a certain way because it’s for show.
– It’s true, I don’t normally look like
this when I’m out with my kids. ‘Cause they’re gonna stain this. There’s spit, there’s chocolate, there’s chocolate that
comes out of the other end, there’s a lot of, yeah. – Yes, not great tasting chocolate. So we’re gonna make sure
you’re movie-style-mom ready and then I also want to give
you an option for the stage. – To perform in? – Yeah. – I’m so excited! When I first started out doing comedy, I used to dress like
one of the little kids from a Missy Elliot video. – I like that. – Because I wanted to look like a kid, ’cause I kind of wanted
to desexualize myself. – Oh. – But then as I got older I was like, I don’t feel like dressing like a kid, ’cause I’m not a fucking kid! – Yeah (laughs) yeah. – And then I had to be secure in my comedy that people weren’t gonna be
distracted by me looking nice. If it’s for stage, I do show my underwear. – And so ordinarily, it
needs to be liftable. – Yes. – What you wore in the last
special feels very powerful. And I like that, so I want
to get you a powerful look. – Oh, good! – But I want it to be even sexier. – Okay, yes! – So I wanna see where your
head’s at when you shop. – Okay.
– Nothing fancy. You’re just hanging out. – This is so much fun, by the way. (Tan laughs) (camera clicking) – Is there anything you’re seeing in here that you might wanna (clears throat) burn? (both laughing) – How do you feel about these? – They’re all right. For women I love them,
men I just think eh, he looks like a douche bag. Do you feel like you’ve
got your style down? – Yeah, I do, it’s not always consistent. But it always does feel me. – Okay.
– I’m not into that. I do, I kinda like these. – I like those prints a lot. – What do you call it? Co-ord!
– Co-ord, co-ords. – It’s a co-ord, I like to
call it twinset, ’cause I’m 75. I am interested to see
how this one turns out. – Me too. – This one is too long for me. – Oh, you and I have the same issue, where everything has to get altered. – Yes, yes, of course. I have no issue with that. I love having everything altered, because then everything feels
like it’s super expensive ’cause it’s custom fit to my body. (camera clicking) – I think that’s it. – Which one’s you favorite of the bunch? Actually, can I choose
my favorite of the bunch. – You choose your favorite. – You like ’em all. – I think I like them all. – Well then, I’m gonna send you in with the one that I
would like you to try on. How are we doing? Are we decent, are we
ready to show the world? – Yeah.
– Wonderful, let’s do this. (upbeat music) – I actually love it.
– I know. I think we might be done. – Did we nail it on the first try? – I think you might have it. – And I, you didn’t need my help! – No alteration. I love it. – I love it, do you mind if I? – Do it, are you doing the front tuck? You hit me with that tuck.
– Woo! – I knew that tuck was coming! (Tan laughs) – It’s just a little
something, I want to do a– – Oh my, oh! I see!
– Do you see that? Can I tell you why I do it? We are vertically challenged. So, right now, I look
like I’ve got relatively decently proportionate legs. – Yes. – If I have my T-shirt
out, my legs look dumpy. – Oh, that’s true! – If I just do a quick tucky like, oh, his waist is high,
he’s got longer legs. It makes me look taller and leaner. Just a little bit.
– This I can do by myself. – Yeah, just an inch or so at
the front, yeah, pull it out. The outfit’s killer.
– Wow! – And it’s a cute mom outfit– – It is!
– Without feeling mumsie. – I can wear this with sneakers. They could spill, there’s pockets. – Yeah, yeah. So when you’re on a red carpet,
do you feel baller or no? – I do rely on one thing, it’s this. – Show me. Ali, Ali, Ali! You smile? You’re one of the very
few people who does. – Yeah.
– Okay, you’ve got that. Let me tell you, let me tell you why. – I always, the hand on the hip. I don’t know what to do with my arms. – Yeah, it’s a hard one.
– It’s so awkward. And I still feel stiff, but I
don’t feel like I look stiff. – Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes. – But otherwise, it just feels like you’re sticking out your butt. – Yeah, you know something,
you’re giving yourself angles. – Yeah. – My only concern is the smile. You’ve got a beautiful smile. My worry when I smile is it shows stuff that I don’t want it to show. – Oh, oh, oh, right.
– So I do bitch instead. – Well, that works for you ’cause everyone knows
you’re a nice person. (both laughing) – Kinda true. – Yes! – Actually, you’re right. I can get away with it because
people know my personality. – Also, that’s like,
still your male privilege. – It is. – Coming through, right?
– You are absolutely right. – Because you can still go bitch. – Because nobody asks a man to smile more. – And then it’s like, you’re
not a bitch, you’re fierce. – Yes, yes, yes, yes, yeah. Okay, I love this, but
I wanna do my version. – Okay, great! – So, next, I wanna do cool. Because you want it to
still look appropriate, but you want to be able
to play with your kids. – Oh totes, because I wanna bend over– – Bend over with you kids. – And not show my dirt star. What?
– Dirt star? – Mmhm, you’ve never heard dirt star? – No, never. Have you heard balloon knot? – Hilarious. – Yeah, it definitely is more like that. – More accurate. – Definitely more accurate,
it’s a balloon knot. (Ali laughs) I think it’s a gay term.
– Wow. – I know, you don’t spend enough time with the gays, I don’t think. – Oh I do, but some of them, they all have kids now, that I do. – That don’t stop them. (Ali laughs) Plus we get even more vulgar
after they’ve had kids. Okay, so let me show
you this, it’s a dress. (gasps) – How did I miss this? – It’s so good, right? – It’s so good! – So it’s oversized, it’s interesting. I’m gonna give you a
sneaker to wear with it. So this you can still,
look it’s stretch too, so you can bend over, play with your kids. But you still look wicked. Okay, wait, there is one other thing I wanted you to try before that. I want to actually see what that, I forgot what Americans call it, overall? Like what’s the American–
– It’s a jumpsuit. – Jumpsuit.
– Yeah. – I would like to see that on you. – Okay. – Okay, do we have it on? – We do have it on. – Is it as ridiculous as I think it is? – Well. – Okay, this can’t work for
you, let me tell you why. – Okay. – ‘Cause that clearly
should be like there. – And then I have camel toe now. – Yeah, the Kardashians do the toe. – They do?
– They do. – Yeah, I can’t keep up with them. Oh! – Do you know what
vaginal rejuvenation is? They make it look like,
it looked before you had– – You’re 22, yeah. – People, you’re like,
they know me from the show. – They’re like, vaginal
rejuvenation, Tan France! – Everyone in this industry. – They were like, you do makeovers, let me tell you about my makeover. – Not, just let me tell
you, let me show you this. – Wow! – I never saw a vagina
before the show aired. – Anyways, what about this jumpsuit? (both laughing) (camera clicking) – All right, Mrs. Wong,
what’s our preference? – I mean, you’ll see. – Ooh.
– You ready? – Let’s see. – Tan. Tan, I love this. – Me too!
– So much. I’m going to an architecture convention! I’m gonna give a speech on
how to design Japanese houses! (Tan laughs) Look at me! This is amazing!
– It’s so good. – I wanna poach you from
Queer Eye and just– – I’m done with those gays. – Can you please just live in my house? – Yes. – And can we do this everyday. – Everyday, everyday. – It’s loose, I can bend. – You’re not gonna show your– – My dirt star.
– Dirt star. – My balloon tie.
– Yeah, balloon knot. – Balloon knot, I love it. – I just don’t love the shoes with it. – Yes, okay. – Let me get you a different shoe. Could we try a metallic with it? – Yes! – That’s even more Japanese
architect at this point. – Yes, who designs Comme
des Garcons now, bitches! (Tan laughs) – You don’t wear heels, no? – No. My first TV set I ever did
was on the Tonight Show. I didn’t love it, I
didn’t feel like myself ’cause I was wearing heels and
I never do standup in heels. – I love the sneaker with it. – I love it so much, it’s shimmer. – Can you runway for me? ♪ Now let this money flow ♪ ♪ Everybody know ♪ – [Tan] Oh shit! – Uh oh, uh oh, uh oh, hey! – [Tan] I thought you’d
be shier than that! (both laughing) You walked right into it, I thought– – I think you saw my nose hair. (Tan laughs) (camera clicking) – I wanna put you in a skirt because I actually do know
that you do like to lift. But I want it to be powerful
and so I thought a little leather skirt could be lovely. – Oh my goodness. – And then you can decide
which way you, hey-o! – Oh my goodness! – You’re a mom now, you’ve gotta do a classier
version of an expo. – Yes. – So, pup-pup, it’s a zipper version. – Yeah, very like, Beyonce. – Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. – Da-na-na-na-na-na, partition, please. – Yes, but then I have two choices of top. If you do like a simple black. – Oh my goodness. – Which is gonna feel military
style, it’s gonna feel– ♪ I’m a survivor! ♪ – Yeah, or, let me give you that and I’ve got another option. (Ali squeals excitedly) So it’s up to you, either way I’m happy. – [Ali] All right. – Okay. On the whole I actually kind of love it. Let me change the shoe,
the shoe’s killing it. We’re gonna put that shoe on instead. (gasps) – Look at that!
– I know. – Look at that!
– I know, believe I know. – Dip my foot in some cotton
candy if you don’t mind me. – Isn’t it so cute? I love it so much.
– Oh my god. – So my question is, Ali Wong– – Yes, I will marry you. (Tan laughs) Yes, I will co-own your closet. – Could this be a stage look for you? – Yeah.
– Potentially. If I saw you on stage looking like this I’d wanna fuh the life out of that. – Oh, really?
– Yeah, I would. – No rejuvenation needed? – No.
– Oh. – No matter what sex, if I’m
looking at the person on stage and I’m like, fuck, yeah,
it means we’ve nailed it. I’m not gonna go into this too far, I’m just gonna do a tiny little bit. See a little bit of sexy, just– – Yes!
– Yes! (laughs) – Mm. What’s that birth mark? Oh, where is my birthmark? Oh, there it is, hey! Wow, I love it. – You look like a rich bitch, too! – Ask me to donate to the
private school, ask me! – Okay, can I have one more model walk? – Yes! – Or, you do not actually
even need to model, you walk however the
fuck you want with this. (upbeat music) Yeah, yeah! ♪ Take it from the ceiling to the floor ♪ – You’ve been to one too
many Beyonce concerts. Yes! (camera clicking) I think we killed it. – You killed it. I feel like you really pushed me to somewhere I would never go by myself. – Okay good, I’m so
glad you let me do this. – Yeah.
– Did you enjoy it? – I had the best time.
– Good. Thank you so much for watching this episode of Dressing Funny. I hope you loved her
outfits as much as I did. Be sure to subscribe and let me know which comedian do you
wanna see me dress next? – Hey, I’m just gonna take–
– Oh, are you? – Bye guys, this has been so much fun. Thank you, Tan! – Oh, are you keeping the outfit as well? – Yes. – It was a loaner.
– Yes, bye, I love you! So kind of you to offer it to me. – It’s worth like $3000. Are you gonna pay for that? I can’t pay for that. Is somebody gonna pay for that? (upbeat music) – Here we go. – Hi, I’m Tan France and
this is Dressing Funny. Each episode, I’m dressing some of the funniest people on the planet. – Uh oh, uh oh, hey. – Wanna see me push their style game? Just watch. Oh hey, Miranda! (upbeat music) Hi Miranda, how are you? – Oh Hi, I’m good, how are you? – Good. – We can um, handshake, how about. I just don’t trust you yet, so. – That’s probably understandable. – Yeah, what was your name? – Tan. – Tan. – Tan.
– Tan. Tan. – Tan. – I put people in clothes. So if you wore clothes
that were like this, I would be like, “okay, let me help.” – Yes, that’s why I’m here
today, to help you dress. I didn’t know it would be this bad. – What do you think I’m missing? – You’re missing pants. (laughs) What happened to your overalls? Half of them are gone. I think you should cover it up. That is for your wife
or your husband only. – What year do you think this is? – It is 2019, I do not judge. But you look really ugly. – Shall I go?
– Leave? That would be great, I
can just be by myself. – Shall I tell you what I think of yours? – Oh yes, of course, thank you. – Can I see the back? – Okay, pervert. – Oh my.
– You see that? It’s a message for all
the haters out there. – Listen, here’s the thing. The sweats are a lot,
the sweatshirt is a lot. The colors are a lot. – A lot of good? – I wouldn’t say great. – Excellent. – Okay I know you said you liked to cover. – Yes. – But would you consider this? It’s good for you because
you like a lot of color. – Yeah, I don’t like that color. – What color do you like? – I like pink, darker pink, a little bit darker pink, hot pink, purple, white, gray, really light pink, a little bit of a darker pink, a maroon, hot pink, I picked a scab, red, blood colors, and scab colors like
browns and tan colors. – Yes. – And I also have black. – Yo. – So do you have anything that color? – Yeah, I’ve got a lovely pink here. – I didn’t say that one. – Its practically the
same colors as yours. – Um, that’s a different kind of color, that’s like placenta pink. – Okay, how about this. I will try on whatever
you want me to try on. – Thank god. – But, then you have to try
on a couple of looks for me. – Okay, we’ll see about that. But I definitely need to
change your clothes very soon. – It turns out he thinks he’s a celebrity, he thinks that he knows more
than me, which is laughable. – So we need to figure out
what’s going to work for her. – I don’t think anythings
going to look good on him, but let’s see here, what do we have? – I don’t want to take
advantage and put her in something she would never wear. But I actually do want
to make her look great. However, I think she’s insane. – Boring, boring, boring, boring, boring. – And I don’t think
she’s going to appreciate anything I pull for her. – Oh, you know what? Now we’re getting somewhere. So I did find one thing
that might work for you but I mostly just have stuff from home. – You only found one
thing in this whole store that might work? – Yeah I figured camouflage would be good because it would hide your legs more. – I said I’ll try anything.
– So let’s try that. – Okay, I’ll need a shirt. – Yeah, obviously. I’m not a freaking pervert like you. So I have some ideas, okay? So we have this shirt,
it says, nice baubles. – But you said you weren’t a pervert? – No, I’m not. – So what’s that? – A bauble, you know, a bauble. Like, hello, nice baubles,
it’s a compliment. And then a nice shirt,
because modest is hottest, over it with pussy cats! Because everyone loves a
good pussy on a bauble. So we can try that. – That’s true I love pussies on baubles. – And you can put that with that. – And then since your
face is kind of an issue, I do have this. – Oh. – So I think it’ll be good
because you’ll look more famous. – You think that this is better
than what I’ve already got. – I know this is better than
what you’ve already got. – Yo. Okay great then, I’m
definitely down for that. – So that’s your first one, okay? – So I’ve got a look for you. You like color, and so
I’m going to give you a version of color that is
maybe a little more fashionable. – Okay, we’ll see what we can do. (camera shudders) I am in the dressing room right now. Look at all these ugly clothes he freaking picked out for me. However, I see what
he’s trying to do here. I know he’s attracted to me. – So I know he– – Are you talking to yourself? – I’m talking to a camera, smart one. – Who did you convince
to father your child? – Okay well if you knew anything, you would know that I am a virgin. Because I’m not like that. And the Lord Himself made
me the next Virgin Mary. So, basically, God is the
father of my child, so. – Did you call your child Jesus? – [Miranda] No I do not. – What do you call him? – [Miranda] It. – It? – It, or baby, or that. You know, things like that. – Do you keep in touch with your mom? – Yes, my mom is my
teacher, I’m homeschooled. – Oh, that explains so much. – [Miranda] I actually kind of like this. – Good. – [Miranda] I’m about to
come out, are you prepared? – Prepared as I’ll ever be. (Miranda hums) – This was your plan all
along wasn’t it, Tan? – To wed you? – Yes, you gave me a veil. I do like the idea of getting married. It will help your career, it’ll make me look better
’cause of charity work. And I gotta say, you sold me on the pants because the pants don’t have a middle. So in case I have to pee,
poo, give birth, anything, it just falls out, easy clean up. – That’s one down, I’m
impressed that you liked my- – Yeah, so. I do. Did you hear that – I don’t. – Oh, you’re already wearing your ring. With this ring, I thee wed. – No – You may kiss the bride.
– No, no. No, hard pass. – You’re already laying down, not til the wedding night, silly. – No, I’m going to try on real quick. – You can put that on first
and don’t forget your mask. – Oh. – I can come in.
– No, no, no. – We’re married now.
– No, I’m good. – Never thought I would
marry an ugly person, but, you know, stranger things have happened. On Netflix, so. (camera shuttering) – [Tan] I’m ready! – You’re ready?
– Yeah. – Oh good! – [Tan] It doesn’t smell as
nice as id like it to smell. – Wow, I have never been
more attracted to you. – [Tan] What do you like about this look? – I like the nice baubles,
I like the pussy cats, and most importantly I like
looking at my own face. See now we can kiss.
– No. – We can.
– No, No. (camera shuttering) – I’m really excited about this next look. Because I want to be
sensitive to your needs. I’m your wife now. So I want to make sure
we have compromise here. So here we have a skin leotard. And then on top put this, which is like a Virgin Mary outfit, so people know that you are a holy person, and you’re not inappropriate. But you’ll look naked and like
sexy sweet at the same time. You’re like, “oh am I naked? “No, but I’ll pray for you.” – Um, okay, next. Which one would you rather? – This one. – Great let’s go with that.
– Okay. – And then we’re going to wear this, again, you embrace color, we’re going to go with
this, with this over it. Just so we understand, this comes off. – What comes off?
– All of that. Everything that you have
on right now, is off. – Okay. – And then you replace it
with this, and then this, and then this over it. Ready for this? You will go in this one. – Oh, okay switching up? – We will switch it up. – Oh, my camera is in that one. – I will give it to you. – Are you coming in? – I will. – Oh. – I’m not coming in, I’m sliding it under. – Ow! Okay so I think these are pants. Lets try. I think maybe you tuck
this part in, I don’t know. I’m not going to wear
this sweater, it’s stupid. What do you guys think? Some sort of version of Aladdin. [Miranda] Okay, are you ready? – Yes. I have to do this, because
this is just offensive. – Oh wow, you look great.
– Really? – [Miranda] You look so nice. – This is your version of nice? – Well I actually like
what you pulled this time. I love the scarf and these
pants are really nice. – Do you remember what I told you that you must take off the clothes that you’re already wearing and replace them with
the clothes I got you? – I thought you were
talking like sexy talk, like talking dirty to me.
– No that’s not sexy talk. – Well I like this
because it has a surprise. You know, so it’s like if you get excited, you can be like, “what?” – I’ve never felt more
disgusting in my life. – What are you talking about? – Listen, here’s the thing. – Listen, you know what? I know that you hate yourself. I know that you feel ugly. But it’s okay. Ugly people can be happy too. Okay? – What’s wrong with you? (upbeat music) I feel like I’ve given you
all the help I can give you. – Okay. – And so I’m going to
leave you with one outfit. – Okay. – That I think will be
a better version of you. You will go into the fitting room, and you decide who’s future Miranda. – I will fully do what you want, if you do the same for me. I have one final look for you, it’s the best one of them all. If will make you look much better, it will make you look more famous-er. – Show me. – Don’t look! It’s a surprise. So he gave me these pants to wear. I don’t like jeans. They’re uncomfortable,
they stink, they’re stiff. And I don’t like stiff things, if you know what I’m saying. This jacket is a little too
Sherlock Holmes in my opinion. It’s also not raining, so
I’m not going to put this on. I don’t think he’ll notice. I love what you picked out for me, I think this is a real big change. – [Tan] Oh good, you actually tried it on? – [Miranda] Yeah, it looks great! – [Tan] Great. – [Miranda] Okay, you ready? One, two, three. Wow. It’s amazing.
– Okay, what the fuck is this? – Excuse you! – All right. We can be done, she’s not going to- – Oh your butt looks great. Show them.
– No. – Show them. – We’re done, thank you
very much, no thank you. – We clearly didn’t do anything. – It looks very nice.
– I’m done. Okay. So I guess he’s gone. Tan? We’ll it seems like he’s actually gone. That’s okay. I’m a professional. So thanks for watching everybody. I hope you enjoyed this
episode of Dressing Funny, staring me, Miranda Sings. Make sure to subscribe. Leave a comment, what
was your favorite outfit that we did today? Obviously it was this one. Thank you! Tan, I just miss my husband so much. – Yeah I kinda miss you too. – Tan I’m so glad you’re back. Because I actually need
these clothes back. – Oh good, because I want my show back. – Oh, that can’t happen. I already told them that’s- – You take these, I’m taking my show. – Oh, no pushing. – Move, idiot.
– Okay, we’ll be back. (upbeat music) – Hi, I’m Tan France, and
this is Dressing Funny. Why is it called Dressing Funny, you ask? Well, let me tell ya. Each episode, I’m dressing some of the funniest people on the planet. – I do.
– I don’t. No. Wanna see me push their style game? Just watch. (doorbell rings) Hello, love.
– Hi. – Hi, come on.
– Hi, is this a good time? (upbeat music) – What’s happening here?
– Tina is here and I want to have a
quick chat with her first. – [Rachel] Okay. – So, help yourself to whatever you want. This is only for you. – This is very British, oh wow. – Enjoy it. Well, back in a few minutes.
– Thank you. – I’ll check on you just
in case you need it. – Okay. (Rachel laughs) Is there any clotted cream here? (upbeat music) – I understand that we
are dressing Rachel. She’s hit 50. – I might be next. I just turned 49.
– Okay. – I know, you can’t believe it. – I know, I had no idea. – Everyone can believe it. – No idea. (Tina laughs) As she got close to 50, did
you see her style change? – We started out together in Chicago. At that time, it was like our Doc Martens and then, what was our
show dress for Second City. We would go to Express. Our dress that we could wear
eight times a week, yeah. And then, when you get to SNL, then you’re like, get a
taste of someone helping you. (calm classical music) – Delightful. – I kinda want you to put an
outfit together from this. – Oh, brother. This is ’cause she’s secretly
kind of a dirty bitch. – I know, I assumed so. That’s the vibe I get. – But listen, she’s the downtown lady. – Is there a difference
between downtown lady and uptown lady? – 100%, one of them’s a dirty bitch and one of them’s just a sad bitch. (both laughing) – You guys ready for me yet? – Rachel Dratch, won’t you
come out here, please, my love? (all laughing) – Guess what I have? French tuck. – Oh, you do? – In your honor.
– Oh my gosh, I didn’t see. – Move an inch. – I do as well. – Oh my gosh, you. Too.
– Got a French tuck as well. – French tuck.
– I am confused. Why are you doing the
Scottish accent for me? (Rachel laughs) – It’s just tuck took me there. – Before we do this because I’ve just realized, you’re not doing my accent. Can I give you a sentence? – Yeah.
– I’ll try. – This could be good and
I’d love to see it on you. – This could be good and
I’d love to see it on you. – Ooh, that’s not bad!
– Cuffs. Cuffs, sketching.
– One more, one more. This could be good and
I’d love to see it on you. – Righty-o! Yes, I’d try that on. – Oh, there it is. – That was good, right? – Okay.
– Okay. – Should we get back
to you, Rachel Dratch? – Yeah, sorry. – Rachel Dratch, you’re 50. – Yes, I am. – We should talk about it. – (laughs) I’m only 50. – [Tina] (laughs) Yeah, no. – Should we get you something
to wear, Rachel Dratch? – Yes, please. – Is there one thing
that she’s worn recently that you’re like, that was really good? – Yeah.
– Tell me about it. – The opening night of
Wine Country I loved. I thought it was unexpected,
it felt really fresh, and I feel like it was very lengthening. – Only ’cause someone
helped me pick that out. And I was like, oh, this looks
very fashion-forward for me. And then, I got a lot of good– – It’s great. – Feedback on it. – [Tan] Do you like this color? – I think so. – Well, I’m gonna get you to try this on. I’m gonna get a top to go underneath. – I don’t like a lot of
collar, especially for a lady. Sometimes, almost like this
or just something drapey underneath makes it feel less like I’m here for the brisness meeting. (Tan laughs) – It’s just gonna be a really simple one. – All right.
– Sound good? – Yes.
– Godspeed, Rachel. – Well, godspeed. (camera ticking) – [Rachel] I’m ready. – Wait, let me tweak her pants. ‘Cause her pants are so long, that I bet she’ll be trip on them.
– Oh yeah, yeah, yeah. Of course, yeah, there’s that. Okay, so Tan has gone in to help Rachel, so I’m hanging out here
in the dressing suite. He brings people here to dress them and then, every night, whatever’s left in the room is burned and thrown away. And then, the room is
rebuilt every morning. It’s just kind of how he lives. He’s incredibly wasteful. Hello. – Were you just doing
a monologue for them? – Yes. – I wanna come and stand with you. Yes, we’re ready. (upbeat music) (both laugh) You walk really well in those shoes. How did you get so tall? – I want a lower neckline. – Me too. – ‘Cause I’m getting an Ellen vibe. – Oh! – Which is great for Ellen, but you’re not Ellen. Also, you are good in a pant, Rachel. You’re narrow, you’re narrow on bottom. – Oh, you’re a bottom? Cute! – I’m a bossy bottom. – The color I think is gorgeous on her. Okay. This shoe. – It’s so funny ’cause I looked at these and I was like, these shoes? and then I was like, oh,
they’re Stella McCartney. (Tan laughs) Oh, I love them.
– Oh, now they’re gorgeous. – I love them for this, but they’re probably gonna be problematic. – Impractical.
– Yeah. – I would break an ankle? – I could just and you’d
be toppled right over. – Break your ankle. – They’re easier to walk in
than a high heel, though. – Oh, well funny you should mention that. Let’s try a high heel. So I do– – Oh, I didn’t do my toes. Okay, yeah, go on. Just don’t zoom in. – We’ll blur them as if they’re testicles. – They’re criminals! (Tan laughs) Testicles are criminals. (laughs) Anyone like bunions in the house? – That little bow is very bunion friendly. I wear a giant bow over my face. – Oh, Tina! – It’s just sometimes! (Tan giggles) Jacket’s tailored within
an inch of its life. Okay, oh my god. – I need a walker. – Someone needs to make a gorgeous walker to go with our heels. – Can I get a Stella McCartney walker? – Yeah, yeah, yeah. (Tina laughs) We’ll put bows all over it. – It’s cute, but see, that is
the interesting thing, right? You could do that on a red carpet. – Like one foot of the red
carpet, before I wiped. – Other than the discomfort of the shoe, I love this suit on you. Yeah, you need a V, just to
show off a bit of something. Okay, should we try out the next look? – Sure.
– Do you need to crawl out? I’ll crawl with you.. – Get on her back.
– This is 50. – This is the new red carpet exit. (Rachel laughs) (camera shudder clicks) – I think it’s appropriate
that we are down with the kids. – It’s show business, Rachel. You have to keep up with the kids. – Okay. – So this is the Ariana.
– Okay. – So if you’ll grab this.
– This? – I’ve got also a pair of
boots that you might like. – Wow. – She loves a thigh-high. – [Rachel] Oh my god. – I could really see you, school drop-off. – Tina makes a really fair point. Like for school drop offs, it’s a pair of shoes and a sweatshirt. – And a 20-year-old boyfriend. (Rachel laughs) What, the boyfriend? This is my question for you. Whenever you try to take a day to just, okay, I’m going shopping, after like 40, I hit the wall, where I’m in the room,
the lighting’s always bad. – Always bad. – You get very sad, you get so hungry. And how do you push through? – Don’t expect to get full outfits. I get a piece here, a piece
there, every time I shop. And expect to take it
straight to the tailor before you go home. – More people need to be tailors. Guys, stop coding. – Mm-hmm, yes. – Enough with the coding. You need to start a charity. – [Tan] Yes. – People around the
world are looking janky and only you can help them. Be a tailor. Join the Tan France Tailor
Association of the World. (Tina laughs) – Yes, I’m contributing
no money at all to this. – And I’m willing to do yelling
over Instagram about it. – [Tan] Rachel Dratch,
are you Ariana ready? – [Rachel] I’m Ariana ready, yeah. – All right, let’s see it. (upbeat music) You know, this is. (laughs) – I don’t know if was supposed
to be tough or Ariana. – She carries a lollipop.
– You need a Dum Dum. – You don’t need pants,
you’ve got your boots on. – Who needs pants? – Can we see the. – Yeah, we’d love to see the back. The nice thing, as I said, is you could do whatever you want, you
could eat whatever you want. – Yeah, I think if you were to pick up your kids in this, people would assume there were shorts under there. – And that might be a good thing. – And that might be. – That they would assume that. – The different between calling
Child Protective Services. – And ask me about the
World Food Programme. – [Tina] Now, what else could
you wear those boots with? – Daisy Dukes.
– Daisy Dukes, yeah. – And then, just medical bandages. Like you were in a real
bad wreck at the car show. – Do you feel the best self in this? (Tina laughs) – I think when you’re Ariana
and you’re 26, you wear this. When a woman our age wears this,
it’s a mental health issue. – Maybe we just slip you
out of that real quick and show you how you could
wear the boots ’cause you. – Oh yeah, okay, yeah. – I’m here in Tan’s dressing suite. Things are going pretty well. Rachel’s in good spirits. Tan is crying? I don’t know what happened there. – It’s done, okay, so this is the alt to the sweatshirt look, okay. (calm music) – Oh yes! – I mean.
– I mean yes. – It’s darn cute.
– Very, very cute! – New York lady. – And you only have to
shave one inch of your leg. You just do a wax strip. – This could be your– – I’m going to dinner with a friend, followed by karaoke,
followed by a burlesque show. – Please, God, let me be that friend. This is such a great example, too, of how bodies are different. I would look like. It would look maternity. – Yeah, you couldn’t do a shift dress. – ‘Cause you have the
little meow-meow hips. – How do you feel in it? – I feel like this is
something I would wear and do wear minus like, I don’t usually have these cool boots. – It’s so nice that the
boots are giving you a lot of fashion, but they’re flat. – Yes, they’re very comfortable. All right.
– Okay, last one? – [Rachel] Okay, last one. – I do wanna see you in this, like a lot. – Okay, all right. – We’re here in Tan’s dressing suite, where, guys, we found
a body under the couch. It seemed to be some kind of sultan. – Rachel, my love, can we see
you in your sexy, ooh, sexy. – Hi everyone, what’s up? – Rock and roll Rachel. – Okay, I love this skirt on you. I love the sexy on you. – I like Jejune it up. – Yeah?
– Yeah. – This feels like your vibe to me. – Occasionally, we have events to go to and then, we bring out our
vibes, but in every day– – In a lock box. – The vibes are in a lock box. I really like this whole whatever this is made of, I don’t know. – We call it vegan leather.
– Vegan leather. – Vegan leather. – It’s made from vegan human being, were murdered to make that skirt. – They were the obnoxious.
– Thank you, thank you. – Kind, though, so they had to go. (Rachel laughs) – I don’t know, I feel like you got some swagger in this, in a good way. – And if you got cold, you could put on a little denim jacket of some sort. – Or a large hoodie sweatshirt. – Or your hoodie.
– Yeah, There is one other thing that Tina doesn’t think is really you, but I would be interested
to see you in it. Okay. Real life, I’m a stylist. Not everything works when you try it on. So, I’ve gotta a back up. – Okay.
– Give her two minute. This one’s actually gonna
work for sure, for sure. Sorry, Tina, I’m coming right back. – I’ll wait. – Here we are in the Tan styling room. These stairs, they look really nice, guys, but they’re not real. I’m here in Tan’s dressing suite. – All right.
– Yeah, we’re here. Last look, I think you
might really like this one. All right, let’s see this. (upbeat rock music) – (laughs) Yes. – Woo! – This is a look I can get behind. – [Tan] Right? ♪ This is a mom jean, mom jean ♪ (Tina laughs) – I think we nailed the look. ♪ Givin’ up, givin’ up ♪ ♪ Put on your mom jeans ♪ – It’s giving you everything; support, a light color,
just flattening your butt. – Plain. – Place to keep your wallet
in your front pocket. – [Tan] So that’s it, we found your look. – I’m almost sad to be
ending on the mom jeans, but we did find some awesome look. – I would wear it. – You would? – I own mom jeans. – I think Tan should, real
quick, put this on. (laughs) – I’ve literally got a pair. – I want to see you in your mom jeans. – Okay, great. Will you put a pair on? – Let’s all wear some mom jeans. – Let’s do it. (mellow classic rock music) – Thank you so much for watching. I hope you loved that as much as I did. Be sure to like, subscribe, comment which one was your favorite look that I put on Rachel. And also, who do you wanna see next? Which comedian should I
have on the show next? (mellow classic rock music) Hello, I’m Tan France and
this is Dressing Funny. Each episode, I’m dressing some of the funniest people on the planet. – I do.
– I don’t. No! Today’s guest is Pete Davidson. – Hi, handsome. – Hi, how are ya? – I’m great, I just got my results back. I ain’t got shit and there
were some sketchy ones. – Well, that’s why I’m glad that we didn’t use protection. – Yeah, yeah, I feel
like it’s disrespectful. It is, if I was a girl, I’d be like, “What, do you think I’m dirty?” (laughing) I never wear a condom, I’m a gentleman. – Pete Davidson, everyone. (upbeat music) – I feel like I should be taking a Plan B. – Oh, tell me more about that. – I don’t know, it’s
just the vibe that I get. This is very like,
where’s my birth control? (laughing) – The last time we did
this was a little bit ago. – Yeah.
– A lot’s changed. Your skin looks great. – It’s water. – Is that a lie? – Apparently drinking Mountain Dew all day is not good for you.
– That can really fuck you up. How is your mum? – She’s great. – You’re living with her. – Yeah, we live together. – You live together. – Yeah, we’re roommates. – Is that what you’re calling it? – We’re roommates! – She’s a really cool mom. – She’s cool. You know how your mom
could be cool to everybody but it’s like your mom. – Yeah. – So you love her, but you’re
like, “Chill out, dude.” – B.D.E. – Oh god. – It doesn’t give you a point of pride? – No, it’s embarrassing. – Oh my god, I’d be bragging to everyone. I’m that guy. – Well, I guess it’s better that it’s not the other way around. I mean, I’m complaining
about awesome things. – Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
– Good problems, Tan. Good fucking problems! – So here’s my concern. I’ve got one thing that
I want to put you in that might highlight that. – Yeah, you’re gonna bring
out my nice butthole eyes? – Did somebody say that? – People say I have butthole eyes ’cause I don’t sleep very
much and I have Crohn’s. So my eyes turn different colors. But I like it, I like my eyes. – I love your eyes! – I like looking like a raccoon. (laughing) No, seriously. Everybody else’s eyes,
they’re regular as fuck. And I look sick and scary. (camera shutter clicking) – [Tan] I kinda wanna see you in a different version of a sweatpant. You wear sweatpants all the time. – Those are awesome.
– These are awesome. Thank you so much.
– Those are great. – I’ve seen you in
something like this before. It’s a simple, long sleeved shirt. So that’s just gonna cover. And then I wanna see you in pink. – [Pete] Yeah. – This is meant to be my version of Pete. Do you ever wear brogues or Oxfords? – I thought Oxford was a school. – It is also. – Oh. (laughing)
– Yeah. – You try those on,
Pete, you try those on. – There’s not a lot of mirrors. There’s nothing worse than a
bathroom with a lot of mirrors. You catch yourself jerking in it. (laughing) What do you guys think? – You know, I’m not hating it. It feels like if I were
to see you out and about, I wouldn’t think, oh, he
looks really crazy different. – This is like a nice lunch outfit. – What lunch spot would
you be going to for this? – I don’t know. I don’t know, Houlihan’s? – Oh, very nice. Do you often get dressed
up for lunch, Pete? – I do. (laughing) It looks great, very,
very fuckable outfit. (camera shutter clicking) – Now can we give you a John Mulaney? – Yeah, Mulaney time.
– Mulaney time. – All right.
– Okay. So I’m gonna put you in a suit. – [Pete] Okay. – You’re gonna be in it for
a very little amount of time. – Okay. – When you said that you
don’t wear turtlenecks because they make you look like– – Eeyore?
– Eeyore. – I just don’t, I don’t
really hold my head up. I’m learning how to do that, though. I bought the, Apple made this thing that you can put on your back or whatever. – Yeah, that changes your posture. – Yeah, but I’m waiting, I’m trying to use it on
one of my friends first to see if it’s funky or not. – Who’s the friend? – It’s like the lesser tier friend. – Oh my, no! – It’s a friend we’re
not afraid to get rid of. (laughing) – So he said he was a really good person, he’s just balanced it out. But he’s gonna swing it back around. – Actually, I’ll try the turtleneck. – Okay. Will you give this a shot and then, you know you could do the boot with it. That’s not gonna piss me off. If you wanna try it, you’ll see. – I’ll try the boots.
– Okay, it’s Cimmaron. – Yeah, sure. – It looks so good. – I look exactly like Coulson. – That’s a good thing. Like the guy looks hot.
– Yeah. (camera shutter clicking) – I love that I put you in a suit and you’re just going
right into the burger. Does your mom date? – I’m trying to get her to. – How do you feel when your Mom dates? – I’m okay. Somebody should slam her. (gasping) Seriously. She’s been not with
anybody since my dad died. Somebody needs to get up in there and get that lady off my back. (laughing) – She might see this, Pete. – I don’t care. – Do you talk to her like this? – I mean at this point, I might fuck her. – Oh! If she would bring somebody home and you thought he was a dick, would you say something to her? – Yeah, I’d be like,
“Hey, that guys not cool. “But get it in.” you know what I mean? Nobody’s allowed. – Let me get you a napkin. – I’m fine. – Here. – I’ll just use this jacket.
– Here’s a tissue. No no no, you don’t need to use the suit. That’s all right. There you go. This is Mulaney’s look. Mulaney does stand-up. I know you’ve done stand-up on the tour that you were doing all spring. – Mhmm. – Is this gonna turn into a full on tour? Would you do actual stand-up on your own? Have you done stand-up on your own? – I do stand-up on my own but I don’t, it’s not fun. The road is very sad and depressing. As I’m sure you could imagine now. – No, I love being on
my own in a hotel room. – Even when you’re with your homies, it’s still sad you’re not home. I’m not touring unless it’s with Mulaney or any of my friends. – Do you enjoy doing it? – It’s the best.
– The actual performing. – Yes. The actual, everything else sucks but being onstage is great. I think that’s true with everything. Everything sucks but the actual work. – You said that it’s depressing. – Yeah. – You are very open about
the fact that you suffer from mental health issues. – Oh yeah, lots wrong up there. – What’s going on? – It’s not the coolest thing to have but go to a doctor and
get yourself checked out. – Do you talk to your friends about it? – Yeah, I mean we all
talk about it, we all, I’ll be like, “Hey, I’m
gonna be weird today.” And they’re like, “All right.” – All right. – That’s the wonderful thing about everybody knowing I’m nuts now, is now they don’t think I’m a dick. They’re like, “Oh, yeah. “He’s just having a rough one today.” – Yeah, uh-huh.
– Yeah, yeah. – But it’s common with comedians. – Yeah. Luckily there’s this thing called Klonopin and now it’s pretty much always great. – Oh, I don’t know what that is. – It’s great, I have a Pez
dispenser filled with it. (electronic music) – Final look. – Awesome. – So we’re gonna go out to dinner. I wanna make sure that
you’re dressed appropriately. We’re going somewhere fancy. – Okay. – So I’m not gonna give you a Pete look. I’m gonna give you Tan’s
version of new Pete. – [Pete] Okay. – Pete are you done? – Yeah. – Can I come in? – Of course. – [Tan] Oh, you’ve been done. – Yeah, I was just chilling here. You took a while. I was hoping you’d come back. – [Tan] The jacket’s killer. – Yeah, I’m like Danny Zuko in today. (camera shutter clicking) – Can I tell you why I put you in this? – [Pete] Why? – It is a kind of a Tan, Antony look. – Your shoes, Antony’s
jacket, Bobby’s jeans. Bobby wears loose fitted jeans. – Does he? – Somebody gotta tell that motherfucker where the jean store is. – One thing that I haven’t
asked you about at all, what’s going on with SNL? – We just finished, I finished my 5th season. – Uh-huh. – And we have hiatus, i’s
pretty much like school. Where you just have summer vacation. We all just get to do
other projects and stuff. – We’re still lovin’ it? – I do.
– Good! – It’s a job but– – It’s a job. – But there are still moments where you’re like, “Yo, that’s fucking Adam Sandler.” I got to see him have fun and to know that you could still have fun 30 years in.
– Yeah yeah yeah. – Just like, during Opera Man. He stopped once and he went. (laughing) – Yeah, I notice.
– That’s fucking, oh man, that’s so awesome. – Is he your favorite of all of ’em? – Yeah, he’s it. I mean, it’s Sandler, Eddie
Murphy, Burr, Chappelle, and Mulaney are my top five. – You’re ready to go out for dinner? – Yeah, I’m ready to go. – Sushi? After you. – [Pete] Hope you’re hungry. – All right, here we go. Okay. If you enjoyed that. If you liked all those outfits like I did, comment below, and why aren’t you subscribed
to this channel already? If you haven’t subscribed, subscribe now. Like, do all those things. I wanna know who you wanna see. – Are you doing that like
and subscribe bullshit? Let’s go, Tan, come on. – Tell me who you wanna
have on the show next. (screaming) (upbeat music)

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